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what a pity  
nobody in this room tonight?
how are you this evening?
back again
 camp and   forest areas
 we have monktey here
U don't hv same weather like in Costa Rica?
Do u hv monkeys?
I thought so
  there are  trees
No forests around?
i live  a city
U live in a forest region rex
it was raing a lot here    
a rainy day*
becoz it's cold like on rain
No rain here , but it feels like
I see that
 bad weather this region north of my provincie
  we are some  flood in bocas del toro
and h there
raining rainging
Wht weather do u hv now
Sometimes u are funny rex

I didn't watch it all
No I hvn't seen it.  
U were not the video 😆, are u serious
but  sandrine  the video about virginity it was very interesting documental.
   persecuciones en africa el informe  realziado por una  intituciion de  belgica
 i was not the video
Ok bye
U hv shown one abt virginity, is it that one u are tlkg about?
Which video
sandrine  did you watch the video
happy grandparents days  today
bye bye el portuges
Have to leave now
 lol what do you think people drink liquid  of  cigarillos
cage   what do you think eletric cigarillos
Let's see if it will be there next morning 😂
 you can figure it
So park the car outside and connect the cable to the car from your window
  the companies will do this servives instaltion gargage  eletric for gas . they will earn money
it is not  complicated  . because all  houses have eletricty

Not ideal to me
But with no garage, you can charge it only where is a charging station
For day to day usage, electric cars are good
eletric car need   conections  
  i mean hibrid cars
eletric car need  more things
No garage, no electric car  
i fed up  smell gasoline  lol
 i want eletric car
Car industry lowered production a lit
what do  you think  cristomonedas
As i said, China
horses move  from dubai to mexico
  cargos   people buy think from internet . companies want thing quickly
Only China almost didn't stopped
Industry was stopped many times thanks to covid  
Cargos from where?
i  mean  cargos in general
Vaccines aren't heavy
  some airlines  are doing less people and more  cargo  weight   produce more money
  cargos new business for airlines
Adios rex
  i  have to go  now i think to  work  
airlines are doing many  money  n nowadays  
the  most important they are getting their vacunas.
 it is really  the show they should do  was last week big  cargo of vacunas  but  first  cargo panama it was  show
40% of population is vaccinated already
Here vaccination doesn't work. We have more cases niw than last year
full show for it    politicos
 vacunation started late here   i remember the first cargo was 12500 inyections
 AND PANAMA  bought  nearby  500,000   arrived  last week

No, January this year
Here in December 2020
  i think march  
 the vacunation started this year
So congrats, vaccine works there
 mask you can  make  experiment    with water no pass over it
 mask is very imporart i learn the real important of  it  
In July 2020, Panamá was full of people dieing in Hospitals?
nurse  no  move  mask   i got flu. people observe me lol  i throw in gargabe lol
 i remember i have flu i got  shame  for use mask in health venter and street lol
Now in July?
 mask is very i useful for  avoid flu
Last year when was the worst covid time there, rex?
 i had  one yeard withtout  flu  
we are winter here
in research  th stadistics are important
At least here
Summer time, no flu, no covid
deads people
Nothing at least here
you can  figured out the  vacunation stop around the world. i can  know what will happen  with hospitals
Mass experiment
Vaccinate everyone and hope for the best
what  is purpose of it  cage
So no one is having the full truth
As i said, news are manipulated
 they feel bad need to  report it  for  deeeply check .  
They just don't appear in mass media
ow, i hope it does for him
But there are more cases of side effects
i think   they need to  go to doctor  to complete  check   exam  blood    piss , other
Family doctor said that he doesn't know if or whenwill get better

Maybe will be permanent
99.9  vs 0.05  %
At work, my coleague lost 30% of the arm strength
99   vs 1%
100   vs 1%
 to research  is important   get data  to start   understand it  deeply
do you know anyone cage?
how many porcent %
 there is evidence of  it
Rex your opinion on people wich became handicapped by the vaccine?
See you Sarka
see you people
 bye   la gobernadora de checa
Bye Sarka
I need to leave shortly. be back a bit later
 more time to bother and  there are  girls
normal class  is better
yes to  know  is better  do research in order to   measure it
But nothing beats normal classroom classes
I think in videocall classes is possible to become good at it
In that year we will be all extint 😂
  the positive and negative effect of  virtual platform in converation course  in 20021   harvard
do you think   iti s good  title for research
De nada rex
 teacher can help them better than virtual class
 i think virtual class is more  dificult   for students because  no same face to face  class.
thank cage
No rex
   do you think  the use  of virtual plataform  make  the students   have  good oral production in english language
So i don't see the point of having it
which question?
