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Hello everybody, have a nice day!
:heart: :heart: :heart:
thank you and bye all see you :wave:  
okay bro, after saying bye ı will wash a few plates in my kitchen later ı will go to my bed.
your words in my pocket have finished so these three word is enough for today  
ex: many artists used golden ratio in the history..
golden ratio is a proportion that is used to create wonderful artworks..  
3. golden ratio?  
crop and duster have different meanings but they are used together it means a plane that used to disinfect the fields  
2. crop duster ?
heal means cure, enhance...ex: some conversations that are made with close friends heal sides.  
1. heal?  
yes, bro ı see what you meant... thank you for your words that motivate me..  
don't forget that this is very useful habit, your vocabulary will increase day by day.. you can foget some of words that you learned by this way but if you forget them they are among the cells of your brain. when you see one of them later that will seen very familiar.  
welcome ali, ı think you came to study your new words.. you did well, before going to your bed you should complete your duty today..  
hello all
haha yes
soccer is so famous as the religion
its like everywhere especially while world championship
nah not this much but you can't escape from it here  
do you like german soccer?
they're really good yes
i have read many times a langenscheidt
German is hard  
i used to learn german
I would say im already good in English thanks school
do you learn english? celini
haha not really
 19 ummm
i can be your father
AND you?
how old are you?
yeah too
nice to meet you
im german
im venezuelan
oh haha
where are you from?
where are you from?
I'm fine and you?
how are you?
anybody here?
How aere you
well, las albondigas
she is elarning french
Are yiu mh sure
anais don't like to talk english
so I like tu cut wood with chiansaw
teh fireplace is good for the heating and for cooking
You scared anais
sorry, so you can eat home grilled meat
yes,  the future of the world will be chinese
i have no fireplace, so i dont need wood :-)
frank, in winter I use wood in my fireplace
the yellow danger grabs the world
chinese management controls Pirelli
:thumb: maliber
Anais are you already fir christmas
winter tires are good in the alps, but I prefer chain
What are youbtalking
yes, but the Pirelli brand is no more italian
In Sicily will be hot in  summer
in the alps italians drive a Fiat panda with pirelli tires? :ahhh:
latitute is not for ice in italy, just in Alps
haha Frank
so, if you can't take a cold, better you rest in home
no snow in italy possible, only good ice :icecream:
snow is cold, not warm
next week snow will come in italy
only water in teh bathtub, not dry
merge dry with it
frank, it seems a sofa, not a bathtub
just in a laundry you can
it's impossible to have a dry bath
I am fine Rex
I said uccio, it's a  term of endearment
How are anais
hi everybody
thanks, maliber - i made it dry :-)
nice bathtub
:wave: maliber
Hello Frank
hola frankuccio
:huhu: Anais  
but english people think that a whole world have to learn english
more or less
speaking with the hand is common for an Italian guy! haha
he is from england
with my brother in law I can talk only with hands
I remember when I was young at school, la langue d'oc etait plus facile de la langue d'oeil
oh really?
but it's a mission impossible
thanks Maliber for the information!!
in truth, me too I'm studing english
OK; english
I like french, but in the south they talk very bad
sorry I have to change, I study English! haha
anais, I see ou're studing french
hi maliber
you're very young
Salut anais
Hola commissary rex
salut Rex  
Anais mh salut
Hairy can i help you
Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :guitar: :drums:  
hello everyone
thank you and bye all... see you :wave:  
at this case, ı should go to other websites to look around and learn new things..  
my bro does not like chatting if he does not any word in his pockets  
so ı am free and ı can chat if ı am able to find a friend in this short intermission  
the news words didn't stay in the pockets of my bro today  
And goodbye
Hi maria
Hello dominik
Valeu. Grande abraço! Fui banda mel.
Same to you, José! Enjoy your afternoon, hopefully see you more often again.
Até a próxima!!!
Desejo-te um feliz natal e próspero ano novo.
Maria José, fique com Deus!
My good friend. I need to get out now. It was good to see you around here. May you always be well. I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
That's true.
hahaha José!
What a pity. Kiw is a good girl. And you're a good boy. You combine a lot.
Ohh I haven't seen her in a long time.
And Kiw, how are you? Have you talked to her?
Nice. :) Did you enjoy your trip
I met her on a trip I made to Berlin.
A conheci em uma viagem que fiz para Berlim.
