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There is 3days ban cuz of using caps lock, be aware
BB do you learn Turkish?
rex, your opinion about cloning ancient animals ?  
Do not shout at her!!
he was the last dinosaur  xd
el rey del dodo xd
the dodo bird doesn't exist anymore, rex
yael stop eat dodo
Nie, chci mluvit cesky
Yes she is dobro indeed
mluvis cesky?
rex, stop your banana traficing  
Dobre, dekuju
She doesnt eat poor animals. She is good.
dobre a ty?
:) jak se mas?
jaaj xd ari i think it is worldwide
ok charly bene ciao
ahoj czesz BB)
Sarka... vado alla stanza italiana
letter P OUT Of keyboard
mimo is vegan ?
brb rex tengo que lavar los platos xd
Ahoj Sarka :)
or for fake nails ?  
Dont tell her there is meat
rex, to glue your lips ?  
Bigos for Mimo then :)
i need glue lol
You are one!
que bien
daga, you naught bitch !! XD
Just wanted to feed you up, cray :P
rex he escuchado todo porque me gustan mucho los latinos lala
:O veo que escuhas musica de america
loooool wtf
you will like it
Yael open your mouth
ajajaj si ari ya la esuchaste
si lo escuche pero no me gusto la verdad
Got my bigos *_*
becky g y anitta?
anais are you here
el rexpastor is coming :D
rex is triggered now
Daga, God saved Jesus on the cross before he died, in the quran  
ari banana music is very funny did you hear it
from victor Hugo... had to read it at school
What happend to him Yael?
Les misérables  
hello anais
rex ese cancion me hace bailar haha
paris paris
He didn't die in the Quran haha
Well today 200something people were killed in Sri Lanka... i dont feel sorry for a bulding, even old one
your opinion about jesus dying for an extra long weekend
I better leave that place :D
yeah there is always something crazy happening Paris
spanish inquisition = order 66 xd
oh yael me acuerdas notre dame :(
Please no
rex, your opinion about el spanish Inquisition ?  
oh Spanish room here??
lol Daga
ari, estoy una francesa del Grande Paris :D  
El christiano apostolico romano perverto
especialmente la cancion juego
me gusto
rex si escuche su ultimo album
yael y tu quien eres jaja
 ari horita mismo anitta canta bien
guys u both gays
a little bit doesn't begin to describe it
Maluma hulala
el seductor, el predicator, el comando  
maluma que bien
yo he estado obsesionada ultimamente con la cancion de maluma HP xp
to me
And he is a little bit drunk  
ari dime cual genero
rex esta un matador loco
arii, rex esta el fucking patron de Panama, don't mess with him
de america latina
dime alguna cancion entonces
 escuahando musica
And was my own teacher
yeal osea el es ricoo xp
hola ari
lol wolf, show us your power :P  
before not but i still choose this subject for my final exams
at your time
i have A LOT of opinions
Well program has changed i dont know Yael
i'm unbeatable by now
training what
Arii, rex es el rey del oro !
Wolfgang is secretly training with Markus
Daga, do they teach philosophy at high school in Poland ?  
si te vas yo tambien me voy. si me das yo tambien te doy.... lalala lol
training for the opinion tournament
you don't know what to write in front of your white page lol  
rex donde estas
Oh still training
rex, your opinion about the white page syndrome ? xdd
daga :heart:
Hi Marita  
They arent so long here
rex y tu trabajas en tu profesion o que
Hey Marita
4 hours exams are tooo long, it's a fucking endless nightmare
The teacher was evil
i did once and regreted it after
I skipped some math lessons too because i was afraid to come late to the class
Daga, nah, they did... but i missed so much courses that i didn't know the chapters lol
no. were chapters which i alyways skipped
it is like a murder to me
it was 500% freestyle lol
Chapters they didnt teach but put on exam?
lol Daga
Yael you should have called the police right away!
Elvis Crespo song is pervertoooo rex :D
creo que si
crep que ya olvide un poco
rex, feliz dia de los reyes magos xdd
tenia mucho tiempo sin entrar por aqui
si rex  
escibe practicamos
yael felt the same man xp
Weed on holidays?
oh enserio ari
Rex stop weed
during my math exams i discovered the chapters... never seen in class XD  
rex extrano hablar espanol xp
Hallo ari wiegths
the only thing i was really good at math was logic
i failed and i feel soo proud xp
Lol i know maybe 5%
oh good BB at least you passed it
but you know only 30 % of the stuff :)
Salut belle dames lol
I did pass!
Arii, probably you can find it with english subtitles
BB and why you didnt pass then
yael is it with subtitles cause i dont know french
4/20 for me :D :party:
you pass with 30 % ??
rex thats interesting
30% was to pass
Arii : "Première année", it's a french movie  
I got 30%
BB me neither
And teaching too
During my final math exams.. i did like 3 exercices on 7 LoL  
 Aircraft enginner
yael whats the title
i sucked at math! But never felt bad  
rex sp you got a degree on what
Arii, i know but the movie shows how crazy the first year is lol
I understand you more than you think
BB at least you understand me haha
Working think other study i want start
meat included. You would like it
Daga, i am still waiting for your sexy cocktail  
yael they are not so funny at all. they are fucked up xp
Well Yael... not much
yeah rex what do you do in life
bigos ? are those like oreos ? XD
Arii dont feel bad about it. Math is too fucked up to be understood
arii, i saw a funny movie about 1st year students in medicine XD
Ari ok the importance you continue a head other study
(its food)
Ive got some bigos guys. Anyone?