Because the time the vaccine is ready the virus already mutated to other variant
neither did I cage
people   i have  a question to you
By the way, i never take the flu vaccine either
I don't expect to make people think like me, but i have my thinking
That's why the deaths by flu were higher
see you Tina
yes but because of flu no such measures were ever taken
Bye Tina
Ladies, guys - I must go - see you :wave:
Take care of you and stay healthy
I see too much info being manipulated
So, sorry if i don't want to get the experimental vaccine. I have my reasons...
here the same
Only covid 😂
No deaths by flu anymore
Same dates when is strong
Here basically they replaced flu with covid
and now he and his wife are vaccined
Kannan had Covid already - he told me. And after recovery he has to go to bed early
Then compare with covid
I know but he should know about the situation there not about him of course
Ask in what months the flu is stronger
Not one person, Sarka, the population in general
but also Kannan should know it if he comes tomorrow
okay I will write him if he replies I will tell you
yes I would be interested in that, Sarka
I can ask my friend when and if they had flu in the past
That's my theory
Just check when Flu is stronger in India, that's when also covid is stronger
Rex :clap:
yes Cage
Different in any country Sarka
 tina i send  vocarro  audio  xari in prv . you cant figure out    always loud her there
now but cases were in April already
In India there is monsun time now
Cage in Germany it will not wait till winter - it will start after German election in September
 so how is it related to India there is no winter like here
now yes Tina
but I heard in India spreading stopped or went less
But the season
Not about the temperature
Flu as covid is seasonal
In winter i will laugh if cases will raise like last year
Cage in India there is always hot and still there were many cases some month ago so,?
rex you have to scream louder - she can't hear you
No one can expect cases to be incontrollable now in  
I read it today
As i said, now is summer
XARI  ARE you her
there are decreasing cases in UK now
I watched Darts last week - the halls there were full with people without masks LOL
So they should die like flies now, according to the mass media
They are free from restrictions already
I heard nothing about them yet
Uk is fully dieing now or what?
so for this we are here and can exchange knowledge
Well, our media is sold out to the government, so maybe is that  
Cage I showed you the map - read back  
:drums:  :guitar:
It was ten at night, I was piloting my ship
My taxi was a '68 VolksWagen
It was one of those bad days where there was no passage
The sequins of a suit made me stop
She was a beautiful blonde
She wore a miniskirt
The neckline on her back
I was just coming to glory
A black tear rolled down her cheek
While the rear-view mirror said: "see, what calves"
I saw a little more, ah-ah-ah
It was ten forty, he was still in reform
He told me: "my name is Norma" while he crossed his leg
She took out a strange cigar, the kind that makes you laugh
I offered him fire in a hurry and my hand was shaking
I asked her: "Who is she crying for?"
And she told me: "for a guy
That it is believed that by rich
He can come to deceive me "
Do not fall for love
He must get up (I told him)
Have a server
If what you want is revenge
And she smiled at me, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
What is it that makes a taxi driver seducing life?
What does a taxi driver do by building a wound?
What does a taxi driver do in front of a lady?
What does a taxi driver do with his bed dreams?
I wondered, eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh
I saw him hugging and kissing a humble girl
She is a very simple class, I know it from her appearance
He would smile at me in the mirror and sit sideways
I was dumbfounded with the foggy mirror
He told me: "turn the corner
We will go to my house
After a couple of tequilas
We'll see what happens "
Why describe what we did on the carpet
If it is enough to summarize that I kissed him until the shadow
And a little more, ah-ah-ah-ah
Do not feel so alone
I suffer, although it is not the same
My wife and my schedule
They have opened an abyss
How both sides of social classes suffer
You suffer in your mansion, I suffer in the suburbs
He told me: "come with me, you know, I'm not alone"
She made a tail in her hair, we went to the bar where she was
We entered precisely
He was hugging a girl
See if destiny is great
And this city is girl
She was my woman, eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh
What is it that makes a taxi driver seducing life?
What does a taxi driver do by building a wound?
What does a taxi driver do when a gentleman
Does his wife coincide with time and dedication?
I wondered, eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh
Since that night, they play to deceive us
They see each other in the same bar
And the blonde always stops the taxi at ten in the same
yes - but so far from Germany and I know about …
Is near Spain?
