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Chat: English

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my time is over too... thank you and bye all... see you :wave:  
have a good night too..thank you see you :wave:  
no matej... that is not secret lol...  
Good night, Ali and sleep well.
Thank you for very interesting conversation. Again.
Now I must go to the bed.
OK. That sound top secret, Ali. Maybe one day you will tell me, what did you do for living.
only people working or retired from the state with an high degree and their family can take that green passport.
And on what it does depend, what passport you get?
In the afternoon I sat two hours in cafe and read book, then I was going to visit parents of my exGF and give them some their things from our flat in Germany, because she is moving to Berlin. And then I went to my doctor to check sth.
Yes, that s why I was asking.
what did you do today?  
as you know green card is different card that is used by US...
green passport*  
there are three kind of passport as blue, green and red passport in turkish visa system  mine is green card for example ı can go to other European countries without visa except England...  
What does it mean, green passport?
although ı have green passport english wanted visa..  
Do you need visa to travel to London?
two years passed after that london exhibition so time is flying fast  
Yes, Bratislava is capital of Slovakia
art exhibitions become my reason to go to someplace... for example ı went to the london by participating in an exhibition  
yes but reasons come from your mind lol..
your capital should be Bratislava  
But I have a good reason for it.
Yes, I like Europe, I have never been out of Europe.
Or nearest capital.
But Vienna is the nearest city.
Very good location.
Yes, close to Vienna, Prague and Budapest.
is your city close to Vienna ?  
are you happy of being in Europe ?  
Yes, I ve travelled a lot and I have still liking for it, but I have never been to english speaking country. But I was in almost every country in Europe and in its capital too.
did you go to abroad matej?  
less native people come here to help us...  
yes.. native people live in london, newyork, sidney etc...  
and our words as lines are in the middle  
the names of friends who are here are on the right side...  
the names of the language rooms are on the left side...  
I think that is correct. But I am not proficient in English
maybe ı can say ı am watching the screen of my computer  
some people
there are not any letter, words, sentences or...  
Some are watching other people, indeed. But that is an another term for this activity.
watch soccer game...  
to watch tv... movie... video...  
yes.. reading their words is better than watching or observing...  
That sound a bit odd, Ali. I am not watching them, but what they write:D
yes, ı know, you are watching them..  
but ı looked in my dictionary, nutcracker is the same device too..  
Yes, but I am not active there. I only read what they are writing.
no mine is a bit bigger for walnuts  
ı saw your name in three rooms too...  
Hmm, the device, it is not a nutcracker?
okay.. ı went to look for you in other rooms lol..
Sorry, I had a phone call, Ali
do you sleep matej?  
that device and salt cellar are always on the desk...
that device stays on my computer desk..  
ı bought a device to crash them last year...  
besides ı have two or four walnut after my breakfast..  
they will be in Turkish firstly...  maybe later some of them can be translated to english too...  
so during this period ı learned editing too..  
ı have been trying to improve them by editing them well again and again...  
hope ı will finish them in this year by publishing them...  
And when are you going to finish them?
one of them deals with general art, the other deals with human body and mind, the last one deals with how to be a writer  
ı have three draft books now...
do you
How many books you write actually, Ali?
thank you matej... so ı know that because one of my books cover how we should be fed..  
Hmm, that sounds very healthy.
... and a big glass of tea with lemon  
Good night, Milou.
okay milou... have a good night too... see you :wave:  
Have a good night ali and Matej :wave:
my breakfast covers a tomato, a piece of cheese, five olives, a piece of bread, one or two bitter peppers...  
My time is up  
my breakfast is standard... ı have a piece of chicken, mixed salad, some bread and a big glass of tea with lemon,  a piece of sweet...  
So, what did you have for breakfast?
ı have two main meals as breakfast and dinner in a day...  
What did you have for lunch, Ali?
computers are like press machines that was invented in about 1500 years...  
yes.. you are right... we can chat thank to computer...  
copy / paste is very useful to note some important things or carry some lines or words from one place to other place  
Yes, internet is very helpful in my studies of english language.
how nice... you are using the ability of computer for your benefit of improving your language ..
so when here is crowded, it is necessary to try to write fast and focus on just chatting to be able to fallow the stream of chatting  
Hmm, I will tell you sth. Very often, I am just looking at the conversation of other people, and copy/paste their interesting sentences. Interesting for learning.
yes.. ı meant that you were trying to chat with other friends too...  
I am not trying, I am doing it, Ali:D
that is good matej... ı like this kind of chatting too... you are trying to answer to my questions although here is crowded..  
yes.. my stomach is a good part of my body so foods generally become happy too..
I like the way you write, Ali.
And do you think, your stomach is happy too?
so my body takes care of meals or fruits  
ı am sure they are happy in my stomach too..  
yes.. that made me happy...
BB... have a good night... see you :wave:  
That orange, was it juicy one?
one apple and one orange are in my stomach now....
Bye, Daga. Dobru noc.
brave you matej... apple was the correct answer...  
be good
I have to go guys. Dont fuck tomorrow please. Do it right
ı prefer slovakya matej..that is one word...  
And they look like circle, I have it!
OK, Ali. So you mean orange and apple.
And Tatras too.
I dont drink beer, so I stay in Slovakia.
Everybody wants to go the Czech republic. They have better beer.  
We share mountains
matej.. my fruit is not peach... sorry that was my mistake...the name of mine begins a....  
when i was in pieniny mountains
I was :)
Nobody wants to go to Slovakia, Rex.
Yes, and that is the peach, Ali.
Bb did you go eslovakia
What if I have two, Daga?
no no... there is a red fruit, the half of it seems matej  
Dj khaled no brainer lol  
U got one
What if I have no brain, Daga?
and drink it with me
To make a coctail out of your brain Matej
Both are cutted.  
when you write no comment for yael ı wanted to kid you lol... matej  
Real picture
Which one rexy lol
Bb umm
I think that spring not enter yet  
Mix my mind? What do you mean, Ali?
no.... that fruit was not cut there...  
Yael jjaa i told you
RIP tuesday :D
Yes, hetero, Daga.
Bb i liked your picture
yael is trying to mix your mind matej....  
Peach or strawberries, Ali?
Matej le hatero
No comment, Yael.
Hasta la vista
matej.. other fruit is in your plate in your profile picture...  
rex, fuck off, i need to sleep xd
Bonne nuite :D
Que bueno Milou
thank you, sweetie :kiss:
Thank you, Ali.
i always remember our first date, rex :P
Recien entrarme fue unas horas muy buenas con amigos  
Yael sleep well :kiss:
Que bueno milou :thumb:
You remember
Try vodka and just vodka  
ok guys, see you. : I will work at 2% tomorrow :Dwave:
Have u published your book?
yeeeeees... congratulation matej..
Estoy bien tambien raul  
These cars are me on mondays
Hi ali :wave:
Orange, Ali?
Estoy bien, tranquilo, y tú cómo estás??
hi raul  
los mojitos del diablo
Asi es raull jjj  
no but mine is the relative of limon...  
vodka + cola :D
Ahh sí milou, y muy activa igual :popcorn:  
lol daga, only for crazy days
Como estas raul ?  
Buena raul  
To get diarhea?
this is chat is becoming out of control
Eww Yael xd
OK. Lemon?
La noche es muy pero muy?
coffee mixed with beer, the best XD
Will be shocking?
yes but people generally know that fruit...  
Bb i show something about me
I usually have tea for breakfast  
la noche loca !!!
 Nurses i front
Waaaw este noche es muuy pero muyy  
 He was speak merde in 4x4
Hello everyone
rex, levels song xdd
A lot of fruits has C vitamin, Ali.
Hola milou :wave:
We drank all night without
milou :wave:  
Hola raulll :wave:
I.remember a friend friend ron i breakfast poor crazy
matej one of them has C vitamin generally...  
Ali :wave:
lolllll reeeeex
I eat deer for breakfast.
Rexy lol
  I just drink beer in breakfast all.night drinking
Yes, with pleasure, Ali.
okay BB.. Your liking is first..
Im allowed to have 7 wives
Lol crazy
Daga, do you wanna marry me ? :D
he he... ı can give a clue if you want matej...