Did you meet him here?
I met a German who kindly taught me a few words. But, I do not speak German. Although he loves his culture.
Maybe you are just meeting me when I am in a good mood. Haha
You are always kind and very polite. She is a good person and it is always a great pleasure to see you again.
Alles bestens, danke :)
I'm fine my friend. Thank you! And how are you?
How have you been? Life is treating you well, I hope :)
Wie geht es dir?
That's true my friend.
José :) It's been a while.
O que vc na vida?
Caracas e Puerto Ordáz
vc conhoce CARACAS?
perto de nostra Capital CARACAS
La Guaira
E vc, mora em qual cidade aí na Venezuela?
Hummm, eu resido em várias cidades: Eunápolis na Bahia; São Mateus no Espírito Santo e Passo Fundo no Rio Grande do Sul.
quel cidade?
Eu sou brasileiro e moro no Brasil.
Sem problemas, amiga.
eu sou venezuelana
Onde moras?
desculpa mais meu portuges nao e molto bom
tudo bem obrigada
Boa tarde!
E contido?
Tudo certo, Maria.
tudo bom?
Boa tarde
O galã dos filmes ataca novamente. rs
O clima está esquentando.
Tell me how?
Haha, mostly like that
is it a way to talk in private?
They dont say nothing!!!
well, it's quite empty
I didnt talk to many people here
lol take it easy ;) no problem  
Sorry this is my second time here
must be another one then.
haha no
i dont remember well
but you can speak French?
great :)
you are from Germany
so far so good thanks
yeah, we did
We were talking yesterday
fine, how are you?
How are you Dominik?
guess, I'll have a break myself. see you, all
bis bald :wave:
have a good night :)
lol yeah, you probably should
well dom I might go to bed now
maybe because of AK-47.
Even we shorten it to AKK...which sounds like a machine gun. Don't know why it reminds me on that.
foreign media will have fun writing her name.
Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer is the new candidate for the CDU.  
in 2021
so when does mama merkel finish?
(is annoyance a word?)
which is the actual annoyance
yeah and parents who are actually screaming louder than their children.
families, screaming kids etc.  
and if you go away to some holiday destination, it's full of people
the city is much nicer when people leave :D
nice, sounds relaxing. I'll stay with family also
I like to stay at home because everyone else goes away
nope lol
Got your stuff together? lol
So, any plans before Christmas holidays, bob?  
ah k
Since I had to deal with a virus myself during the time I studied in China, I am all fire when it comes to cyber security. But no, I actually don't aim to become a hacker. It's rather curiousity.
1st assignment: hack donald trump's twitter account
do you want to become a hacker? :D
I started these courses after playing around on enigmagroup.com
Yeah, well. my motivation is that I also know how to break them once I got how they are built
oh those are good to know if you want to get in to web development
Just to get some basics. I want to start with Python once I am done with these
I decided coding isn't my cup of tea
No programming language yet, I just finished HTML and continued with CSS and JavaScript.
I did a HTML course
oh right
I get certificates after every completed course which are accepted by LinkedIn
oh which language?
I started programming lol
are there any online courses you could do?
yeah, it's actually driving me crazy. Sitting around all day was less frustrating when I knew I actually got things to do.
it's ok for a couple of weeks but then it gets boring doing nothing, right?
but job search is in progress
(not so lol actually XD)
no, still unemployed
still working?
how about you guys?
let's get a six pack and go to the beach! and with "get a six pack" I don't mean "start doing sit-ups"
lol dom
26°C today
congrats :party:
and it's warm here
well I've finished work for the year
How about you?
I see
My my side either  
not from my side
anything new and exciting?
shall I go..? lol
oh yes, oh yes?
oh bob, oh bob  
hey bob
hello you two
Also doch nicht so annehmbar :P
Aber egal, letztlich hab ich Wege gefunden. :D
Ist vorkommunistische Zeit, da hält sich China mit öffentlichen Quellen darüber zurück.
Zumindest in den westlichen Quellen. Bei den Japanern und Chinesen wurde ich dann fündig und konnte mir ein paar Dinge zusammenreimen.
Habe mich auf die Laien spezialisiert, die aber in den Hauptwerken eher im Hintergrund behandelt werden.
Ja, geht so. ^^" Hab mich manchmal dafür verteufelt.
Naja, dass man da ganz gut drüber schreiben kann.
