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Chat: English

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Ah ok then we can speak in spanish
Nobody is here!
Are you spanish speaker?
What's your native tonge?
Raininh    sound  with zinc music for my hear   and  dleep
It's relaxing for me
Me too
I love raining
Where are you from?
 Here   is raining   3  hours now
Hello rex
The United States is a great nacion
Keep the secret i'm just with my underwears
I love seeing to rain
Because where i live there are so many flies
i hate spring too much rain
i love winter
I prefer winter ir autumm
i do why don you
I don't like summer
i usually just open the window and take my shirt off lol
i cant sleep either at night gets really hot
I cannot sleep because it's too hot
im fine as well
How are you? I'm fine
How are you
Hi Dasani
she's fine.

Kiw , a cute woman from georgia
I don't see kiw for 4 years
hello, we chat on the world channel if you want to join
Emanuele, Calamity
Please, not everyone at once ;o
Do you guys happen to know someone from Italy that frequents this site? I got a few things I wanna know
Heya, you guys
kiw is a woman from Georgia Fred
funeral will be tomorrow
chat has died
DONT BE disgusting
Fui banda mel.
Hasta luego.
For me, yes.
I am a good friend?
The conversation is fun. But, now I have to go. My good friend Fred, it was a pleasure talking to you. Have a good night.
It's a pretty woman
Is a pretty woman and very smart.
who is Kiw?
Yo, where's Kiw going?
1 vote for YES
The answer: yes.
the question is: shall I have a beer?
That's rigth, teacher.
you need to know the right question first
José , if you want answers, don`t ask me
Fred some people are not happy unfortunately, but it is possible to work on it
Louis, is Anais a man or a woman?
i have forgotten what it is to be happy
care , share, dare is a good device
enjoy the heat lol
You are a teacher, speak many languages and win many women. I think he's a very happy guy.
have a good evening
I am going to have supper
You are a Teacher.
I would like clowns to be happy, it is not the case unfortunately
i am a worm
we have a different role
we are all acting Fred
José you put yourself down
we are all clowns in the circus of life
The Shark in action.
welcome to the english chat
good evening Amara
Appearances are deceiving, Canadian. Be careful. Not everything that seems is. Here, the intellectual is you, I'm just a poor clown.
fred is here
José you lool like a businessman, you don`t look like a clown
Is Rex a dog?
Where are Fred?
I don't flight with dogs
I don't have dogs
I make poor people happy.
I see, do you fly with Rex ?
Dear Canadian, I work and travel with the circus.
José, you work in an office and you travel that`s why you learn english , right ?
Amara, hallo, hello, how are you ?
 Fred could you tell us the main problem ? one thing I know is that drinking is not good for lever
it has been a bad week
i am tempted
No, I have no study. I learn on the streets with humble people.
Fred it is friday night for you , did you start drinking ?
discord, excellent for computer games Fred
we are ALL alone now Jose
what is your backgrond José, did you go to university ?
discord i bet
José where did you learn to speak English ?
No agree
clows are sad, that's the negative side of it
The clown is the biggest public servant.
Yes, Fred.
a good answer Jose
a noble profession
Ah, I work in small circuses, I'm a poor clown.
you say in your profile you are a public servant José
I hope it is a good company, because the : cirque du soleil is having problems right now
Lol Fred  
or go to Lobby where I will be happy to ignore you in French...
in fact, I work in a circus.
thanks Yael
yes Yael, don' worry, !
Louis English please :)
José are you working in management ?
Very good, Fred. You are a good friend.
Yael  on parle du fruit défendu  
Fools don't ask complex questions.
Jose we are here to help make it right ..
José why do you ask silly questions ?
But, is anais woman or man?
My english is very wrong. rs
pubs closed still
welcome, Louis
the pub marathon of Édimbourg lol 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺
it's true
thank you for you compliment José
Fred, have you ever ran a Marathon ?
José if you learn English to travel, you will not travel much this year
Louis is a Shark
Anais is woman or man?
Fred I am too old for that,
what did you do before retiring Fed ?
Louis is a friend of every woman - or so he likes to think
Louis is friend of Anais.
Fred are yo still working ?<
more or less
i think she is too bored to speak
Anais is fake, Fred.
how are you Catherine ?
catherine hello
is Anais still here?
The boyfriend of Anais go back.
Thank you crazy man
English practice part 1
welcome to the ENGLISH room Jose
people misunderstanding religious stories? I am shocked
A história da maçã é pura safadeza, Adão comeu Eva e a maçã de sobremesa.
so definitely a missconception  
malus also means apple but can be mistaken for evil = an evil apple
People turned it into « apple » bc the Latin translation used the word « pomus » ... which refers to fruits in general but sounds like pomme = apple  
so this is History Hour?
Bible or Quran .. it just say the forbidden fruits .. could be anything  
it was actually a pizza
Many people think that Adam and Eva ate an apple 🍏... but lol it’s mentioned nowhere  
Poca thought they were
Lol it wasn’t a apple tree  
the tree said "stop eating my fucking apples"
Pocahontas learnt English with a speaking tree 🌳 lol so yes pretty easy xd  
Maybe rex. Must consum much drug  
the reason , people think, and a lot of in the world think that English is easy, and you can learn it almost without effort , and very fast Fred
it is true Fred
all languages take an effort
it is rather obvious
Louis i did but why did you write it?

Fred did you read what I wrote ?
a rebel traitor
lol Fred, a stormtrooper with a Jedi training
Jedi ghosts can interact with the physical world ... so why none of them killed Palpatin during his sleep ? Lol
the first photo i ever saw of Rex was a storm trooper
i thought Rex was a storm trooper
If you see Rex chatting it’s not him ... it’s his Jedi ghosts xd
Oh ok  
More still with some feemme  
i didnt say I didnt like it
I will tell you something Fred, It is possible to learn English to a certain point but you need to put time , effort and you need to learn , It is not so short to learn and it is not like catching a cold Fred
I like much eat pizzza  
is there a law that I have to eat pizza?
U don't likent eat pizzza
why not?
Why Fred ?  
i have not had pizza for a long time
When him was eating 10 Dishe pizza  
easier than Rex makes it look

Rex is rip
oh come on triggered after 1 Spanish sentence ? Ayaaa
Fred do you think the english language is an easy language ?
maybe they are all in the spanish room
All the prayers in the world can’t fix his English
we can try to speak english fred
anyone speak english?
im lost
let’s pray por padre Rex  
RIP a todas tus exes  
jajjaajajn Henry
the only place where his fat couldn’t amortize the bullet  
Fred you could find a job to teach English here
I'm waiting stilm the. Respuesta. De My ex girlfriend hahaha
es muy calor en Mexico ahora
bullet in the head :(  
Henrico, Rex is dead :cry:
oh no - i am a friend of Henry now
My day still good all the day at house. But tranquility
Hello My friend Fred how arevi today  
my day was cool and yours ?