I like this one Ali
rex, what is your opinion about ppl who drink wine at breakfast ? xddd
Cuz i dont want to get miliion marriage offers  
I saw it, Ali, but I am thiking till now, what are circle fruits?
BB  your picture was good why did you change that?
Me too Yael xd 5:30 not 7:25 like today
Lol very early wtf
in fact matej could see that my question ı think she was busy too...  
It was first and last time plata o plomo to all these ones who missed it
i have to wake up at 5:30 before the weirdos arrive at the subway :D

 Weak girl xd
seriously, i am dead for tomorrow
la fiesta toda la noche
bro ı have asked a question that deals with my fruits that ı ate before beginning to chat but anybody didn't see that lol...
Im just drunk today xd
oh god
Years lol
There is no way but ok xd
rex got what he wanted after weeks of stalking xddd
Lool xd  
I remember this picture
love ya guys xo  
Lol rex u cannot remember this one

Thank daga :kiss:
i knew it !!! la bomba polska :kiss:
 I remembee this picture
wow... BB.. are you that nice girl in your profile picture?  
Daga ;) you are beautiful
LA BOMBA !!!!!
Plata o plomi
Boss, can I have salary rise ? :P
yes matej... long sentences are better  so they improve minds too...  
el patron, i always knew it
Yael i am boss
ok time to leave, i will be dead at work tomorrow ! XD
It is not about improving my English, Ali. I prefer complex sentences in Slovak, too.
Should it be a honour for me, Yael?:D
ı didn't meant of your phrases .. matej... ı know that you are trying to improve your english..
Bb dont put nothi g
nah, for the new year :P
Dont lie! You had them for dinner yesterday!:D
lol Matej, you didn't appreciate that ?  
I see now, Ali. But maybe I am strange too, because I prefer complex sentences. But Yael has her "no comment" evening today.
snails aren't men best friends :P
pfffff matej :P
don't judge before tasting :D
when you look at the page, you can not see long sentences.. friends prefer to make short sentences  or use words, expressions to express their ideas... matej
Really strange question of someone who eats snails, Yael.
Daga, your opinion about ppl who eat dogs ?  
rex, Panama is full of lost dogs
I am not sure, if I understand you, Ali. It is pretty mysterious, what you say.
no he stinks
and u respect him
Its Joker lol
hello daga's dog :wave:
ı meant people prefer to express with short expressions or words... matej...  
Real picture
 I dont see pet
looooooooooool daga
Hi daniem
My dog on weed
cute feet
while ı watch your chat ı have eaten two fruits that are circle, can you know them? matej...
Pon tu foto o hay que rogarte
Why could you not read a sentence, Ali?
even, i only spent money for alcohol :P
BB is for Bucks Bunny ? XD
Primark is not expensive
rex, i am too poor for that :P
it's the mode at Paris, everybody has those shoes
Or not
Yael you buy inprimark
hahahah *best gift ever*
Untold me its chanel idiot
chanel :D
Hi Ali :)
I bought inparis
Then he said 5 euros
hi BB..
made in Panama
 I gave her it
Last year
daga, did rex send you thos bunnies for valentines ?
Bb complete foto please
hımm.. yes matej ı watched your chat.. ı couldn't read a sentence generally  
Eww dont show
My subject to chat, Ali, is kids masturbation, but nobody wants to discuss it with me.
 I have picture pijama uk lol
weed floor the best xd
lol why do u care about such details
matej buuu :P
Rexy what do u think about having animals as flip flops?
hi matej, what is your subject to chat?  
Yaels subject to chat is Rex, Ali. All the time.
Wood floor
ali, romantism
hu la la sexy feets daga :D
hey yael what is your subject to chat?  
Hi Ali.
hey ali
How many ties do you have?
First date :D
rex, we are dress up for the night xd
Le miracle de l'amour :heart: :D
.merci i have many i dontvuse it to muxh
 Lol i will
Rex, you have nice tie on your photo.
try to smile next time :P
 I front 300 people and autoritoes lol
 I was maestro de seremonia
rex, King of the prom :D
Ok wait
 Put here real
Daga and your picture
Fight him
the best ones :D
Oh, love triangle
She has a bf
ouch, friendzoned ?
She is my co worker
you finally found love ?  
hu la la rexpacito
you :P
he lives inside a KFC
But do you let chickens inside da house?
 She has good english
She heard*
Sandra good friend
rex's farm xd
Sandy also told me she had dogs and chickens when she called u
fluently ? you were drunk rex
in spanish xd
Both fluently
U must be deaf
 Tv high volumen
Yeah still cannot forget it
hu la la
 Daga you rememeber we taled in skypw
coco chérie :P
Mon cherie
Its all about food in France
in french we call them; tablette de chocolat
six pack of beers xd
matej ??
creamy, hmm.
U have got a sick pack instead of six pack
rex train in the jungle 6 months :D
You are going to interesting sites too, Yael.
 I font have sick pack lol
<-- not joking :P
Just joking :)
a creamy one  
ops :popcorn:
rex, your belly is
Cual es el problema
Isnt speaking every language fluently a reason?

at least cr7 has a reason to have a ego, unlike rex :D
Lool are u serious rexy? Xd
daga :kiss: haha
Naked cuz i take the clothes xd
Marta is for u
No without Marta
Marta wear
Zara cuz of my chica loca
Or gap
Bb choosw zara or h$m
Well. Just like all men
He is never alone always with his huge EGO
leave him alone :D
pff HATERS !!
Teeth fake
Maybe I am too old for it. Too old and weary.
Cr7 is in the jail
Cr7 fake teeth
lol dagaaaa
I choose CR7 :P
4 was a burqa  
My choice is 4
She os marta
Marta is from.portugal
it was random :P
Ana choose 3 too
rex !!!!!!!! you do it on purpose ?
The same marta? xd
rex the zionist :D

 You liked look 2
3 :P
 What is best fashion 1 2 3
Yes cuz we speak rexish
matej, of course, we are from another level
  Yes you know it
ah she is wearing Zara clothes xdd
None was real
But tell me, bright ladies, do you really understand what Rex is writing?
so many girls had a pic of her pretending to be one  
It was big Vincent's crush xd
lol rex, i will tell you tomorrow
The best fashion winter
Rexy do you remember Neta??
he got a massive crush on that marta
She is a cuttie Rex
rex, i choose you :D
ricky martin song ?
Choose the best look
La vie d'Adèle :P
 12 3
Yael choose one please
lol matej, no comment
Daga : type KLM intern Marta on youtube lol
rex, someone should write a book about your romance with Marta :P
How to find Marta Yael?
I am afraid, that not only in youtube, Yael.
rex pfffff you just watch the lesbian scene on youtube
Shipol lol
 Yael it was funny history
LOL rex
lol rex, you met her 2 minutes at the airport 2 years ago
Stupid adele movie horrible
Rexy show
Matej favorit movie is 50 shades of germans xd
 I miss her
Rexy show me Marta
Eintopf, Daga. The greatest fetish of all times.
Dont Yael xd

People were
matej, translate for us
fighting for Marta :D
Matej what is your fetish on germans? Ahahaha
stalkerman vs weedman
responsible ?! lol
 I fight with classmate in school he smoked weed lol
I am a responible girl ! :P
hahaha i am just joking
many accidents
caused to
Wolfgang in German room:
wusstet ihr das wenn man seine füße mit einzelnen blättern von kopfsalat einwickelt, diese anschließend nach kopfsalat riechen?  
Yael is well known in Paris
oh los fools xd
rex, smoking weed helps to me more focus while driving xddd
 No money for copy
  Yael they prefer it than eat food
Yes, that is true, Yael.
like the real king
Lol rexy is drunk today
No, they go for 666.
lol rex, respect your friends
some people think it referes to Neron  
Poor stupids
I remembwr my friend bought it
Some people say, that the number is 616.
Happy Weed day
Rexy fock ya
order 666
weed session ???
