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Au revoir mon.amie :wave:
Scooby doo papa y el bum bum bum :drums:
nobody likes to reply?
quien esta loco, julie?
que tal estais?
Chau Julie :wave:
Chau loco
What time do you have?
have a good day
excuse me i wanna go now
i see
There are no States in Canada. Only provinces. I'm in Ontario. But we are 700 000 French speakers. Quebec is the province of mostly French speakers, but tons live in Ontario.
because the state you live is French spoken, right ?
My first language is French but even I sometimes have a challenge understanding somce words they say
don't worry, life is easy
enjoy Julie
it's ok  
I'm using phone so I have some typos
yeah i noticed
Speak not stream
French from France are known to speak with mouth more closed than Canadians but I don't think they stream faster. Both countries speakj fast
when i see their movies and i cant read the subtitle hhhhhhh
because French they speak very fast
what's easier ?
Accent is different but some words are different too
Julie , what is the difference between French Canada, and French france
are you sorry with me :smile:
Will you get the Covid vaccine when it's available?
i am sorry for us
i do agree
Especially during the times we've been living....
boring winter
that's good Julie
i am fine
Snow is melting. Spring is soon. So happy! How are you?
:chin: no me habra visto
how's cold in Canada ?
how are you?
Hi Sultan
hi julie
Yes i do sultán  
Hola julie
what time is in pero now ?
Good :
im fine , how about you dear ?
How are you?
why ?
Hoy no me afeite
Necesito una nueva oara ver :drums:
Que serie tw recomendaron ?