The chatt they babys.  
Jajajaj baby ?
Hello baby Fred :tongue: hahahha  
it takes time and money to take care of a site,  
no comparaison lol  
Wolfgang is above all Gods  
How was u day bb
Hello baby Yael :thumb:
Henricooooo el patron  
not Wolfgang then
Hello babys babchat  
Louis, I am in direct connection with the God of Passion 💝💗💖💟💕❣️💓
everything is possible Yael
Yael who told you that ?
Babchat will close like hellolingo soon  
anyway, it doesn`t matter Fred, it was only a question
oui Yael, Hello
I had the impression I saw you there a long time ago. I have the impression that you were on Hellolingo before Fred  
Lolll and hello first Louis 😑
Louis i never did so why keep asking me?
Fred, do you still go to Discord ?
i always worry
oh so you weren’t drunk, one less excuse  
don’t worry I saw your message 🙂
i didnt stay long enough to get one
How was your hangover from last week :P  
my blood pressure and the price of beer
lol Fredy ... take some 🥃🥃🥃
What’s up ? 😝
please stop shouting Yael  -I already have a headache
is 2100 too early for bed?
📢 HELLO !!
-+-= +
  + -=-
 It is  like   law  of symbols in math and algebra
Law  life
Sex  with strange  is very dangerous     :ahhh:
 Sex and  alcohol  no good
Libertinaje vs  passion   never   end    good
 Passion.and  sex  cambe love  , passion and crazy  no  love
Love is  love     crazy and  love is not  love
 Henry  i will you   king leon  lol
Henry  cut hair
What plans have u for the weekend. ? Ann  
not fond of answering either?
you prefer reading the Quran?
you read the Bible too, markus?
People here interprete the Bible
i dont interpret the Quran!
Or when? only the Sundays?
To who?
How do you interpret the quora?
  Interpert  has not time     they  speak in moment while  translator  has the time   transfer the message into target  language
Hi hijrah
Orally  way
 Interpration is moment   it can   not delay
yeah, English into Arabic n vice versa
Ah yes
no, do u know the simultaneous interpretation?!  
Interpreting the Coran?
   Are you  fluently
 Ezayek     hello mazartalefalean      how  is  going on
yeah, teaching is my hobby
My real job is interpreting  
Hi Rex
Ah ok
English and Arabic
Teaching is your Hobby?
 Teacher  about
thank u for correction
yeah, but its my hobby  
You are a young teacher
cava bein
Ca va?
hi Marku
Hi Hijrah
ihi zaguat
kache frites omlettes les arabes
what will you do on weekend, my English is horrible
*what will you doing on weekend
what are you doing on weekend?
Jessica welcome :wave:
Jessica  are you in.summer
tout d'un coup , sa deviens ,,, un lieu de debauche avec ces faux profils  
 You  want  it  get long
Cut hair  henry
here it is sunny and a bit cold
Hey Ingrid
 Henry  time to  cut that  wig
multitasking, making bread and doing some office work
Hot and  you
what s going on today?
Hi Charly
Ingrid the works is  about
Hi Jessica, Charly and Rex
take a little rest from work
Hello there!
Hi Ingrid
Ingrid back  lol  hi po
  Ohh          cool
alors yu m invite  ou pas  
I was busy the last few days... Lots of stuff to do, Rex
hahha bill  
Bye bye Yael.  Have fun
Jesican wherr were you
armée of god
Arabic army
i'm ,, a soldier  rex
We have many land crabs.   If you walk in my neighborhood, you will see many holes in the ground
adios los gladiators  
Amachahou you seem  soldier lo
Hi and bye Yaël!
see ya later  
ans me jess ,,, no salut
hi and bye Jess  
Oh maybe I am wrong Bill lol 😆  
Hi Bill
Hello Jessica
I'm ok.. How about you Rex?
Hey everyones!
We do not but I did not know that Cuba had them.  They are from the pacific region
How are you
Hi Rex
Jessica  :kiss:
aya yael aya bouger
le e et le i ,,, chez nous c'est kifkif
Does Florida have coconutcrabs ? 🦀 Like Cuba  
ben voila tu arrive , t'es plus rapide que ma traduction
Mais c'est pastèque, pas pastique
Oui, watermelon en anglais
attends , je vais traduire ,,, yael une pastique c'est quoi en anglais stpl
Coconuts are dangerous but not as bad as the fronds (feuilles) of the royal palms
rex got smashed by a coconut.. and wake up speaking a new language xd  
ce n'est pas la peine de se connaitre pour s'inviter hahaha  
Ce ne serait pas la première fois, Amachahou, mais je te connais très peu
🥥🥥🥥🥥 careful with your head 🤕 lol
avec bien sure deux pastiques ,,, trop muires
bill je t'ammene du vrai couscous du bled ,,,
miami ,, hahaha tu m'invite pour 15 jours je serai trop ravi
Donc, oui, mon jardin est entouré de cocotiers
excuse bill i dont speak english ,,, good
Oui, j'habite en banlieue de Miami
Markus ➡️ 🗑
bill je vois la devrais etre tropicale ,,, trop danse quoi
OK, Yael, so you practice the language every day
now a little bit less due to the containment, less tourists  
I use almost everyday English at work
Pas exactement, amachahou, c'est mon arrière jardin
Oh yes of course  
Which formation have you, Yael?
Now it is very valuable to have English on your CV
bill bonsoir, quelle jolie nature ,,, tu habite en plein foret  
Old women with 0 authority  
no one respected English teachers at high school lol  
I believe you
I'm sure that some of them are good
Nope Bill lol you don’t believe me or what ?
English teachers in France are a joke lol  
Did you study overseas as an etudiante d'echange?
i learnt mostly everything by myself after school  
Yes, I learned french in school at first but later by radio, then internet
oh no Bill I was very bad at English at school lol  
Maybe you were in the advanced classes
At school first but my teachers suck. Then mostly on internet by chatting and watching series :D woohuuu  
Definitely not au lycee
Yael, where did you learn English?
Oh rex .. not that topic again xd
  I am  american too   i live in american contient
Rex, tu eres un pepito  
 Yes    american
 Lol  that places  full  if gringas lol
If you mean american, yes I am
He is a Yankee xd  
 Did someone call you  gringo
Lol rex tu eres un gango  
rex, I am 100% gringo
Bill are you  gringo
Squirrels in europe are different. More orange  
I put lime in my corona, Yael
 Squarel  always angry  they died of it  i  heared
Careful with corona Bill lol  
OK, so here's the one with the squirrel
 Your  dog  is criollo
i am not done studying .. bc i never started lol  
I have a photo of me with a squirrel
  That man  was from   ny
ok Bill ^^  
I never used a pig
That was a different Bill
 There waa a man  called bill use photo of  pig.other person
Wtf ???