I thought u always do
Weed sessionxd
it smells carpet on fire XD
I hate people talk after weed session
 Weed smell merde
rex stop smoking weed :P
Did you be moulin rouge
No:D It makes you to fall down:D
U forgot about gravity Matej
lol daga
rex, at that time, men were showing off with bitches, it wasn't a shame xdd
Moulin rouge prostitution.nowaday is teather lol
its where we meet Yaelita
Yes for it
Hmm, would you like to fall down over its edge?
Moulin rouge
Ok rexy which one: audiq8 or ferrari?
 A place cal
 I read about it
not romantic at all xd
Bb next question
bc in the 19th century, the city was full of prostitues XD
its what i believe
About that earh is flat?
Me too, Daga. I am joking all the time. But sometimes, I say only a few facts:D
Tell me
I agree with rex
nah, there is a real story behind :P
* :dance:
Marketing just
Matej just joking :blink:
Rex, do you know why Paris is the city of love ?
No, Matej is only open-minded.
Donr eat pie lol
 American pie
lol daga
 Nice movie
normal ? huh, not really
Matej is a pedobear xd
rex, your opinion about American pie ? XD
pervertos clips
Music just
you make them richer :P
rex, you listen to those idiots all the day xd
lolll rex
Yawl they are idiot
So if you dont know, what is alcohol, it is not an alcohol?
Need to leave
Ozuna y Romeo biggest players ever
Nah Matej. At least im not religious i dont take it as a bad thing
True mimo
Its not the sexuality as we define it. The sexuality of a kid, is simply guided by the feeling. Something that feels good. They dont know whats going on. They can make no difference.
21 mars  
Pervet doctor
Doctor the ecñe
Sobredioses xd
Yael lol xd
There is already sexmaster on yt xd total shit
Rex, show them that romeo santos song about sex therapy xdd
Yes, Daga,sex is very sinful. Repent, while there is a time!
it's a huge mess :D
Lol u will become a sex teacher after?  
How is it
I am watching that netflix serie about sex education XD
Daga ummm
Wolfi called cops
lets shut up
We are perverted tlaking about it
This is becoming waaay too serious :D
With all signs of sexual excitement.
Yaelita loca :P
Yes, sexual feeling.
el predicator will speak xd
 Yael no se
But, its kinda just a nice feeling for them
rex, your opinion about kids masturbating ?  
Limon for rhem
And of course i know that
The Pope will disagree :D
Part of our lifes.
As pet
Sex is natural.
Nothing abnormal
Money dirty animal
Yes, it is natural.
but its nothing wrong anyway
Especially girls, Yael.
Planet of Apes
Lol rexy
lol rex
some, not all ;P
Pervet animals.
Monkeys lol
It is not funny tho, my sis is a pedagogist
Ask in some kindergarten the teachers.
Maybe it will be a big suprise for you, but kids masturbates, too.
so he is kinda right
Mimo but even little kids masturbate...  
No, they arent sexual until a certain age
What are you talking  
Do you think, Mimo, that kids are not sexual beings?
Exactly, yael
it's all overinterpretations :P
Nobody takes Freud so serious, nowadays, but he was the co founder of real psychology.
He pushed kids,pure little humans into sexuality
lol rex
Lol painting a horse by an adult is sexualidad?
I agree Mimo
He had some disorders
So, and as in any other sides of our personalities, also in sex can be created disorders.
But not everything is related to it. A painting of a horse, painted by a kid is not sexual
Lol again this language
Mimo wheb will you gi francia
Yeah a dirty party
Sure it is
Dont you think, that sex is part of our personalities?
 I dont like this music
Its so about him xd
rex, stop singing sex bomb :D
She wrote fremch
She wanted to say rex
Mimo did use wrong word
Lol i talk about Freud -.-
Mimo que dices
Mimo la perverta loca
he was in love with his mother  
All was sex
Maybe you should listen more to doctors:D
Mimo you have native speaker
Freud was a huge psycho
How mamy cups of tea can each drink?
many philosophers :P
Says who, Yael?:D
lol mimo
Matej, Freud thesis are all bullshit
I had to read that in highschool in french class. Understood nothing :/
Shut up :ahhh:
Are you hysteric, Yael?
lol rex, that golden robot in star wars is silvie
Prototype of hystery.
LOL Matej, referencing Madame de Bovary ?  
Crazy gold robot make crzy people
and do you understand when Groot speaks ?  
Chew want daga
And Yael will write now, that the yellow is colour of jealousy, so that means that you are jealous of Rex.
He is chewbacca
 Conotation sound
rex, do you understand when Chewbacca speaks ?  
Im also mario yellow princess, its what my lil cousin says
rex, please don't start
Bb is arwen
don't worry Mimo :) haha
Rexy already shut up
Lol Yael, it was sarcastic  
oh is that the secret of Elfic ? matej
I like bicycle race.
Star war lol lo g time i did not talk about it
ouch, i hate that word race  
It was mix of Spanish and Latin, Yael.
Lol always want to kill us for no reason xd
Matej, callate por favor :P
Matej remind a music
Mimo war is over :P
Lol no
Hey, i am. Just protecting my race :P
Rex, tu eres el iman et Yael soy el metal.
rex can you speak orc language ? xd
No entiendo
Mimi stay calm :hug:
nah Matej, i will pass my turn
Oh, that is scary:D
rex, el rey de los geeks
Would you like to hear sth of my fetishes, Yael?
rex XD
quand il sort dans les rues, les pots de fleurs tombent des fenêtres
OK, as I wrote, it is not my opinion, Mimo.
translate daga :P
No problem, Matej. But french is after english the language that kids learn. Just dumb people that arent able to learn it, call it gay
sorry it was a rap song by my cousin xd just matched here
Matej, we understood that you had a fetichism with french language :P  
Gdy wychodzi na ulice z okien spadaja donice xd
French sounds to me very, very good. A very nice languages.
Mimo she os funny lol
i am not kidding, when rex talks, everybody shuts up XD
Daga :P
 Lol yael stop kidding lol
Yael, do you have an altar with Rex sayings in your room?
he has so much charisma in his pictures :D
Matej, you can never beat rex's handsomeness
French sounds like...baguette
Daga ummm
Hmm, i didnt want to insult anybody, but I am very interested in that topic, what the foreign languages sounds to other people.
Matej earth is flat im telling ya
I dont know, a lot of German told me it.
Duele pescado :p
The Germans say, it is language of homosexuals.
Lol Rex
Its too sexy language not for everyone lol
Cambio dolor, rex.
Tengo calor
Everybody should learn and speak French!
Matej le perverto
No, Daga. I wanted to say only, the French language is so brilliant, that they dont need speak any other.
Codigo 5695
Codigo 507 prv daga
now we are both sad it would be too depressing xd
Lol rexy is sad
Daga prv now
Matej racisto :(
Strange? French girl speaking english is strange, not homosexuality.
What do you even mean? xd
Some of friend and end is other purpose
 Ladies have be careful oeaday with women lol
shouldnt be
Is it? :blink:
hihihij see u Martino
   I respect people . It is strange
Hope this tome u really leave xd
Bye stranger.
good night guys.. have fun
What is your opinion of homosexuality, Rex?
anyway.. I gotta wake up early in the morning
yeah, it is real
 It is real strange
me ?  
Lool :o perverto.  
Lesbians is frequently noeaday in street
naa.. I may adopt you as my daughter ..  
Yes rexy
Daga do you instagram
do i have to be a big sis all the time
You are the third one, who thinks it, stranger:D
hey sisi
@matej.. you mean lesbians ? I thought you were a girl :D
Martin stop crying
What if rexy will?
Matej it is purpose
Matej :D
while being here, I feel like i have forgotten to talk :P
If I put the real picture, Rex, the ladies here will fall in love with me.
strangie, try Russki room :P
it is boring here  
lol rex, when is your offical coming out ?  
3 years xd i said EXPENSIVE
 I wont.go out party lol in 3 week
SO GAY :popcorn:
Daga, rex is forbidden to enter Paris until Panama wons the world cup XD
now u stalk men also?  
