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see ya,  
i have to go, see you  
thats nice, thanks :D
i might happen that my teacher kill me because i didnt do anything for my project since schoolyear started  
ah ok, no it's fine. you can buy yourself some chocolates as I owed to you remember ?  
but you think you wont be able to come back ?  
i would like to help you, there might be a few euros on my atm card
for money?
oh, thats bad. It's ok. I will ask somebody else
hm unfortunately not  
ok, is there anything else ? have you saved up some money ?  
if i am not coming back after this lesson, will you do my grave speech?
ok. I think It's with most of the people staying home. I really cant focus :(
yes, a friend helped me out  
but lesson starts in 5 minutes
i am actually not doing homework
were you able to understand CCD ?  
are you able to focus on your homework tho ?  
ok, gotcha  
something funny maybe?
ok.. what genre you would like ?  
yeah, but please not outbreak
we should watch something better than "Supernatural"  
ah ok, so we did not have any date  
but as i remember you didnt buy snacks for me so it doesnt count  
hm right  
we watched "Supernatural" together :D ..  
we had it just one day I believe
haha just one day?
right now is important because the lesson with the teacher who wants to kill me starts in 10 minutes
sure. I would tell him about you as my one day date :P
oh ok, he can move with us  
right now please
my friend is coming over, I am waiting for him  
ok.. lets go . when do you want ?
so what do you do today?
yeah greenland sounds great :)
lets go to greenland then ? ,
but according to this game we are save in greenland :D
i didnt play it myself (because its not available for my phone)
haha,, I dont wanna play this kind of game  
its also nearly like the current situation
its a game where you make a virus and try to infect the whole world
no, whats that ?  
have you ever played plague inc?
ah ok, i guess i confused it with another movie
It's very much like our current situation right now  
It like there is a virus outbreak somewhere in Africa and comes to the US  
isnt that the same genre like supernatural?
haha no
ah ok , nice. maybe you can consider watching "outbreak" ? have you seen this before ?  
you are welcome :)
i started to watch pokemon - after this horrible serie i needed something relaxing :D
thank you for your "Hi" :)
hi stranger  
@Xari, what are you watching nowadays ?  
hey people
nobody replies?
i prefer drinking wine or coke
you like drinking beer, daniel?
what are you talking about this lovely Monday?
i have never tasted the corona bier
have a nice Monday
nobody here today?
what are you talking about today?
hello people
Hi Ronny
Tu n aimes plus me rendre Visite
Yes markus
good night
So u are a black in ur background :/
Thank you for the warming up
Good night
Ben Shapiro  
Everyone is having his part in Congo that's why the end of this situation of conflict is not easy
Facts don't care about your feelings  
Here are the facts
rebels paid by african neighbor countries of congo, please don't forget to precise this
"there are rebels Killing people" ok
they tell you there is war but never explain why ? who ? reasons ?
Medias in the West never explain this conflict clearly because it's a war between african nations just for money. Exactly the same things that idiots blame the west all the time about
I told u bad politics are in all sides
Who is selling the weapons ? You are
Rwanda, Burundi, Ouganda are paying rebels to take possession of Congo mines in the east
Ok so what are doing the UN forces There?
it's a purely african conflict with no heavy weapons, no planes, no tanks, just rifles and machets
U never know  
difficult to blame the west on this one
african nations paying local rebellion to take possession of congo mines
yes sure, like the 6 millions dead people in the Congo war ?  
only few ppl take decision to start a war but it impacts on so many lives who hv not been asked their opinion
if someone makes a car accident while Driving like a crazy, is the car company responsible for that ? Of course not  
you can use a weapon to defend yourself or to murder. The seller of the gun isn't responible for that
Sandrine, and who use the weapons ? don't have people free will to choose ?
who give weapons to be used in those endless wars  
if it let a dictator in place, no good you only care about your interest  
if it take down a dictator, not good you are imperialist
Whatever the West does, it will Always be criticized,  
Maybe u are right emigrants are too Much to try to enter. But who accept That money from those dictators?
anything can be politic  
without politics you can't organize a society  
:) politics are bad in all sides.the poor countries like the rich ones.  
secrets exists, but it doesn't mean everything is fake  
I am sure u know very few  
even if u choose them with all the democracy needed
Are u sure u know everything abt what do ur leaders?
Sandrine, what is hidden ?
so many things are hidden from populations.  
People deserve the leaders they have  
yes of course, Always the fault of others  
Politics of great powers of the world
Dictators are being placed there  
Which politics ? African dictators keeping the power for decades and not giving a fuck about their people ?  
M'y argument is that the origin of problème is politics. Bad décisions of po
don't judge too quickly  
Sandrine, you would be very surprised if you knew my background  
responde to my critics with arguments  
And not only to criticize others :p
It's time for u to procreate Revewo and others ...
now the balance of force is inversed
<- six
When Europe colonized Africa there were 400 millions europeans and 100 millions africans, 4 times more.  
