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La suite
:chin: Order 66?
Mattias   julir applied me order  66
Chilling is also importent.
I'll try it. this weekend. Week days I'm too busy with school and stuff and chilling at the end of my days
They  said  the vacuna is part  new order mundial..theyn want to control
Julie  whar do you think  no.want  vacuum
Use the lawn mower.
 People freaky  buy many  clothing  wtf
it either blows leaves or we can reverse the switch and acts like a vacuum. lol.
never tried it for leaves but i am tempted to try it.
I also have a shop vac
For collect leaves is really usful!
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=23vUvQN-R1Y&t=7s  The truth behind fast fashion - Are fashion retailers honest with their customers? | DW Documentary
I am just saying that i never bothered to attach the bag to it.
I have a working lawnmower, lol.
Ok. You need a working Lawn mower. Thats true.
I hate raking but every Fall, I rake. Then put all those leaves in big paper bags to be put at the side of the road...
my lawnmower has a bag I can attach to it, but never used it. I should try to just pass the lawnmower on top of leaves, with the bag attached to see if it would actually collect everything!!!
Better than raking.
you know, you just made me think of something...
To collect the leaves, yes!
to chop it off?
Use a lawn mower! It's perferct to collect leaves.
lots of raking!! Unless they do like some people and let it sit there all winter, and use it as mulch etc.
So I have a projekt for the weekend.
Yes my parents have a lot of trees...
right now, it's raking leaves season
I know. You mentioned it.
i hate snow
no no no no no no...
no. Winter arrives on December 21.
Nice. Snow :clap:
but snow won't come until mid-december as usual.
Yes, winter is coming.
nothing much. It's Fall. Has been warm, but since this week, it's pretty cool.
Whats up in Canada?
but yeah, 99% forgotten
:dance: rex :thumb:
and gute nacht.
ich spreche nicht viel Deutsch. I remember that at least. lol
You are a language talent I suppose.
When the Golden Army was placed there a Plague of Silence fell over the ancient city and was abandoned then people moved  to babchat
Du weist bestimmt noch viel.
I had learned german, went to germany, then stopped practising. Now forgot all of it.
Julie the reason   that  When the Golden Army was placed there a Plague of Silence fell over the ancient city and was abandoned
ah ok Matthew. I thought u meant recently.
But only when I have time and the right mental mod...
oh ok rex. I thought for once, you were serious. Not interested in elves or other science-fiction you come up with.
Englich since school. French maybe 9 years...
Babbel or bethmora  Bethmora was the ancient city of the elves. The Elves have lived there since the time of the Ancient Egyptians, maybe even longer. This place takes over a good six miles of land underground. Most of the columns inside the city are graved with the language of the elves. There is the Royal Palace surrounded by the Golden Army protecting the family from any intruders. When the Golden Army was placed there a Plague of Silence fell over the ancient city and was abandoned. Now, most of the elves live in exile, the only known elves are living in New York City.
how long have you been learning, Matthias?
All languages for 80€ per year. But without vocabulary word trainer and chat.... Useless...
I used babbel wenn the offer this vocabulary words trainer.
what do you mean, rex?
Bon l essentiel...c'est dis .je vous lis
Babbel  is called  bethmora
i used to be on babbel when it was a chat website.
babbel is now only for language course.
then it closed down.
babbel used to be a chat website.
The vocabulary words trainer was nice. It doesn't exist either in Babbel. :sad:
non, pas du tout
Bah .mon subjonctif est meilleur sa donne des ailes a mon français
or do you mean you use babbel for your french learning?
You just said you had used babbel
pas <<drole est le francais>  
No, I don't used that chat.
*le francais est drole
Drôle est le français alors
i was on there too
maybe that's where i know you from
ah babbel ok
then must have been someone with a similar name
ah ok
But I used babbel...  
non, encore ne fait pas de sens.
No, I found Babchat in that Corona...
Les présents ...bonsoir .alors
"les tous" ne fait pas de sens.
Ben ...les tous bonsoir donc  
Matthias, were you here before 2020?
tu peux dire seulement <bonsoir tout le monde> . Pas les uns ou les autres, lol
Wow. 7 years :clap:
Les Uns ...et / ou les autres bonsoir  
Happy to learn you are learning french! good for you!