Rexy :o
Bb ok i can pay it for you
Only these invitation i accept
Matej put real picture
Invite me to expensive restaurant in Paris
That happens me not very often, Yael.
strangie, don't judge before trying
matej, see ? now rex is jealous of you ! lol
I cant handle drugs
Daga i can invit you babel
cuz im not going to chat with u
Daga ummm babbel
pfff rex
No Rex
lol rex
Matej and yael privaye chat please
Its baby speaking polish :D slovako
The Slovaks thinks the same about polish language:D
ok Matej :P
Lol Matejo cuz it is :p
 I dont want butterfly guy hewas dancing
lol strangie, stop taking drugs dear
he did his coming out in 2014  XD
Lol.ricky danci
I can answer you, Yael. It is not a prejudices, but a lot of Polish people say, that our language sounds them as a very spoilt language.
maybe yael would teach me once about the french kiss  
change the topic
Yeah he showed me young ricky martin yesterday xd
lol rex
But we are like one xd  
daga :P
Daga you saw ricky martin he was poor
oh come on, neighbors are always teasing each others
lol Matej, I love french people, especially when they have different roots  
bye Ricky Martin
None. We are almost the same xd
Lol such a kiddo xd ciao Martino
Daga, which prejudices are there for Slovakia ? :D
Rexy im sad. Entertain me
ok I will leave then, bye guys. have fun
pfff Matej
Coca cola del desierto xd
respect ladies rex  
later Rexito
Expensive plagiarism
Do you have any prejudices, real stranger? About France and French people for example?
say please, rex
hu la la
Daga prv now
weren't you supposed to go ? haha
stranger, no one wants to know :P
rex, of course you know it
my dirty imagination ? .. I wonder what that would be
stop your dirty imagination  
I am shy now
you forgot 10 years :P
I am still a kid
please girls, focus more on stranger XD
I am 18 years old,  
pfff strangie, don't be a kid
No la conosco
so I should leave  
lol, nobody is talking to me :P
Patze lookibg for fondo de bikini
rex, what is your opinion about Bluered lines song ? XD
Bye Martin quicker and quicker
ok bye
Patze looking for willi
Sorry xd yes
Ok daga
lol daga, Patze is still looking for it
Pargo rojo is red fish
chombo is eating chinese soup since the worldcup
What about pango roja?
rex, i will invite Booba for mine :P :D
I called me an idiot :blink:
:hug: BB
 I wont eat tuna
there is always money for weddings :P
Wedding are expensive
lol rex
Hi Martino
 Ok i dont know if there is money for it
how are you guys ?  
Teeth? :o
rex, how many teeth do you have ? lol  
hello yael and bb
rex, invite me for your wedding :P
But teeth are nice
Mimo :(
daga, he is hopeless
Yes it is true
Hey Strangie
I told him so but he still doesnt want to smile
L'histoire sans fin !  
Gerizekali :heart:
hello people
Rexy is it? :D
rex, they call you like this bc you never smile on your pictures :P
his nickname in Panama is stalkerman  
People hey you are very serious lol
Kedi :hug:
And very a stalker :D
How are you
hahaha rex, no es verdad !
Hi rexy
Bb real life lol i am very serious lol
daga, i would have called the police after the first 10 seconde in the clip xdd
panama slang :P
Ahaha its like i imagine Rexy in real life
Hu mimo
i hate those rejeros who insist so much  
NO is NO :D
rex don't copy it :P
Daga, check that clip from MP, he is stalking a girl like a real douchbag xddd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJ-uPxVYsbA
damn it im on cocaine again
Lol shh up
Then indont want to heart that :D
Tienes una cadera parece carretera
Wtf rex
he took back songs from Claude François and did a massacre
He is not famous in Pl
Rica y apretadita daga
I dont know*
he won Pop star XD
Which one xd i dont like his songs  
Doesnt it turn your on Rexy? Lol
and did pure bullshit with it
seriously, he took back old songs from a famous french singer
he is polaco dont be racist
Men scared women nail weapon
Dont hurt me :p
LOL Matt Pokora is the ultimate douchbag !!!
 Nails scare me lool
In english its even more stupid lol xd
Ur tooo right Rexy lol xd
just translate her songs, you will understand lol
he is polaco
Ladies naila
What about Matt Pokora i heard he is famous there
Nail dangerous weapon
lol his face is elastic
Lol his face will explode
Daga, no one respects her in France
rex, you deserve 1000 and 1 slaps  
Dont be a hatero
I like her :D she is cute
alizee, you know that stupid singer ?  
Just joking, alizee
ohh rex, you crossed the red line !D
Daga :(
 Yael va callar el parque
how dare u xd
Yael why do you lie to me? :p
i never asked that
pffff rex, callate la boca
Matej, stop spying :P
Yael and i want to know a picture.
or they are already on my fb :D
no one does except you
Yael doesnt care
no, only you, perverto santos
who are you? We xd
we ?  
We want to know
Pon da foto
hu la la
like 60
Daga ummpon tu foto preciosa
i still have some pounds  
 cocaine rex :D
Too much
ok, the king is gone
I remember uk coin i carry 3 pound ij pocket lol
euro coins are heavy ?? hahaha
that's was very unexpected rex xdddd
Wtf xd
5 euros bill
Euros coin
Not even k$£¥a?
daga, close to .. 0 ? haha
pfff rex, dream  
Klm will appl6 order 66 airfrance a prediction
Rexy el chombo is looking for you
pl words ?  
And Yael?
How many pl words do you know Rexy?
Klm will apply order 66 a prediction
nah, few words  
you know arabic  
rex, Malaysia Airline hired you ?
Do u mean fbi and cia?
hahahh nice yael
Call you for what reason?
LOL now that's science fiction rex
 I got the job in airport mamy companies call me
anaa bikhayr shukran :P
Hi Aa
how are you all
hey yael
Hello Bhaa
Dont give up Rexy
lolllll rex
Lol inever got the job
So it doesnt hurt
For blind people
hi all
that's why google translate is so messed up  
he got a job as english translater xd
Rexy u didnt eat pluralism today!!
Probably xd
It was for a company internet buy
Interviewer u mean?
daga, he selects his drug dealers xd
rex el patron  
Were you??? :o
 I was interview
Rexy are job interviews hard for pilots?
haha :P
De rein
oh i thought u do Yaelita :)
Ahh sorry
shukran rex :P
me i guess lol
Who is SHE?
First time
ok rex, we understood
She is not engage with language
lol rex
She does not talk
Lol i loved dat language  
I don't speak it :)
U can insult them in arabic and they wont know ;)
Rex is talking the secret language of Sean Paul xd
Daga, my father is french, so my family name is french and some of those bastard wonder how an "arab" could get that name XD that's totally inappropriate and racist for me
We are talking about job interviews. Tell us about your experience Rexito
Rexy what language is this???
But they have never found out
lol dagaaaaa
What are yoi talkimt
Actually i am :D
hahaha they want to check if you're not a psycho
Are they? :/
Or where u see yrself in 10years. Well in 2029 suckers!
the worst is with racist assholes
i hate those stupid questions, no one cares !!
Yeah it sucks
Did they ask you how many ping pong balls may fill the room?
I hate job interviews :/
Rexy nerelesin?  
rex, introduce yourself  
hahaha finally, everything makes sense
The lazy crazy bro
Hahah rexy is that bro Ali is always mentioning xd
Daga, don't you think that rex with that picture is the brother of Ali ? xd
Panama is in the past
his day isn't over haha
Rexy how was your day?
lol Daga
I was living in east of France before
So much luck*
my trip to Lebanon got almost canceled bc of that stupid AirFrance strike
where have u beem before?
So much Yaelita :D
maybe it will convince them to speak
Go and tickle them!! To (almost) death  
Hola Rexpacito
I moved to Paris 1 year ago and I got a train strike, airplane strikes, the yellow jackets and a flood :D
Hi Rex.
Hmm, Yael, the Germans hold together, they dont write with other people:D
Hola que haces
he invited his family
Cuz Wolf created babchat and he is german?