How many babies you people have? :roll:
Revewo i Hope u hv started That act of citizenshim
Europeans not making children will bitterly regret it  
But this measure hasalso it's bad effect. Ppl exagerating by making That their source of revenues
from a moment, quantity becomes a quality  
Somehow yep
BB they give money because no one wants to givebirth.  
sure but not like that
it's important to make babies
Here to, some families make babies and the spend money for alcohol
in France parents start to touch money only with the second child  
yes every month
But every month?
in France, it's 0 €
some people made babies just cuz of that
here it's 180€ for the first child  
Aint funny
lol Daga
legal strangers  
free..... :facepalm:
50% of people in Luxembourg are strangers  
here u get 500zl every month for every born baby lol
Yeah people believeing in ,,free” are idiots
Luxembourg has emigrants?
but Nothing is free, there is Always someone paying for
Luxembourg public transportations are now all "free"
I agree :D
lol better be poor than invaded  
Poland is poor so we dont have this problem lol
In Europe we are too stupid, 6 months in country and anyone can recieve help  
In Canada people need to work at least 3-5 years before benefiting any social help
it's a huge waste of public money  
Imagine the minimum wage in Portugal is 600€, you recieve 2000€ without doing anything in Luxembourg. A lot of people abused the system  
a lot of idiots were abusing the system, recieving free help, and then going back to their countries living like kings lol  
in Luxembourg now people who recieve free help, 2000€ per month will have to pay everything back if they find a decent job or situation  
some people work 40 years and recieve less than 1000 € in France, some illegals come and the recieve more. Fuck me in the ears  
Ok i think if wehad to look carefully we Will see That illegals have existed a long time ago. And in the other sense
I know, it's pure bullshit
Actually they dont have to when its come to some countries, they are welcomed xd
the refugee statue is only for a very few people  
refugees have to prove that they are really from a zone of war  
Or enough to call them refugees so then its legal xd
you can't force yourself in someone else house, if you are not invited  
If people want to immigrate in a country, it should be legally with papers
Sandrine, if Something is illegal, it's for a reason
ok illegals  
if you had read carefully, i said "illegals"  big difference
Sandrine, who did I fight now ?  
I misses some fights
So u are going to fight with everyone because idiots are everywhere
i am not even at 0,00001%  
Sandrine, I didn't even start to think of being angry  
And who are the idiots?
never gonna happen  
Sandrine, I will stop my anger when idiots will stop their bullshit  
A lot of ignorance and fake news on the subject  
U're wlcom Revewo but u should calm down your anger
That's make me want to defend Israel even more  
Yes I know
Many people don't like the State of Israel
Markus, Why not ?  
Sandrine, thank you for your argument  
Why would you do this?
If Israel is attacked I would take the first flight to help them  
Revewo= angry against everything
I am a strong supporter of Israel and the Jewish people  
How do you think about Jews?
so this was the worst conspiracy bullshit ever said  
he had killed one of his son-in-law just because he was jewish
you couldn't find more antisemite than Staline  
a bag full of shit, sayng that Staline was Jewish just because Joseph is a Jewish name WTF no sense  
oh yes this one, I forgot his name  
The neo-nazi lil silly boy
Ikr xd do u remember the brazilian guy who deleted me after i put a pic of marek edelman? Cray
Just put an israeli flag as logo is enough to piss off many idiots  
I have stopped fighting on YouTube, it takes too much stamina  
ur cray
Markus I am not, everything is politic  
I have more than one decade of internet fights experience. my YouTube account from 2007 can prove it  
we are against everything  
Are you against POlitics?
If you want to fight about  Politics click 1, Islam click 2, gay mariage click 3, any random thing click 4  
Jack the ripper was a polish man, that's why  
Not sure they dont like Polacos
welcome back in 2013  
not u again
Anderson is back  
British people made the right choice  
europeans won't have to pay a visa
me too lol  
not so happy i wont pay for any visa or shit
Ive got family in UK :P
and the Brexit is also a great news  
it was priceless
leftist journalists completely destroyed  
I was so happy when Trump got elected XD  
Illegals auch!!  
i would rather focus on the Illegal part  
hope u Will find solutions  
Emirants nicht gut, ja!!
You are going to discuss abt emigrants problems
raus raus !
Lol Daga
Markus You hv a new friend  
I wanna hear that hehee
I am german, Revewo
and all this in german, imagine that  
Lol they were making big eyes  
Markus yes and you  
U did right thing
With no regrets
You are the man :)
Are you French, Revewo?
I had the balls to say that in their faces lol  
same thing with illegals, we can help a few, not millions of them  
you know that west is crazy about kt
fuck them, no Wonder after that teachers all think the same in schools
If I give one euro to a homeless guy in the street, can a second homeless blame me for not helping him ? Of course not, I owe him Nothing, i give my money to whoever I want.  
Yes you are right i also would never do that
no one asked them to cross the sea
Lol you are so polish xd in your opinions
i wont betray myself for a job  
I told to the examiners, people dying in the sea because they want to join Europe illegally, is not out buisness  
Lol xd you surprised them probably
Howie  your  opinion coronavirus
I have passed the luxemburgish test but not the germans.  Too complicated or rather I didn't share the same opinions with the examiners
Markus another question :/
Lol Frank is the specialist to ask about opinions
I join #metoo movement whenever someone is saying i wanna drink ops :party:
i didn't give a shit, I said my opinions without filter
Lool really? xd
fuck them all
all tests were politically orientated … asking our opinions about #metoo and the migrant crisis lol  
Can u speak german? :P
Well Howie Poland has done so xd we didnt let in any of the emigrants:P
1 oral test in Luxembourgish and 1 oral + written test in german
Daga, I wanted to become teacher in the luxembourger system but I had to pass languages tests in german and luxemburgish first
Are the boarders completely shut?
