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One person you like and one person you dislike on this site

30.07.2020, 01:46
Are you honest and courageous enough to tell us one person you like and one person you dislike (I am not saying hate, only dislike) here on this site,  if you have many or a few. Tell us the one you like the most and the one you dislike the most. I could be the one you dislike no worries you can say it haha
30.07.2020, 08:50
Morning, can u be the first to tell?
30.07.2020, 09:10
I dislike all the persons who ignore others, so basically as long as u act like that with me, I dislike you.
30.07.2020, 09:43
I dislike people who attack others for no reason at all. So as long as you act like this i woukd dislike you . I definitly dislike other behaviours too, but this one could be one that makes me dislike a person
30.07.2020, 09:54
nobody can attack another person for no reason.
30.07.2020, 10:00
Now it's time u name those persons u dislike and like.
30.07.2020, 13:11
Then i am the one u dislike i Guess. U were not enough courageous to Say it :/
30.07.2020, 13:37
And I am the one you dislike you weren't courageous enough to say it
30.07.2020, 15:35
Nope u started this, talking about being enough courageous to tell the one u like or dislike. But u hv not tell any name, so that means u are the first to be not enough courageous. just admit it.
30.07.2020, 15:53
It is not about being courageous enough or not, That's not the point here at all. The point is that I have many who I like and a few who I dislike so I just can't pick one from each That's it maybe i will need time to decide let's see
31.07.2020, 12:43
Hummm okk take your Time ...
06.08.2020, 19:56
Nobody is courageous on this site to Say who he likes or dislikes ? ?
09.08.2020, 22:39


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