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Chat: English

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not yet i want a DELE first  
 you passd it
 yes assesment proof - four lamguage skill
if it comes to certificate this would be more interesting  
if it comes online  
measure the - knowledge
same as DELE
toelf always is interesting
mimo are you here
what's up  
Dulces. Sueños. Frannziska
bye frankisza
was nice to talk to you ;)
sleep well, Franzi :wave:
Hello frannziska
i have to say good night
ok boys
Hi omh
now the womanizer duo is complete haha
you know ;P
hey henry
not for all the germans and so  
 high heels is painthful for ladies
you know me as well ;P
so actually  
Dirndl dresses
with high heeles
and wear dresses
 i know
and long blond hair
and are tall
and they all have blue eyes
not all, rex. You will find more blonds in the north than in the south
arent they?
and they dont speak other languages then german
franz girls from.netherland - germany and austria - are blond
yeah, it's just silly
i am not into that "Cliches"
 forgotbthe - war
i heard that austrians are unfriednly and always talking about the thinks they dont like or what is wrong in her life  
I am not into these regional rivalries
so when you believe in it i am blond hahahaha
Just joking anyway ;)
haha domi you dont have to say something like this. i can handle with negative mind about austrians
mimo que haces
  physical - appearance
rex what do you think? am i a blondy
And I belong to the Germans who have to admit to like the Austrian people hahaha
sry it was qualifized
dominik - did you learn fossilization term
vienna is the livablest town , they were qualifized  
yes, was nice. I stayed for a week back then.
mimo tengl palabraa
franz are yiu blond girl?
 i - passed over - vienna - justt
did you like vienna?
 i dont know franz
ups haha
I've been to Graz and Vienna
station is right
elena donde vas
where do they live? rex
do you were in austria domi
no i have a good friend there
his google knows
so rex, you know some austrian states?
it was nice to meet you  
sleep well
bye elena
Have a good night, Elena :wave:
Have a good evening
That's it for me. Fun seeing you and meeting you here, you all :)
 pff - sorru you are from austria lol
 south west musnish
using four ppints cardinal - north is hamburg - middle berlin
so show me
 i lnow germany -
please rescue me  
Franz you are popular now :)

|)0m!n!|( How are you?
Rex is gonna take his spaceship and will track you down, Franz
this is the kind of way you told me about riht
oh nouuuuuu
Franzi is playing with fire
franz tell me your coordinates - west north south east
ok, good.
 |)0m!n!|( :)
pgenobe?...please translate this
 my - memory i love create hypothesis after the obervation of pgenobe through variables
Some of them are really bold
where are you finding these theories/hypothesis?
he has a very hard name what if someone misspell it to S
digo muchis divorcio sin causado por el celular actualmente
Aveces no creo que eres de esta mundo, Rex. De verdad que tu es del espacio :)))
  lol - hypothesis lol.just
what are you saying, Rex?
  divorce caused - fo it hello yiu look beautiful
how are you
chat unfaithful lol
my neighbor is playing need for speed I can't sleep  
  cellphone new - caused of divorce
  all asian languages - i think
of course. and present, actually.
Or Japanese?
very interesting history  
Domi, are you learning Chinese?
i agreed
there are so many things weird, but also interesting about their language, and how it is connected with the history, and still they have no past tense, but most of their language is based on referrals on the past
 can you say me - writebit
l                       ol
i know some spanish people
 dominik you learn or not
yea very weird
frabz yiu know spanish
So they live in the present...crazy :)))
except food  
Hello Francisca
I also have heard they don't have past tense in their language grammar  
was it nice there?
Rex, que te pasa, hombre?
yes I have lived there for a while  
pinyin, that's right
so first they learn the pictograms and after that they learn the alphabet to define the pictograms ...this is how I "learn" that they do it
with pinyin
do you want to learn the chinese language?
they speak simplified mostly  
i have heared about that
that uses pictograms first, and alphabet second
traditional Chinese and simplified  
most of Chinese have the common language
no two only  
does anybody knows some danish?
There are so many types of languages in China
as far as I am concerned  
yes, or I don't know entirely, I better not confirm.
Chinese use pinyin alphabet  
That not all characters are based on pictograms or got their meaning due to a symbol. Many are simply phonetic.
don't get your "Chinese", Domi :P
el o el
is it "Put your real pic"-Thursday? :D
Not a rule? What do you mean?