"it's impossible to close borders" Lol yes sure  
It's amazing that countries can close their borders when there is an epidemic but not when there is an invasion of illegals  
Markus hehe
Converting to islam? I would rather catch the corona  
Aren't you catholic?
Lol Daga you know how to piss me off  
Yes Markus. I am haram for you
Are you Muslim, BB?
think about it :D
If you convert to islam i could be your wife Howie
:wave: Don't worry abt me Markus go on with ur conversation
Hi Sandrine
Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics  
Markus u are invisible :/
Hi Markus
Which science do you teach, Revewo?
no boss, no stupid co-workers
Hi Revewo
I am an independent sciences teacher  
Frank's English is incurable  
in tour lab
What donu do? Do u work on the cure for Frank’s english?
I am sure idiots are enjoying the moment to drive at over 200 km/h on highways  
now, it's more empty than on Christmas  
roads are over saturated  
Lol must be crazy
there are almost 200 000 cross-border workers who come Inside the country to work
Hi Sandrine
traffic jams in Luxembourg are the worst in whole Europe  
no more traffic  
I am working from home, it's such a good feeling
i am watching Mindhunter now
Lool xd
I am watching Stargate for the 525th time lol
i don't have  
from Tuesday i will be stuck at home
Have u got Netflix? Only like this i can survive
I knew a guy who was forbidden to leave Luxembourg because he was in a sick leave. Now we all know his feeling lol  
insulting everyone with british slang  
Hi Markus
Lyn was a freak. I liked her
rude like her mother haha
Isnt she already adult lol
Lynsey's daugther will join babchat to insult us as she promised
no surprise lol  
Nope he is still hauting
is Frank finaly married ?
Lol Howie Frank is here anytime xd its a miracle he is not here now
LOL Lynsey
also Mark the german vanished
I swear without matt, fab, rawpixel and frank it would have been a nightmare  
yeah i wonder what happend to them
When I lived in Canada I was stuck with americans and Latinos on the evening on babbel  
rawpixel was the referee on Skype  
I beat him on the find the captial game  
and he still has to take his revenge on me
Lol u maniac xd
The return of the Messiah !
Only if Matthew makes his come back  
U should come often :P
77-50 maybe :P
hey we always rocked, babbel times were great
i like to see old users here
Its 77
What made you logging in today? :P
cant Remember my age it always changes  
Lol, you were already old when we met
i am getting old  
years are mixing up in my head  
2015 or 2016 maybe  
i joined october 2018
When was the last time u came here Howie?
Bye Julie  
See you Julie :hug:
bye for now.
fab’ass the best  
Yeah :D only he can do that
10 years and no improvements ?  
Lol and fab xd
But his english is still so bad
i miss Matthew Floresta, my model  
His name is Rex now
frank lol  
Do u usually take sisters for dates? :P
I was with my sister, it was not a date  
Howie believe or not but Frank is still here
It was a great time  
I remember u showed me a pic
I have met for real in London in 2013  
His love was Dicle
Lol! Pf
no i am kidding  
u talk to her?
Martin, greetings from Amy, she misses you  
have a nice evening
you re welcome
thank you  
whatever you want
I go get rest now  
this might have bad consequences
I am not
it s not good to overstrain your body
you asked me "dont you agree" I just wanted to change the "Subject"  
why not?
you dont agree?
I dontagree
dont you agree?
it s always to listen to the advices that claims your body
not just "a"  
I have taken a lot of rest
that s very important
if you are tired, you need to take a rest
that s really bad
my back hurts
that s really bad
yeah and fatigued  
that exhausted?
you ve been that tired?
nothing at all?
you did nothing today?
dont know where i could find them
I did nothing today , sadly :(
so you find me a philosophical person ? @Silvie
what did you do today, stranger?
it always depends on my conversation partner
from time to time, stranger
and all my enemies are your friends too?
@Silvie, you talk like a philosopher !
Silvie lol xd
all my friends are your friends?
lol silvie not  
that guy is your personal friend, stranger?
Our last talk was in 2015 maybe
discussions are important to clarify problems
but I am not using skype anymore
yeah, It was I still have "that guy" on my skype
nobody knows
2014 holy fuck  
It was maybe our last discussion lol
why can t you go to Israel?
he didnt like his stay over there?
lol silvie, not me. I cant go to Israel
I also saw them xd
yes, I remember  
didn t know that
martin has been to Israel?
Matt u mean the british?
but you re the most famous stranger of babchat
Martin remember the pictures of my trip in Israel I have sent you in 2014 ? On skype  
Even Sandy :D
I dont know where "mat" is  
i know
susan and bob also come here time to time  
it s your birthday, julie?
what would you like to celebrate?
Julie you are also the babbeler :)so lets celebrate
why does this reunion make you smile?
yes Julie, but you are also from Babbel right ?  
this reunion is making me smile. So happy you guys found each other again.  
who knows how long this will be true
I noticed xd
i m still alive
i deleted my fb  
I am doing fine, how about you ? you are still alive ?  
what are you talking about tonight?
Martin oh God how are you buddy ?