Matej, go ask them :P
Isnt it great?
couldn't work on Saturdays during 3-4 weeks haha
Dont you know why the German native speakers are here? And especially in German room?
nah never :P
Shitty money
Where u a part? :D
Too bad :/
for what reason ?
in December it was almost a civil war xd
Here teachers are on strike for now
but now it's calmer
why not. I have to go through Paris
Don you think that it could work in Varsovie too? :chin:
there is always a strike somewhere  
Daga, in Paris i have a perfect excuse to come late at work : the yellow jackets XD
suffer :p
U wanted to be one
rexman isn't there daga :P
* que haces
Que haces?
oh nice move :D
I was only few minutes late
I had to call uber to pick me up. With bus i would be around 9:30 probably lol.  
no comment, matej :P
What do you like to face, Yael?
did you take your breakfast in the bus ? haha
OK, my fault:D
LOL some people love facing risks xd
Hi ehm Jetam
its me today xd  
Yael what is your opinion on waking up at 7:25 when u start work at 8:00
Hey Matej
Hi, ehm, Daga.
Hi Yael.
silly man. They eat people
ask me those questions, i will try to answer like rex lol  
swimming with crocodiles  
:D but he doesnt care
and also some answers  
ive got some questions
where is Rexito? :chin:
girl team :P
Rexy que haces
lol Yael why do we always come at the same time lol
Dagaaa :D
knock knock
Hello :)
Nite ali :wave:
hımm you changed your picture... have a good night milou.. :smile:  
Catch yah latteres ali :wave:
thank you matej, milou and bye all... see you :wave:  
hello milou... your white clouds seem good..
ı have to do my other stuff works... ı felt a bit tired because ı have been sitting on my chair for a long time  
Hello :wave:
my time will be over soon...  
ı felt the existence of my will power and concentrating ability while correcting my mistakes...  
by this way the ability of imagination and thinking abstract subject improved well...  
that made my writing ability improving... ı solved my mind problems by discussing my self on the pages of my dairy...  
before beginning to write my books ı have kept my dairy  for five or six years..  
How long do you keep your dairy?
okay matej... that is good... ı wrote my dairy everyday too...    
And thanks for the interesting new words.
I write my dairy everyday.
but ı couldn't write them without looking at them below  
okay bro, ı will do that... they are: prevalent, wash up, go off, pigeon toed, lit...  
ali write all words totally that you studied today...  
wow.. my bro will be happy because ı have finished to study five new words  
prevalent means conman, extensive... ex: Among this group smoking is less prevalent than in the general population.
5. prevalent?  
my example for wash up : after getting up, ı put my tea water on the fire, later ı do my exercises on my bed and ı go to my bathroom to wash up my face  
wash up means to make face or clothes cleaning..  
4. wash up?  
do you write your dairy everyday or sometimes?  
how do you keep your dairy?  
do you have any planing that deals with your writing ability ?  
the important thing is that human should express own self by means of art...  
yes, of course, everybody can make mistakes  
In som measure.
by the way, we can make hard ways easy by planing and changing  
But some people are pretty close to it:D
And you know, nobody is perfect.
Some people think, that we should be more satisfied with the things, that we have. That doesnt mean resignation, but only a lack of satisfaction. Your approach look like an endavour for perfection.
easy ways can not guide us well...  
in my opinion  happiness is at the end of hard ways..
there always are hard ways and easy ways... the result is up to the kind of preference  
preferences are important...  
yes... a day is 24 hours for everybody... and time is very valuable... and that is matter how to use our this time in aday  
So, everlasting improvement of our abilities and personalities is the way, Ali?
when we are used to write, live alone and express ourselves in time... that will be easy and make us happy then..
in fact, we built our big house day by day.... at the beginning of the way  that can be difficult but in time that will be very enjoyable learning voyage..  
by this way... your way will be hard day by day... but the end will be good  
And it is not the humbleness, but fact.
you should learn how to write a short story or a novel...
Hmm, so good am I not.
for example when will you write an article in a magazine...  
and you should try to reach your levels that you defined in your plan...  
that is very good... but you should make a plan for future...  
And yes, I keep my dairy too.
I write emails with my penpals almost every day.
if you always keep your dairy your writing ability will improve day by day  
Yes, I can tell you, I am partial for writing.
so writing is a kind of art in literature...  
but you have felt that writing will be your way of expressing yourself  
yes some fields can be close to human... they are alternatives... yes we like some by beginning from our child period    
I tried all of that creative stuff, Ali, and it didnt turn out well.
in fact... we should be open to all alternatives...  
when we say no no no... we send negative thoughts to our unconsciousness... and that part of the mind begins to work or prepare according to this view point...
for example keeing a dairy is the best way of finding that gift in the mind  
Maybe in writing, I can be creative, but no painting, no music instruments, no singing, no dancing, Ali.
so that deals with human mind... and it depends to know about that and to improve that day by day ...
but it is necessary to find in the inside of human more or less...  
hi jorge  
no matej... in fact everybody has that gift...  
Hi Jorge.
thank you matej... nice to hear that from you.. :smile:  
I would like to be creative too, but this gift was not given to me.
I read everything what you wrote and I must admit, you are an interesting man.
no problem matej... your question was good and tired to answer to that  
inspiration likes in routine works  
Sorry Ali, I had phone call.
when ı get any inspiration or an important idea during the day, ı note them to use them when necessary  
if that balance is good  finding that inspiration can be easy...  
so it is necessary to make a good balance between consciousness and unconsciousness in the mind...  
yes the place of creativity is the unconsciousness of human...  
ı feel its time and ı try to part a special time to take care of my bro by doing what we want...
ı sometimes go to my big city to charge my inspiration battery...  
besides one of my book deals with art... so ı am in art subjects.. these knowledge and my private atmosphere gets my inspiration...  
sometimes ı feel negatively but ı know that can be and that will end... that deals with the way of thinking... ı like reading...  
ı find my inspiration from my inside by thinking my art future... so ı like creating...  
ı have some new artworks for an exhibition, after finishing my books ı will try to open exhibition as local or abroad  
And where and how you get the inspiration?
my materials that ı will use on my artworks are happy now because they have own places   in my garden shed..  
Did you have any exhibition of your pictures or do you make it for your private purposes only?
OK, I understand.
for example ı can use wood, some machine parts, wire, robe, paper, old pictures, nails in addition to paints...  
So you can paint, spill sth on canvas, sth like that?
OK, I see now.
that means, an artist can use all ways of painting by creating an artwork..
I would like to see some of them. Maybe one day.
What do you mean? Mixed materials?
abstract pictures make human minds working well...  
yes my style of art is mixed media... and ı try to create abstract pictures  
What word are they?
ı looked at my words that ı studied in the last intermission and ı saw that ı had finished three words...  
Hmm, I like abstract pictures. Especially with insane atmosphere.
but that can be built in time...  
but ı should make a abstract picture on its wall...  
my garden shed has finished..  
my garden is good although ı have some works that ı have to do...  
And garten shed?
Thanks, Ali. What about your garten?
wow.. if they are positive things... that is good matej... ı am fine.. my life is the same...  
How are you?
I lived in more in reality, Ali, a lot of things happend, but they are positive ones.
what happened, or else did you go to moon lol?  
we couldn't chat in these days..  
where have you been there?  
hi matej, welcome  
Hi Ali.
in fact ı have stayed in my last long intermission but ı couldn't study five new words  
my bro wants me to complete my lack words and for this purpose he sent me here  
what a pity
nobody in this room?
what are you doing today?
thank you and bye all... see you :wave:  
my long intermission is over now.... my works that ı planned to do yesterday are waiting for me  
that is a good way to be able to reach a good end...
which habits are good or bad... and should try to select them and gain good habits in stead of bad habits  
so a clever human should control own habits like the rest of a car...
especially habits occur as dealing with our actions that occur according to the thoughts  
because the destiny changes according to the first circles of this chain  
for that reason  thoughts, actions habits, characters and destiny.. as a chain are very important  
the artwork of that human is his or her life  
so everybody is an artist too... and should try to create her or his best artwork all life long  
and at the end of life he or she will be proud of own life because of doing what is necessary for own life  
if human lives consciously by knowing body and mind  and his or her power that comes from body and mind ... he or she can live a magic life  
all activities of human deal with these...  
so he or she tries to realize these two instincts all day life...  
human is born with two instincts ( to make generation continuing and to survive )
i think it would just be hard and boring
right wolf.. nothing but we need to go to the end of this way after coming into this real world  
We simply die
But lets say, i reject that life and live in the forest lol ppl will see me as crazy, loser etc.
we are always going forward  but where?  
what will happen at the end of this life?  
why do we live in this life  
Yes, charly. I understand your point of view. When i live the life i want, i can feel successful inside of me. Maybe thats the real success
a person should try to find a correct purpose of his or her life generally  
purpose is very important...  
