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Language games

05.01.2016, 23:50
I didn't want to SLUR you saying that!
06.01.2016, 13:23
Indeed Cleo, that would be SOUR.
06.01.2016, 13:40
'Cleo' It's a FOUR Letter word.
Graham Eva
06.01.2016, 18:56
It may be but you are not allowed to use FOUL language here.
07.01.2016, 03:35
Which language does a FOWL speak?
07.01.2016, 18:07
Stop to HOWL at the Moon! :)) I'm sleeping.
Graham Eva
07.01.2016, 19:39
Come out from under that COWL and show your face!!
08.01.2016, 13:01
You should turn off  the air conditioner the air is too much COOL !!!!!
Graham Eva
08.01.2016, 22:20
Only a FOOL would turn on the sir-conditioning in January!
08.01.2016, 23:49
:P It depends on where you live!  You are playing dirty POOL!! :P
Graham Eva
09.01.2016, 12:22
Dirty pool?   I am struggling to understand your POOR English!!!
09.01.2016, 13:20
Loolll Please do not POUR gasoline on the fire! Stop to do It! :P
09.01.2016, 14:50
(piccola lezione per Cleo. 'stop TO DO it'= fermati PER fare quella cosa and 'stop DOING it'=  smettila  di fare quella cosa

now don't you LOUR at me, Cleo!
Graham Eva
09.01.2016, 19:17
I can here a LOUD cry of despair!
10.01.2016, 10:20
Thanks a lot Ami Look at my English teacher he's so lazy that doesn't teach me any grammar rules and I would like to say him just stop to LAUD me :P
10.01.2016, 11:56
Maybe he needs to get LAID.
Graham Eva
10.01.2016, 15:46
or possibly even get PAID!!!!
10.01.2016, 21:11
no matter how much money she gives you, it's not worth the PAIN!
Graham Eva
10.01.2016, 22:03
I agree that whatever she may GAIN is not worth the loss of my sanity!
11.01.2016, 06:55
Loll you're wrong A couple of days you will feel as right as RAIN
11.01.2016, 13:51
unfortunately, it's too late for that , he's already gone to wrack and RUIN
Graham Eva
11.01.2016, 20:14
It looks like I'll be suin' you for defamation of character!
12.01.2016, 15:24
(suin' looool ... someone pliz teach Graham some English :p )

please don't. I'm afraid others will follow SUIT!
12.01.2016, 17:53
Do not offend my teacher he could SLIT his wrists to get my attention! !!!
Graham Eva
12.01.2016, 21:40
What a silly girl to use the word "Ruin" You nearly ruined the word chain!

At least he is not obsessed with appearing SLIM  at whatever cost!!


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