Yep also from my fb you weirdo
Babbel vanished us :P
I vanished with babble  
Its Martin, Howie
without word
i will kill u for vanishing
No but i was afraid to think it could be you
Qlq1 as vu qlq1
real stranger who are you ?
lol, howie It's mean, Stranger
cant believe in so much good luck!!
do you know many people from Luxembourg haha
Dont lie to me! How comes
even I got that
lol BB, there was only one from Luxembourg
it’s howie  
i still dont know who you are :chin:
Well Julie you should not... we gonna be happy someday! Like happy forever
Anderson ?  
Oh gosh it's been a while  
and revewo is that you ? :P
Yes who are u?
I'm giving up.
Daga is that you ?  
i am no longer looking.  
no, the last one was at my school.
Where do you meet guys Julie? Online?
Hi Revewo
hello reve
happy quarantine day  
I am thinking the same BB
joys bring me to cloud nine, but sadness and sorrows destroy me to the lowest of the low....
I also have such person in my heart probably will always stay there but i know have to forget him forever
Hello babblers  
i am like that too.  
Julie everyone has the one who we just cant forget, isnt it?
I moved out, came back to my parents. I was afraid to be alone. I cried a lot. It was a hard time. I lost on weight i felt totally destroyed but i am ok now
the last guy was a year ago, but i know i will never forget him. the one before that, i was over him so quick.
i can't be that fast.
I felt weird when i saw how fast my love was gone.. but he hurt me so many times.. it was only one last conversation and it was over for me. I left him and we never even tried to get back together
I think so...  
is that why exes usually don't want to be friends with us, because they still have love in their heart???
Julie its never too late
it is impossible to be friends
because i knew that he still loved me
I just cant be friends with my ex fiance
I wish one of my exes would have remained friends with me.  
he wanted to stay friends... he was worried that i mean cutting contact at all  
ah, nice.
It was maybe not so easy cuz it was me who didnt want to continue this but i think he just didnt want to lose me completely  
it's nice though that he still wanted to be friends with you.
Yes and sometimes we go out. I like to talk to him, he is very positive and still live in Warsaw
are you still friends?
i am definitely looking for a serious thing
The Turk was nice but he wasnt looking for anything serious huh. So i decided to be just friends its better  
yeah, it is hard to find right guy.
i had enough, really
yeah i am. Not really looking but hoping for finding the one. I am really tired of wrong guys
We had different views on the future.. what i learned is that we should always discuss such things, especially when we feel that maybe we dont really match as it seemed in the beginning  
are you still looking for mr. right?
Exactly, i wouldnt like to be so young and divorced
oh, sorry to hear. But better to break up first than after the wedding.
We planned wedding but then yeah we broke up. I did. :roll:
They like to spoil girls
and i still do, sometimes we go out. No matter if we had something or if we are just friends he has got a lot of respect
i dated turkish guy for a short time but actually it was the nicest guy ever, i felt like a princess
so he's your ex-fiance by the sound of it.
My fiance was Ukrainian. He was sometimes a psycho :o
in the east of canada especially, if you are lost, the people will open their door to you and ev en offer food and lodging for a few days.
sounds so much opposite of canadians
oh i see.
Of course there are also kind people
Nah what i mean is here everyone cares about his own ass, no one like to help others (mostly) you will see it when you are lost here xd no one will care about you
i have dated 2 german guys before, and both had a really bad temper. Never dated a polish guy before.
so the direct approach, the bad words, the telling people off, is very much polish?
wow, talk about being honest.  
i dont like it
I am trying to be not so polish  
Shame but it is so
we are super unkind
Actually when i was there they at least seemed to be nicer than polish people
Probably yes but i dont know much about Germans
and i really hope that he will fix his problem. I helped him to get to the embassy of Sri Lanka
are polish people very similar to german in the sense that they are usually very serious looking people?
we complain and complain and make a huge problem from a little thing
I talked again to the passenger at the airport American guy. He wanted to fly to Delhi and now he got stuck here. He was talking about his life today, he was a fire fighter... i enjoyed seeing that in his bad situation he (like all the Americans) still was smiling and seemed to be just fine... i like it. It is something we dont have in Poland
do you know what brb means martin?
this seems like not my topic :) enjoy your conversation ..  
what i do is that i not only sing with youtube but i play the -- ugh, i forgot how to say -- and record myself over and over until i am satisfied of how it turned out.
i used to listen to music every evening before sleep it calms me down (even if its hard rock xd)
me too
Music helps me a lot, always  
then sing with youtube!
only for myself  
Hehe sometimes :D  
i meant BB
oops. french keyboard
do you like singing BBÉ
drink a lot of water, and eat food with vitamins A, C, D and E :) this would keep your immune system up and running  
about feelings and so on
We need to talk about it with others, that helps
i can be tough girl with bad language and shit but when i am alone in my room i cry (quite often)  
poor grandmas and grandpas  
I am so sad about Italy as well :(
Me too Julie
I want to cry when i think about Italy
i'm an introvert, BB, and even I found it hard at first. If you are an extrovert, you will find it harder than introverts...
yeah, I see, and I agree with you julie  
good then, you are safe :) @BB
but surely i will not stand staying home for so long :ahhh:
it was a bit too much for me, stranger. Some of us are more sensitive than others and feel the pain more intensely...