LOL - not far from your home
Also Uk ones
Gibraltar news don't pass here
  people do you know the history of taxi and  girl     iti is  music  
rambo is here lol
i remember everything lol
oh - you travelled back to last night, rex?
xari  :  GAMification :P
tina  fast and furious  no for poor nowadays  those cars too expensive
royal  monarchy  very famous in history
hahaq I was there once)
  cari how are you  the duquesa de austria
First time i read such a word, Gibraltar 😂😂😂
hi Xari
I read it, Sarka
Hey Xari
this is the  first time I hear this about Gibraltar Tina
Clothes hahaha  
washing coraje  
im very well  
Hi sarka , xari, Tina , cage  
xari hola
600 of what? cases?
What abour caces in china ?  
Hi Henry
hi Henry
hi Henry
I don't believe it, but funny anyways
My coleague said he got vacinated and his sex member died 😂
today I wrote an article about Gibraltar.
There are nearly 100% vaccinated and the insidence rised up to 600.
How can this happen?  
some men  worried  for  penis no  stand up more for vaccunation lol
Someone tell me about caces in china nowdays ?  
And what about Gibraltar? Have you heard about it?
 what do you thini vacunation no be pregant no  shy  with it  lol
yes mostly unvaccinated people like now in USA
can they garantee you that you will survive with vaccination?
okay WIlou it is up to you you are surely not alone in it
Lots of people dieing anyway 😂
simple like taht
Would be funny if we had a similar vacinne for Hepatitis
Personally i am not convinced of the vaccine yet
 i dont want  remember all life   people died  for my fault .  i did not get   vacunation  
my mind is clear  iif people get   sick  for me.
you can do what you want
any way  it is  choose .   only i said i did  what i had to do it   now .  
now I mean
if they got covid they have substances which protect them
I also hope, Sarka
Well sarka so what about the caces that they got covid and now they are good without the vaccine ?
I had covid, i just didn't bother to make the test, kill me now rex 😂
I hope it stays for you so forever
i am not  scared to died   i am not inmortal
good for you Tina
I had no Covid and did not get vaccination
is like a  cousin  got  covi . she  did not get vacunation. are you ok ?
wilou these vaccine were started long time ago for other disease and they just from last year modified it for covid
yes, everybody is out in nature
Wait for winter than speak
Rex, is summer. Such kind of diseases get less strong in summer
people is worried   and  think only    them .  
Sarka how comes that they got his vaccines and they dont know already the reasons of the virus?  
did you read my sentences about Gibraltar?
here too we shall see in a year how it goes
 hospital full of many cases  3 months ago
my city they cases  have been fall    it  mean the vaccunation is  good
lets talk in half ayear, Rex - when there will be mutation epsilon
WIlou they are still investigating but asking where will not make it disappear
   men are  worried for other things
Show the love twice

Have 4 doses Rex
Where did the virus come from? Sarka  
good for you
i got  2 vacunation   i felt nothing
your opinion
Ok rex, get my doses, show your love 2X
for everyone  
 the best  show of  love  in this momeent foe everyone    get vacuunatiion .
So you all who are against vaccine which  solution you have against virus?
it is like doctors with cigarette in his hand says: don't smoke, you will have cancer
is  like patient said  doctor  i cure flu  with  leaf . some of them  will do it   :blink:
agree with
I agree to Cage and Wilou
I know cage of course
Everything is based on the policy of media intimidation to cultivate fear and hysteria
 in medicine    the research said everything
 if they did research    they are  expert  in this  area . they  should  shared it.   in medicine  myths no  ability
I respect opinions, but i have my own
Rex, perhaps that vaccination isn't good for the life of the people
It think vaccine is enough efficient but I know you do not agree with vaccine so...
 tina what they know
  panama   we started      vacunation  manypeople  this week
Rex, perhaps they know more than we do - so won't have vaccination
Sarka, i see no virus disapearing, only politics being made
doctors and nurse are cientifics people  people of sciience   they cant not be permit  freaky  thiought  
today I wrote an article about Gibraltar.
There are 100% vaccinated and the insidence rised up to 600.
How can this happen?
Cage you prefer virus to control your life? it is not about politicians but about getting rid of virus
 i think franced did well
 it is  good    it is  inresponsability from them , they are treat people  without any protection
for this reason I am neither nurse nor doc
My reasons are that i control my life not the politicians
in french  who is nurse or doctor   did not get vacunation  .  they cant not work  
no job? no prob. Government can feed me then 😂
I have got my reasons - a lot of allergies
 people don  know  you get vacunation . it will not permit them find a job
I think that they are like me 😂
what do you think people dont  want the vacunation
hola xari lol
Quiero dicir covid situacion  
Sarka todo bien alli ?  
cage    i think always  learn something new lol
rex = smaug
no beer yesterday?