At least the Chinese characters that are based on pictograms. It is not the rule though
Rex does have extremely well-researched theories
so that's an old thinking, hence fossilization
so this means that in their appreciation, where there are more women there will always be a fight :)))
for defining women, plural - they use the sign that it is used also for fighting
for instance, for defining a woman they use a sign of  thing that has a belly
The Chinese language is based on old ideologies
polite alien* mahyar :P
Versteinerung that's why I don't get it
It was meant as a compliment. I look up to that kind of polite talk
dom speaks like an alien :tongue:
what is fossilization?
 stop fossilization - dominik
I take that as an compliment, Elena ;) Sometimes, I have to improve my politeness even with rex lol
it's quite difficult my ex used to do it
oh, this fossilization has a philosophy of its own  
i am working in a nursery
You sounded so British, Domi :))
fossilization in Chinese... :blink:
his keyboard is drunk
fosilizatiin in second language is not good
you have learb - correct grammar
what kind of work franZ
oh hell naaaaw
fossilization in chinesse -
would you kindly rephrase your sentence please? :)
Rex, please, not you too. Don't make me be mean to you
yes i am working with children  
stop what? rex
yes german word
no she eats rex
rex kinder garten is german  
hen hao means I'm good
franz do you work
when u become interested in it,  it asks u to pay  
I should remember hen hao, but I don't...
belly dance in dubai - elena o no
shung jung nu nou
hen hao ni ne?  
Ni hao ma
not entirely free. Some parts were free
ni hui shou ying yu ma
dominik stop fosilization inchinese language
nihao ma
that's cat meww
that's all that I can remember :))
memrise not free either  
but maybe i get it wrong
  chinese niao
wo dong...wo bu dong
I did not memorize a lot :P
I tried memorise for Chinese
nothing is free  
franzwhat is provroblem
oh, ok
lol yes worth nothing  
then you have to pay for more
i dont know, i installed it on my phone and than canceled it...because you can only do one exercise
she s expensive  
oh, really? huh...1 eur/word
franZ - kinder garden is german word
we trade only in $
try memrise
haha yeah 1€ for an answer sir
l                                               ol
I'd give it a try if it's worth it
not really  
Babbel is sooooo 2008
 pteviously - free to me
but is it worth it? this babbel?
oh I thought because you replied back I have to pay  
 i wont be famous hall of fame lol
for babbel
pay for what franz
kind of fun to watch  
you have to pay for it  
no...would you recommend watching it?
i dont like babbel
copy-paste, rex?
@ll new here  
babbel helped me - input development in mental - cognotive priduction
oh ....i am fine thanks. how are you?
dom have you watched the movie extinction  ( 3 times)  
I asked how u doing  
sry i am new here haha
real space or cyberspace?
yeah but which question?
 i learnt it in baabel
dom what's up with spqce
merhaba nasilisinfranz - guzel
where do i have to reply
take it easy with her lol
any way
I'm just sayin
franz If u aint reply so we can't know each other  
in his cyber reality?
in turkland
Kol chi
where do they speak that Rex?
trump speaks Turkish too
You will forget all languages lolll
i forgot everythink lol
you know some german words
l          o                         l
Learn algerian better lollll
 i learnt - turkusk too
oh, sorry rex. i was just boosting your resume :P
hard and easy - similar engluish many wirds
how you doing franzi
@ rex
Egyptian girls ahahaah i can imagine
i don´t know any of this languages haha
but i am not sure if they are some
no german
lo                                                                                   l
oh and turkish apparently  
i acquirefit from egiptian girls
Majnoon not arabic
 evet - marita -
both spanish, english, arabic and german :))))
rex lol this is egyprian dialect  
interchange - indigious language during 4 years
El hamdulillah
 fluently both -
Google sometimes asks him for translation  
Hhh ezayek
"really" speaking
ezayel - ellahmuballah - gamel mazatalefalean
you gotta watch it dom.  it's called extinction  
so rex how many languages are you speaking?  
Fran nobody knows nobody  
lol dom  
skdfjfheüqirgh2vt :wave:
 maria i learnt 5000 words around - 2:months buy i forgot 100 words for year - due lack of practice
have you watched movie called extinction dom
Elena don't imagine that hahaha
haha like it how you know each other
Yes i see that lol
dom :chin:
if he'll start writing in Arabic...imagine :)))
he also has difficulties to understand himself  
we have lots of difficulties understanding him even when he writes in English or in Spanish, his native language
What. ?  
yes. insiders you will understand fast when you come here more often, Franzi ;)
5000 - words - in - 2 month and - forgot 100 forvyear
Majnoon like tRurump
marita :chin:
Yes loll
I was saying about rex learning Arabic...that's a big bog problem
i am very positively impressed about the chat
yes very majnoon
Mahyar  :D
i dont take it seriously but i do not understand all your jokes, maybe insiders  
you learnt 95 words and forgot 100?  
yhemir is not donkey
i forgot - 100words - forveachs
Anta majnoon
rex pfff
 i learnt many - words 2011
Rex is learning Arabic. We're screwed...
 hemir is donkey and - yhemir
Donkey i said  
what is hemir
Himar hemir or hmar lol
Donkey means
Oh, his hand is busy...look at that...