Martin yes, my situation is good i can let myself staying home like about 2months
In the second week, Ihad to change my way of thinking ... so I started seeing this as a time to slow down the pace of life...
really Julie, you cried ? why ?
what is sad... someone i counted on is not a friend anymore :( but it is ok. I can deal with anything
BB, we are all different, but in week one, I just kept crying and stressing and not sleeping much...  
that's good.
do you have some money saved up ? @BB
i do have great friends
Yep Julie
lol I mean, online
Boyfriend... i cant even go outside
well, BB, i don't know if this is any consolation but you have us and your loved ones to talk with when things get too tough.
no one is going to live my life. Anyway i will deal with it
thank you julie :)  
Martin i know i am not the only one but is it supposed to make me feel better? It does not
I am not kidding.  
I think find a boyfriend for these two weeks. you will be fine then :)
*affected, not effected
BB, the first week will be very tough perhaps for you. Then in the second week, things will look and feel better...
lol BB, dont worry, you are not the only one effected by this pandemic
I know it’s temporary. Still makes me sick
stay home and feed yourself. wait for the warmer season
im hopeless
Eh Martin i feel like i dont care anymore
ah Me too
its not my hair Markus, ive got brown hair
the most important thing right now is to prevent ourselves by the infection of this virus
hi Dina
Go away u fucking virus
yeah, me too for about two weeks... I'm starting to lose track...
You have beautiful hair, BB
it's ok, a lot of us have already lost the jobs,  
yeah :roll:
but i lost job so...
I was working
I have been stuck home for over two weeks now  
Martin from tuesday i will be stuck at home
just in case if we get infected by this virus, please be calm and dont get stressed
be kind
Hi Markus greet rest also
hi bb
and stress weakens our immune system,  
The virus also fucks our mental health much
so sad :(
I think sadly they are not the only ones
omg BB  
that's why it's important we self-isolate, but not social isolate...
yeah, especially for those who are fighting on the front line  
also heard about nurse in Italy
Yep here one doctor commited suicide either
i know that this virus will be mentally hard on some people...
It's a horrible time for us people
oh oh, omgggggggggggggggggg..............
what happened????
I think what I have read in the news he was too much worried about the economy and couldnt bear the stress  
you know yesterday, a finance minister in Germany committed suicide :(
no haha!
ah ok , or it was your secret hug for me ? lol
it's a sort of a sigh
hug* ?  
ugh ?  
I am not kidding about it, scientists have predicted this with higher probability
well i hope when it's gone that it's gone for ever.
then you should start hugging people virtually and get used to it. Coronavirus would come back as a seasonal flu
ok, you are a very warm person :)
but now i doubt we will go back until back to school time which happens in september
and at school, well, my kids used to hug me all the time.
I'm french native so yes, it does irritate me to some extent. Maybe not irritate but something i have to get used to because us french people give hugs just like italians do to greet someone.
does this irritate you a lot that you cant hug or handshake people ?  
yeah thats true
yes but now we can't have people at home or visit them in person, nor can we give a hug or shake the hand of people.
I mean, I have been living alone for years now so I am pretty fine with it
yes, I agree with you but we would use get used to self isolation  
i think that this virus will have as a consequence that people will value what really should matter the most: connecting with people that matter to us.
I think in that way, teleportation is possible
yeah, thats true  
it seems like our physical existing would turn into proper virtual world
i think a lot of people are doing that nowadays.
virtual friendship, virtual coffee, virtual date and so on  
lol sure
we should hangout together virtually :D
ok.. so do I :P
tidying up, workouts, practising spanish and italian, watching movies, etc.
you live alone right ?  
any thing i want. lol.
ah ok , so what you doing home most of the times ?  
since two weeks ago, stranger
when ? from today onward  ?  
schools are closed here too, stranger.
anybody home ?  
Julie maybe is busy with kids :)  
hello people
hello Julie. ??
Hi sara
Hi bob
what a pity
nobody likes to reply?
what are you talking about today?
ciao BB :)
Gotta go, ciao crazy people
you know that you piss off Wolf with that, you do
Share it with yourself
 I want share gospel and reading today
 It show glory of God and power of son. We are mortal we can dead easy
 I love this reading
nonsense *
Stop with that nosense
Reading of the holy gospel according to Saint John (11.3-7.17.20-27.33b-45):

At that time, the sisters of Lazarus sent word to Jesus, saying: "Lord, your friend is sick."
Jesus, hearing it, said: "This disease will not end in death, but will serve for the glory of God, so that the Son of God may be glorified by it."
Jesus loved Martha, her sister, and Lazarus. When he found out that he was ill, he stayed where he was for two days.
Only then does he say to his disciples, "Let's go to Judea again."
When Jesus arrived, Lazarus had been buried for four days. When Marta found out that Jesus was coming, she went out to meet him, while Maria stayed at home.
And Martha said to Jesus, "Lord, if you had been here my brother would not have died. But even now I know that whatever you ask of God, God will grant you. "
Jesus said to him, "Your brother will rise again."
Martha replied, "I know that he will rise again at the resurrection on the last day."
Jesus says to him: «I am the resurrection and the life: he who believes in me, even though he has died, will live; and he who is alive and believes in me will not die forever. Do you believe this?
She replied: "Yes, Lord: I believe that you are the Messiah, the Son of God, the one who had to come into the world."
Jesus sobbed and, very moved, asked: "Where have you buried him?"
They replied, "Lord, come see him."