Rex, you are obcessed with Smaug 😂
My farts are over 😂
I smell you, I hear your breath, I feel your air. Where are you?  Where are you?Come now, don't be shy... step into the light. XARI
okay :blush:
No tina never  
perhaps he means: when you eat too much eggs you will fart like a donkey 😂
hi xari
Hmm ok
No cage  
okay - egg LOL
I am an egg? :chin:
Baida means egg in algerian slang  
what is Baida?
What is?
Baida :wave:
I sleep only in the evening
😂😂 :thumb:
Lol still better thn farting  
LOL - I thought you fell asleep
Here, just reading 😅
sure - it is always the best, you are right
I think to see something real is much better thn see it in a screen  
here's another one…
okay LOL
No it prefer mine cuz its more real thn vienna's one  
and you didn't like it?
my pic also shows a sunrise - I took it from my window
Cuz i have seen em once there  
okay - and why are you talking about Vienna then?
Cuz my pic was here in Algeria  
why not?
Yes but not in vienna  
hi Tina and Cage and Wilou
do yo like them, too?
Hi sarka  
hello Sarka
Hi Sarka
yes I adore them
I meant Sunrises tina  
Cage and Alzheimer … LOL
Wilou, what do you mean, cars or sunsets?
I like both in reality.
Yes, i know, i was only pretending to have Alzheimer's
Tina you like em in real life or in films ?  
Hi Chris - I think my English is quite okay, why?
no - I told you yesterday, can't you remember?
Lol, you suicidal, Tina
yes I like sunsets and sunrises and fast cars
and Tina_112 do you good speak english?
Nice *

Are you Christopher?
Kice tina  
Cage - only the fast car is missing…
Hi Chris
hi Chris
I thinks Wilous pic is my dying scene
Thx cage  
Cool picture
Hi Wilou
Hi Wilou
Hi guys good convo  
we had an English teacher in school and he wore a pin that said: "Guiness makes you fart"
I prefer covid thn his fart smell thn lol  
or you should give everybody a gas mask before 😂
To prevent this to happen
See? That's why i don't like putting myself in conversations latelly
Maybe i farted and they have smell it 😂
yes LOL
Lol, i arrive and everyone except you leave
yes - every second week except mondays
Lol, that was fast
rest of the week I can stay at home office
not really expected some
it was okay - same work like always
You expected news?
and nothing different LOL
Went well?
My first day at the office today
nice, me too.
And yo?
I am fine too
LOL - na, dann schlaf gut, Kannan
Hi Tina, Kannan and Sindo
Leider muss ich gehe jetzt Etwas zu hilfen die hilflos Frau
how are you?
hi Cage
in diesem Jahr fällt das Münchner Oktoberfest coronabedingt aus. Es findet nicht statt.
Feiern Euch auch das Oktober Fest ( mit Biertrinken)?
Da bekomme ich Besuch, weiß aber noch nicht genau, wann.
Ich werde im Oktober oder November noch einmal 1 Woche haben.
Wann kannst du nachste Urlaub machen.
ja, leider ist jeder in einer Firma ersetzbar, aber keiner in seiner Familie :cry:
Wahr ich habe ein Tatsache gelernt-20 prozent Leute in jeder Firma sind verantwortlich fuer 80 prozent Firma Herstellung
ja, schon. Aber - ich will jetzt nicht schwarz sehen, wenn du nicht mehr bist, muss es auch funktionieren.
Die Welt schafft mit Druck
wie du meinst, aber du weißt, dass du davon auch krank werden kannst, wenn du nie Ruhe hast.
Das ist ok ich telefoniere einige Lieferante selbst wenn wir einige problem haben
du musst dich auch einmal ausruhen dürfen.
schalte dein Handy aus oder vergiss es in der Firma :smile:
Alle haben mein Handy Nommer; kann nicht, vermeiden ein Avnruf vin einem Kunde
und warum gehst du dann trotzdem ans Telefon?
schade :sad:
Die Fabrik muss Montags schluss machen also hab ich kehin Wahl
Kannst du dir deinen freien Tag nicht aussuchen? Du solltest einen anderen Tag wählen
Zuhaben freierntag Montags ist nicht gut dehswegen die Kunden telefornieren mir ganz Tag
Deshalb kann ich auch nur 2 Wochen am Stück Urlaub machen.
ja, aber nur für die notwendigsten Dinge, die sich nicht verschieben lassen.

Hast du ein ErsatztKollege im Buro wenn du Urlaub machst.
Im Urlaub war ich auch sehr mit der Arbeit zu Hause beschäftigt.
ja, das kenne ich. Ich hatte heute meinen ersten Arbeitstag nach dem Urlaub.