Dame la plata y lo compro
i was never good at math :(
si skarbie :P
rex i studied for a year medicine qnd then i left it and started foreign languages
You even speak polish ;)
rex, un jugo de toronja por favor  
Must be this
Daga, we are soulmates lolll
Ari :blink:
it is really misterious
rex i failed at it lol
Why do we always come at the same time  
Arii, the devil's ass lol  
maybe he is my reincarnation
always and forever, daga :D
lol who is ervin
Feliz Pascua  
Great ari ithought you study medicine
Dagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa la bomba :kiss:
arii hey are you the reincarnation of Ervin ? lol
foreign languages. english and german
Again? :)
hola kingpacitooooo
Hello yael
hi yaël
Great what do you study
thats it
and work during the summer  
i am in university
i study  
Hello :)
Ari what do you do in mife
great xd
  Nothing just remember xd
the case ye lol
how do you know
 Did you have pink iphone
thank you
i dont have any information really
Nice picture
since i love flights xd
 Southwest stop use 737nmax
i found it on internet and i loved it
 You used a iphone picture xs
i didnt take it unfortunately
Where did you take ylur picture
how you doing
good in general  
famous wow haha
 How is everything
i remember you too
 Famous albanian girl xd
   Cdxd i remember ariola xd
good to know you guys still remember me cp
yes haha
good thank you
.are you ariola xd
How are you
hey rex
i have no clue about german movies
I gotta go now. Have a good evening!
It is okay :)
I dont have suggestions in my mind, Double
Wolf, andere Vorschläge?
U boots, Dark, Dogs of Berlin
I watched Run Lola Run
Well, to be honest, i am not a lot into movies
lola rennt
I got bored so I will watch one  
Mimo since you live in Germany can you advise me a nice German movie
Yeah, i guess so. Too much beer
I think we have another  Rex
"Is there anybody?" "No, there's no one!" "I'm not asking who there isn't, I'm asking who there is".
Probably he crashed on his couch
Lol no
Mimo did you see Fred lately?
Thank you
Buon Apetito Luca!
So goodbye to everybody
Don't start a war Wolf!  
Anyway, I have my dinner now
of course she disturbs
Okay then see you Silvie !
Dont react on this, double. She always says that
have a nice evening
enough is enough, you are right
You don't disturb Silvie :)  
amuse yourself
Good enough !
hope you feel well
but i dont want to disturb you any longer
Good, thanks. And you?
Hey Mimo ! How are you?
you re always that polite to everybody?
Nope. They just tease
i m pleased about your compliments, double trouble
:wave: Double, Luca
oh worst one arrived
didnt know that
Did a Shakespear character join the chat?
they are?
Don't look for a reasonable explanation
Hi simple mortales
Luca people are a bit crazy in this chat. Silvie is one of them
you dont like Shakespeares tragedies?
hello mr double trouble
Who is Othello?
i m sorry, but i didnt meet him today
Hi Silvie
othello didnt visit us today, lucaca
how are you this evening?
I hope it recovers in short time
hello again
public transportation isn't a good comparision, because municipalities subsidize it
Yeah  our economy is screwed  
for transportation one bus ticket is not even half of 1 euro
Isn't it?
You had a lot of inflation last two years
2 euro on the highway
here for 0.5 litres bottle  you would pay 0.15 euro
0,4 euro at the supermarket
Okay let's say it is 0.5 litres
1 euro at the pub
A 0,5 litres bottle i.e.
It depends on the bottle size and where I buy it
Tell me how much do you pay for a bottle of water in your village?
It is cheap for those coming from euro user countries
Yeah one day you can. Indeed if you visit, you will surprise cause
I would like to visit it
Have you even been in Turkey?
I see
Sellers speak enough English.  Especially if you go to touristical places then yeah they can speak English
I mean at least bartenders and waiters
Can people talk english in Istanbul?
cause during summer it is so hot  
or the end of summer
Anyway, what is the best season to visit it?
Now It is safe. Lately  mayor of the city also changed after 25 years
Well I don't think that it was a real one  but It finished in 24 hr
The attempted one
Yes, the coup
oh no you meant coup?
Protests? It was in 2013. Long time passed
What is Gezi?
Tanks ? you mean Gezi?
And about tanks
About terrorists
but  it stopped  
I am sure you saw on news about explosions
Yeah, to be honest in the past-few years ago- It was like hell
I would like to visit it, but sometimes violent events happen over there
But of course there are some suburbs which are not so safe especially at night
In general yeah it is safe
Do you think it is a safe city?
But other side of the sea is more serene
Which side of the sea do you live?
But it is also a beautiful city
Constant traffic, stupid politicians  
It is  challenging! 16 million people
What about you you? How is living in Istanbul?
You are very talkative :D
are you farmer?
Then you are lucky
It is quiet
How is life in your village?
It is a nice place to die
At least
Ah I got it!
Where they met to discuss politics and kill each other because of it
It is the medieval town palace
I think it is the most important building  
Oh I see
Which one?
It is in square
What is that semi brown and white building?
Nope :)
Would you ever have guessed it?
It looks  old!
I checked it now on google
I live near the town of Piacenza
what'S the name of your city?
I live about 80km south of Milano
Okay then  I gave up :)
Sala Bielese?
I live i a small village
you can't guess it
Let me guess
Northern Italy
İstanbul- Turkey
Where are you from DoubleTroublee?
Alright Daga have a good evening !
Have a nice evening
i will maybe come back later, have fun
Well im leaving
Double thank you
You too BB  
Thank you
İyi akşamlar :wave:
Happy Easter !
Do you need our opinions on this? :chin:
Hey guys!
good, dont know. A bit like polish
"I don't like the church". "You're an atheist?" "No, I love God, how could I not love the Creator?" "That's illogical". "Why? Do you love your father?" "Of course". "Suppose that your father has a fan club. They hang around with your father's pictures, sing his favorite songs, but sometimes they tell you what you have to do for your father to stay content. I don't think you're gonna like such a fan club".
I was there and i was in ukrainian restaurants even here.
How is Ukrainan food?
I have never been to Ukraine and I have never found an Ukrainan restaurant
Lol Luca xd
And thin people with fat fingers
Atmo dont you miss ukrainian food?:)
But I know fat people with thin fingers
I meant both
Or click on the mouse?
Do you mean they can't type on the keyboard with fat fingers?
then get too fat to come here
Holidays, Atmo.. they eat and eat
No, there are really few people. Yesterday, when I joined, there were much more of them
come later
At this time it is usual
People would be enough if they talked a little
Why are there so few people?
I see
English and Russian. I know them, but would like to teach them in the future
Which languages are you studying?
But I was 8
What do you study at the university?