Jesus burst into tears. The Jews commented, "How I wanted it!"
But some said, "And could not one who opened the eyes of a blind man have prevented him from dying?"
Jesus, sobbing again, comes to the grave. It was a cavity covered with a slab.
Jesus says: "Take off the slab."
Marta, the dead man's sister, says to him: "Sir, it already smells bad, because it takes four days."
Jesus says to him, "Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?"
Then they removed the slab.
Jesus, looking up, said: «Father, I thank you because you have listened to me; I know that you always listen to me; But I say it for the people around me, so that they believe that you have sent me.
And with that said, he cried out in a powerful voice, "Lazarus, come outside."
The dead man came out, his feet and hands tied with bandages, and his face wrapped in a shroud.
Jesus said to them, "Untie him and let him go."
And many Jews who had come to Mary's house, seeing what Jesus had done, believed in him.
Red lips or purple lips Rexy?
Thats nice
Cacao and flower smell #soap :sick:
 Smell is good no . Favoritr
 I bought one liquid soap
  I use soap
smells nice
got a nice antibacterial liquid
i clean them all the time
 Priority cam use it sick people doctors and nurse
 Oms the best is clean hands cleans hands
A lot of medical staff infected in Italy.. cant believe  
 Of conforse gloves and mask.bot 100.%secure
Virus infect others
Yes rexy, problemas
 They bought mask and gloves they are ok. Meawhile who really need it they can not buy it there are not mask neither gloves
thats why
 People.are doing bad
I dont fee any
. Oms said you gloves and masl when you feel cough or systoms
Fir outside
 I did not use it mask neither gloves
But i dont need a mask
i am too pretty to wear mask
 Bb you use gloves and maskfor out your house
Wb Rexi
Juliue see you soon back
I think, we must wait and wait and wait
i cant wait better times
take care Julie
ok, back to my organizing my office...
and so on and on
Think about our lifes
It was to Rex, Willi
it is what i do
we now can create a good mental-relationships with others  
Yes, I like it  
I see also good things
You like pijamas, dont you?
this sitation is not good for this world
No, Rex
Bb are you in pijama noeñe
this situation makes me crazy
I hope, you can understand me
sorry i feel kinda desperated :(
Willi if you are rich guy i can be your wife
ich spreche nichht viel Deutsch.
you are speaking english now, willi.
You just do
only a little
ah, lol
i cant speak english
Yes i am. He is silly
BB, I thought you were a girl?
Huh? Do i sound like a man to you?
you speak german
Lol Willi, klar xd
you are a man?
wow. not like here.
if i dont work i get nothing
it is
ist near my country
not really
Ich komme aus Polen
you don't have employement insurance BB?
and BB , where do you come from ?
good luck then BB
I will search
ist very far from GErmany
I know Julie probably same here but i will
in canada
Julie , where do you living?
Hehe same here it means that we still can dating
i hope you are keeping your distance then, willi
here it's impossible to find new job; tons of layoffs plus everything considered non-essential is closed.
only two People on the street
I cant be without working
yes , we are . But we can go for Shopping no restaurante no Cinema no theatre
Guys xd  
I like it
nice Foto BB
germany not in quarantine yet?
then i will look for another small job for now
hi BB
Then i stay home for a while
no, I am not in quarantänme
i've been home for over two weeks...
oh i see.
hi Willi
Thanks Rex
Tomorrow is the last at work for me
are you in quarantine?
I am fine, thanks
how are you, willi?
Hello Lulie
 Bb i habe jedi skills
hello willi
Bb nice photo
it's supposed to be temporary for a few/many months....
are you at home until further notice or you still go to work a bit?
it is temporary
oh i see.
the corona shit ruins my life somehow but i will be ok ;)
At home, right
why 'so so ' for you?
bored a bit but it's the new normal i guess
I'm ok.  
Well so so, Julie and you?
  Rex and others clon they had chNged adn modificatoom .. they grow quickly if the clon 10 years he is adult
how are you?
hi BB
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cA7Xhfqu5P8 xari he is jango feet the real human he is not clon. Child is clon he is clom.without any adn modification normal boy like father
Where do u see people i dont see?
Hi Rexy
Hi sara.
How are you
Hi asoka
Hu la la bb
Bye cuttie :)
bye BB too
i need to watch more crimes to know how
take a diet bb  
have a good life susan  
im out  
and i just cant kill you
triggered because i was close to the truth?
like an old stupid husband
you make me angry
Casius, leave
and people with personality
thought there were more people here
Why are you here?
bb good for me, i could pay your resturant bill  
lame ass chat with 5 people online in general  
Lol no i am not, at least not so much to date you
but bad
(4) super desperated  
but bad ;(  
old wise woman ... ok
3. Smart
2. Super sexy
well u sure dont speak for bb(w) susan  
1. Young
I am  
wise ! women
is there any beautiful girls on here? or just older women and fat girls?
but i like good humour
i am going kinda crazy
no, i don't misbehave
How are u doing during these stupid times?