Lol what a question Rex XD  
No, never used a pig
In babbel
  Did you  use   picture of     pig
I don't mind a few questions, Yael
Inspector Rex loll  
same name
 Yoir name in babbel   was
I think that I started chatting when this chat was part of babbel
I don't remember
 Yes  after  closing  my account  lol
 Bill was your member of babbel
Your id is 7317
 Old times
Yes, my id is 542
What is offensive?
Easy Bill, why so offensive ?
Bill your  id  542 here
You ask about Guam, I ask about your studies
Lol dudes  
What will you study
What did you study?
i didn’t study history,  
Silvie  did you  finish the   university studies
Bill don’t listen to Rex ...  
have a nice evening
maybe i ll be back later
didn t know that
Yael, you is study historic?
i m not fond of chatting about nothing
 Yael  is  study  historic in   paris university.
Bill, why not ? We are in a chat  
everybody has got wishes
yeah Guam is very well located to install a military base  
no idea
   Never wish you dont  want  other   wish
as far as i know
Why do you ask, Yael?
guam is no English city
what does he deserve?
Guam, silvie
good to hear
on which military base?
Bill sometimes it’s good the truth in a harsh cold way lol Rex deserves it  
I have not but I have friends who lived there on the military base
we always can improve
who cares?
my English is crap too, i think
Bill, have you visited the island of Guam 🇬🇺 ?
So harsh you are, Yael
 Yes flight
rex even with all the lessons in the world your English still would stay crap  
Lol Bill, it’s absolute nonsense :D  
It looks strange as if he is talking about flies
Bill, courageous enough to correct Rex ? Lolll  
I think so
Do you mean "flight", rex?
 Just  one  fly from.. hawai to sydney in  pacifi
Hello Yael and rex
Rex you weren’t gone xd
 The  aircrafr is  not  in radar maybe  fly landed
Evening Billy  
Good evening
Still playing that stupid game ? I thought you had no time for anything lol .... idiot  
The UK and the USA also have a lot of overseas territories  
Back 4 minutes
 I.will show you  
have a nice evening
 I think this aicraft  sgould between in  middle of pacific
chiriqui must be independent of Panama !! Ayee ayee
que conversacion confusa!
you were a fly?
🔐 for your boca ... I am throwing the key 🔑 in the canal of Panama lol  
 I was  fly     i  saw  directoy  clight from that   island to  californoa
can t believe that
rex has got a big mouth?
Rex take care of your diet then open your big mouth  
 We are not  living    century  16  19    we are living   2
no estas de acuerdo?
todo el mundo esta traumatizado en estos tiempos  
you read my conversation With Susan you stalker 👀 🤣🤣🤣
  45%  are fed up
New Caledonia 🇳🇨 o que xd  
France 🇫🇷 has the biggest sea possession in the world  
  Referedum    more       45% want   indepence  while  other no   55  
Rex are you Traumada o que ?
Rex you weigh more than 100 kg ... take care of your body first, then talk about people’s country xd  
viva la France
France  has     terrirory in.middle of  pacific
dont think rex is a hater
Red you don’t choose for them, you are not the center of universe  
 Point of  view
People  need to  be indepent
isnt this true?
France had a lot of colonies abroad
   It  is bad
race as competition is гонка gonka from gnat drive  
don’t be jealous Rex  
 It does not  have sense
it’s a megaphone you dumbass Rex LoL  
no sabia esto
  Yoir opinion of  french colonies    .thousand  kilometer of france
hay diablos rojos aqui esta tarde?
nothing funny just listen to Erlkönig or Leise fliehen meine Lieder by Fischer Diskau for examole
 Yael    stop using thay speakers
 Blue  energy  zero pollution
Care planet
Red raining  lol
no I mean as a competition
Sarka you mean race as human characteristics?
I disagree  
Markus i think German sounds lovely in songs too
Hi sarka
Coming or leaving?
hi MIlka
and how is race in Russian?
in Russian means factory  
one of meaning
Dariusz yes, as in all languages :)  
Means factory?
it is in Czech in polish zawod
zavod is race or factory in Czech it can be both
what is your native language Markus?
VadiMir, right. And a few more words too. But there are also "false friends" in our languages. Like "zawód" :)
Sorry, Vladimir
I need an information
ebac and huj we use in the same meaning
Could you pleased come there?
Dariusz not the same but very similar
Markus, sure. Anytime
could I talk to you in private any moments, Dariusz?
i hope to meet some fries at dinner
friends* Sorry for typos :) I write too fast
Russian is Melodic language in my ears
Markus - great. I can't way I will meet some new friend
Markus yes!
i dont understand Polish as well
They say Polish and Russian are the same. So I must be deaf :D Anyway, I love Russian language
co tak jestesmy Slowianamy
Vladimir, Russian?
I don't understand Russian though :(
Yes, Sometimes more people Here, Dariusz
Tak :)
a ty Polak)
tak jestem Russki
Priviet :)
VladiMir, are you Russian? :)
how are u
I meant that there are few people here. Is it sometimes more? I am looking for someone to exchange :)
Hi Vladimir
Hi Markus, why so sad around here? :)
Hi Dariusz
Hi there. How are you guys? :)
about nothing?
what are you talking about this evening?
hello again
nobody replies?
how are you today?
nobody replies?
how are you today?
Bye bye
ET ré
á la prochaine fois
bonne nuit susan!
oh c'est l'heure ... je pars ... au revoir charly ... au revoir ama
saksi karim?
botox ... buerk
je ne supporte pas des médicaments stupides
Charly ....saksi karim Mon cousin
how's it going in Bejaia??
Des fois sa donne l'âge exacte ..'si yaboas trop du Botox
Oui .....
du visage ?
les joues dumvisage  
De rien
je comprends ... merci
Laisse moi voir tes joues
mesure de stockage ... ahh
A tera égale 1024 megats octets
hey ! il,est plus vieux que moi ... he
Mesure de stockage des données
Mais funnes hahahaha .trop ancien hahahha tu te sent vieux Susan
teras ? c'est la monnaie ?
extremely amusing... susan
Mais ...crois moi avec les 10 teras ..j'ai ce qu'il faut pour deux années de films  
Rabbi Jacob ... je prends note, merci charly
Azul ...
haha Je vous recommande de voir ce film.. susan
Louis hahaha beaucoup vieux depuis
merci oui ... on discute les films de louis funes
salutations......vous allez bien  
hey amachahou
Ans all Others  
Les uns  
ah, i should have said distasteful ... not offensive
jewish personnage ? lol , that might well be funny
why offensive?