Heute war freienTag aber war besitzt mit andere haus dienst
Na, wie geht es dir?
Abend Tinaben!
hallo Kannanbhai :hug:
what a pity
not fond of writing anymore?
you re a firefighter?
a firespitting vulcano?
you re a firedrake?
you drank too much alcohol?
your breath is death?
My armor is like tenfold shields, my teeth are swords, my claws spears, the shock of my tail a thunderbolt, my wings a hurricane, and my breath death!" ...
on the contrary, i ve been robbed a thousand times
i ve been educated in a different way
i m no thief and i m no liar
you left?
You have nice manners for a thief and a liar  
isn t this true?
death is the consequence of dangerous diseases and pandemics
fire is able to devastate big areas
that s not nice at all
should i be afraid?
fire and death?
sometimes they need a little rest
and my arms don t always work
 I.am fire   i am death
the legs dont always obey
I have got just two arms and two legs
Jaja l
i m no bird
but unfortunately i havent got any wings
you seem to be a very dangerous person
your claws are spears?
they are that sharp?

: My teeth are swords! My claws are spears! My wings are a hurricane!  
in a castle too?
where do you live, rex?
and golden palaces
they live in castles
kings don t live under mountains
a king under the mountains?
  I am  king under the mountain
how are you today?
nice to meet you
hello rex
but the songs of the birds outside
i can t hear anything at this moment
your ears must work excellently
you can hear me breathing?
Rasha  I smell you, I hear your breath, I feel your air. Where are you?  Where are you?Come now, don't be shy... step into the light.  
you re talking about negociations?
sunny or rainy weather?
what do you prefer?
yes ...won both.... give more chances ..even in  future negotations  
that s not possible
maybe it rains, maybe it is sun - maybe nothing of all
nobody is able to win every day
maybe you are wrog
maybe you are right
win-win-strategies are good ones
every day of your life?
you always win?
often it works..not always ,lol
the win win strategy?
you havent got any contacts either?
yes is nice to have a negotation...i like to use the win win strategy  
what about you?
housewives havent got any contacts with clients
i am a simple housewife
yes, I have contact by mail or telephone (Covid)
i havent got any contacts with clients
yes sure I like it
is it interesting?
d you have even contacts with clients ?
you still like your job, tina?
no collegues at all?
no employes?
you re always alone in office
yes - I told you I work as a media designer, Silvie
no idea what kind of contents you are talking about
good  i am alone in office  i meet a  employe  just  half hour  in the morning ...after he has to go out for promotion  
different contents?
the same conversations?
the same work but different contents
the same troubles?
but in fact i don t really know what the same is
no it isn't  
don t you agree?
always the same is boring
the same as ever
you had to write important letters?
what did you work today?
four people at the office?
but my ancient collegues were very gentle
yes Emanuele, we had been 4 people at the office today
didn t have any meeting
which collegues?
not fond of telling me what you did?
did you meet  with pleasure your collegues?
you had a nice Monday this Monday?
how are you today?
hello emanuele
just for a couple of minutes?
it was raining yesterday in your hometown?
how are you today?
hello again
we had rain yesterday evening but only for a couple minutes.
It was okay - much work as always. From tomorrow on I am at home office for the rest of the week :smile:
ah today was your first day after holiday , right?
not bad thanks .  here rained a lot but without make  disasters  
I just cam home from work at 15:50
hi, good and you?
Hi Tina How are you ?
hello Emanuele
nobody in this room today?
how are you this morning?
Hallo Chris.
I thought that there may have been a conversation going on, but it was just the BOT!
have a good day in austrolilia susan  
:wave: susan thanks for chatting
thankyou for this chat
see you next time
Frank, i must go
the sound is bait salty down there :chin:
no, i am not going to that concert
i lived in London when i was a child ... i remember the coal delivery, and the dust
they make rock concerts there - big chamber 800 m deep ♫
salt mining is a very cleam mining - comapared to slate or coal
me too
yes- one time is enough - i wont forget
no no ... bad idea
love in elevator - ♫ aerosmith
i did it once ... i do not want to do it again
down by elevator
i have been down deep into a dam wall ... the Warragamba dam ... our biggest here
yes, elevator   - and then 20 km with a lorry in the deep -oh la la
800 m ! yes
nearly a kilometre
sorry ... 800 metres
800 miles :)
800 kms deep !
ah, you went to see it
nice dry and warm ... and a bit salty
800 m deep i was in salt mine... in former DDR...   damned intresting ...
i ate all the salt - part of it :)
ah, the salt mines no longer are operating ... ok
the salty timea are gone a bit, but the cities still have the names
yes... austria switzerland, belgium, netherlands.. :blink: damage everywhere
places in Europe with salt deposits
i have been watching videos about Salzburg
river valleys
yes, some places, but badly
oh, your region was flooded ?
it will take month for my region to be ok...