Oh long time ago then, it wasnt that bad yet that time
12 years
How long ago you left Ukraine?
It is written in his/her profile
University. 20
I don't know how old you are
Do you study at school or at university?
And study
No, I live there
Do you work there?
Marina di Ardea
Which town do you live in?
In Italy
It was a joke :P but then i realized it wasnt funny
Where do you live now?
Who said it was?
Sorry, not funny at all
Well does anyone?  
BB, yes but I don't live there anymore
Are you ua, Atmo?
I see
we also call like that someone who always fail in anything
an orphan or something else
BB, she's Jewish
What does sierota mean in Polish?
:hug: BB
Hi Luca
sierota isnt a nice word in polish :o
Sierota name... :chin:  
Ah a singer
Hello people
Wolfgang, Echosmith
magic i.e. psyceldelic
What are magic mushrooms?
Wanted to ask the same but Wolfito is faster :chin:
who is that?
Today is Sydney Sierota's birthday
Mim :kiss:
Dont know if i should be happy i dont work tomorrow
i still have some magic mushrooms in my fridge :chin:
me neither
I dont like holidays :whistle:
Zum Glück hat das morgen ein Ende
Oh si xd
are you eastering sufficiently?
the real king 👑  
bbito :)
hi schnuckis :)
Hi :wave:
i havent seen it so attentively
oh it is in my pic
whats that
good rex thanks
 Southwest 737
und du kannst mich lehren
ich kann doch lehren haha
Fine and you
Und ich möchte mein Englisch verbessern ;)
hi rex how are you
aber ich lerne Deutsch in der Schule und Ich  möchte es verbessern  
Dafür kann ich nicht so gut Englisch:)
Das macht nichts :)  
ich spreche nich sehr gut deutsch :p
I hope you can understand me anyway :)
German :)
what can you speak then?
also, But I can not speak English very well.
how are you
fine thanks
how are you? :)
have a nice evening
everybody left for a walk?
nobody at home?
no one at home
hope you are well
nobody in this room?
dont you agree?
would be nice to be able to heal all oppressed humans
i like many ideas of the Bible too
you read the Bible every day?
hello rex
still talking about religion?
   Silvie oui ja yes si
didnt know you were a believer, rex
San Pablo to the Colossians (3,1-4):

If you have risen with Christ, we seek the goods up there, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God; The aspiration to the goods above, not to those of the earth.
Because you have died; and your life is with Christ hidden in God. When you return, your life, then you will also appear glorious, together with him.
Acts of the Apostles (10,34a.37-43):

In those days, Peter took the floor and said:
"You know what happened in all Judea, beginning with Galilee, after the baptism that John preached. I refer to Jesus of Nazareth, anointed by God with the power of the Holy Spirit, who spent doing good and healing all those oppressed by the devil, because God was with him.
We are witnesses to everything he did in the land of the Jews and in Jerusalem. They killed him, hanging him from a tree. But God raised him on the third day and granted him the grace to manifest himself, not to all the people, but to the witnesses appointed by God: to us, who have eaten and drunk with him after his resurrection from the dead.
He charged us to preach to the people, giving solemn testimony that God has made him judge of the living and the dead. Of him all the prophets bear witness: that all who believe in him receive, by their name, the forgiveness of sins
 Happy Easter for everyone
Good morning everybody, have a nice day!
what a pity
not fond of answering?
you re visiting the Palazzo Pitti?
what are you doing in Italy, mr atmosfämic?
still cant sleep
hello again
I'm in Italy
sleep well
that s really ashame
not fond of answering?
sleepless in Seattle?
you cant sleep either?
what a surprise
finally found somebody to talk to?
what a pity
nobody in this room?
you cant sleep either?
hello again
Haha, na gut. Gute Nacht, schlaf gut :)
aber dankeschön.. ich wünsche dir gute nacht
nein.. ich rede nur mit dir :P
Hmmm.... oder rede mit der deutsch Gruppe  
keine Ahnung.. wenn du gehst , vielleicht geh ich auch :(
wie lange bleibst du noch wach  
gute nacht.. schlaf gut.. und vielleicht bis nächtes mal
Ich mache nur Spass. ich kann schon Spaghetti kochen
Ich werde auch gleich mal schlafen gehen  
weil ich das nicht essen will ;)
wie du kannst nicht?
haha... nichts.. ich kann Spaghetti nicht kochen
Was hältst du von Spaghetti  
Ich esse manchmal was anderes auser Fleisch.. aber ungefähr Jeden Tag Fleisch
Dir fällt nur nichts ein? Haha  
Ich essse Vegetarisches auch
Okay was noch?  
Rind Steaks
pizza :D
Was ist denn eurer Lieblingsessen?
was isst du gern ?
Ich esse Kartoffeln manchmal .. nicht so oft
haha ich nicht so  
MGst du Kartoffeln?
Ich liebe Steaks  :tongue:
haha.. keine Ahnung
Mit salz
mir ja
wo wohnen sie in Deutschland?
Ja, was hast du denn gegen Pommes :0
isst du pommes gern  
lol.. nur Mayo,, aber pommes ich ess nicht gern
Was ist mit Mayonnaise? Zu Pommes?
ich bin auch da  
da sind mehr Leute
Ich finde das ist das beste an der Currywurst  
Ich werde zu Deutsch room gehen
ich mag catchup nicht so gern mit currywurst
Belegtes Brotes serh lecker auch
Fleisch mit  salz
reis mit ei
mit Senf ohne das t  
Was isst man da denn so?
aber Kolumbianer essen gefällt mir besser
ja natürlich und das ist Lecker
Ja.. currywurst mit senft  
Schmeckt ja auch  
und es is verkauft hier in Niederlande
ja das is tipisch in Deutschland
nicht zu Stranger
vom ImbisS?
ja das stimmt Stranger  
es ist gut
ich vergesse manchmal den babchat, aber jetzt will ich auch wider mehr lernen  
Ich werde morgen ein Currywurst essen
und manchmal super schnell
sehr Hoch Deutsch
Wieso verstehst du das denn nicht stranger  
Naja, war vor lange Zeit das letzte mal online  
aber wenn jemand spricht , ich verstehe gar nicht :P
wie oft ist sie in Babchat?