The adventures of Rabbi Jacob  
charly, is it ok to say that ?
some bits funny ... some bits off
of what i have seen, i find some bits offensive
J'ai aussi quelques films
he made a lot of film ... lots
i feel i would have to choose carefully  
i have seen only a little of Louis de Funes
Louis de Funes? hehe hilarious
the french think that Colombo was a genius
i watched Colombo
good shows
i enjoyed watching Knight Rider, The A-Team and MacGyver are among the best 80s action tv shows
way older
John Cleese is older than me
Fawlty Towers is not a series of my generation hehe susan
lol, hi stuart
Please don't mention the war, Susan!
ahh, charly, europe has survived many stresses
the fear is that our behavioural norms will have become infected by distress and hardship, that we will emerge more individual and less together
charly, you know it ?
about tv series ...there is Fawlty Towers
What will struggle to get back to how it was before, and what might change for ever?
i suspect this experience of global pandemic will change us ... all
i had my time of reading crime fiction ... but i do not pursue it at present
but somehow,  i am not so captured by that genre at present
Orient Express, Miss Marple, Hercules Poirot
i have read some agatha christie
le mystére de la Valée de Boscombe
The Murder of Roger Ackroyd is a work of detective fiction by Agatha Christie
imhave read some Holmes stories in french
i like Holmes ... i like the era ... Victorian
Poirot ... Maigret ... Holmes  
i like detective fiction
good to scare a kid
haha ... strong image  
shirsts flapping, trousers flapping ... they looked alive !
then, suddenly, lightening flash ! ... and i saw the laundry my mother had pegged on the line, flapping about furiously  
when i was a kid, one night there was a dark dark storm, and i sat at the window watching the rain falling into our back--yard ... too dark to see much
aliteration ... flow ... lovely
And the silken sad uncertain rustling of each purple curtain
nothing * more
some visitor, tapping at my chamber door ... this, and nkthing more ... (shiver)
lol ... spooky
while i nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping ...
i have a favourite reading of The Raven on youtube
true ... wise
it's good that you took refuge in reading
All of life is a test and we all have our challenges to meet
i still like to watch Star Trek Voyageur
ok je comprends
gosh, i am better now ... but i had to pass through a darkness / a mystery
to mourn
i needed deep psychology
after the passing of my mother, i dived into the greek plays ...  
charly, i have needed serioius works to read ... because of the death of my mother  
Greek mythology:-)
now, i was to re-read Henry the fourth ... and ... Richard the second
Ah bon
and more Shakespeare
charly, i am reading les pieces de theatre grec
gabriel garcia marquez was 19 years of age when he wrote The Third Resignation  
Have you read any books lately?
Mary Shelley was 19 years of age when she wrote Frankenstein  
and Tron !
and the Omega Man
of course, i liked Escape from New York too
ancient mysteries
curses of the mummy
spooky yes ... but boodthirsty no
So your love horror narrative :D
birds of prey
la chair de poule ... hhh
raven = cuervo
i love spooky poetry
ahh, but i am making up the words
The Raven ... edgar allen poe  
wandered *
once upon a midnight dreary, while i womdered weak and bleary ...
ahh, charly those authors are part of my education
i know the poem l'albatross
Dickens and Twain too
imhave heard the name of Aragon
Louis Aragon write excellently the love in his poetry
Ah si
we all love Edgar Allen Poe  
i know Prévert
i will ask google, a bit later  
charly, i have written down the name ...  
vraiment dommage
ses rimes celebres
Don't you know Becquer?
his works are a comment on society ... doctors and lawyers ... hhh
i have read some pieces by Moliere
It could be difficult to understand for a non native, because it's a "caricature" of the society
the first french film that i adored was Les Enfants du Paradis
Yes it is ...
hhh, i need time to reflect
sofien, it is a long poem
the Richepin poem ... i downloaded it ... i looked at it quickly
hi sofien
How was the poem of Jean Richepin ??
i don't exactly recall ... off the cuff
Hi Susan :) :)
name ? Hernandez ?
i remember these words, translated
that my words might rise to the sky, the  return to the earth like thunder !!!
which one?
but a powerful poem ! hohooo
language *
from spanish languafe poetry, i think i only know one author
Great to hear that
Jean Richepin, yes
charly, je suis fier de moi ... j'ai fait mon premier appele téléphonique en français
quoi de neuf?
yael, au revoir ... au plaisir
See you people !!! 💕
hi susan  
Jean Richepin  
hi charly
great ! i love poetry
he advised me to read a poem by Richepin
hah, I am glad to know that, it is not easy at all to overcome it.  
i have overcome a big fear that i had
wonderful, thanks for mentioning the site : )
on the site given by sofien
hey, i made my first ever telephone call in french ... yesterday
Joyce is a hero with the words.  
ah, yikes
Sinn Féin <3
the wonderful word skills of james joyce
but france ? no, i will have to marry a frenchman
James Joyce  
me, i could go to live in ireland anytime i choose ... my ancestors ... my father
wow cool, antxel
my father always admired Napoleon, he always talked to me about him, and as you know I have family in France, so I got a kind of familiarity , hehe.  
Heheh great :D
noo ! ... plenty of francophiles here
finding people who don’t hate France on internet is kinda a miracle lol .. XD  
Merci ;) .  
I think in my past life I was a member of "la nueve".  
Bienvenue en France 🇫🇷 mon ami  
ah bravo, yael ... we are proud of our soldiers  
hahah angel !! :D  
he did the Prussian-Polish campaign of 1806-7  
France is one of my dreams, Susan, I will move there in a couple of years, haha.  
i am taking new interest in wars ... the battle of Agincourt
and then took part of the Napoleonic wars against Prussia :D  
ok, cool, antxel ... good for working on french language
i know this Bc my great great great great grandfather also fought some revolutionary wars in Spain 🇪🇸 and Italy 🇮🇹  
I will listen to it : ) .  
you know my words are always sincere :) . So the house of Napoleon is still there.  
i know the song by  france gall ... bisschen goethe, bisschen bonaparte
oh don’t make me blush :blush:  
i will pay attention
Hi Susan, long time no talk .  
Yaël is practically my History teacher. I learn from her so much everyday, hehe.
hello yael ... hello antxel
heheh Susan hello 👋  
rex knows all ?
hello ... gosh, i wish i knew so much history as you do, yael
:o :o :o  
When Rex comes we should ask him. Mister Rexpedia knows all  
hmmm I think he was supporting the king of Mexico against the rebellion and sent French troops to support him (but not totally sure)  
The conquest of Indochine started during his reign. That was a succes lol  
why Mexico :o :'(
yep his nephew ... but he wasn’t that brillant on the military than his uncle lol ... he wanted to invaded Mexico but failed, and wanted to annex Luxembourg but failed lol  
So idiots saying that Napoleon or France never won a war are ENORMOUS ignorant of history. They shouldn’t talk about subject they don’t know ;)  
that was Napoleon III , right ?
