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New features and help page

30.08.2016, 17:59
Hello Babchatters!

The chat just got a new sound notification feature (the bells you might have noticed next to the rooms). That and given the private chat feature, which isn't quite straightforward for new users, I thought it's time to write a little help page to explain everything around Babchat:


(Also available through the navigation on top of the site.)

Let me know if something doesn't make sense to you or is missing.

03.09.2016, 06:38
To me everything is clear! Thank you, Mr. Admin :)
27.11.2016, 06:26
this thread requires an update Mr. Admin :)
11.01.2017, 18:38
Hello dear,
My name is Ms Fatima and please contact me on my email address [ fatimadel23@hotmail.com ]  so that we will learn our languages very well.
Take care.
12.01.2017, 15:37
How can you be Dr. Olivia and Ms Fatima at the same time? Sounds like a typical scammer to me.
13.01.2017, 11:49
You can always write to her public email address and find out ;)
13.01.2017, 12:55
Wolfgang, you welcome spammers on babchat?
15.01.2017, 00:20
No, but if it's this obvious and only like 3 entries I'm too lazy to delete it ;)
14.02.2017, 15:43
my dear please there is something i want to tell you,my name is Stephanie Saib i need a serious relationship with a nice person that we both can make a good family in future ahead,write me if your interested am waiting for your reply in my email now at(stephaniesaib22@gmail.com) or you can type your email here so i can reply you soon ok
Ervin Ultimate
14.02.2017, 21:28
Mr. Admin the bells don't ring in my system because mp3 is a patented codec and my system does not include it by default. Is it possible to use ogg instead?
21.02.2017, 14:47
Bonjour Wolfwgang, i would like to ask you a new feature in the BOARDS... Our board has come to 130 pages, and it's became difficult to find some own old posts. Is it possible to have a little research panel in the board, or an order by (composer) function?
02.05.2017, 17:17
Hello Wolfgang, I have a message for you from the "italian-french-german" board "ECCO IL NUOVO GIORNALE". We are next to 6000 messages in our board, probably the most long board in babchat. We all DO want to thank you for this service. It's very useful for us, for our language training and for our virtual relationship. We are all grateful for your host.
Dominique, Rosella, Gianluca, Regina, Andrea Maria, Tommaso, Chiara, Lisiane, Gilles
19.10.2017, 09:16
Ciao Wolfgang, buon anniversario a Babchat, ed ancora grazie a te per questo servizio.
Bonjour Wolfgang, bon anniversaire à Babchat et encore merci à toi pour ce service
Hello Wolfgang, happy birthday to Babchat and thank you again for this service.
Claudia Helwig
21.03.2018, 21:20
Hello are you there
Claudia Helwig
21.03.2018, 21:21
Hello are you there, how are you doing


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