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What If…?

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29.12.2015, 09:28
I sometimes daydream, especially in the shower. At these quiet moments What If? scenarios can pop into my brain, and I spend the next few minutes working out which option I would choose in that scenario. Which is perfect fodder for a texting game.

One of you texts the other a What If? scenario and asks what they would do in that situation. There are no right or wrong answers, but it’s not only fun to see the responses given, it can also give you an insight into your friend or family member’s outlook on life.

Variations include leaving the question open-ended with any answer possible, or giving multiple choice answers and forcing the other person to choose from one of those.
29.12.2015, 11:30
WHAT IF crow shits on head? :tongue:
Graham Eva
29.12.2015, 17:07
What if Moldova took over from the United States as the world's policeman....?
29.12.2015, 19:44
You would have to buy some atomic weapons and tanks ;-)
29.12.2015, 21:32
what if cats become more like dogs? btw, i caught u in a lie: cats don't take a shower, they actually hate water :tongue:
Graham Eva
29.12.2015, 22:46
You mean friendly cats?
30.12.2015, 04:57
What if Cats like warm water? :tongue:
30.12.2015, 18:38
If vou had wings, what would vou do?
Graham Eva
30.12.2015, 18:56
Fly to Venice!
Graham Eva
30.12.2015, 19:39
What if animals could make New Year's resolutions...what would each species ask for?
31.12.2015, 00:56
What if dogs like warm cats???  :tongue:
31.12.2015, 06:10
What if cats like hot dogs?
02.01.2016, 19:35
what if a certain Romanian woman had a date with...........?
Graham Eva
02.01.2016, 20:38
date with destiny?
03.01.2016, 10:27
I don't know any American called Destiny! Who is he? :)
Graham Eva
03.01.2016, 17:08
You don't know Matthew Kurt Destiny ??
03.01.2016, 21:01
What if he travelled in Europe?
04.01.2016, 12:18
What if all people in the world spoke the same language? Every language teacher would be unemployed!
Graham Eva
04.01.2016, 23:14
Aminese would still exist. Amina is unable to use any other language!
05.01.2016, 22:29
I cannot imagine what if the aliens spoke Aminese with her!
Graham Eva
05.01.2016, 22:32
I doubt they would understand any more than we do!
07.01.2016, 18:20
What would you do if the world ended tomorrow? ?
07.01.2016, 18:38
I go to bar and sit the whole day there by drinking my favorite beer :drink:
stay alive
13.08.2016, 14:09
what if we had the power to read people's mind?... what if i become the president of the USA...what if you wake up one day and suddenly realised that you either turned into an alien or a unicorn? :chin:
21.08.2016, 19:06
What if the education would be free a food medicine would be free too also people can find a job of their dream and get good profit if the criminality would dissappear forever and the justice would be a resource of the life?
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