Was Du damit auch immer meinst. :D
Hört sich annehmbar an. :tongue:  
bzw buddhistische Reformen im frühen 20. Jh.
Was war denn das Thema deiner Arbeit?
So oder so ne Hammerleistung
Laut seiner Aussage hatte er nichts, aber wer weiß. War halt WiWi. Vllt nicht so Literaturlastig
Also, ich hätte keinen Tag früher abgeben dürfen. Die Deadline hat super gepasst. Und es war sowieso die erste Arbeit, die ich zur Deadline fertig gestellt hab. XD Normalerweise hab ich am Tag der Abgabe immer herum telefoniert und noch 1-2 Wochen ausgehandelt.
3 Tage, Alter... Aber gut, da hat er aber bestimmt schon gute Vorarbeit geleistet mit seiner Literatur etc.
Denke, genau deshalb konnte der das so, nur gechillt, dann am Ende alles gegeben :P
Ein Freund hat seine Bachelorarbeit in 3 Tagen geschrieben. Hat sie auch sehr gut bestanden. Keine Ahnung, wie der das gemacht hat. War sonst im Studium nie der Überflieger
Joa...nach 2 Jahren Aufschieben lernt man, das Gefühl zu ignorieren XD
:thumb: Glückwunsch
Ja. Und hat sogar meine Erwartungen übertroffen. XD Dank super Freunde, die am Ende nochmal drüber geschaut haben.
Das schlimme ist ja dieses eklige Gefühl bei allem was man macht.  
Aber egal, durch ist durch
So viele Spiele wie in dieser Zeit hab ich in meinem Leben nicht durchgespielt.
"Weil ich den Rest der 5 Monate mit Zocken verbracht habe"
Ja..."wie schreibe ich ne Bachelorarbeit in 3 Wochen"
Hi rex
Hut ab!
Lol aber...du hast es durchgezogen
Light speed to be here
XD Das kenn ich nur zu gut von mir. Wenn man überlegt, was für Nebenprojekte ich in der Zeit meiner Prokrastination gestartet (und vollendet) habe.
Und alles andere was es so auf der Welt gibt, auch. :P
Ach, plötzlich finde ich Spanisch wieder sehr interessant :/
Echt? Ist doch ziemlich leer hier. :D
Jap, leider ist das hier dann eine willkommen Abwechslung  
Uhh. Schon mitten in der Vorbereitungsphase?
Jaa, Examen im Frühjahr :ahhh:  
Bei Dir alles klar soweit?
Cool :blush:
mit liest*
Wie sie heimlich meine Nachrichten liest. :P
Ich könnte mir vorstellen, dass es Spaß macht. Also was du erzählt hattest.  
Na, interessant fände ich das schon mal. Wie es mir gefällt, werde ich dann sehen. :D
Hab da zumindest erstmal ein Vorstellungsgespräch. Für den Übergang nicht schlecht.
Ist es denn das, was du eigentlich machen möchtest, oder eher nicht?  
Hatte gelesen, dass du erst ein Praktikum machst.  
Ja..wird schon irgendwie.
Ja, verstehe ich. Denke das macht erst im neuen Jahr Sinn
Das Herumsitzen macht mich ganz kirre, bin froh, wenn ich mal irgendwo unter gekommen bin. Gerade ne blöde Zeit für Bewerbungen.
Hört sich vielversprechend an. Lol
Geht so.
Ja, alles bestens.
Wie lebt es sich in der Freiheit?  
Alles gut soweit, danke. Bei dir?
Falsch verstanden
Ahh :facepalm:
Na (, wie geht's)?
Doch. O.o
Darf ich nicht zurück grüßen? :tongue:
Hi Dom
Hey folks
How are you?
Bye, Ali :)
my time is over for now... thank you and bye all... see you:wave:  
ı prefer playing chess in stead of backgammon then...  
so backgammon is generally played by ordinary people  
but chess is better than backgammon because it makes mind improving well...  
it is played by throwing dices..  
besides there are two dices...  
its pieces are two different color and it is played on a table that is like a small box...  
it has coins or circle pieces..
backgammon is a kind of play that is played by two people
No, what is backgammon ?
what do you think about backgammon ?  
Germany, and you Maria ?
do you know backgammon ?  
Yes i think this was the right Sentence, Ali.
my jobs are in my profile picture...  
ı am from turkey marie...  