Napoleon fought and won many of the revolutionary wars in Italy 🇮🇹... that’s how he started to become very popular bc of his extraordinary success on the battle field  
but then Napoleon also made a come back in 1852 with his nephew hahah Napoleon III  
yes the monarchy return from 1815 to 1848!
and many ignorants think that those wars = the revolution itself ... bc it has the « revolution » in its name lol ... total idiots  
Wow, I didn't now that.  
Interesting, but after Napoleon, the monarchy returned, right ?  
bc France was the most populated country in Europe at that time. The China of Europe LoL  
But in 1 vs all, France defeated them all. These are the Revolutionary wars.
Catalunya :(  
When France achieved its Revolution in 1789.. many neighbors (if not all) were scared that same would happen to them (end of privileges for the noble class, end of absolute monarchy...) So they decied to attack France all together, Spain, England, Prussia, Austria, Italians.. etc  
Enjoy your dish ! :P  
no, enlight me please : ) .  
mar marr margababy !!! 💕💕💕💕
brb :D lunch timeee
Angel, do you know what the Revolutionnary wars are ?
baby :hug:
that ' s why many people is seduced by lies, they like believing their lies, and their mak them happy : ). "Ignorant but happy" : ).  
truth hurts haha
Oh yes ppl are stuck in their believes .. looking at the truth hurts too much lol  
"the human being prefers to just believe, because believing is easy and requires no effort; to know requires effort and time"
one of the people I really admire said something completely truth  
i really like the 100 that serie talks about racism, exclusion, how to survive, how to surpass our differences, redemption, forgiveness, religious fanaticism, can humanity learn from it past mistakes ?  
I am sure the admin wouldn't like it xD .  
Me being banned from babchat is the utopia of many people here :D  
babtopia :D
Dystopia is the inverse of utopia ?
dystopia and utopia  
Humanity can do the worst but also the best  
yeah I follow it since 2014  
The human being is so friendly and peaceful : ) .
The last season is diffused right now  
wow , many seasons , haha.
and how the last humans are surviving in that mess  
I should watch it
it talks about the end of the world 🌎 after a nuclear war  
Maybe in that parallel world, Angel and Yaël didn't exist :( .  
do you know the tv 📺 show : The 100 ?
Lol ouch 😣  
It is fun because a friend of my mom told my Russian uncle, I was about to pilot my plane, ad he answered, my Soviet friend was about to pilot his plane as well.  
and he didn’t know that  
and Americans were dropping fake bombs 💣 lol .... crazy
Well, he had received orders to fire a nuclear bomb if American troops attacked his submarines  
Imagine a world full of nuclear battles, I am sure there are many novels about it.  
it is so amazing to know that an impulsive reaction might have ended with the world.  
Angel, a Sovietic submarine was close to send a nuclear tropedo an American naval fleet ... but the sovietic officier said No ... that guy saved the world lol  
Yes, before coming back to the US I told myself I will visit Mexico and Cuba, I only need to visit Cuba.  
Sí, Charly, retarde 5:40 aquí, pero dormí toda la tarde.
Pero es súper tarde contigo
Haha 😆  
now I want to go to Cuba .  
I was talking with my mom about it today  
Cuba 🇨🇺 almost ended the world in 1962 ... WW3 was near  
haha, sí que sabes euskera.  
Gracias igualmente... Ongi etorri :)
hoy me tomé unas copas y entré a ver cómo andaba el sitio, pero qué genial encontrarte y encontrar a gente tan maja hoy.  
Ah entiendo tienes mucha carga ahora, a por ello entonces
ando a full con la programación y en unas semanas de vuelta al curro.  
ya no entro mucho acá , bro  
Que de tiempoooo
qué pasa , cuadrilla! :)  
Aupa :D
because Cubans love him  
then Trump is the winner
Florida will decide for all America lol  
Turmp = Rajoy  
and he will win :(
Trump = Chile xD
ese hdp grrrrrrrrrrr
Good, Trump didn’t tax French wines yet ? XD  
Cabernet Sauvignon  
Ahaha red, white or rosé ?
let me check the name, I know it is French, the name looks like Amelie, but it has another name : ).  
what wine 🍷 are you drinking ?
Hahah :D  
my superbad xD, the wine xD  
1821, 1824*
Je t'aime Napoleon!  
1821 you mean ?
France invasion of Spain in 1808 was one of the element that triggered the independence of Latin America from Spain  
Peru became independent in "1921" but the last battle (batalla de Ayacucho (my family's province)) was in 1924
Mexico war of independence 1810-1821  
yes , just before the huge waves of independence :D  
So early 1800’s  
because Monasterio was Spanish and the troops were Spanish
but it belonged to New Spain  
so the 3 answers are right lol  
or maybe it took place during the independence of Mexico  
Well California was part of the Mexican empire  
so I guess California in the New Spanish viceroyalty ?
they mention California everytime
Spanish area
Lol sergent Garcia reminds me of our friend Rex xd  
I think in Mexico
what is it?
Zorro was living in New Spain 🇪🇸 Mexico 🇲🇽 or California? :D 🥁  
sometimes he was embarrassed. he didn't know what to do
Hello Antonio  
"la pinta es lo de menos , vos sos un gordo bueno" lalala
just a little bit : )  
a little bit fat
sargento García is one of my favourite characters.  
Oh yeah the série Zorro lol with his deaf friend and the fat sergent Garcia’s XD  
"lovely capitalism"
the gentrification phenomenon : )  
California is becoming more and more expensive foe middle class people  
of course the West Coast is so damn expensive, except Oregon ;), it is just expensive.  
of course, with el erspañolatho másh guapo de todosh xD. Have you watched the old TV series? These are my favourite, starring Guy Williams.  
Many Californian are going to live to Texas Bc life is cheaper there  
the one with Antonio Bandera  
that's why I used this face ":'("
haha the mask of Zorro a great movie  
Was is ever independent? Officially? Lol  
And California :( ? El Zorro :'( ?
Texas is the only state of America who was independent at one point in history  
rabies xD  
grrrrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
the lone star state  
Yeah very close to Chile 🇨🇱 lol  
it reminds me to our mortal enemy , grrr.  
just some of them, specially Texas  
oh arghhh I hate cold weather 🥶🥶
Do you know the flags of American states ?
of course, that's my habitat, haha. However because of Russia I started to love cold weathers.  