Misbehaving forever
we both have never changed ... since babbel
since babbel times
Susan i am also the same
that is, me and julie
i cant help it
bad girl bad language  
crickey, i must be the only one here who has not changed identity
sure chubby, dont eat so much polska sweats  
Sorry bad language
Idiot, im thin as fuck and what u say... are u fat?
but who knows dominique can be everything
nom nom nom  
Nope he is dead
sorry to say but u should lose some weight  
dominic ... the frenchman
Sorry to say soon u will get banned again hihi
this hero is domn
stop lying  
You :facepalm:
whos casius?
aussie girls like to be equal
adult talking like a kid
Lol casius, ur so stupid
Yep, Susan
you are eastern european woman ?
boss of what? canalisation?  
be humble
But i am the REAL BOSS
I like bossy men  
sounds like a trauma  
has somebody bossed u around before bb?  
technology question ... has babchat invented its own secret mode ?
Manly man, 200% man
u are such a man
still alive
Ahhhhhhhh its u, my casius
can rats get corona, do u know bb?
I would make myself a corona test if i was u, hero
know ur places  
yet im still in control  
yes, your supposition is always immature  
brush ur teeth or shut up bb
u need to relax
well will take u decades, i suppose
Hero go to svenska room, free beers now
not yet @babchat, I am getting there
u mad stupid for thinking its a real profile stranger..have u finished high school rs?
Martin Martin mein Freund :hug:
How many deaths in Australia?
ok BB, I am just guessing based on your profile picture. Prolly that kind of thing keeps you better in isolation :P
maybe overweight  
no she doesnt  then  
gosh, that was quick
Martin :blush: top secret
i know what to piss off on to  
do you have a boyfriend now ? @BB
Piss off lik dik
this is english room polska  
shut your spanish up or leave the room  
I think It's better to be in isolation and health systems should do tests more and more  
Hi Martin and Susan
hola to BB
que tal?
hola a todos!
hey bb
10 days so far
yes ... all of us
so are we  
i still have no pubic hair and milk teeth to be fair
at home
i am in confinement
is it skyrocketing ?
hows the situation in Australia ?@susan
new today ... old yesterday
lol susan
re-making membership is common
of course i was there and available  
I think, you dont even think before you speak up ? @babchat this shows you are very immature !
i had the last supper with jesus rs  
im an idiot, i was fooling around.,.theres only one true idiot here (rs)
 @babchat, I dont know if you are new here or you were also there at babbel ?  
be well jules  
written language sometimes doesnt show all the information involved
julie and I and even susan have been known to each other from babbel and it's been a long time  
we all are friends  
have a good day
julie hey it was a joke of course
somebody likes you  
bye for now
ohh and invitation stranger lolo  
stranger, if you want to talk to me, it's best to talk to me in private.
I am just suggesting ya  
its the same  
just call me god  
you should revisit your action @julie.  
my only master is God. not you.
at least u know how to adress me right
julie, youve met your master today, may I introduce? my name is hero  
and hero, you have been here only one day, lol. Don't talk like you know people! LOL
i am sure she is nice, but not if she will attack me like that.
ill defend her, understood?
she can't see what i write and i can't see what she writes.
lol julie, I am not happy with this, susan is a very nice lady
shes a very nice and well thoguth person  
i am not even talking to her, LOLOL.
leave susan alone jules!!!!  
it's ok martin. i've blocked her. Got tired of her attacks
we could talk on coronavirus today and the aftermaths what we would face in coming months
alright, i will contine tidying up in my office, and if you guys want to talk to me, then just say my name, and when i see my name i'll come back.
i agree with rs  
susan and julie,, please calm down. It's ok whatever we say or text here :) dont take too personal  
rs stop hiting on me, i want to follow the fight
but you just judge by saying i am around kids too much
you are a too much of praising yourself @babchat. It's not good. Christians are not supposed to do this
i didn't judge, i said i was bored with the convo.
but you judged us
no susan. stop judging. Of all people, you should know since you are the oldest in here.
IQ of 174%..are you afraid?
julie, you are around children too much
im verxy smawt jules
it's just adult banter
julie, what about comedy clubs ?
be nice then :) @babchat
u dont seem very educated
i forgive u though  
wow wo wow rs, thats just mean bruhhh
good ... i loke confessions ... bravo hero
yes julie
you are a christian ? you are a piece of shit @babchat
yes exactly susan, that's the point. we are adults and should be able to make intelligent conversations.
hit on  
but julie, we are adults
susan i get hit in here alot,m but im a christian for gods sake..how can i nicely say..lemeeeee aloneeeee
yeah, I agree @julie
this conversation is beyond boring....
leave some for ur dad or whatever  
i noticed men liked it ... long time ago
do ur wear ur moms underwear when shes not at home?  
one of *
I am one the minions' kind
yes, I need a daddy all around , or wherever I go
lol u like the word daddy, dont u rs  
a good wack on the butttt ... men lllikke it
lol susan.  
lol susan
so you are not my daddy ? @babchat
julie, some things, men know
because i have babysat tons of babies and never once did this happen
my girlfriend doesnt like contagious people, sorry rs  
you're one of a kind, then .
my mom*
lol julie, when I was a baby I liked my butt to be massage :) my told me this
I never heard of massaging babies' butts. babies like their backs or tummies rubbed, but not the behinds.