Frank, is your region ok ?  
with asparagus and dikes and walls and canals...
je t'invite
Catherine, have you noticed the private chat box ?  
avec les asperges
sauce hollondaise .. oui :smile:
hollandaise ? hhh
a pleasure to speak with you, Frank
you have dutch roots? ;)
thanks for the words susanica
magnificent works
building canals  
flood mitigation
i love this subject ... civil engineering
yes, a bundle of expensive things.. but no other chance
new drainage systems
in France too, they are making plans
yes -  kind people   / but 2 billions of damages..   and we have to protect for next time
a lot of people are very kind
yes, the people coming to give help ... i have seen those videos too
but maybe there will be change for the better
40 000 people have damages, but a lot of help too
it is so easy to talk about apocalypse
:blink: :blink: :blink:  climate warming
shocking ... horrible
yes, i have seen the videos
we have a lot of flood damges still here...  
sorry ... ok, i have said enough about the virus
i enjoy the covid quietness - often :thumb:
school teachers are being given priority, for the vaccine
the schools are closed ... children are at home
no drinking togehter in the bottle shop :sad:
yes, social distancing and masks
in my bottle shop they are very strictly too :blink:
because of this protest rally, there are 40 new positive cases
our lockdown will be extended
haha, we all go there
the easiest place to catch the virus is at the bottle shop
hahaha.. good argument susan
we are drinking more alcohol because of the lockdown
ok ... i am still not believing
austroilian habits.. :party: ?
ok 2,5 hands
chantilly dans le café..
oh ... liar
i have three, sometimes :ahhh:
i have only two hands
partage ton café susan, avec moi
too many clicks, and i will spill my coffee
bien, Catherine
just i have hot coffee
lol ... no
J'ai une première dose la deuxième le 23 août
the link might give u covid susan, take care :)
Frank, i will not go to the link, for the moment
Catherine ma dit il ya une femme ♀ dans la lune ..  
Catherine, tu es vacciné ?
Catherine a me donner une vaccination ... :)
Frank, tu es vacciné ?
j'attend the deuxieme piqure ... en septembre
alors bloqé le supermarche susan ..
le supermarché près de moi est noté comme dangereux
resultat *
le resultar ce matin, 5 cas positives chez moi ... ma ville
une vie au chateau sans soucis .. est pas possible pour nous
une manifestation des gens anti-vaccin ... à Sydney
le reportage ce matin me fait peur
ça va, oui ... mais, il y a des soucis
hello Catherine
ca va susanne?
hello susan
mais non
la signification est: je besoin un café :)
bonsoir Frank
bsr susanica
quand les français disent, le Christophe, quelle et la signification ?
bonjour / bonsoir
:wave: jorgito
tschuusss alle
ich muss gehen  
con pan y mantequilla estoy vacunado...
estas vacunado Frank ?
el brazo con la vacuna puede quedar rígido :wink:
la vacuna de pfizer es azul.... así que ten cuidado :)
Frank schreiben in Spanish und sehr Lustig ,  
¿dónde puedo comprar una pistola antivirus?  
claro, pero desde 2019 tenemos siempre ese virus y fue un momento que no hubiera amado vivir.
Me han vuelto a puentear, con el español :smile:
solo una muestra del poder de la Naturaleza  
la naturaleza es lo normal y los virus han estado antes que el hombre
espero que llegaremos a matar esa mierda de virus  
como decimos aqui a la suerte de la olla, lo que toca toca  
aqui se han utilizado todas  
Aqui en chile todos son "medicos" :-) , todos te pueden aconsejar  
en francia se utiliza pfizer, pero no sé cual es la vacun en los otros paises de la unión europea  
no lo sé jorge, no soy médico
en Europa creo que no usaron la vacuna china
De acuerdo jorge
a mi hermano le pusieron la pfizer, yo tuve mala suerte me toco la vacuna china  
tuve las 2 injecciones de pfizer
aqui gran parte de las personas vacunadas, con los nueros a la baja del virus  
me encanta leer eso
bien tambien,  
bien gracias y tú ?