Yes hemir
yes, but new comers might take it seriously lol
  yhemir is - animal.or not
Tahlab starts
Oh Elena you are too ironic
we like you too :hug:
c'mon. I'm just being cute about him and a bit ironic P
Rex Index
Hemir or yhemir ?  
i like you guys
Rex lol
are we talking about the same rex?? hahaha
ahh very creative domi
marita - yhemir is -
I mean he has a nice style of convincing girls by being all chivalry, but also a bit naughty :P :)))
Funny you  :D
|) = D and |( = K ...the exclamation marks are standing for the "i"s in my name  
which way is it
rex you image isnt the best ;P
lol xd - funny people
a way of asking elena?
so why/how do you know about my name
Dominik, yes. Nice to meet you too :)
ahh I see...
he has a way of asking...:P
oh your name is domi, nice to meet you
And of course I can't resist his charm
to add one from Dubai :)))
oh, no. He asked me to change it
what's wrong with you, Rex?
Oh, so you had no pic of yourself at first, Elena?
Domi, lol. I know that :)))
He convinced me to change my photo :)))
you will be surprised about his stamina in asking the same question again and again ;)
He can be very convincing :))
ohhhh, ok. he can do it but i will say NO  
poor rex
yeah, for me it was fun to just make fun of her own incoherence  
Yes and ask you for pictures all the time
He'll keep on asking you for your Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype :)))
And it was really disturbing. She was disturbing.
Wolfgang told us, maybe she had problems and it helped her to calm down or get distracted. But it is a chat room at last.
haha why
I agree, Franzi
dont understand what you are talking about haha
Franzi, you will regret exposing your love life to rex :P
  ok ok more users fanz :D
fran - ummm can be
rex i am single  
sounds terrible!
cause for it
she was here all the time.  
but babchat was an important thing for her  
I know, she has a mind of her own and her own imaginary friends
poligamia? is halab
so what happened then to silvie?
After a while he didn't find another solution than banning her. She was resistant against all good advice
fran - are you single or married?
Halab someone loves ladies and jump jump jump between ll of them lol
Elena, she was in the German room and Wolfgang told her so many times to stop this. He was also provoking him when he said he would ban her if that won't become less since it is really disturbing.
elena - te gusta tomarte - mucha fotos o no
haha i think you are all friendly guys, at least i cant say anything against it ;)
dominik - halab is - handsome in arabic - marita said
i feel bad for her, thou...
halab is handsome man
damn...I did not think it would happen, about Silvie, I mean
rex lol nope halab its you
where is silvie
Silvie  : ((
And I don't miss her one bit
 halab is principe azul loo
Silvie got banned two weeks ago, elena
fran there are invasion here
No, Elena, it's probably just a phase^^
rex you are a big halab  
 elena i am very friendly lol
elena, oh really?
thought there were more people joining it
by the way, one favorite topic for you, Domi, I'm sure. have anybody seen Silvie lately? I am kinda worried
 marita ummm -
I know hehe
and most of these guys and girls are very friendly
 eklena no me
I thought thay you love arab ladies   :D
oh really?  
marita amel - was here
After 1 week, everybody knows everybody :)
i went there last year
amsterdam is very cool
rex lol
 ladies so beautiful
 i love amsterdam - -
oh wow, so thats the reason you know all the people in here  
In Francia?  
Were you in trouble, Domi? :P
babchat franz welcome
Amsterdam no ervin
Marita tu hai qualche cugino in Amsterdam?  
last year in August I think. So I am 1 year old in here :)
That was the goal, Elena...to abstract my profile a bit^^
your kingdom?
bene anche io
Bene e tu ervin ?  
elena mucha - ropa o no - comprado
come stai Marita
elena how long do you jion bachat?
sorry babxhat
the black gold
Deliii !!  