Ja... momentan kerine spricht  
ich habe eine frage
ja das ist so
ist das so?
Da schreiben nur grade keine Leute  
in den Deutsch chat keiner hilft :P
Ich komme aus Pakistan
ok lass uns gehen Rosalie
bye silvie  
tschüss Silvie
Klar, aber besser wäre es wohl wenn ihr in den deutsch Chat geht?
Real woher kommst du?
have a nice evening
aber die Inhalte sollten einfach stimmen
haha.. ich wünsche mir das.. aber das passt nie
Rosalie, kannst du auch Deutsch verbessern helfen?
bücher sind immer gut
buchen ?
Die ganze Zeit xD  
so when are you going to teach me German ? @Rosa :P
Da sind schöne Buchen
yes Ich hunterlande Buchen in Amazon
have a nice evening
hope you are well
but i dont want to disturb you tonight
always depends on the books
It's true
i read some books over and over again too
scond war world
no idea, whether this is true, stranger
i dont like war stories
there are some people read the books over and over :P
Ich lese über zweiste Krieg gesichte
same books ?  
nobody loves the same books
no idea, rosalie
i didnt read this books either
Why silvie ? :0
Ich hab die Bücher, aber nich nicht gelesen, die Serie aber geschaut  
i dont like this series
Ich lese Game of thrones
it depends on what you like
ja oder entwerfer das weisst da
I want to read books too,, which books are good and which are bad ?  
but who cares?
ich kenn mich da nicht aus
programmieren ist nur was für spezialisten
Ich verstehe nicht
that s great, rosalie
c++ sprache programmieren
much older than that, markes
reading Books i like too
das ist zeitvertreib
sind sie 23 jahre alt?
Videospiele sind kein Programm!
i prefer listening to music or reading books
weil wir uns darüber vorhin unterhalten haben  
ja Ich benutze Unity zu videospielen programmiere
ich bin kein videospielfanatiker
why are you asking?
alles :0
various languages
Videospiele? Das klingt spannend  
sie spricht alles :P
Sprichst du mehrere Sprachen silvie ?
that s true
sprachen sind ein wunderschönes hobby
Ich arbeite als entwerfer auf videospielen
es ist wundeschön
i like learning languages
I love my profession and you silvie  
du arbeitest nicht gern in diesem Beruf`?
you like your profession, rosalie?
man ist, was man isst, hab ich mal gelesen
Ich arbeite als Physiotherapeutin  
hallo rosalie und markes
nix.. ich liebe auch alles , aber esse ich schon den Fleisch :P
what are you talking about this evening?
hey silvie  
ich marckes?
was hast du stranger?
sind sie noch in Hochschule?
pretty? Haha wie niedlich  
Pretty ist ihre name
ja für alle xD  
Ja genau  
oder hast du liebe für alle ? :D
cool.. und was hasst du ? @Rosa
sind Vegeterianisch?
wie niedlich marckes wie heißt der?
nein, ich esse nicht mal Fleisch. Ich gucke mir die Tiere lieber an :P
ja genau Rosalie
ach was ? . ich dachte schwein oder rind nur zum Essen ?  
Ist das wie ein Pudel marckes
du sollst es nicht essen stranger xd  
Ich esse Rind gern.. nicht schwein
Das ist wie eine Schaffe
hol dir ein hausschwein stranger  
cool, welche Rasse denn?  
es ist kleine
Ich habe eine Hundin
ich hab nix
Ja. sonst hätte ich auch eine beim meinen Bett liegt
habt ihr Tiere?
ich kenne doch das Lied marckes  
hehe .. ja ..Hündin dankeschön
ja, weiß ich auch nicht stranger  
ich weiss nicht oder die Hunderin ist auch Treuer ?  
Playlist ist mein LieblingLieder
lol.. ein Treuer Freund das Hund.. besser als mensch .. @Rosa
weiss ich nicht, welches Lied ist denn gut?
Nein... der einzige der grade in meinem Bett schläft ist mein Hund xD  
warum nicht?
Jonas monar kenne ich aber nicht  
aber sie hat schon ein Freund bestimmt :P
ich muss das auch denken .. @Marckes
oh Danke  
Ich denke dass, du enie hübsche Frau bist
Stranger ? .. oder Singer ?  
er ist ein gut Sanger
or Jonas Monar
xD haha
ich höre das auch zu :D ... mach das .. @Marcke
Was denn?
Rosalie Kann Ich etwas dich sagen?
ja dann machen wir das so! :P
Oh das Lied ist super, als ich meine Prüfung damals nicht bestanden habe, hat mir das Lied meine Schwester immer vorgespielt :)
muss es aber gemacht werden :P .. nicht nur klingen :D
Kennst du dieser Lieder?
Das klingt gut, real  
von Mark Forster
mein Liblinglied ist sowieso
vielleicht kannst du mir auf Deutsch helfen  ? .. ich kann dir mit Englisch helfen..  
Habt ihr ein Lieblingslied  
Danke Real
Danke Rosalie
dachte ich auch erst, hahaha  
is that a name of the song ? "Go back"
Welcome back  
what ? :D
Go back
Ich höre gerne Rockmusik  
Ich mag aber weiss ich nicht welche gute Musik gibt heutezutage
Magst du Musik nicht gerne?
Ich höre sehr kaum Musik aber habe ich keine richtige Genre zu hören
lol, ok  
Ich hab zuerst gefragt xD  
was hörst du gern  ?
ach was, na gute frage :P
Was hört ihr gerne für Musik?
schlaf gut
frohe Ostern beto
bis bald
frohe Ostern  
Frohe Ostern an alle
Das ist ein Orden wo viele Jugendliche hin pilgern  
beh ich mache schluss
ah ok .  
beh I was wondering why
Hat auch nur 150 Einwohner oder so  
mmm Ich sehe
ach so ich kenne es nicht
mm Ich weiss
Taizé in Frankreich xD  
Paris Rosa?
Rosalie, Ich weiss schon dein auto freikratzen
Taize ?