Moslty the Sunbelt ! ☀️☀️☀️
Oh very nice !
Florida, Alabama, Lousiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Oklahoma, Colorado and Washington  
Hahah I don’t think 😝
if I visited their airports is it considered a visited state ?  
How many American states have you visited ?
this night is so perfect, it would be really a mess if some bad elements appeared xD.  
i am fine too thanks !
Long time no talk, Yaël, I am ok, enjoying this endless night. Listening to songs that remind me to Portland. How about you ?
hahah , I've just flushed my WC xD .  
How are you angel ? Long time no talk lol
"y un inglés vino a Bilbao" , lalala
how are you
Bye all  
i get go now too  
well all people go ,  
Bye Yael , bonne nuit  
do you know dance of belly ?
Adios Los locos 😝😝
Peru celebrity
Cuardeno Nuevo xdd
i'm bad teacher  
Pie o Quequie xd  
anos LoL  
El es profesor del año  2020
jorge todas las musicas
Jorge prepared  the orco armu
profesor ano Will check Golum xd
what kind of music do you like dance ? Yael  
Increase his  ego  lol
yes, i like it  
Jorge  professor  his best friend   pink orco
Pnk orco
call Gandalf  
yeah Jorge and you  
📢 10 000 ORCOS  
Yael do you like dance ?  
Time has come lol

 Plan b yael
Hola Saber  
Rex callate la boca 🤐🤧
in Video i never saw a  fat woman ,  
when you get old you hang with younger people to stay young
Lol super old  
superMO come on
Plan B Es Plan B  
Super mo  
rexpacitor holà  
how did you like your song yael?
2000 years ago most of humans couldn’t digest lactose at adult stage  
a song for you yael
i can drink milk too  
🥛🥛🥛 can you digest milk yes o no ?
that soun great Dasani  
i have my own apartment to  
Lol jorge  
in youtube i watch lot of video over lot of thing , for example how grow plant in graden, but i live in apartment :-(
and cider :D 🍏🍏🍏
nothing hbu  
Dasani What ´s Up ?
Ufff tequila Not for me, is devil :-)  
wine 🍷 whiskey, scotch, bourbon, cognac 🥃, champagne 🍾, Rum, Gin , vodka, tequila 🍸, mojitos 🍹and various liquor :D hiiiic 🥴🥴
wine ? red wine or white wine ?
Oh no .. I drink all kind of alcohols oyeee  
Yael do you drink only Beer always ?
i'm in Cuarentena :-) but i'm not sick  
Hi Dasani  
that sound nice, sad to be here and not drinking there together  
I only drink waterfree beers 🍺 lol  
be careful jorge yael has been drinking more then usual
hi Mo , Hi Yael, Hi Sofien, Hi Milka, Hi Dasani , Hola Henry
that's why we are perfect together
hello Jorge  
Mo, don’t be nast give Silvie some love 💕... crazy ppl deserve also love xd  
hi jorge
Hi all people
yes I love her
your fantasy ?
next to silvie?
3000 years later people will find you under babchat ruins  
The MOMY lol  
walled up 🧱 in babchat limbs
when I die I will haunt you yael
I will always be around
yes a living fossil  
MO MO bird?
the MoMo bord lol  
i will call National Geographic to tell them that the dodo bird isn’t extinct... the last one is on babchat and it’s name is Mister MoMo  
sofien still here?
curling 🥌 lol  
ok you will receive both, old knob head  
the eight ball
which one for your head : 🎱 or 🥌 choose  
the french are so tough hehehehehehehehe
that is a big beating
mo, I am gonna beat the shit out of you 🔧🔨🪓🧱
not like she is here lol
yael is fun drunk
🤘🤘We will rock you  
or I will
lol mo 🥴🥴
yael will drink for you
i can drink lol
let’s drink and party one more time before the shutdown of babchat :D  
it didn't work I can't fly
Lol mo 🍻
one more drink and I can fly
there are sea turtles .. so why not flying turtles. nature is a equilibrium:D  
yael and silvie like looking in the mirror
Nice to meet you Silvie.... you see flying turtles 🐢 aliens ? .. oh great  
Hello I am Yael and I have drinking issues 👋 lol  
I have some rum
🥃🥃🥃 drinking is my passion  
I an unanonymous alcoholic:D  
Are you from usa mo ?
hic 🥴🍷🍷🍷🥃🥃🥃
I prefer to imagine Yael drunk haha
haha mo
The flammes of hell 🔥🔥🔥 is your next stop  
I think she likes you silvie
Yael do you know susan ?
In the name of Holy Rex !
I knew it !
wrong smiley lol
Silvie needs an exorcist ✝️  
wheres arii :guitar:
Why are you nervous ?
Hi mo ! Where are you from ?
I am nervous
Silvie how many demons possess you ? You need chains ⛓ lol  
wow what happens between Yael and Silvie ?
and this too 🔒
hello sofien
Silvie that’s for your mouth 🧨
How are you tonight ? (today)
Hello sofien  
be nice
Hi everyone
🌡 that’s for your ass silvie LoL  
You will end up in the subway 🚇 station of Matrix lol  
📢 SILVIE HERE YOUR PILLS 💊 💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊💊
I know you will pave the way
Mo your opinion of people only eating can food 🥫?
the trip to hell costs a lot?
mo, If I go to hell, I pay the trip :D
sometimes hell is on earth
no I just know you will be there
nobody wants to go to hell
mo, yes I do :P  
yael is a good cook?
Mo, afraid to go to hell ? 🔥
hello again
yeah lol
yael cooks
no scratches on the car 🚘 xd  
lol I can imagine  
yeah theres alot of pressure
oh a very high standard restaurant  
🥶🥶🥶 : Rex in Europe lol  
no valet gets the car then you have the waiters and waitress for serving
vallet = server ?
a MOtel rents by the hour
📢 MO BIP BIP 🤬  
thats the name of the resturant
a MOtel ? :D  
slow down yael
a lazy goat ?
lol mo ... your fait soon
he was a good dog
RIP mo’s dog ⚰️🎻 *sad music* 🎶  
he was old  
no it a called the lazy goat
he got the corona ? Mo  
In a hotel 🏨?
I just lost my dog
i don get the newspaper lol
but i quit that job and work at a better one with vallet
is your dog 🐕 bringing you the newspaper 🗞?
I have more then that
📉 your money mo  
i had to feed the dog
he is taking a long time in there
i quit that job
👓⛏ that’s for you  
I do
👓 you need some glasses :P  
ill be back i have to use the bathroom lo
Nice! So you are going to work all the year in your hamburger 🍔 restaurant?
you brought her back dasani?
im going to save what i can for this year and pay off all the expenses next year when i go to school
Enjoy :D  
Oh cool 👍  
im going to take this year off
What are your plans for September?
oh great !!! 🎉🥳🥳
Pasado Pisado :guitar:
yes finally  
hey dasani, is high school over ?
