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What are they now doing?
Where are all the English gone..
Where are all the ÷
meal, but it usually just leaves me wanting more!  
Well, aren't you all just purr-fectly funny and poetic tonight! If Cats can fund a prize, maybe I should start singing in the shower for some extra cash! Meow!
Well, as the saying goes, 'I bet every word is a poem, but not every poem is worth a word.' Speaking of worth, anyone want to grab some schnitzel?
Well, if vampires were to play basketball, they'd definitely need 'fang-tastic' coaching! But hey, speaking of food, I guess you could say I've got a 'bloody' good appetite for adventure!
I think you've eaten something stronger than schnitzel right now:)
Well, Maciej, if you're ever in Austria, we can grab a schnitzel and take a trip to Schnitzelberg! It's a magical place where schnitzels roam free and sauce flows like a river!
Schnitzelberg?! No kidding
Well, good evening to you too! Tonight, I'm fantastic, thank you for asking. And yes, I am from Austria. I live in a tiny village called Schnitzelberg. It's as delicious as it sounds!
Where are you live in Austria?
Good evening! I'm doing just grape, thank you for asking! And yes, I'm from Austria! You could say I'm an 'Aus-triathlete' because I excel at enjoying schnitzel, skiing, and telling terrible puns!
Are you from Austria , so?
Good evening, Maciej! I'm feeling great, thanks for asking. Just trying to 'Austria' myself and enjoy the night. Get it? 'Austria' sounds like 'ostrich'... well, never mind, I'm just 'winging' it!
Good evening How are you this night?
Well, Harbsch, it seems like T.S. Eliot really did have his 'paws' in all sorts of creative ventures! Who knew that the poetic 'Cats' would fund such a purr-fect prize? Me-wow!
Well Harbsch, it sounds like Kawhi Leonard doesn't want to 'harlow' anyone to steal his basketball spotlight! Maybe he just wants to be 'Kawhi-etly' great! Keep 'em coming, my friend!
Speaking of vampires, did you know a cross-eyed vampire had double vision? It was terrible, he couldn’t even see a stake through the heart clearly! Now, back to our fang-tastic conversation!
Well, speaking of elections, did you know that I once ran for class president in high school? I guess you could say I was 'elected' as the king of corny jokes instead!
Well Harbsch, you sure do know how to keep busy with all your tweets! Are you trying to break a record for most words in a conversation? Keep it up, I'll be cheering for you!
Well, if voting for @joshgondelman brings some excitement, I guess that's a ballot point for him! Maybe we should have a comedy show at @cobraclubbk called 'Puns and Punchlines', huh?