Simply you have a vision for the kind of life you want
human should try to find realities by means of science about life as dealing with what happens... why, how, where... these words are very important to follow the realities...  
Maybe in the close family, they appreciate you for who you are. Thats why we can be ourselves with family
I think so, charly. Does anyone care about you, if you do right things. In our world its nothing  
balance is a magic word in the life...  
Your amount on the bank account, counts. Not if you are super nice
Success isn't just about miney, power or fame.. Mimo
yes... he or she will be punish of own live when he or she understand the reality in times closing the dead point....  
Most of the people see him as a successful person. Buildings, cars etc. if he is an asshole character, no on really cares
equality, goodness, perfectness, freedom..... are example of universal values...
Ok, i understand. Makes sense
You say the look of a person, but who says if that person is ugly or pretty. All is a subjective opinion
for example, a person has a huge buildings, many cars and money but when we talk to him or her, we see an ignorant person.. that is not a success...  
You have nice words, ali. But you dont define them. What are universal values for you?
we should take universal values as a standard of being successful...
Thats true
the value of being successful change according to the communities  
yes charly... good habits or bad habits define human life  
There are so many bad people, with bad habits but still successful
everything begins with a thought  
good habits are the key to all success
Its not really sound
thoughts, actions, habits, characters and destiny.... that is a chain of human in the life  
But you use parameters that can be changed
yes.. habits are very important  
Well, then the mind control is just the discipline of changing habits
thank you mimo... mostly yes is a good comment too as dealing with my idea  
takes time*
and that appearance takes...  
hi Mimo;)
Mostly yes
fat or slim... that deals with habits  
but weights can not be changed easily  
yes.. right.. but we talk generally  
Even make up can make a woman another person
But apperance can ne changed at any time
Hi charly
we try to imagine who is who without seeing his or her face just looking the words and sentences...
besides... our ability of imagine is improving here while chatting  
yes.. mimo... right..it is possibly to understand the structure of a mind by looking at his or her appearance..  
thought control is one of  the subjects of my book  
You appreance decides your way of thinking? :blink:
that deals with thought control...  
yes.. ı should be successful because the appearance is important too... that shows how my mind can control my ideas or emotions  
So all fine then
my scale is close my desk... when ı go to my kitchen ı see that and a message goes to my unconsciousness not to eat more  
and do you succeed? :)
ı try to always hold my weight at 80 kg. by means of these two magic devises...  
ı have a mirror and scale... as you know they don't lie...  
Yes, Wolfi. I think the same actually. Thats why i used it before. But its crazy. Even here on that page. :facepalm:
yes.. wolf... all cells of the body need to move everyday  
ali wiggles his toes regularly
it's nice to know how a person looks, age etc., but i understand why women can't do it
besides ı  do my exercises outside in two days every week  
Lol better than nothing :tongue:
yes.. when ı get up in the morning after ı put my tea water on the fire ı always do my some movements on my bed
Do you do sports, ali?
yes.. moving is very crucial for human body  
Well, would be the wrong page to use fakes. Its for languages and nice conversations. Not dating. My look doesnt really matter i guess
yes... so you are a young lady.. your body and mind burn more energy all day long...  
ı saw your nice pictures here but ı can not be sure that they are true or not lol..  
You can eat just rubbish all day long, as long as you move enough you wont get fat
Hahaha food doesnt make fat, lack of activity makes fat
hımm... yes.. baklava, kaymak make human fat  
Ali, are you pretending like you never saw a pic of me here?
indeed mimo is
but their compliments show that you are beautiful ...
Lol ama baklava ve kaymak cok seviyor :D
yes right mimo... scare of them...
she put a bit food for breakfast in her profile  that means ı am a slim lady  
I used to use pictures here but too many disgusting pervs around, ali
it was just a parody of rex :)
yes.. wolf... mimo can put her picture  
Hahahha Wolfi
Typing is ok
Hahaha super fat, cant move anymore
according to*  
time has come
mimo put picture
wow... you are a fat woman according you weight lol mimo  
no comment mimo... we are all family here in fact  
150kg, why?  
mimo are you a slim lady ?  
But ali is
Hahahahhaha :clap:  
can't say i'm sad
No one needs pervert bernhard
Muss auch wieder los, bis später
hi wolf... you couldn't catch berny...  
Wolfi :)
see you later berny... have a sunny day... :wave:  
what's up, you schnuckis :)
I am going for a sunshine walk now, see you later  
Me too, thanks
yes, ali ...  midnight in Australia
mimo, thank you and you?  
fresh energy  
see you
susan is a punctual woman  berny... she will run to her bed now...  
see you, susan  
Nasilsin, ali?
ali, kiss ... bernhard, kiss
je file ... i run
thank you susan, have a good night, see you :wave:  
2 minutes until midnight
what time in Australia now ?
au revoir ... à demain ... a pleasure to chat with you
mimo :wave:  
you are very ambitious, ali  
lit is my new word susan...
and he: wait, just wait, I don  find it. :-)
je cherche mon lit ... i look for my bed
berny, hope your voice is wonderful :guitar:
the clock will soon strike midnight
susan, SHE may ask: darling, why do you look for your grammat book right now ? please come and kiss me  
Ali :wave:
he is*
berny tells just nice ladies that he was a professional musician.. susan thank you for that clue...  
For those sighs of desire, "oui" or "no" is absolutely sufficient :-)
ali, you know that bernhard is a musician ? professional musician
but that's the divine moment, susan, being with a French or Belgian girl in bed in a hotel room, when you ( a man !) are ready to forget about any grammar . :hug:
after some times, getting a bit older, it is not possible to learn a language without grammar like children  
ı like grammar too because ı can learn it by means of grammar..  
internet is a big facility to improve a language  
only a person who loves grammar, would learn french
Mee too  
i love grammar
yes susan... right  
me, i watch french tv
do you have French grammar books, susan ?
english *
ok, you must watch englis language tv shows
no touristes
susan ı live in a small town.. that is a kind of village during the winter .. in summer, ı can rarely met a few people who knows english.
well expressed, ali  
english language touristes
yes  berny.. ı have one watermelon that ı try to carry in my armpit so that is english  
ali, do you speak with e glis touristes ... in your city
so ı try to realize that to be able to reserve to sleep well  
english, ali ?
ali, it is always nice to see how devoted you are to learning
my bro wants me to study five new words in every intermission...  
yes, ı like free games... my free game is to study five new words here...  
lol, ali ... no, this game is free
he he... if there was ı would come with my money lol...
"belote", en allemand c'est "Schafkopf", susan, je le connais un peu
no ... no english version
poker ... no, i do not play it
hımm.. that is good susan is there its english version too?  
poker .. you may lose a lot of money
lost time ... wasting time ... ah yes
but in my opinion, some plays like poker are harmful in terms of getting lost time  
they are all french people ... natives
yes ali ... and there is also a chat page
if that is useful to improve your french, that is good  susan  
à la belote ... le site exoty
what is it called, susan ?  
i have been playing a french game of cards ... 3 months now
per 100mg
coke is very harmful for the body berny  
32 mg each 100 ml I think  
made in Hamburg  
more caffeine .... lool, ok, i like that
ı used to play that in the past but now no...
the best coke on earth :-)
at least less sugar taste, susan  
besides, human sometimes can feel bad  
do you play card games on the internet ?
https://www.google.com/search?q=Fritz+kola,+fotos&tbm=isch&s...   susan, more caffeine and less sugar flavour  
do you play cards ?
yes susan... and lemon water  
apple juice with mineral water ... ahhh, nice
of course I Like it, Ali  
mixed apple juice with mineal water (APfelschorle) is really good  
don't you like this room berny?  
fritz coke ... what is that ?
too much sugar, yes
coca cola is not good berny..
coca cola ... nooo
that is good susan... that is a positive way of thinking  
I think you need a good strong Fritz Coke now, susan
but still, i am happy to participate
now, i am more tired
when i first used to come to babchat, i was full of energy
I am a producer, ali .. I want to say: Ialways "produce" too much in the French room  
hi berny  
merci bernhard
hey ali, wasy  
je te poursuis comme un gendarme de police, susan :-)  
how are you today?
hello susan welcome
hello ali
3. lit ?
watch dog is a kind of dog. That dog lives in the garden and other name is guard dog.. ex: ı had a watch dog in my garden when ı lived in the rural area..  
there is someone bored  
2. watch dog ?
pigeon toed deals with the shape of toes, toes that curve inward are named pigeon toed... ex: the toes of some people are pigeon toed.  