Hola como estas ?
hola jorge
hola andrew  
bsr catherine
slt tu vas bien ?
et au-revoir
Bsr sandrine
nobody likes to reply?
the faster the better?
you like driving cars, tina?
how are you tonight?
back again
Yes but still great cars
 I think  1  and  2   3 are  more  real  
Fast and furios  after4 movie.  For  rich  lol
gute Nacht - good night - buenas noches :wave:
sure - they train every day
 Strong   it  cause for many   training
Olimpic girls   have nice  body
LOL rex
 The dont know any   sport  
Your opinion of girls  go to gym    for get olimpic  shape
bonsoir à tous  
keine Zeit macht immer Freud
keine Zeit zu antworten?
pas envie de répondre?
la salle est déserte?
keiner da?
personne n est là
vous parlez francais ce soir?
que tal estais?
Ja, tschüss Gerhof - machs gut, guten Appetit und bleib gesund!
bestimmt. Bei uns gibt es ein grenznahes Dorf die haben mit dem Nachbardorf eine deutsch-französische Schule und Kindergarten. Da wird auf beiden Seiten die andere Sprache gesprochen - ausschließlich. Und die Kinder gehen halbjährlich nach Deutschland bzw. Frankreich
jetzt muß ich runter, Kartoffel schälen . Tschüs
Kindergarten, oardon
ich hoffe sie lernt französisch im Kinderkarten
Ach nee, wohl eher nicht. Ist ja erst 2 oder?
schade, eigentlich. Und dein Enkelchen, spricht das dann mit dir französisch?
ich hab einen Sohn in Frankreich, aber wenn ich dort bin, dann reden wir nur deutsch
Im Moment schläft Französisch bei mir etwas, weil ich mich mehr auf Spanisch konzentriere. Ich muss das möglichst schnell lernen.
ja, klar - man kann ja auf mehreren Kanälen aktiv sein - erweitert den Horizont. :thumb:
Da gibt's noch die Seite "Français facile, die benütze ich auch
du kannst auch mehrere Kurse belegen. Ganz einfach
Wenn du allerdings mit Deutsch als Muttersprache startest, hast du nur wenige Sprachen zur Auswahl. Mit Englisch als Muttersprache sind es ganz viele.
Danke für die Info, das werd ich mir anschau'n
Da musste dich nur mit E-Mail-Adresse und einem Passwort anmelden und los gehts.
Duolingo, nie gehört
Ich denke da bist Du nicht allein
Also ich lerne meine Sprachen über Duolingo. Ist kostenlos und macht Spaß.
Ich versuche auch ständig, mein Gehirn an seine Grenzen zu bringen, aber das mit den Namen will trotzdem nicht klappen. Ich glaube, da fehlt mir ein Synapse.
auf Grund von Corona gehe ich aber nicht mehr in VHS Kurs
gut so
das mach mit französisch
nee, außer ständig das Köpfchen trainieren, hilft da garnichts.
doch das ärgert mich, aber da hilft nix
mit Namen habe ich es garnicht - aber schon von Kind an. War Zufall, dass ich es wusste :facepalm:
aber gerne doch - ich kann mich noch erinnern, dass er auf einer Leiter stand und das Plakat an einem Baum oder so anbrachte  (da muss ich noch ein Jugendlicher gewesen sein)
geht mir immer öfter so. daß mir ein Name nicht einfällt. Der Kalk rieselt
klar - war nur der Größe wegen 😂
ohne chen
Dr. Norbert Blüm
mir fällt grad seinName nicht ein
die hatten damals sich selbst gemeint
na ich denke schon, Die Rente ist sicher! hat mal der Kleine gesagt
Dann gehe ich hoffentlich in Rente.
Ich bin mal gespannt, ob ich bis 2032 überhaupt welche kriege.
ja, das kann ich mir vorstellen. Da muss man dreimal überlegen, ob man sich was leisten kann oder nicht.
die wird nicht mehr
leider macht da meine Rente nicht mit
das ist so, wie damals mit der Einführung des Euros - die finden immer Gründe
na ja, du weißt ja - Inflation an allen Ecken  😂
Seit Corona, wird alles teurer
vor 1/2 Jahr hab ich noch 25 bezahlt
das ist aber nicht teuer. Da kannste nicht meckern.
6 mittlere Forellen und 1 geräucherter ca, 30 €
super - das find ich klasse, wenn sich Restaurants regional bedienen.
Der Züchter dort, der räuchert täglich, da kommen auch die von Restaurants und kaufen ein
ja, das stimmt. Und es kommt auf das richtige Holz und die richtige Temperatur beim Räuchern an.
richtig, Saqhnemerettich
nur wenn die frisch sind, dann schmeckt das Räuchern nicht so vor
und dann mit Sahnemeerrettich :tongue:
ja klar, sonst werden die schlecht.
ja natürlich, aber da nehme ich dann nur eine mit, für den selben Abend
mein Schwiegervater hatte immer geangelt und selbst geräuchert. Diese Forellen waren richtig klasse.
ja ja mit Kartoffel und Salat
okay - räuchert der Züchter auch?
