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It was ten at night, I was piloting my ship
My taxi was a '68 VolksWagen
It was one of those bad days where there was no passage
The sequins of a suit made me stop
She was a beautiful blonde
She wore a miniskirt
The neckline on her back
I was just coming to glory
A black tear rolled down her cheek
While the rear-view mirror said: "see, what calves"
I saw a little more, ah-ah-ah
It was ten forty, he was still in reform
He told me: "my name is Norma" while he crossed his leg
She took out a strange cigar, the kind that makes you laugh
I offered him fire in a hurry and my hand was shaking
I asked her: "Who is she crying for?"
And she told me: "for a guy
That it is believed that by rich
He can come to deceive me "
Do not fall for love
He must get up (I told him)
Have a server
If what you want is revenge
And she smiled at me, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh
What is it that makes a taxi driver seducing life?
What does a taxi driver do by building a wound?
What does a taxi driver do in front of a lady?
What does a taxi driver do with his bed dreams?
I wondered, eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh
I saw him hugging and kissing a humble girl
She is a very simple class, I know it from her appearance
He would smile at me in the mirror and sit sideways
I was dumbfounded with the foggy mirror
He told me: "turn the corner
We will go to my house
After a couple of tequilas
We'll see what happens "
Why describe what we did on the carpet
If it is enough to summarize that I kissed him until the shadow
And a little more, ah-ah-ah-ah
Do not feel so alone
I suffer, although it is not the same
My wife and my schedule
They have opened an abyss
How both sides of social classes suffer
You suffer in your mansion, I suffer in the suburbs
He told me: "come with me, you know, I'm not alone"
She made a tail in her hair, we went to the bar where she was
We entered precisely
He was hugging a girl
See if destiny is great
And this city is girl
She was my woman, eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh
What is it that makes a taxi driver seducing life?
What does a taxi driver do by building a wound?
What does a taxi driver do when a gentleman
Does his wife coincide with time and dedication?
I wondered, eh-eh-eh, eh-eh-eh
Since that night, they play to deceive us
They see each other in the same bar
And the blonde always stops the taxi at ten in the same
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