Ich war noch nie in Holland, falls du mich meinst  
Amsterdan Rotterdam  Marken Vollendam
wircklich, wo warst in Holland?
wohin denn ?
ich fahre im Oktober nach Frankreich  
Doch total
gefällt dir nicht zu reisen?
Ich war noch nie in Holland obwohl das so nah ist  
wow Real. Und mir immer
ach so
Nein mir geht es gut hir
mache ich manchmal Homeoffice
ich darf zu Hause arbeiten
Ja,, ich arbeite noch :P
hast du heute gearbeitet?
lol.. ja
Real bist schon müde?
wohnst du in Brasilien?
Disese ist Glücklest auf der Welt  
Ja Ich weiß
wasser überall
Niederland ist toll, aber ich war ein bisschen stressed
Ja Natürlich
bleibst du dort ?
aber vielleicht die nächste jahre werde Ich arbeiten
Ich studiere hier
und was machst du da ?
mmm cool
die familie meiner mutter
ja wer ist Italianer?
und Ich bin Kolumbianer-Holländer
mm Ich sehe
nein, aber ich bin italiener-brasilianer
Ich denkt, dass du in Italien geboren wurde
in Brasilien
wo wohnst du Beto
Ja Ich weiß
es ist nicht weit weg
Ich war nur einmal in Deutschland
ach so deshalb dutch
aber Ich habe in Kolumbien geboren
ICh wohne in Niederlande
Wo wohnst du in Deutschalnd?
Marc und Wohnst du?
wie viele Sprachen kannst du ?
das denke ich auch Rosa
Ihr seid ja alle talentiert xD  
 Beto ,Weil Ich Leute kennenelernen mag
Rosalie Ich Deutschland zu viele
warum ducht denn?
in diesem fall, ich kann auch ungefähr fünf Sprachen glaub ich
I speak spanish,german,english,portuguesse, dutch
Ja xD  
hahahahaha denkst du so Rosalie?
ich *
Haha du spreche nicht mal Eine richtig  
I m doing fine, thank you Marckes. thats nice .. which are those languages ?  
Ich spreche fünf sprachen
Ja Natürlich
How are you Real?
kannst du portugiesisch?
falam aqui Portuguesse
hello Marckes
até mais.
E terei grande satisfação em continuar essa convesa.
Bem, eu preciso ir ao banheiro urgente. Daqui a pouco eu retorno.
nao conheço
Passo Fundo, conhece?
lol.. what language is that then ?  
Interessante esse país continental, não é mesmo? Saí de Vitória e estava um calor imenso, agora, aqui em Passo Fundo está muito frio e chovendo.
no RS
de qual cidade?
Estamos próximos realmente, eu trabalhei muito tempo em Minas Gerais, agora trabalho num Estado chamado Espírito Santo e neste momento estou falando de um estado chamado Rio Grande do Sul.
ok portugese
lol.. now it's spanish :D
Beleza então.
Ah, então você fala português.
José, yo vivo en Italia
Italy mismo?
Donde usted vive?
obwohl wir Nachbarn sind
ich war nie da
Ja, obwohl ich heute morgen mein Auto trotzdem frei kratzen musste xD  
No, yo vengo de Bahia
und wenige klamotten
kommst aus SP her?
sehr gute
Mir geth es gute
ja, schön warm. Endlich wird man wieder Farbe kriegen xD  
danke gut dir?
ahhh schön :)
wie geht es dir?
Hallo BetoLuca
hallo José Luiz
lol.. es wird morgen voll warm :)
250km von São Paulo entfernt nördlich Richtung
und woher kommst du aus Brasilien Beto  
Ohhhh Ihr Glückspilze xD  
lol, hier es wird c.a 25 grad,,  
That Sounds nice atmos  
In der Nähe von Hamburg, Lübeck heißt die Stadt  
wo wohnst du in DE Rosa? wenn ich es fragen darf
oh wie schön, wisst ihr schon was es gibt Beto
Morgen sollen 20 grad werden. Geh raus und genieß die Sonne Stranger ...haha
@Real, is that your clock or have you downloaded here? @Rosalie, some books and dictionaries were delivered to me. So maybe I will start reading something
Yeah right. and what are you doing tomorrow ? Atmos
wir essen zusammen zu mittag
Ich habe leider keine Familie hier, bleib zu Hause
Rosaline you are going for a picnic fit your family tomorrow?
Ich gehe morgen mit meiner Familie picknicken und ihr  
hab ich vergessen
lol , ja
aber sicher das ist ein katolisches Land
was habt ihr ne Pläne für Ostern ?  
@Beto , bei euch gibt es auch Easter Holidays ?  
danke Rosa.
ja glaube ich dir stranger, klingt auch so  
also ich verstehe euch beide gut  
deshalb mein deutsch ist sehr schilmm
Ja. aber manchmal find ich das schwer :P
ja genau
Beto, 4 Tage ist natürlich wenig xD  
Oh, das klingt doch gut. Macht dir das Spaß ?
Ich mache Master (Elektrotechnik) .. habe ich meine Masterarbeite am letzte Montag angefangen
ich bin Physiotherapeutin und was studierst du stranger ?
also versuche ich jetzt alleine zu lernen
was bist du von Beruf ?  
wir haben das ja in der Schule gelernt, aber ich bin zu doof dafür  
ich bin hier seit 4 tagen
seit wie lang lernst du schon Englisch ? @Rosa
Und meinst du es bringt die schon was, oder bist du noch nicht so lange hier  
7 Jahre ist echt lang  
dann komme ich hier , um wieder zu erinnern
hab selber aber sehr wenig Deutsch gelernt.  
deshalb habe ich es viel vergessen
leider habe ich wenig möglichkeiten um es zu üben
wow.. 7 Jahre
ich habe es für 7 j studiert
Jeder hat was eine schwerichtkeit :P
willst du einfach nur so deutsch lernen Beto  
das ist aber gut. das du versuchst  
naja, englisch auch nicht so gut. Ich bemühe mich xD  
ich wohne in Brasilien
Woher kommst du denn Beto  
aber kannst du Englisch auch ? glaub ich
und wir leider fast kein....
du hast viel Glück gehabt
ahahahha Rosalie
I hope so, @Atmos,  you can discuss technical questions with Wolfgang. I think he developed this website
Ja, das stimmt. Ich bin echt kein Genie was sprachen angeht. Bin froh das es deutsch war xD  
ja, aber einfacher gewesen wenn ich hier geboren hätte :P
es ist sehr schwer
stimmt rosalie
Real, on the previous site I was on there was a Hungarian guy, and one letter of his name went triple when I clicked on it. I hope this doesn't happen here?