Da hol ich 6 Stück, die werden eingefroren
mit Beilagen sowieso
Da reicht uns eine zu zweit
Ah, okay, das ist ja fast wie selbst gefangen.
aber mein Sohn kam heute Morgen erst nach Hause, ich hatte heute Mittag keinen Hunger und deshalb waren wir heute wo früh.
nein die hol ich in Herdweg bei Markt-Schwaben beim Züchter, mit dem Fahrrad, ca 20 km
ich bin es gewohnt, abends zu essen, weil ich wochentags ja immer bis abends arbeite.
wir machen auch oft kein Mittagessen, manchmal kleine Brotzeit
hast du die Forelle selbst gefangen?
hhhhmmmm… auch lecker
bei uns gibt's " Forelle gebraten und Bratkartoffel"
wir hatten kein Mittagessen, daher so früh.
Es gab Frikadellen mit Bacon umwickelt, Kartoffelpüree und Salat
Was gab's denn zum Abendessen, bist ja früh dran,  
lustig - wie die Insel LOL
Fidschi heißt bei uns der näschste Baggersee
hier war es den ganzen Tag sonnig mit Wolken, aber vor einer Stunde hat es richtig geschüttet und jetzt ist es hier wie in der Sauna.
sonst fahr ich an Fidschi zum Baden, mit dem Rad.
ich habe gerade zu Abend gegessen. Da geht es mir immer gut :smile:
Ja ja , alles ok. heute ist es bei uns bewölkt und kein Badewetter
hallo Gerhof, danke, gut und dir?
Hallo Tina, wie geht's?
Bonjour Sandrine, ça va?
Hallo Ami, tu aimes parler en français?
Du auch
Pass auf dich
ich wünsche Dir ein gute Nacht
Leider ist es meiner Bettzeit.Muss gehen
richtig, Die Ratte ist ein Tier
Da weiß ich leider nicht Bescheid, wie das bei einem Unfall ist
Ratte ich glaube ist das Tier
Unfall Grund
Bei uns haben Frauen Abzüge bei der Rente, wenn sie mit 60 in Rente gehen
Manchmals irgendman anders ist nich munter und kann werden eine Unfakk
rate, das vVerb heisst raten
Ich ratte Ihnen besser vermeiden Sie Autofahren
Ja ich fahre noch mit dem Auto, aber mir ist lieber, wenn meine Frau fährt, die ist 8 Jahre jünger
Ja sie hattet in ein Bank gearbeitet
Also können Frauen bei Euch mit 60 in Rente gehen?
Fahrst du selbst mit dem Auto.
eute kam das Enkelkind per Whatsapp, sehr schön
Ja sie ist 60 jahr alt und ich 67 jahr alt
Heute kam der Enkelkind in Whatsapp vor halb St
Deine Frau ist jetzt eine Rentn erin?
6o Std. das ist zu viel. Aber bei uns in Krankenhäusern und beim Pflegepersonal gibt es das auch
Und die Frau ist jetzt eine Rentnerin
Jetzt arbeite ich mein normal 60 St pro Woche  
ja ja bei heissem Wetter ist das Herzschlagrisiko erhöht
Wie geht es bei Dir mit Corona? Bei uns steigen die Werte wieder an, leider
HerzSchlag ich denke ist ein gros Risiko fuer Senioren im heiss wetter
ja ja , warmes Wetter passt schon für Senioren aber Hitze ist ein Problem
Das hab ich gelernt.Tschade
vor 14 Tagen gab es ja große Überschwemmungen im Westen von Deutschland mit großen Schäden und 180 Todesopfer
Ich dachte dass Warm Wetter passt Senioren
die nächsten Tage soll es mehr Regen geben
Heute ist alles o.k., Wetter nicht so heiß
Was stort Ihnen heute.
ich fahre bei schönem Wetter mit dem Rad an einen Badesee, der nur 2 km entfernt ist
Mir geht es ganz gut, aber in meinem Alter kommt jede Woche ein neues Problem
Wie gehts es bei Ihnen heute.
ah verstanden
pardon verstehe
Wenn man irgendman respektiert er nennt Ihnen mit endung San
verseh ich nicht "Hinsichtwort
San auf Japonisch ist ein Hinsicht Wort
was heist das "San" ist das japanisch?
Moin Gerhof San
Hallo Kannan, wie geht es Dir?
have a nice day
not fond of answering?
how are you this morning?