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Women are like proprietary (secret) software with many hidden bugs that nobody can patch or fix.

01.10.2016, 23:21
The above line is mostly humoristic and not to be taken at face value.
But it underlies a hidden meaning.
That is to the eyes of a man a woman's behaviour, that is.. why does she say this, why does she do what she does, are often obscure.
Why a woman behaves in the way that she behaves, is often irrational and does not follow the laws of logic or programming for that matter.
With a computer, you know that if you write this, the computer will do that, if you give this command, the computer will perform this command.
Same with engineering.
But can  you reverse engineer a woman to understand why she does certain things?
: ), It seems way too hard. Because there are way more lines of code in a woman's mind than in Microsoft Windows.
Only the Creator knows that, maybe he intended that way, in order to confound men a little bit. Who knows.
02.10.2016, 16:40
I have a patch but it costs ONE MILLON DOLLARS!
03.10.2016, 20:39
Raffaela (Linux Mint 17) is a great woman, i understand her very well
04.10.2016, 20:07
So is Fedora for that matter, for me a  better woman than Raffaela : )


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