Deutsch ist gar nicht so einfach sagen alle  
ach .. ok  
Oder sie  
deutsch meint er
I dont understand you either @Atmos
meinst du Englisch üben ? @Beto
What do you mean atmos?
man muss es immer üben
Ja meistens Englisch  
ach ja
Ich rede viel Urdu/Hindi/Englsch zuzeit  
Sprichst du denn meistens englisch ? :)
warum das denn Real?
aber würd gern ihn noch verbessern. bin momentan sehr schlecht geworden :P
Eine mehr Frage: do nickname glitches over occur on dies site?
bin schon über acht Jahre hier , mache meinen Studium und Ja . kann ich schon lessen und reden und mit den Leuten unterhalten
wie lange bist du denn in Deutschland, liest sich ja ganz gut dein deutsch bisher  
was ist interessant ?  
cool das ist interessant  
Äh Hello beto
huhu ?  
Huhu :)
yes Atmos, this site is going to live longer
Hallo Beto
So I hope this one is not
meine Muttersprache ist Urdu/hindi
Thank you. The place where I saw the link to this site is going to close
oh welcome :)
then you are welcome @Atmos
was ist denn deine Muttersprache?
And I have registered today
and you
vier fünf und sechs
I think two year  
Ein zwei drei
aber muss ich noch mein Deutsch üben und auffrischen
Ich auch xD  
Neither kann ich
Ja, Ich kann schon Deutsch :P
Speak german xD  
Real, it was for both
Thank you rosa
lol Atmos, I thought you asked me that question. but it was basically for Rosalie :P  
Oh thats nice Stranger  
Rosalie, how long have you been on this site?
🎥 Contestame - Grupo Rio - YouTube
What do you mean atmos?
Helloo people chatt
how are you ?  
hello henry
I live in near Freiburg.. :P
Rosalie, and you?
near hamburg ...lübeck is the city and where do you come from?
It's been a year I guess, but I am not a regular member and although i came to practice my german, but nobody talks to me in German :P
How long have you been on this site?
where are you in Germany ? @Rosalie
lol, yeah I make really tasty ground beef with peas as beilage
I hope it tasted good XD  
Real, I had to choose one language
grilled in the Summer , that's awesome
I went grocery shopping today and cooked as well, I made ground beef today.  
I grilled today with my family and you ?
@Atmos, you live in Italy , your native language is Ukrainian and you are learning Hungarian :P  what a combination
what's your name ? @Atmos
Im doing fine as well. what did you do today ?  
Stranger, hi
I am fine and you ?
hello Rosalie, how are you ?  
Im fine thanks :) Hello stranger
hello again atmo
And you?
hallo people
How are you atmos? :)
Rosalie hi
Hello guys
Or 5/3?
Then what is 7/5?
good night people!
I am going for now
 i will dj in tomorrow land
I'd give you 600 euros to stay outside
  well people lost your opportunity about my music when will tomorrow land same service will cost 300 euros to be inside
 people want music or not say YES OR NOOOOOOOOO
mimo halla
Wut=anger in German
Who left?
what is this?
Oh, Willy Wonka, how do you get so tasty?
Mama made a board but she should've made a pastry
Uno, dos, tres, tú me va' a pone bien loca
Tres, cuatro, cinco, me gusta cuando me toca'
I'm a boss, you gon' do what I say-ay-ay-ay-ay
Follow the leader, leader, leader, come my wa-ay-ay-ay-ay
Take your tongue out and stick it I like ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
Tryna taste that honey, eso ta' bien
I died for a few minutes  
I just learned Shakira knows 6 language!
Ciao Atmos
there you go.. :)
6 out of 7 are active..i guess
7 ppl are in the room, 6 ppl are active
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0OmRrFD8zJk mimo listen it i am singing it :P it is not bad music
What is 6/7?
"king rex" is a pleonasm :P
She is real madness
pffffff mimo i am singing banana music
 BEcause of you she left!
have a nice evening
i prefer operas, rex
Alto, rex
I'm a boss, you gon' do what I say-ay-ay-ay-ay
Follow the leader, leader, leader, come my wa-ay-ay-ay-ay
Take your tongue out and stick it I like ay-ay-ay-ay-ay
Tryna taste that honey (eso ta' bien)
You got the chocolate
That yum, yum, come gimme some
Cotton candy, sweet as gold
It's soft like a sugar plum
Roll up that Tootsie, that Hershey, that bubblegum
I got a sweet tooth for love, baby gimme some
Dame (come gimme some)
We didn'T ask for your job rex!
I wanna love it so deep, so deep
I can feel it way down in my soul
Right cheek, left cheek, right cheek
Te gusta que mueva el culo
See when I li-li-li-li-li-lick on a lollie
I lick like a pro
Plopa bring paplopa
Así te lo hago yo
Yes, he is tb. The king
think you ll have to cook garlic soup
he has to remain the way he is :P
resetting Dracula will be difficult
as much as i figured thi out, rex is the hearth of this chat..
He is out of order
Can somebody reset him for the sake of humanity?
Rex what is the name of your drug dealer?
awa repeat
awa mimo
Forger it
Am I what?
st tropez in the south of france
Are you Mahyar?