Olá doidão.
2. pigeon toed?  
go off means burst, explode... ex: a bomb went off under this bridge and many people dead last year.  
1. go off ?  
i have lunch right now
good hunger

bis später :D
Eier noch warm bis gleich :-)
be back
ok ..  I'll eat my scrambled eggs now, with coffee, and I'll eb back in 10 to 15 minutes, ok ? *gg*  
what makes more sense? British or American English?
not really, but is had never learned at school and now I will learn englisch. sorry for my bad sentence. im still at the beginning to learning
sunshine, sunshine  
11.14 h :-)
good morning Trier - time Wasiem  
it is easier to learn than Chinese !  
why horrible ? too difficult ?
hallo Bernhard, I'm new here to learn English, it's so horrible :D
hello Pascal
hallo everyone
hey European morning-birds  
why is jesus son of god? why not daughter?
See you all :wave:
It is wrote 2019 years ago
 Jesus is son of god
what is truth ?  
People dont like truth
 But the truth make us free
rex, can you marry a muslim girl ?
 I always respect religions
finally lol
 I respect your opinion
rex is gone xd
He knew it
Mahoma knew jesus is lord
rex, I believe in Jesus, but as a prophet. Stop now
rex, is this video 2000 years old ?
I was talking about oysters.
Look it jesus cure him
Yes, that is the right way
i already celebrate christmas :P  
rex, you want to convert me to christianity ?
i put lemon on my oysters  
Red wine and oysters.
And yes, you are.
Americans are always chocked when they see what french eat xdd
Yes, a lot. But I wanted to know with that question, if you are really French.
yes I do, and you ?
where the devil is a woman XD
lol rex again that spanish jesus movie xdd
Do you like oysters?
Parisians don't have time :P
https://youtu.be/ZFy9OPRlfpE we do not want to learn :cry:
hey come on, i am not a chef xd
Tartiflette, creme brulee, coq au vin, etc?
snails, frog legs, what else ? haha
So what do you cook?
nah never tried
French don't play with food, it's sacred :P
Do you manage to cook coq au vin?
That sounds good.
rex, can you walk on water ?
i cook almost everyday :P  
You are French. You should spend money for meal!:D
i stopped smoking..more money to drink XD
But from time to time, you know it.
No, I prefer cigarettes. But I gave up smoking too
yeah, have you tried ?
With flavour?
yeah just time to time
That is smoking too!
my lebanese side lol  
I only smoke chicha now  
nah :P
It belong to your caffe culture.
ah here we are
You are French. It is necessary, that you smoke.
and boom, what happened ? haha
it was said: "I am going to Paris, I am going to wear black and smoking!"
We did a bet before the world cup. I told him, if France wins, i will stop smoking
That is quite sad, Yael.
true story xdd
Matej, i stopped smoking thanks to rex
el dios de los seductores
pffff :P
God of Rex you mean?:D
nah don't worry, only God can save me now xd
I want to rescue you from that situation, but you dont cooperate:D
not really :P
Bernhard would be proud of me haha
I suppose, that the reason is, that you have really expensive alcohol there:D
ouch, sounds bad
a huge part of my salary goes for alcohol spending XD
Or sorrows, if you want.
To sort out my thoughts and ideas.
But sometimes, it can be very helpful.
And it is never good idea in my opinion.
Sometimes, but rarely, I do it.
i do, and you ?
no, they never are :P
But do you drink alone?
OK, sometimes are prejudices good things.
matej, yeah i am, but not only
sorry my mom at phone haha  
back :P
Lucas 6 41,4241 “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? 42 How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
So, my prejudice is: you are drinking red wine.
Matej, i am still waiting XD
Rex, do you have all of  these christians rituals or sacraments, such as confirmation and christening?
Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.
run you fools XD
Walk with the wise and become wise; associate with fools and get in trouble proverbio 13,20
rexpastor is on fire !!
el predicator is back :D
Founded by men
other religions don't exist rex ?  
 Jesus is the son of god
very tolerant comment rex !!!
LOL rex
I wil tell you sth.
There is just one religion founded by jesus no more
I know, that you are not fanatic!
good then :P
Yes, Yael. I am very open minded too. And, you know, my intelligence is more famous than my modesty:D
I am not a fanatic, i can speak about religions without anger
My prejudice - red wine:D
matej, my father is christian and my mother muslim. So you can imagine that i am very open-minded.  
you don't want to know lol
So, what do you drink?:D Do you want to hear another one of my prejudices?:D
RIP future not funny jokes
But now it is killed:D
And another trial of joke would be come.
I ve expected, you will ask, why Matej?
OK, but not for the reason, that you are muslim-
you said it yourself, you didn't expect me drinking :P
Why do you think constantly, that I am full of prejudices, Yael?
nice :)
I am really interested in topics as religion. And many others too:D
Very well.
yeah of course, my father is also christian. You didn't expect that haha :P  
I know it very well, Yael.
Matej, there is not just one islam, but a mosaic of islams
OK, I am roman catholic, officially. Can write together, what do you mean?
now you're the one not remembering
you knew :P
oh no
rex don't make conculsion too quickly ;O
Oh, know,  Yael. I was joking again. And I didnt now, the you are muslim.  
bc i am muslim ? don't be affraid, say it lol  
 I see perseverancia perseverancia
what is that supposed to mean
Rex, if she gets an email from me, she will not sleep for three weeks.
Matej, you have many to learn :P
stalker methods rex !!
You, know, Yael, it is not allowed to drink alcohol for women in Slovakia.
lolllll rex
Matej yiu want her email
pfff and why so ?
Not no, in general I mean:D
LOL rex
I dont know why, but I didnt expect you drink alcohol.
Matej what she said you
So, so drunk are you obviously not:D
hahaha i never did
Tu m as promis d etre sage!
I can't promise anything
Matej, i was drunk half of the time i wrote to you :D
Yael:D Remember very good, what you wrote to me:D
i don't know her name, random girl number 2463 xdd
rex, that song is very bad :D Romeo santos is an angel compared
LOL rex, i knew it
Matej, at least my opinion isn't a fact ;)
I am
But now I going to be delightful again.
Lol nice music what is new girl who has white dress
do you see
So, very good, Yael. I can now tell you - it is only your opinion, that Matej is not the most beautiful name in Slovak. Do you the problem, Yael?
Teacher Matej, no idea :P
rex, your favorit song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIlGnaefCck    :D
And how many Slovaks do you know?
close to... 1 :D
But, Yael, how many slovak names do you know?
I ve told you, you are bright. Irony off.
yeah that's only your opinion  
But, frankly speaking, Matej is the most beutiful name in Slovakia. And in Czech republic too, actually. So, be so kind:D
to close from je t'aime hahaha
nah bad idea
Jetam, Yael, if you want it this way.
rex, Booba rapping in hell xdddd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-30Y4ZI3OM
Jatem, i am so scared :P
So Yael, now it is me and Rex. And you.
byemara :p
bye mara
Have fun guys, :kiss: :hug:
Lol do you want me to burn my bedroom?
See you Daga :kiss:
Take it as prevention.
weed time :P
Well im not really going to sleep yet
Good night, BB.
Lol. Im using a mobile ;) for chatting with you
carry your latop and chat
To bed :o
Ok ya me voy now
what was the plan A ?  
i like the music
rex, Plan B are fools :P
Or handsome.
What do you want Rexy?  
Stupid, but nice.
martine hi
stupid Jack !
awwww :)
With Mimo and Rex
Ummm Titanic obviously  
bb give me :p i asked you
Rexy out of his flip flops
Daga, what is your most romantic movie ?  
Folie a deux, a trois, is rare, but severe symptom of some psychical diseases.
matej, i don't want to know :P
madness ? This is spartaaa :D
Sounds so romantic to me
Matej, even silvie is funnier ;P
madness <3
The only folie I know, Yael is folie a deux, folie a trois, etc.
comme un fou, comme un soldat, comme une star de cinéma :whistle:
Yes, Yael, i know it very good:D But I wanted to be funny.
Je t'aime à la folie :D  
Matej, and ? Wasn't I also using irony ?  
thats what she wanted to say
Je t aime :heart:
Je tam mean she/he is there, Yael, in Slovak.
you behave now boyos!
Ohhh no  
I know, you didnt like your education in school, Yael, but by accident, have you not heard about one word, hmm, wait for a while, yes, it is called irony?
Slovak backwards is polish
this is how french slang is working, inverse the spelling xd
It is almost polish
lol daga
Matej, i will call you with your reverse spelling : Jetam  XD
Both, Yael
my soul!
I do like them. I pretend i dont but they seduce me.  
compliments oups
keep your complients :P
It is interesting never heard
not dont
I ve told you already, dont you a bright girl, Yael.
oh nice, i will try to remember that Matej
sloooow down gurls xd lol.  
Hmm, I have good news for you. My name is Matej. You can call me Matej, BB. Yael, you too.
Daga, sundays evenings effect :P
Patze is :D  
Matej, are you working in slow motion ?  
Are you?  
Ok. And that is an abbrevation, or sth like that, isnt it, BB?
lo siento :P
you are a bomb today
Yael calmate chica loca  
Matej you didnt give me a chance xd lol
matej is your brain out of service today ? :P  
Well more or less it is my name. ;) you can call me like that
Thank you very much, BB.
It is everything.  
I have seen it for the first time here today.
And what it is yours, BB? Name, city or your another nick here?
baila conmigo a la playa :D
Dame tu cosita :dance:
Matej, wasn't that obvious ??
We are not sorry.  
Me. :roll:
rex's brain will blow up, too many questions xd
LoL matej
Who or what is daga? I am thinking about it your whole conversation.
Rexy lady daga or lady gaga?
rex, what is your opinion about lady gaga ?  
<- lady daga
am i not a laday?  
el perverto santos
Its for people with a BUTT
and you daga
it is just for ladies
Wanna see it or we better dont ask?
nah sorry :P
rexy can you twerk?
Twerking? No?
i can only dance arabic belly dance xd rex's favorit dance XD
<- lucky
yeah only for you :P
hu la la
Yael dance for me NOW
Dame tu cosita :dance:
he is chombo producer many exitos musicales
loll daga
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wf4BIigf3gs daga the history of dame tu cosita chombo was created it 1998. it is not new music
rex, which dance has Panama invented ?  
Matej, yeah that's all the same for me, old demons that have no power anymore XD
rex dancing in night clubs must be sooo embarassing xddd
If regue existed would be nice :)
Yael, l explicaition de texte is the word!
 other way
bb i learned somet about regue history :P
lolll dagaaa
oups, then i will call your mamacita :P
mamita in music is a girl
rex i will call your mamita :P  
teaching french kiss in a song ? LOL
romeo santos song ?
You have some hips that look like road?  
bb it is english
cocaine rex is back too
lol reeex
Rexy what have you done loco
google source
Even IG is about it today.  
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
You have some hips
that look like roads
and on this rainy day
anything can whooooo
"I had to be a man"
Do not treat it not
do not try to cheat me
(to you never)
I know that you have another
and you want me to hmmm
(for what?)
Do not treat it not
(treat that)
Do not try to cheat me
I know that you have another
(it will be your shadow)
and you want me to hmmm
(so that hmm hmm hmm)
You are my rich and tight mommy
mamita mamita rich and apretadita (2x)
I say my mommy because you are rich
you exercise these tight
not like the others who lose their figure
they eat and eat they look like a ball
while you dress in fashion
your pants are short and your mini skirt
all men mommy loves
but I'm the only one who picks you up
Do not treat it not
(do not try that)
Do not try to cheat me
I know that you have another
(it will be your shadow)
and you want me to hmmm
(for what)
Do not treat it not
Do not try to cheat me
(you are very clever)
I know that you have another
and you want me to hmmm
(mm mm mm)
You are my rich and tight mommy
mamita mamita rich and apretadita
You are my rich and tight mommy
mamita mamita rich and apretadita
If your time friend can not contain
A ray of the heavens you hear falling
My cousin who was bald made his hair grow
It makes scientists go crazy
because their beauty can not understand
me and the general makes me lose power
I want to tell you how that woman has me
I want to tell you how that woman has me
I'm addicted to his figure that woman
I can not stop watching TV
You are my rich and tight mommy
mamita mamita rich and apretadita (2x)
Do not treat it not
Do not try to cheat me
(if I love you mom)
I know that you have another
(it will be your cousin)
and you want me to hmmm
(so you said)
Do not treat it not
Do not try to cheat me
I know that you have another
(you are very clever)
and you want me to hmmm
(mm mm mm)
You are my rich and tight mommy
mamita mamita rich and apretadita
You are my rich and tight mommy
mamita mamita rica y apreta ...
What a beautiful girl than a beautiful girl
Look, mommy, what do you do?
What a girl more tender than a good girl
To return, Mom, you are your dinner
What a rich and tight girl
For my cosi. you are the favorite
That girl more brown than girl more net
For the maliante you are his star
You are my rich and tight mommy
mamita mamita rich and apretadita
Do not treat it not
do not try to cheat me
(to you never)
I know that you have another
and you want me to hmm
(for what)
I do not trstes it
(treat that)
do not try to cheat me
I know that you have another
(it will be your shadow)
and you want me to hmm
(so that mm mm mm)
You are my rich and tight mommy
mamita mamita rich and apretadita (2x
have you seen his CK campaign?  
he found love :D
Shawn must go on
Bieber aint cool anymore
bieber :P
We already forgot
bbe his music is just spanish
Daga, his depression is old story now :D
No jealousy in da house.  
entity ? he's your king, respect him :P
daga cant find rica y apretadita in ingles
the only true rex
Sure, Yael. To be jealous of virtual entity, that is so me:D
I like him being like that
el seductor matador is back
looool rex
Matej, I know you are :P
these girls very nice and cute
Im the ,,always good advice" type.  
You wish I were, Yael, you wish:D
That was the reason:D
♥ BB ♥
You better dont xd
i am translate the music lol  
Daga, Matej is jealous of rex :D
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCAbFdsws98 they are practice daga look them
Matej why do you ask me?? :o
rex wants to translate la gosolina song ? xd
Daga your little heart is strong enough :P
BB, do you know, what is assertive behaviour?:D
bb why
You scared us
buuu :D
You better dont xd
i am translate the music lol
What do you mean?
  hey you have a waist seem streets
general is respect of all regue singers lol puerto rica singers like daddy yanke and others respect singers from panama.
Just like you :D
this music is very funny and nice
i think it was last music of general in regue before he retired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crq90i3SNg8 i gift you it enjoy :P :heart:
la chica de los ojos cafe is a girl with brown eyes
i think it was last music of general in regue before he retired https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=crq90i3SNg8 i gift you it enjoy :P
What is la chica de ojos de cafe?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNx1NTxI6tU omg this plena classic of regue la chica de los ojos de cafe
 he was not famous lol nobody knows him
Gasolina killed me  
Yankee doesnt know anything
Is it a musica to babchata?
renato other legend of music of panama
daddy yankke did not know about regue lol
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bq0oaHFLAOM omg this music is very old one first music regue in spanish it is plena still
tambourine pluralism and audiq8?  
there are some revelant useful words
Very necessary word
abajo is down and up arriba
muevelo is shaking
 you can learn spanish this video :P
Ricky either
up up to the sky
chico mariposa is gay
 hand up :P
What does mean butterfly boy?
MJ before black then white.
it was 1993 in chile music event
it was MJ :D