Hola el rexpirator  
bring her back?
do i want to what
do you want to?
yael has been gone there is no chance of bringing her back
okay i wont tell anyone else
we lost yael to the dark side
you don't have to tell people
that what you are  
still you shouldn't say it
mo it was funny lol
with the devil?
with silvie? lol
I am in love 😍 ❤️🔥 :D  
dasani that isn't funny
silvie is coming lol
La Rumba me llama !!
also a petafilio lol
you scared betty lou yael like you do everyone
I am a sicko
Oops 🤐😐
Maybe physical health.. but not mental xd  
oh yael you know I am in perfect health
lol 🤐
none lol
mo how many teeth 🦷 do you still have ? Lol 😝  
ET !! Are you leaving Earth 🌍? .. 2020 is a nightmare :D  
Tarek ezayek?
nice yael
The 🛒 got sick lolll  
Bernhard tried lol  
have you done it?
3 weeks at the hospital 🏥 guaranteed 👌
if you want to get the corona, lick this —> 🛒 lol 🤢
🥾💥 kicking your butts  
mo ,,, debouche une autre biere ,
there you are yael I missed you
📢 MO GO TO HELL 🔥🔥🔥👎
Babchat is a basket 🧺 of crabs 🦀 :D  
I can write in capital letters also
le roi as soif ,,,, beeer  
you don't scare me yael
daughter then?
yael is always the last on the list hmmmmmm
lol mo .. you are too old for that  
How many children do you have ? ... if you don’t want to answer it’s ok 👌 😅
so can we call you mamma or not?
well in this world everything is possible
hahah Sarka !!! That’s why I said “if” 😜😜
at least this was in german room
🔐 for your toxic mouth FRANK  
yael did not you marry WOlfgang yet?) You would have to get divorced first
 time has come  after  21 years     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilAJJ3WHg6g&list=RDilAJJ3WHg...  a
bye bye then
ohh black hole Yael is here  
Sarka, if I marry your son.. I could call you mama :D  
rap singer
Yael hahaah
Frank is older than his mother XD  
mo needs a mami :)
iggy  is  good raper
me yes
loool Sarka  
yes I know
just a joke sarki
are you even really a grandfather?
Frank you are not my son so no mami please
Lol you old fossil  
well i am that age yael
mami sarki :wave:
that is everyones experience sarka lol
but mo loves when I call him grandpa xd  
mo is it your experience?
only my son can call me that)
everything is strange from her sarka
Sarka, whaaa whaaa I am a big baby :D  
Yael mama sounds strange to be heard from you
i left for a while then she sent me a message but i guess she never saw the response
iggy azalea  sexy girl austrlia english
hello mo and all
Hello Mama Sarka :D  
hello sarka
Yael :D
ohhhh thats to bad lol
Dasani, she is on vacation with Ervin LoL 😆  
i haven´t seen arii in a while  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-zpOMYRi0w  charli   xcx  is beautiful sexy girl but   her voice  noisy  singing  for me
profesor Rex has all the answers xd  
dasani, Rex will explain you lol  
have you been drinking yael?
what is protocol 91
encore  une autre biere ,,, bien froide
encore du cuire ,,, on dirais en mois de janvier
why do you say that because dasani is here?
hahaha on dirais des arabes qui essaie de parler  
haven been back here in a while lol
Welcome to crazy town :D  
hi dasani
sometimes I can get here
what's new ?
hello yael
sa deviens ,,, br
sa dégringole ;;;
be focus lol
Don't be
hello everyone
sorry milka - i am distracted
have a nice conversation
but i dont want to bore you tonight
I disagree sorry  
When you give a gift to someone this doesn't mean they need it  
i dont think they need that
i dont make gifts to my friends
To be honest not often but sometimes yes I do  
Yes I Do, don't you?  
you often make presents to your friends, milka?
we do
It is a gift to have them  
ya ha lala ....ya lala
We really need good people in our lives  
don t you agree?
who never leave you alone
it s always good having good friends
i m glad you never needed help and nobody gave you a hand
ah la la  ya lala wanasthiyi
Indeed it is  
that s great
Most of the time I definitly get it  
you never got help, whenever you needed it?
♫ like the beatles do?
Sometimes you can know that you need help  
don t you agree?
you never know when you need help
everybody should care about others in my opinion
but carefree is sth else  
that s life
that s right, milka
what kind of entertaining message?
Some care and others don't  
a big big entertaining message
everything is possible
who cares?
They can transfer a message even being silent  
some people tell a lot of nonsense
So even if they don't say anything they don't always say anything  
some people come here to say nothing at all
not always
And if they say something, Do they say something?  
if nobody says nothing, nobody says nothing
If nobody says nothing ♫  thats how we know babchat :sleep:
american power  vs  big asiatic  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XE1G20cBf88&t=221s
pooping on cage..   naughty parrot - Hi Milka
Bye all
I have to go
Why shall I talk to the wall if there is no conversation?  
Better than talking to the wall
And is this a conversation to you?  
Doesn't talk but pooped once on me 😂
i had 2 days no internet connection here - i felt like in prison  :sick:
common of them
parrot always  poop on people
♫   nice -and talks?
Wistles a lot
Caturra :wink: ok
parrot = papagei  (in german)   i thought kakadu
I don't know well the name in english,in Portugal we call it Caturra
oi oi bem bem  
Is a parrot
Tudo bem
como voce esta
what kind of bird is it?
So i'm not sata claus
That's more like it
sANTA cLAUS Is Portugese and has a nice bird ? :wink:
Then he is not santa Claus haha  
and if we don't? ;)
If you people know what conversation means, i am santa claus.  
raptor is mas ancho
the engine is
The best car is a Suzuki Ignis 🤣
ram  f 150 and raptor same size
Hi people, what's up?
ram is  3.5 or 5.7 engine
 too big  people move a little  to pass
ford raptor strange car too  big  in street  lol
1500 dollars in tires  :ahhh:
The rex converstaions... -  part 125  :smile: ?
nissan  patrol  4.2    big tires
 nisan patrol  without turbo  4.2
nissan patrol  with intercooler no like it much  3.0  same price
land cuiser pick up     too expensive  42000 dolas  special deliver
4 door
sedan  car   5 doors
sedan vs  pick up lol
dodge  charger more power   dodge ram lol
okay rex
v6 always  pocket destruction
dasani american cars   too big   lol
but ram 150 no common for heavy  work .  the most heavy i saw people  use is for carries box and   push  horse remolque
okay rex
  i  am saying  you peopl do not  use this car for heavy activities  it is car of luxury just here ,people use  for heavy  works toyota hilux  patrol   volwage amarao    nissan   frontier and one  nice   and good  pick up is  izuzu imax
a man  with ram white i though a   racer car coming     when man stop  pff dodge ram  muffles lol
yes they do it is built for that reason
they dont use ram for carry things
pffffffffff much noisyo  good
that can be changed rex but can be expensive
get a better muffler
   they put noisy muffle  
 people has  ram here lol business people no off road lol they out muffle noisy seem  racer car
 here is like  
not alot rex
 ram  here is for luxury   other thing   it consume much  gasoline
 people  use hilux  frontier  patrol landcruiser for  carry heavy things
 my friend and me    you never  see a ram  carries heavy things lol   we saw one   one time just
 we called  here  dodge ram car for rich  lol they never carry heavy things and never  people use it for off road
no its not if you go eco  
have a nice day
but i dont want to disturb you this evening
 ram too heavyfor   extreme  of road
haven t got a chevrolet
nice  joke
nothing beats ram except cheveorlet
good idea
i want to buy one
japan product  
land cruisers are nice cars
land cruiser too
yeah me too
  nissan patrol destroyed  ram 150 lol
i like those kind of cars
lol  4x4 in city
i drive a 4x4
which car do you prefer?
dont know which car you are driving
no just what cars we prefer
who is dodge demon?
not fond of telling what happened?
dodge demon more power   it has smiliar    hel cat
what happened?
you had a bad accident?
   hell cat and demon same model    lol
your car is broken?
silvie hi
what are you talking about this evening?
hello again
i like the hell cat
dasani your opinion of    dodge demon
 1998  tbt from mexico https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USlrWzSR9Oc :party:  
from colombia  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36YnV9STBqc   tbt  vallenato
tbt     romantic  music
hi all  
I'm fine thank you
And you?
Hi Markus, how are you my dear ?
Hi there ! I tried my app with Susan, she's a lovely person :) :)
enjoy the rest of your day.  
everyone has gone silent it seems.  
:wave: susan ,regarde ton pv
good night julie ... good night david  
sleep well!!
must *
Good night.
oops. didn't realize.  
midnight sounds here ... i mjst go
you have to think about it?? hehe
julie, i will get back to you on that
what is your favourite dish, susan?
So what is the dauphinois part? Isn't the dauphin heir to the throne?
what cream and garlic transform into over 70 minutes of baking
it is magic ... i had never dreamed
Just cream
no cheese
I guess you grate the cheese in. Hence gratin.
oh sorry cheese, was trying to remember.
there is no cheese in the french original recipe
ah, you called it a different name just to be fancy, eh, susan! haha!
except that, gratin implies cheese
yes, australians call it potato gratin
Ah yes gratin is with potatoes.
oh, that is patates au gratin we call it
hahha ! french recipe ... delicious
Julie is sad
sorry. I would not be able to eat that, david
baked in oven ... thin slices of potato, butter and chopped garlic, layers and layers, and cream over the top, to soak
I am just cooking some lamb heart.
are you a good cook, david?
that sounds about right, david
no idea what that is, but sounds like a fancy dish
To be a good cook one needs to go through being a less good cook.
i have perfected the gratin dauphinois
hard to get the motivation though if i live alone. I would end up wasting so much time and food and money
listen to good chefs
my goal during this pandemic was/is to learn to be a better cook
give yourself time to improve  
but i am too self-conscious of my lack of talent
if i were a great cook i could invite people over for a meal.
oh, but it great to be a good cook
good way to stay thin, hahahaha.
my motto is: I eat to live, I don't live to eat.
i always imagined mothers being good cooks. Now i am meeting a new one that also was a bad cook
but around 35 years of age, i was obviously getting better at it
hahahhaah mine too!!
my mother was a poor cook, so i did not learn young
cooking, i did not start well
do you like to cook and are you good at it?
no, and i am a bad cook
poutine was invented in Quebec
julie, do you like to cook ?
our canadian mascot is the beaver, so maybe that is why they call it beaver tail
i have heard of poutine, of course
look it up. tons of pictures about it
ahh, cusine canadienne ... charming ... pancake  
i have no clue why they call it beaver tail. Enough to scare the hibbie-jeebies of those who have no clue it's not beaver tail!! bhahahahahha
it's actually a pancake with tons of sugar, cinnamon, etc on it. many flavours
and contrary to other countries' belief, it is not a real beaver tail. hahahaha we do not eat the tais of beavers. hahahaha I knew you would think that, so that is why i made sure to explain it!!!
to eat it ? ... oh  
did you know that in canada, what is really popular is beaver tail?
yes ... amusing ... and any reason for a festival, hey  
i don't really believe in that, but it's fun and funny to hear about it
hahaha ok
haha, yes, we have heard that on australian tv  
something to do with how much longer winter will be
the rumour is: if the groundhog sees its shadow, it will return back into its burrow for another six weeks
they have called him a name
australia has only a small alpine area ... tallest mountain here is 2228 kms  
the original groundhog for groundhog day died but it has been replaced by anohter one
I have never attended it, but it is always on the news around that time
I think it happens in February
here it's a big thing
no ... no,such creature here ... no snow ... mostly
i mean the actual groundhog
good ... me too, i have watched repeats ... once in english ... twice in french
not the movie
do you guys have groundhog day in australia?  
I like the lesson it provides
but it was better the second time.
the first time i was bored
i watched it a couple times
did you like it?
ah no. you didn
the title in french is Le Jour Sans Fin
Bill Murray
julie, did i tell you that i,bought the dvd of the film, Groundhog Day ... ?
hmm a name i never heard before
i think it is Sofien , masculine ... and Sofienne , feminine  
sophien est le masculin de sophie?
donc son nom se prononce 'sofien' en francais
il ne parle pas l'anglais
natif de france ... de Lyon
what country is he fromÉ
oh. i thought it was a woman. lol oops.
il est gentil ... jeune homme, barbu ... d'un style légère
i was just lucky ... i got Sofien
when i opened the page, it said 52 people availavle on site
how cool is that! haha
just luck ... au hazard
how did you connect with a specific person?
no code ... but i joined the site ... gave my email address  
so in order to speak to her, you needed a code or something?
it was a video call ... i spoke to Sofien en direct
maybe i'll check it out eventually
is it free?
amazing !
Sofien gave me the link ... it is for multiple languages
it is called Welango
it was a babchat person who gave me the link to the site  
how did it goÉ
julie, i had my first ever telephone call in french today
bye david
later ? tu pars ? ah ok, au revoir david  
ohmgosh, this video has english translation ... cool