St tropez of Poland :D
you didnt know that
she lives in St Tropez
Brigitte Bardot habite à ST Tropez
bb is byebye
no idea
Where is BB?! :ahhh:
dont like that at all
garlic chewing gums?
mimo...you know to much!
maybe you are right
yup...it's like chewing gum for us :P
Tb might be dracula himself :chin:
He must smell like hell then
that s why his teeth are rather yellow
dracula eats garlic soup ever day
I like his teeth  
Tb you always hang around with garlic right?
i think he s rather dangerous
why is he cute?
everythig you see in the movies is true :)
Dracula is cute!
especially at night
of course...there's vampires flying around, everybody has a whearwolf as a pet
he loves drinking the blood of young girls
everybody knows he has got bad habits
Dont talk, tb :ahhh:
didnt know that
Dracula is your neighbour?
has bad habbits though..
yes, guy's my neighbour
you havent met him yet?
not anymore, silvie
did you meet Mr Dracula?
you live in Transsilvania?
Istanbul cok begendim
Yes, many
border of Transilvania
are there a lot of frogs in Francfort?
where you come from?
but where I come from there are not considered as beeing strange
well...i did eat frogs
Tb what was the most strange thing you ever ate
Let's ask same question to Tb
No, İstanbul
cool, so am I :P
You, double? Adana?
hey DT
No,tb :D
Hello TB
I never made tiramisu Silvie
Law maybe they call it Ashura or something like that
you prepare tiramisu with raw eggs, mr double trouble?
Double not sure  
i see there's no feasting going on here.. :)
Mimo which city do you live in?
Yeah I love it too
Künefe with maras is the best
Lawrence maybe you know it
not just beans it has everything inside  it is called Aşure
BB there is another dessert it has beans inside :D
well, if we use eggs to make desserts, why not chickens
Mimo you should try!
but i dont know desserts called ops
Tavuk gögsü
Mimo did you try it?
I like that dessert
ops xd
desserts are always sweet
Shiow a pic of you, bey
desserts can not be with chicken
Sure i know
let me show its photo
I swear
Come on mimmo don'T you know it?
You gotta be kiding us xd
( If you can believe a frog!)
Yeah but it is not disgusting believe me!  
chicken dessert hmm
and no it is not disgusting
And yes it is a dessert
this dessert has chicken inside
We Turkish people have a dessert. It is not strange to me but it is strange for foreign people because
BB me?
Never heard
leave now
Ok we got it ur veggie
you dont like that?
hard to answer that
the most strange thing i ever ate was black toad soup
What was the most strange thing you ever are Lawrence?
It would be strange to eat frog...Sounds a bit  bleeh
I love only my maymun called Mimo :)
but you first have to cook them
some people do
Stop playing  doctor games with animals
BB loves animals :roll:
Maybe you should :)
Well i did once then wanted to bring it back to life but didnt work
I have never tried one
But some people eat frogs
Monster Bb
croak, croak!
BB how dare you
I'm as nice as I can be  
I like killing them :)
Lawy, be nice :D
these are funny animals
Too clever animals
i like frogs too
Also Monkeys!!
I like them too
I like frogs
that's cute
In my free times I am frog
Kız valla doğru söylüyorum. Erkek olsam çoktan asılmıştım onların tabiriyle
Double, are you really a frog?
Tabi, double
we love you
Wow Mimmo did you finally believe me ?
I hate you all
I was thinking of joining it but I am so lazy  
Yok yok
did you join ?
There is only Fred in his skype group
Mimsi what cakes you got for Easter?
How is it?
Any of them attended his skype group?
i m glad you do
you like your girlfriend that much, lawrence?
Yes in his gay club waiting for you
BB Fred is looking for me?
maybe you need one
Silvie no thanks I'm happy with the current one
Okay !
well he was also looking for you
Must be Fred
Is it  top secret? :D
I don't talk about people behind their backs
Lawrence of Arabia is looking for a new girlfriend maybe
Double I can't tell you his name
there is a party
He was drunk, wanted to get to russki room
BB what is he doing there he can't speak the language  
Or you are just playing well
Lawrence who are you looking for?
If yes, then you should know that how annoying they are. Dİd I send you any private msg? Nope ! It proves I am not a Turkish guy :D
Yes we saw him. He went to svenska room
I wont answer that question :)
Double, are you from Izmir?
 mimo did you remembe that day
Hey Mimo
mimo merhaba nalsisin
have you seen him?
Lawy, hi
BB have you ever chat with a Turkish man before?
I'm looking for someone
Hayir, BB :D
everybody loves his mama, mimo
Mims do we believe her? :chin:
( I ain't your mamaaa wuuuuuuu Jlo is playing in my mind)
hello mr double trouble
I love my real mama too much to exchange that
Why you are confused?
:D I can adopt you and be your Mama
Im confused
Perfect, you want to be my abla now? Ne güzel :tongue:
Rex what kind of drug do you use dude?
I am not bey! Relax
Hahaha so true
Come of If I a Turkish guy I would have sent you million of private msgs to talk
You are a woman?
nay ur hanım
Kanka, kanki yeah same things
No i meant are you bey? xd
Nope! It is like dude BB
regue turco}
Bey? :o
Çünkü erkek olmadığımı söylemiştim :D
Kenks menks
BB do you know what does kanka mean?
Hayir, neden?
Me or BB? :D
combination turquia and latino america https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y16fcWho5E0
Didn't you read previous msgs?
I am not Bey!
Merhaba double bey
:kiss: BB
Even ones like you
I do respect all of my friends  
Rex staph :facepalm:
you should respect mimo daga lack of respect
Believe me. You can not say no to these eyes
mimo likes boys sorry for you
Next ? You inted to have a Harem? :D
And i let him on bed. Judge me
mimo ummmmmm
Of course, where else?  
Mimo is so misterious. Thats why she is gonna be my next wife :)
bb your dog live inside your house
i dont think he likes it tho  
My dog sometimes smells like me, my perfume. When i hug him
Hiding! Reading msgs
I see Mimmo there
So lovely...
But there is something strange with cats. They always smell so nice
My dog also sleeps a lot, he was probably a cat before
Oh they lick their own butt and then they lick you
and everything
i dont like cats. They lick butter
What a hard life
Have mine for one day.. you will change your mind
If it doesn'T sleep then it pees or eats
but I have cat instead. Always sleeping...