Where are you from?
so far so good thanks
ı am fine marie and you...  
yes, ı agree with you nono... because we should use present perfect tense so its result deals with now....  
Fine, what about you ?
how are you?
Hi Maria Jose
hello all
"I have just seen your hi" this one sounds great  
hello maria  
Hello everyone
ı just see your hi ..... ı have just seen your hi.... ı just saw your hi..... there are three sentences dealing with that case...  
You are welcome :)
thank you for trying to find the best sentence then... hi  
yes nono, yours is better because the place of just is better in your sentence...  
Hi Ali
Maybe, i just saw your Hi ?
okay ali, you are right, you can learn that by asking to others...  
which one is better, in fact ı should ask that to a native speaker...  
maybe you can write that like that ''ı see your hi just now''...  
maybe you should write that sentence like that bro : I have seen your just now...  
Hi Stuart, ı saw your Hi just now.. thank you... :smile:  
Hi Ali
okay bro, thank you and bye all see you :wave:  
okay ali you have finished your five new words.. so you deserved to rest for a while.. look at the rain, if it does not rain outside you can begin to do your works in the garden then  
backgammon is the name of a play that is played with coins, it has some rules like that every play has. its coins are two different colors and there is a backgammon table, it is opened or closed like a book, its coins stays in that table box when it is not played. It can be enjoyable for ordinary people but ı prefer to play chess in stead of backgammon because it does not make mind improving than that chess made.
5. backgammon ?  
embrace means hug.... ex: embracing shows that two humans like each other...  
4. embrace ?  
example for bouncer .... ex: some important persons have to have bouncer or guards to protect themselves...
bouncer means guard, a man or woman who has the duty of protection others...  
3. bouncer ?
an example for go steady with.. ex: going on steady with someone is good in terms of knowing each other before marrying...
go study with means to have a girl friend or boy friend and go with him or her to look around outside or always make friendship with him or her...
2. go steady with ?  
teddy bear is a toy that is a small bear.. ex: the son of my friend like playing his teddy bear...  
oh, she plays and sings at the same time...
Tara ramp pump tara rump pump :guitar:
1. teddy bear?
how nice... music and guitar  
Cu :-)
my bro will ask his new word now...  
okay rabea... bye see you :wave:  
Enjoy your rain ^_^
I go bye Ali :wave:
ı tolerate my laziness side sometimes by thinking that ı don't have to do noting less sitting here ...
yes, my side of laziness is enjoying now...  
your baby in your profile picture is very sweet she should listen to english... he he  
Ahan okay
so ı am sitting and chatting in front of my computer in stead of working in my garden..
Wow and it's cold too??
ı am fine and happy now... because it rains outside today  
Nopes :roll:
do you wear your yellow west too?  
I'm good and you?
rabea how are you ?  
nothing bro, ı went out to do my works in my garden as always but it was raining and ı had to return home again...
Allliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :blush:
welcome ali, what happened today ?  
If someone breaks the rules in a company, this can receive as maximum punishment the dismissal and in more extreme cases the jail. Truly it is difficult to get another job or be free.
This being the punishment of the troll, this can create another account
What is the maximum punishment a troll can receive for breaking chat rules?  Banning his account.
thank you and bye bro and all... see you :wave:  
hımm, yes bro, ı should put an interrogation mark at the end of my that sentence  
okay ali..you are welcome, but you forgot to query at the end of your last sentence.. is that question ?  
thank you bro, your help is very important for me because if you don't exist who will ask the questions...  
anybody didn't come to chat with you at this time but don't worry.. although this we studied together  
you deserved to rest for a while by completing your five words today... brave you..  
okay ali, ı liked your explanations and examples although some of them are very short then...
pollution is used for dirty things... ex: air pollution is very harmful for people because dirty things enter into the lang of human and makes human sick  
5. pollution ?  
it is an idiom that deals with quite or silence... ex: the room is too quite so it is heard a pin drop  
4. to hear a pin drop?
throw (threw, thrown) means launch, dart... ex: a spacecraft named insight was thrown by Nasa last days..
3. throw?  
ex: a person who is lack of sleep can not work efficiently...  
lack of sleep means sleeplessness, restlessness, insomnia....  
2. lack of sleep ?  
content means extent, scope... ex: the content of this book is very large so you can find many subject in it...  
1. content ?  
Charl'y tu gallope  
Marie encore la