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Learning English in a simple way :D

Thea Johnsen
16.04.2017, 18:03
Hello everybody!
My name is Thea and I just want to talk and chat in English.
It would be really great, if someone likes to help me a little bit.
My mother tongue is german, so if anyone needs some help - write me!

So now it's your turn - feel free to contact me!
18.04.2017, 21:45
Hey Thea,

over the years my bad school english rosted, cause I didn't really need it.
I'll have to manage severeal international IT projects at work next year. Therefore I need much better English skills as soon as possible.

I've been lerning English intensively just for three or four weeks. At first I tried to refresh my vocabulary.
Unfortunately it isn't great at the moment but I'm sure to reach a better vocabulary-level by lerning and learning in a few weeks.

In additional to that I've been trying to understand the English grammer and tenses by watching videos on youtube.
My aim is to achieve an intermediatly english level at the end of this year.

It would be great, if I had a chat partner to train my English skills from time to time.
Perhaps we can meet us with other interested people here in babchat at regular intervals?

Please let me know, if you are interested - than we can arrange a first chat meeting. Perhaps next week...
What do you think about it?

By the way: I come from germany, too.

Best regards
04.01.2018, 18:46
Hello, Thea. I want to imrpove my english too. From what country are u from?
05.01.2018, 18:58
If you are still searching for chat-members: I'm in!
I also have to improve my bad school english - would be fine if we could do that  all together :)
just let me know :)
01.05.2018, 22:29
Hey nils, how do you learn Vocabulary? Do you use a special vocsbularybox in english or something else?

My english is really badly and its very important to improve it now...

So, i am learning with you if you have a Chat room. Sorry i am new here and actually i don't know how it works.

Best regards


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