Oh, no..
ok fran welcone to my kingdom lol
Hhh ervin  :hug:  
im used to it  
I have no idea abut the Dubai gold, Rex. Only about the petrol :)))
Marita my sea star
yeah i know, my name is tooooooo long, and its ok for me to call me fran
don't know what to say, Domi, it's a bit impersonal
domink applied - order 100
elena - ummm dubai gold is cheap it is not
it's too much writing. When I get to Franzis...I get sleepy already. So I keep it punchy ;)
yeah, Elena, does the blue astronaut costume fit me? :D
  i call you fran contraction
rex, I'm gonna side with the Jedi!
it is so funny that everybody says fran to me
Domi, you changed a loot since I last saw you here :)))
dominik - time has come - execute order 66
thanks for your description 0m!n! and so on ;)
people - adict photograpghy
Delishaa :hug:
Nice meeting you too Deli. Are you leaving?
Hey Domi :)
score 1200
rest in peace
and good evening :)
 Nice to meet you Elena  
green screen snakeloo
Franz is a German male name. When we shorten Franziska, we usually say "Franzi". Just saying because it was confusing to me at first :D
me too
the snake game was the best
i lile nokia
Yes, they are really reliable
what a lovely time
auuu nokia
Best phones ever
I remember too. Until last year I was still using my Nokia
europe - culture - franz
haha yeah now you got it ;)
you are that old, huh, rex? :)))
did you learn that on school  
 i remember - when smartphone dids not exist lol -
my identity is private you know ;D
yes - way
no wayyy
Franz hahaa :)))
fran real picrure pleaselol
you are out ;)
bye ervin
loo - iam not the ring lol
Que dices, Rex?
Bye, Ervin!
Elena does not like sheiks or has failed to get the attention of one : )
Ok, Rex, llama me :)
And rude it's just your opinion. Just go out, have a breath
not with this carrot picture I think
elena - horita te llamo
I can't get angry on frustrated boys, Ervin
Fanziska you can be too :)
elena you are very popular here  
Hi Delisha
ah you are angry now : ) and rude
elena - tells me - yiur opiinion
       Maybe is like kinder-garden he want to have your atención even by force :) ... Elena hi
oh, you're left-handed
wow now the topic is very interesting
fran what do you think - jeques
but I don't use the right hand for what you think of : )
that's why you only have your right hand
wow that was a truly bad joke Elena ; )
exactly :P
I am no sheik : )
ah ok  
And you tell it to your right hand, Erv :P
is something similar with misogyny  
yeah tell that to the sheik : )
Franz, girl power! :)))
what means chauvinist?
: )
maybe this is a girls thing
I'll relax when there's no chauvinistic "jokes" involved
share - the - sherik - lol
it's ok : )
sorry ervin
oh Franziska you sided with her too? : )
but i have to say she is right, it was a bad joke
 i am sheiks lol
relax Elena relax
take it seriously elena
yes, Franz. Other men can only fantasize about it. And when they can't even get one girl they think all the girls are going to UAE to meet Sheiks :)))
If I'm gonna have to explain to you what a joke is, you realize there's nothing fun about what you came up with
and has a lot of women
Are jokes meant to be intelligent all the time?  
They know jokes, not bad jokes
a sheik is a man who decides everything for the woman
what is sgeiks
All girls who come in UAE come to meet up sheiks, that's such an intelligent joke
Elena Romanian girls don't know how to take a joke?  
 fran your city is - west - south - or east north of germany
the ones that have a lot of oil and money in uae for who elena works for
elena - lol :p
Oh, get a life, Ervin
sheik - what is it
desde que te conoci tu pides mi Facebook
cause i was not sure what you were talking about
Her husband the sheik won't allow her to share facebook with strangers rex
ay, rex
elena dame tu facebook
yes i am a girl
haha now i have to translate it
franz are you a girl?
give me piece
it is not - humor is - goal xd lol
yhemir - what does it mean
haha like your humour ;)
I ate so much cake yesterday  
hola amel
 me - too franz
amel - gives me cake
but i try my best
Rex thé Kong
i am not sure at all
really rex?
ervin, i got it from my garden, just kidding; the internet has chosen it for me
 fran your english is gramatical - correctly
  xdxd -
 i know all sequences - history loo
sorry to tell you but i haven´t seen a star wars movie yet

and you
 yes - normal fan - more - in literature
yeah, so you are a star wars fan, aren´t you?
my name is rex capitan - number 7567 clon comander -
And where do the carrots in your picture come from Franziska? : )
yes it is
ahh thought it is star wars  
 clon wars franz
que quieres, Rex?
rex tell me where this figure comes from, at your photo?
elena damelo
Seit langue lern ich german deshalb will ich immer auf deusch schreiben  
klingt gut auch, aber nicht besser
fran how will you - try it
wieso wollt ihr deutsch sprechen  
thanks elena ;)
maybe i will try it in facebook
Elena ,deutsche sprache klingt gut als Englisch  
ah, i understand rex
and how about you?  
ekena - damelo - xd
if you find somebody to talk to in English, I guess
which parts of - germany are - you
hmmm...personally I don't know any other, but you can always use Facebook or Whatsapp
yes im fine. why are you asking?
franziska - are - you ok
yes elena
frankish yes -
other websites, you mean?
does anybody know other chats where you can "learn" english?
