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17.07.2020, 20:18 (Überarbeitet 17.07.2020, 20:19)
In a time of pandemic, Netflix has become the biggest source of nerd entertainment in the world.
I created this topic to speak about our favourite Netflix movies and shows.
 In my case, my favourites so far are the movie called The Extraction and the amazing Syfy german serie called Dark.
Would love to read opinions from all and in the process find new good stuff wich I still didn't saw or heard about.
Daniel Rondón
20.08.2020, 20:19
My siblings have donwloaded the serie dark but i don't watch any episode. A day i'll see it
21.08.2020, 19:13
13.09.2020, 08:11
Fast and Furious: Hobbs and Shaw IS full of crazy actions with some humour.
13.09.2020, 09:35 (Überarbeitet 13.09.2020, 09:35)
Haha, yes Sandrine. I already saw it a long time ago, was a nice fun movie.
13.09.2020, 16:49
By a long Time ago u mean which year ? I Saw it tjis year and it was not released so long Time ago i think :/
14.09.2020, 09:10 (Überarbeitet 14.09.2020, 09:10)
I saw it when it was released on cinemas. So i saw it last year, on the pirate website. Now i'm trying to see Tenet and Mulan, but both seem not very good to me.


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