I wish I had a dog
he is too serious for this, imma still kid
or at least me
Otherwise you wouldn'T get an education
No i take my dog for a walk and we play in the snow
Bastards never closed schools xd tough polish life
Do you stuck at home when it snows? :D
oh well i finished school :facepalm:
I will move to Turkey then
nowadays -5 is already cold to me
that's why all kids and teachers love snow
I was used to it.. but it was long time ago
In Turkey even when it snows very little, state closes the school  
he was wearing jandals
-25 is horrible
Yeah right
Sorry for them, Rex
Because you picked wrong shoes Rex
 snow made me shoes wet
Rexy could freak out xd
Even your mucus should frozen !
Hm -25 something like this
Mine is probably like -5 -6
 BB what was the minimum degree you seen?
Free snow!!!
Free wateerrr!!
I like eating snow  
i only didnt like being threw in this by someone wtf
but it was little
well I saw  
This year I didn'T see snow
talking of weather like 70 yo  people
i do like snow
Usual bs  :D
Partying :party:
I had a Greek friend. She said she never seen snow before
what are you guys up to?
DOUBLE you seem familiar
double yes i lived in EU
:wave: hi Dom
Halo Dominik!
bb eres muy blanca
Rex have you ever seen snow?
summer whole year
in eruope can believe in sunny day
Oh we soon will have only one
Is it always sunny?
two season just
besides people arent too weird
europe weather always is new no here
Rex how is weather in Panama?
it is probably Panama
Not anymore! xd
are you sure you are in Poland?
i should take a day off and just relax in the garden till i get burnt
  bb it is unpreditable
Its gonna be even 26 next week
Maybe they all died
Today there is not much people
Haha i stole your sun  
8 degre!
Jezz!! Here it was a bit cold
Super warm, i was sunbathing in the garden today
BB how is weather in Poland? Cold or not?
Rexy enough  
Interesting mine is 36,6 :)
pon tu foto daga
 bb oui
Bobsi sleep well, du pierog
Rex are you always with a heater?
bye :wave:
I'm going to bed
my body always 21 or 30 degree
How are things going on?
i never be 1 degree lol
:D:D Merhaba Kartopu!
Merhaba kedi :)
bb i love this hat lol the cold was killed me lol 0 degree
Hey guys!
Whatever it is doesnt make him look dangerous
lol what is he holding?
With this hat you look like a thief from home alone xd
where is Yael?
yael learn limon is lemon lol
hi Rex
Yes, fresh and tasty
lemon flavour?
you should really just try cytrynowka
Ew, told ya i dont like it xd
you had wisniowka
don't lie
I had a vodka in this cup, you fools :P
Im not addicted but sometimes have a coffee when i having a busy day for example  
I like this logo
 people in uk addicted it
yes there are
No starbucks in Panama? :( i can send you this cup xd
lol this logo in your glass remind me europe lol
 nice picture daga
judge me now
<- :whistle:
actually they are all from the same hell
Ohhh du bist mean
there is one thing worse than macdonalds – starbucks
Yes so should be special
 wedng party just one time in life
There is nothing worst than Mcdonald so :popcorn:
your poor soul scares me
Omg so what is cheap for you xdd
party in kfc and dconald is not cheap neither by children party
Rex it is cheal when you make the party in the McDonald ir KFC
Hu la la Rexy
 hu la la bb
wedding party never cheap lol
Hehe Rex, just won the lottery?
bb you are clever
your wife has been seeing another woman, mimi :O
I didnt continue currently, bob
coming soon, Mims
I really want a german wedding with wurst and all  
Mimo :smile:
mimi how is your photography going?
Lol, just saw it :blink:
Rex i choose you xd
There is a chance these lines are blurred and she can not read them
hi mimo :D
bb woman or man
Opsie :facepalm:
have a harem ;)
marry them both
i am not divorced with Yael yet...
Um Rex got fired. Cuz he was drunk in his plane
rex what do you think about girls marrying girls?
have you married mimo yet?
so BB, any gossip around here?
I will come to live in Dagastan :D
hooray! :party:
if you ask this
Anyway, yes you can i let you
then I would get fired
I would eat them
In the pierogi-shop?
can I get  job in Poland?
serious talk here
Nothing Rex, dont disturb
rex, nothing at all
any gossip?
bob what is new in new zelandaa
it is not like i was feeding with them since birth
well I like tham
Nah before i didnt even want to try them. I did few years afo
you love pierogi!
don't lie
It depends it is not my fav dish
Pierogis are good in Pierogiland?
same same
Everything is sober Bob and in Bobcity?
oh, okay  
how about you?
im okay, thanks
what's new in Dagastan?
how about you?
I'm ok thanks
How are you?
have a nice evening
but i dont want to disturb you any longer this evening
that s not my style, dear friend
wont will watch videos called quitemonos la ropa, rex
BeeBee :)
who is bobsii?
you are able to play the accordion too?
didnt know you liked accordion music that much, rex
 jaja i will put love history in three video
today romantic music
did you like watching Titanic?
your heart will go on, rex?
not at all?
you re not afraid your stomach will explode?
you re eating popcorn every day, bb?
but you never tell interesting stories
you re always talking about this and that, mr atmosfämic
dont say anything  
Silvie, I know. Real asked "what does this mean ?" My question was, what does he mean by "this"?
you didnt know that?
what is an interrogative pronoun, mr atmosfämic
What means what?
i dont even speak
why should i shut up?
It means shut up  
nothing at all
what does this mean ?  
whatever you want, mr atmofämic
I'm Atmosfämic, not mr atmospheric
that s too sad in my opinion
i m not fond of talking about illnesses all day long
who cares?
i was quite sick since this morning
i am glad you are, mr atmospheric
why are you not well ?  
I'm always well? No
you didnt know that
atmo is always well
any news from the space?
how are you atmo and silvie ?  
hello mr atmospheric
hello silvie,  
you re ready to take off, BB?
Hello Real
hello stranger and BB
how are you tongiht
hello dear English gentlemen
hello atmo
Lol :popcorn: im so ready
Jonathan just women
JonathanM don`t worry
Us, HelloLingers are gonna invade the site!
Get prepared guys
what the heck
ohhh Rex ...
hh hh hh hh  
how are you today?
 I want it :p
silent why