Salam rex
à partir de mardi la fête commence .
fares - salam
Pour toi aussi, oui?
oui, oui, ca va aussi. La semaine prochain on va etre l'Eid
Salut Elena , merci ça marche pour l'instant  et toi?  
frank - what do you work
oh i mean a british thing
its an english thing i think
black beana burn lol baked lol
salut, Fares, ca va?
baked? I think I did
 frank yes - burn bean loo
Bonsoir zusammen  
uk people love green peas
weathe, food, and until recently world cup and neymar :)))
did anybody try baked beans?
one of the main topics here on babchat
yes, rex. you should try it
:wave: Hi
so we talk about food , nice
peas green beans
or baby carrots with peas and garlic...mmmm
gyes - nice cake - long tine - idid not eat it
carrot cake is better haha
curiosidad -
si, que?
como que me preguntas eso? :)))
? elena
oiga, rex, que entiende los gentes? :))))
but i think it is funny
had no time to change the picture and the chat put it there
elena - te gusta mucho tomar
haha yes ......no
Carrots are good for eyes
i'm not too much into the sweet drinks. but who knows, i might give it a try when I'll get to Austria :)
Franziska grows carrots : )
you love carrot franziska
I am not from Holland : )
Oh Ervin, you did not even have to say that you're from Holland. I could have guessed from the jokes that you try to make
you should have to. with elder syrup ;)
  elena - porque esto llena mucho
rumania - is all part of europe
Are you in a harem for a sheik there?  
Rex, que dices tu? pone barrigon? que significa?
in UAE, Ervin
Syrup...that I never tried, Franziska. Sounds sweet
where are you now?  
Hi Ervin. I would not know, I am not there now
and to get a sweet touch you can put some sirup in it, that is very nice
Elena are there any Romanians in Amsterdam
elena - cerveza pone - barrigon :D
we just call it spritz in Romania :)
yes, I know it
cerveza or licor
you mix wine with water
is it with wine?
how's that?
do you know what this is?
in austria we like to drink "spritzer"
ah, of course, who doesn't like beer? :)
what's your favorite drink, Franziska?
beer is good , i like it too
and I just answered plainly: beer, please
He was asking me what's my favorite drink
Cerveza, por favor :)))
but i dont speak spanish
 austria nice
elena - cual es tu bebida favorita
i am from austria
si, estoy Rumana :D
ella es - rumana
He is from Panama, I am from Romania
Yes, we write in Spanish
where are you from?
and thought i will try it  
i speak both
I joined in at this moment
ok. what language are you writing with rex? is it spain?
When have you joined babchat?
Not that bad, than you.  
We should write in English, you're right. It's just that I let myself get carried away when I meet Rex, regardless of the rooms :)))
thanks im fine. how are you?
Hy elena ;)
Hi Franziska, how are you?
Hey is anybody here to improve his english skills? and is going to talk a bit in english with me?
you - about culture
que aprendiste?
aprendido sobrea la cultura
algunas, pero mu grandes
 habra much latinos
  muchas discotecaa por alla
xd arabic - world lol
pero el fin de semana comienza el jueves
 eso no de organize eao sale - de momenti
si si, aqui tambien es Jueves, loco :)))
 un club bailando o - timando
pero no me organise muy bien. Y estoy un poquito cansad :P
aqii es juebes
aya -
y deveria estar en clubo
aqui es findesemana
aya que bueno
Si, muchas :)))
alguna novedad
pues, nada, Rex. por aqui. Y tu?
elena - que hay
Hi bachata
Dom slow down on babchat, u could do an overdose :p
how are you?
Hi Ali
anybody real
Hey Domi
Hey Jan, welcome to Babchat!
Hey Jan, welcome to Babchat!
Hey Jan, welcome to Babchat!
I am Jan from Germany.
In March 2019 I will write my A-Level Tests.
For this reason I want to improve my english skills. If you want to help me please contact me
I am Jan from Germany.
In March 2019 I will write my A-Level Tests.
For this reason I want to improve my english skills.
I am Jan from Germany.
In March 2019 I will write my A-Level Tests.
For this reason I want to improve my english skills.
:yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: