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vending machines do affairs like sellers..
it is generally used in the places that are like hotel, hostel..  
Vending machine is a machine that sell something by taking coins  
2. Vending machine ?  
ex: ı saw a stricken man who stands up in the street  
it means injured, wounded, hurting, scarred.
1. stricken?  
okay bro, that is good, ı have a few friends on the balcony but ı don't know whether they come here  
you can learn a few words while chatting with me  
if you want to do that ı can ask a few words  
hey ali, do you want to study on new words?  
Hello Nina how are u todayy.. long tiiime...
good nigth for  you
bye luca
I'd better go to bed
Well, I am feeling sleepy
depen the beer  and size  
auch   :chin:  
Well, how much for a beer?
i dont know  
Drinking beer is probably difficult only in Arabia
here drink beer  is easy  
Well, let's drink beer instead
but the wine is expansive  
And the waiter doesn't wear an elegant suit
And you drink a bottle of wine
if restaurant is high category, of course is expansive
Let's assume you have a steak
mmm   depend  
How much for a dinner at a restaurant?
Probably all prices are different from here to there
but  is a bus  local
Nicely cheap
yes, inside the city  
Do you mean 35 cents for a bus ride?
at bus .35  
here taxis  is between  2usd  at 5 usd aprox
Just in other cities
I have never taken a taxi in my town
yes,  i know
Here taxis are horribly expensive
mm   un  po  
Are taxis cheap in your town?
I see
i traslate a my work in taxi  
So, how can it take you 30 minutes by car? :D
jajaja no no, i not drive  
Which car model do you have?
Not bad
or bus
mmm at 30 minutes in car  
do you live far from your workplace?
thanks god    :PP
Do you work on saturdays?
at 4pm  
What time do you usually quit work, Itzy?
Enjoy your cleaning task
bye alphina
Good night
Have a good night Luca, bye Itzy
Hahaha .. yes, you're right  
Greetings to Canada
This is why I wear glasses, they don't need such a maintenance
Hi Louis ... how are you?
I'll stop now ... I need to clean my contact lenses
Not so many children are born anymore
The problem is worse when the country has an old population
Yes it is
i think problems care is in a several countries
Because she works in a hardware store
Hahahaha Lalus
Very good , but i dont speak english :D
why? a srewdriver
Can you sell me one?
I want a screwdriver
Devi chiedirne sull'inglesse
Hi Lalus
Yo quiero un destornillador
Abracio circulare !! :D
Yes ... we also have these problems
Alphi !!! Lucca!! Ittzy!! :D
Which is almost all on the families
The major problem is elderly care
I.e. dental care, optical care, skin care, ...
But the lack of services for minor illnesses
At least in northern Italy
Public hospitals i Italy are good for first aid and major illnesses
I think it is okay for you
I do not know the laws in Italy
But it isn't a big amount
Maybe you have to wear a cost part
We'll get no raises, but we got the insurance
The private insurance is a new feature of the contact
If the papers are all correct
Probably yes
and you'll get it
Ahh ... good you have a contract  
I asked the private insurance for a refund
At the public hospital I would have waited until the end of November, so I went to a private hospital
Yesterday I had a medical exam
My job contract has a private insurance for exams and visits
It's a bit complicated I think
Or did you have to take out your own insurance?
So people usually go to private dentists
But hospital have few dentists
In Italy we have public health service
Do you normally have no health insurance?
In order to be refunded
I have to book appointments through their office
All in the background get a toothache :)
The new contract provides me a medical insurance
when the dentist is good
lol  i think all go the dentist´s  
and you get a bit of a deadline
Probably I will book an appointment next week
yo can make tomorrow an appointment
Dental hygiene is called that
This reminds me I should go to the dentist's
Many people do not go to the dentist until they have pain.
That is the difference between a child and an adult
This year I had a teeth cleaning done
but is one necesary evil  
Nonetheless you go there regularly, because you know it will avoid you worse pains
No ... so he finds little or nothing
Do you enjoy that?
 I go to the dentist regularly
jajaja exactly  
One pays to go to the dentist's, but nobody enjoy it
Anyway, the fact one is paying doesn't mean he is enjoying it
For children, school is a compulsory fact
Then, more importantly, the audience don't have to stay there. They audience pays to be there.
Con children, they must still be strict
Yes, I think so. Usually teachers wish to teach at the university.
but is diferent teachers  hig school  at teacher university  
To write here is better than watching TV in the living room
Some of them were good showmen
When I attended university courses, there were some funny teachers
maybe yes
I've to correct me
yes, you're right
But adults can enjoy thier teachers
Usually kids don't find their teachers funny
Should be but isn't
I don't think so
A teacher is never funny
*I think a good professor should be so funny
maybe she have a break
yes, i  work now  :(
it is 13:34  
i  think  a good professor have so funny  
Itzy have to work
Are you working now, Itzy?
I should have written *in my hands
it is funny
dont worry  
And of course I forget plurals
so you have '
Itzy, I am not a good teacher, I only say silly things!
so you had 20 fingers
But I still have ten fingers in my hand :p
You are certainly not an angel
Of course they don't! You eat them
the fingers do not always obey
We are all mistypers under the skies
no problem
I also mistyped
*we don't, but they have tham in other states
I mistyped
i not,but in other states yes  
Si, this
But thes week I don't have in my house
Do you have cocoa plants in Yucatan?
Hehehe we have chocolate
Alphina can't find any chocolate piece
i dont know  
yes or cream cake
Itzy, did you know Austria ran out of chocolate?
Only if you touched chocolate
Hahah ... A veces lame mis dedos
the ['s] has another meaning
i like cokies and candy´s  
Do you know alphina eats fingers?
i understand  
Estamos hablando de galletas
hi alphina
Hi Itzy
Thanks, I didn't know it
We were talking about biscuits
hi  all
Welcome Itzy
You need it for Tiramisu
We call them "savoiardi"
the name is right I see
I looked for it on google
I am joking
noooooo ... let me see
I bought her for a tiramisu
Did you eat lady fingers?
Biskotten = Lady Fingers ???
Why? Is there any chocolate shortage in Austria?
I do not have any chocolate at home this week :(
What kind of biscuits?
Hahahaha I'm not in the prison
I ate sweets
Water and bread, as they do in prison
Did you eat bread?
I was not hungry
Hmmm .... not warm
Have you already had dinner?
we're on time :)
yes, it is so
Since the world is round, we are always late, early and contemporaly on time
Or people go dancing, drinking, entertaining on Thursday
We're too early I think
The sun was shining, it was pleasantly warm
The chat is quite empty this evening
I'm fine too, thanks
"was the weather fine?"
The weather was fine
How about you?
the weather was fine?
I am fine, thanks
How are you today?
Good evening
Good evening
Hi people
Good Evening!
Hello Frf
how´s going ?
Hello :)  
hello :)
Good morning  
mejor que nada
raul, la soledad te acompaña, jajaja
Good Morning!
No anda ni un alma
Ahh ok
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8R2UbR3CVOs mh amazing creation from England and France
que es eso rex
from point A to B mh kilometer 1809956673219057452075 × 1000 mh curving univerve
Hello beaches  
ok good :)
im in brazil stranger
I am back
what is there ?  
they mh want mh to mh chat here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UtjGTrVwRr4
you are not sleeping, you are spying  
people are sleeping on here :P
hi rex
are you currently in Portgual ? @joel
bone apple tea amara
and okay  
See you later
I will eat dinner now
good Amara i'm fine too thx :)
good to hear bro :)  
I am fine, thanks. How are you, milou?
tbh ive never heard of them
im great bro
I was a bug fan and saw many concerts of them
REM is from Georgia
and i also saw The SOund of Music xD
how are you ?  
ive seen many picures of it
Hi milou
And watches lol
Lakes too, cheese and chocolate
hello Joel and Amara  
The mountains are great
switzerland is actually on my bucketlist
never done it before
Thats s nice slow tango to practice
you live in switzerland?
Also modern tango
I like the music tol
ayye thats awesome
But i take lessons since a bit more than a year, so not yet advanced
Yes, i love tango!
hold up girl...you tango??
Yes, still a bit hurting but gets better
and hey others
hey amara! :)
so things look better for you Amara, excellent
Hi Valii
how are you ? amara
Hi real and Joel
and cold
you improve fast Amara
yeah. I like nyc
espically at night
I just came back from tango lesson
NYC is amazing
hey amara
Hi Loius, yes i feel better, thank you
yeah, and new york, and maybe Tennessee
guten tag
hi louis
hi valii
Amara do you feel better ?
Hello rex
hi louis
hello everyone
where in the U.S?
i think i remember you  
I am visiting the US on christmas
Im living in Germany
cool. where in the states ?  
and i go back to the states during may
im studying abroad rn
what do you study ?  
just studied
waiting to eat abtually
what did you do today ?  
same wth me!
Im doing good and you ?
how are u?
i aint sleeping yet
lol joel
just waiting for  u to say something lool
sleeping everybody ?  
hello mh vali
knock knock heaven's door !
bye marie
lol youre not
bye :)
Danger pour les filles :)
Im no danger .. :)
stranger danger
lol. I dont speak french
hello Joel , marie
Valentina,attention à toi ici ?
knock knock ?  
whats up ?
hallo guys
Cool :)
Austria and you?
Where are you from ?  
Nice to meet you :)  
Hallo Mimo91
Hallo Valii
Hi nono
Hello,my Name is Valentina. My English is not so good and im heere to learn english ;)
Hi Valii
Hello :)
Here ? Still about nothing
What are talking about here  
Ana, now i am back  
ana something new
Pas besoin de beaucoup,juste une bonne :)
ana you have many credits cards
Nono, are you back?
=je roule pas sûr l'or
Je suis pas milliardaire non plus
Avec mon compte en banque
Ana je t'offre un petit truc
Rex lance un avis de recherche pour Martine?
Tu as peur pour ta carte
Hhhh Ana
marie mh where is martine
OK Marie, with your credit card!
i thought you were mh free
Entre fille
Ana venir avec moi faire les boutiques
Rex, my job, just my job as usual
ana mh what mh have you been doing today
I understand that non has left
ana mh are you mh chilling
Je m'en excuse
Je coupe vôtre conversation avec Ana 91
Yes Marie, traditional "moule frites" here
Bye Nono
Super bon ;smile:
My time to leave, thank you Ana and bye :)
Avec des moules
Great :)
Je blague
Ana tu vas nous faire des frites?
Yes, I live in Brussels
You are from Belgium ?
ok, I'll have dinner later
I am also home now, it's almost dinner time  
what about you?
O, that is good :)
A nice day today and now, I am quite, at home and relax
How is your Day so far ?
I am fine too, thank you.
I am fine thanks nono, and you?
How are you ?
hello ana
Hi Ana91
I am not anyone but I am Anaïs ! lol
Is anyone here ?  
Hi Henry69  
Hola mimo..
wie geht's dir?
bernhard hallo
lee u too u are here  
ok Stuart
you are , all her  
*Je lui ai déjà dit au revoir
Sandrine, à la prochaine ... j'ai déjà saluté la Marie!
bon je crois que vous avez changé de salle. A +
hahaha on ne peut pas faire marcher Marie
Where do u live in Australia, in which state
mais tu n'as pas dit  
It's 1:15 in the morning. I must sleep. Goodbye all.
Bonjour Ali et al.
Non je suis assis
Mais je t' ai fait marcher là!
Juste de la salle ,anglaise
Tu t' en vas?
(on ne doit che parler l' anglais ou l' esperanto!)
Plutôt dans la salle française
Sandrine, Marie, nous ne devrions pas utiliser cette langue-ci dans la salle anglaise!
Je blague
Tu veux faire un cocktail  explosif avec l'ail et le rouge?
... avec un peu de vin rouge
Pour l'haleine :-)
Brosse toi bien les dents ,après hhhhh
Je ne cesserai jamais de le manger!
Très bon pour la santé quand même
En odeur aussi hhhh
Riche en gout
L' ail écrasé sagglutine avec les toxines et aide les intestins à les éliminer
Je le trouve une excellante substance ... pour faire partir tous le gens!
tu vis dans quelle ville ou Etat Stuart  
Pour information  Stuart,l'ail=un excellent  antioxydant,
Marie! Il me pla^it que tu as retrouv'e la voix!
:wave: Marie
coucou Marie
les docteurs ont fait du bon travail
bien :)
Oui, merci
et la santé ça va mieux maintenant
Oui, il est un heure du matin ... je dois me coucher bientot!
Bien, merci
chez toi il fait nuit
ça va?
Bonjour à toi!
Bon après-midi
Il ne sait pas.
(Pourquoi écrit-il comme  un tordu?)
Bonjour, Marie. Est-ce que te plaît l'ail?
Maybe reduce the garlic intake!
Better have a shower and change my deodorant.
Blimey, I've cleared the room
Not even you ... oh well, c'est la vie!
Nobody talking today?
Just arrived, nono!
Anyone here  
 No one  ?
Anyone there?
Hey y´all :wave:
Hello frd
Hi english people