Je suis ici depuis 7 ans alors!
je me demandais pourquoi il y avait des ballons ici, mais en cherchant, j'ai decouvert que c'est a cause du 7e anniversaire de babchat!  
J'apprendre Francais!  
Tres bien.
ca va merci, et toi?
Ca va?
Bonsoir Julie.
hello everyone
nobody in this room either?
what are you doing tonight?
back again
how are you tonight?
how are you today?
:party: happy birthday, Babchat!
You, partying people, ahaha
i am now having a lovely week as mandated :)
Have a lovely week, everyone!
is something rex would say
my whole life is a big party
What time do we start a party? I need to get ready  
Tbh im 18 forever  
You are very kind
aren't you like in your early 20ies :D
Old hahahahaha
Anyway im packing my stuff, see u in the evening Wolf ;)
And before babchat there was babbel so.. it makes me feel so old  
And im with a flu x.x
Oh.. celebration  
SIEBEN!!! *blitz* *donner*
*lol* die Grafik vom letzten Jahr zeigt 6 Jahre statt 7
Gratulier doch erstmal  ;)
Sind ja viele auf die Party gekommen.
happy birthday Babchat :party: :guitar: :heart:
Babchat celebrates its birthday!
7 years are done ...
I can only hope that Babchat users will become more ...  
Gute Nacht  
Im ersten und zweiten Jahr haben wir in den 19.10. noch zusammen reingefeiert  
Trotz der Feierlichkeiten wird es Zeit fürs Bett...
Die Zeit geht weiter...
Inzwischen sind fast alle von damals weg  
Wir wollten uns nicht verlieren  
Wolfgang hat den Chat gemacht, weil so viele frustriert waren, als Babbel den Chat geschlossen hat  
Mit Sicherheit  
Könnte ja sein, das BABCHAT die Nutzer von BABBEL übernommen hat.
Ich war vorher bei Babbel, ja  
Und warst du da bei BABBEL?
WOW, heute vor 7 Jahren...
Ich bin Gründungsmitglied..  Schau mal in mein Profil  :)
Dann ist der Clown besoffen..  
Wahrscheinlich 6 Jahre ohne Babbel...
Wenn man auf das Partylogo fährt steht da 6 Jahre...
Seit 2014
7 Jahre?
:chin: Was sich wohl Babchat zum Geburtstag wünscht?  
6 Jahre Babchat :party: Großartig! Herzlichen Glückwunsch.
danke bis bald
schlaf gut, danke
thanks :)
Sweet dreams, Sarka!
 hi and see you Mi raf
Sybille ich gehe schlafen und gute reise morgen
Evening, everyone!
I have a fly in my living room. :D
wir wollten eigentlich heute nach Hause, lange geschlafen , Wetter doof. Auf morgen verschoben  
 noch in Urlaub?
wie geht´s?
hallo Sybille
Hallo sarka  
que tengais una buena noche
que lastima
no os gusta mas conversar?
no te gusta mas escribir?
has partido?
pero no sé que se pasaba en Canada
siempre crei que la Inquicision hace parte de la iglesia
causado por la Iglesia?
indigenas estan muertos?
Pero ahora me retiro
por suepuesto, podriamos hablar sobre las muertes de Indigenas causados por la Iglesia en CAnada
que habeis hecho hoy?
no es verdad?
una proxima vez podria ser demasiado tarde
una proxima vez?
no teneis ganas de discutir un tema interessante?
sera una proxima vez
de que vamos a hablar esta noche?
Yo me debo de retirar
no tienes ganas de conversar esta noche?
Hola Silvie
ok Jorge nos vemos otra vez
ya quieres irte, jorge?
un abrazo, nos vemos  
Sarka, yo me retirare
quien se llama Especialista?
volvere en algunos minutos cuando termine
el nombre de Jorge?
que nombre es interessante?
how are you this evening?
se llama Especialistas
nombre interesante
es nmbre interesante  
hello again
Especialistas en traduccion
como se llama la serie ?
si yo veo mi serie de crimen como cada lunes
Sip, aqui son las 16:15
 reunion de trabajo?
luego voy a una reunion  
ah si?
hoy en la casa
bien, gracias
bien y tu?
Hallo Micha
Como estas ?
Hola Sarka  
Hola Jorge
Hola, Hi, Hallo,  
From  Panama to the world  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0wY4xPXC-4
  I am looking for   silvie
what a pity
still nobody in this room today?
hello again