@bathctahero...oh cool a mom joke, bet ur friends at the 7th grade are proud of u  
ok babchat :) I should ask your wife or girlfriend . since you are my daddy  
that's a myth
rs stick to ur family traditions, ask ur mom first  
babies like their butts to be massaged :) It's ok @julie
hey hey - this is supposed to be PG chat
can I massage your butt ? @babchathero  
settle down, Susan
bring me flowers
visit me in hsopital susan once ure done with me  
men like to be worked over hard ... in massage
... so could Susan, probably!
ok daddy,  
no no, true, i give massage with my feet
i pay alot of money to get beat up by women susan, sounds nice
That barbed wire fence could turn you into a beta male very quickly.
lol susan
I may give you a royal massage, you want one ? @babchatherro
i give massage with my feet ... they call it karate
rs just call me daddy
alpha with a big letter or small letter ? @babchat
hello hero
i need my shouldes massaged  
still good.
I am still healthy how about you ? @julie
hey jules  
hello susan
how are you?
hello julie
thank you babchathero. you seem like having big eyes  
hello martino
hey julie :)
im the only alpha here  
hello everyone
i just wanted to show u your place  
I should celebrate now, I am no more VIrgin :D
im sorry mate  
im already happy if u promise to take a shower rs
ok, here you are. take my virginity :) I am happy to give that to you
lil joke huehuehue  
ur virginity  
la cloche sonne
ok I owe you an apology ?
u owe me more than a thanks rs
ok. but thank you for your concerns
probabaly rs
coming from another fucked up girl  
ok babchathero, you seem like a very fucked up guy here :)
Is it wrong to indulge in that practice, Hero?
thought they give u a face  
stop lying and stop using dumb ass smileys
ok babchathero, thank you :) I did not know that public toilets could be licked  
fuck this WHO , who didnt deal well with china  
well real stranger try stoping licking public toilets  
I am so sad about Italy as well :(
911, and now this pandemic :(  
poor "New York "  
thankyou ... ok
hey susan, how you doing ?  
ill take that bet  
I'm somewhat of a sensible guy
i normally pay money for that stuart
I'll bet you five quid that you cannot do the splits over a barbed-wire fence.
hello RS
im somwhat of a sensitive guy  
hello people
i will, if u play the nurse
susan do u like menj that can do splits handfree?
i am only an occasional visitor here
I'm buggered if I know!
listen to your heaRT AND YOULL FIND OUT SUE  
who is this hero ?
That's a cross we must bear
hi stuart
feeling like a toy to their world  
its horrible  
only this os, you killed them all
u right stuart, i get hit on alot by the women  though i dont kiss on the first date  
Hi Susan
the northern hemisphere had bears and wolves
Yes, Babchat, the woman here are pretty fierce!
hi markus ... hi everyone
hope that stays in the outback  
hi susan
in australia everything is trying to kill you hehe
the problem is ..
if i had the chance
id seriously to take a tour of australia though stuart  
im not pretty enough for you  
That's disgusting!
do u like chicks with beard?
i can grow long hair, that all i got to offer  
If you were Babchatheroine I might be tempted!
i know ud be up for that stu  
fighting kangrorooos, licking weird collored frogs to get  abuzz  
ill visit u and well round australia  
do u have once of those second wggons atached to a bike?
My bicycle gang consisted of my son and myself.
Markus, Australia is a federation of states and territories - Victoria is one of them.
It was only six or so kilometres from my home in Melbourne.
It's true, BabCH, I used to ride a bike (push-bike!) to the Grand Prix!
Victoria is the federal State?
u funny stu  
lol u said bicycle XD
Ah....in the very South, Stuart?
i know many people that died young due to their hobby  
its a cool hobby but stay safe
my brother is ammember of a very known motorcycle gang  
come on now stuart  
u talk like u old as stone  
But it's a bit too far for that these days - 110 km.
heyyyyyy natalie  
I used to ride my bicycle to the Grand Prix, Hero!
Ah.....no, Stuart
Someone caught a virus ...
are you a good driver?
could u drive there stu?=
The race in Melbourne was supposed to take place a couple of weeks ago, but we sent everyone home.
go by streets, start from berlin  
use google maps  
Do you follow F1, Markus?
I must take a look on the map...
just ask arounf markus, hes a local name there
No, Markus ... I'm in the stae of Victoria, near Melbourne.
we could be rollerskating in hotpants at the goldcoast if it wasnt for corona  
You are in Sydney, Stuart?
Babchathero - your profile doesn't reveal much about you ... what's your mother tongue and what languages are you learning?
over the infected people
good for u staurt..pull some bags about the infected people before they burst with all their infectious blood sticking everywhere  
Life in Australia, Markus? Don't know much about it ... I'm staying at home most of the time!
from my ecperience I only learn from electro shocks, good sir  
Babchathero, you'd be better advised to brush up on your punctuation and spelling!
drinking canned beer with stuart  
wonder if theres a deer stuart lving close by  
How is current life in Australia, dear Stuart?
im ready to fight for stuarts friendship, markus  
G'day Markus.
oh look what we got here compeition!  
That makes it even worse, Hero!
hi Stuart
welcome to my world, sir  
Now that is a depressing thought!
isnt beer the only love left after years of marriage?
those chinese need to stop eating whatever moves and eat all that shit alive
But I love thar beer!
stay save mr stuart dont get da corona  
staurt? ican see it in your smile  
i can see it in your eyes
hello! is it me you are looking for?  
hello where da wymen at
Good morning
I mean ur pics Rex
https://youtu.be/CJ_3mWYu3eY   An appropriate song for all :smile:  Love is something that we all want to be contagious