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Thx sandrine  
gute nacht, baby sandrine :wave:
good night bonody :wave:
Milou à bientôt j'espère que tu vas aimer ton voyage à. Kosovo
So I'm tired, I have to sleep.
I wish a beautiful night
Guten nacht zusammen
of course we sail sometimes off course :chin:
Good night Arii
Ari hi
u hv class tomorrow queen Arii :)
French is a monster language :)
Nite nite sleep tight  
13 years and still learning frank
have a good night guys  
I did not mean that you leave , I just asked :P
Bye AAri - Gute Nacht :wave:
ciao arii
i am leaving xp
thanks sandrine  -- 13 years of learning french destroyed some of my english  
why are you still here then ?  
someone is getting bored :/ or sleepy
stranger i feel the same lol
Frank of course*
In kosovo  
A =o  
caurse = cause*
he will get hotter at the gym dont worry lol
Ah yeah of caurse  
U Will say bye bye to high températures when u Will go to kosovo
Are u leaving sandrine ?
Hhhh bye bye the high temperatures
Too.much fresh :guitar:
such a peaceful place
yes milou and the air is soo fresh  
I know arii but i choose kosovo lol  
its true nobody thats how it functions
Maybe to run in the nature of kosovo it sounds helpful lol  
Both sandrine  
haha milou if you have the willpower you can lose weight wherever you are
This is due to the influence and interests of the great powers, because of the recognize kosovo....also i think so
U Will lose weight or gain more muscles
it doesnt affect us  
rex i meant south america and albania havent any type of relation
I would be there as soon as possible to lose some weight over there  
 Ari pffff
yeah i agree
Yes sandrine  
ok milou u seem to be well informed
I knew it years ago arii lol  
I like the nature sandrine no.matter where  
milou how do you know that lol
There is a very strong gym places too in kosovo lol  
rex your recognition doesnt even matter lol
more beauty than Algerian milou?
My kingdom recognize kosovo 100%
great. i wish you good luck = Toll, ich wünsche dir viel Glück Arrii
:) no Arii
hope there is none from serbia right now here lol
to begin with serbia
kosovo is a very beautiful and strong place. its a bad thing that there are still a lot of countries which doesnt recognise kosovo as an independent country
Gold and beauty aandrine lol  
New natiom very young kosovo
what hv u discovered There milou?
i think they are just stereotypes and it may be just a justification xp  
Ok arii and now it is peaceful ther?
Maybe i would ve there sooner  
It's really interessting country to be there  
I once tried to date an albanian girl in Germany, but she told me that albanian girls are not very interested in dating south asian guys  
but we speak the same language
kosovo is an independent state  
Hmm not really
hahaha yes stranger. albania is a just a point in the big world
Yes sandrine do u like it too ?  
kosovo really?
just saw the map lol
Yes sandrine maybe my next trip to be to kosovo sandrine  
yes it's the most important u are right
haha never mind
nope . sorry
never heard?
 Ari what grrrrrrrr
rex sorry not in mood to watch it
I.like to see my country in peace only sandrine  
whats a capital of Albania ? @Arii
do u like thenew gvrnment
in the east of thuringia
Everythings 16/16 in algeria sandrine lol  
Ok sandrine  
milou how Is Algeria?
Ari minuto 18.50 until 19 50 lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5ED-IXLDij4 real funny
is it a state ?  
und wo in thüringa ?  
Hhh no only to sleep  
yes...too late
@ stranger Thuringa
Yep are u preparing for a new trip sandrine ?  
Ari first i recomned soap opera lol
wo wohnst du in Deutschland ? @Nobody
Te recompiendo
i hope i will remember it xp
Nice milou
Si es vieja es buena novela
" Ich wünsche dir viel Glück"= i wish you good luck  
la novela
pero es muy viejo rex
ich wünsche dir viel Glück
Jjaas i liked it
no lo se rex  
Estoy seguro si la vez no parar de reirte
  Esa novela is real funny el nombre se llama pedro el escamoso lol
i wish you good luck . this one
are you German ? Nobody
I dont think.so sandrine lol  
what in german arii?
thank you  
dime el nombre de la novels
Yes sandrine good thx  
no trip to take this night milou?
wish you the same for your studies
No has visto esa novela
how to say this in german ?
thank you Arii
great. i wish you good luck
hi nobody
no rex
whats up :wave:
and u milou did u hv a good Day?
Ari tu conoces a pedro escamoso
only two three months  
  Before you could have nationality in past stuart
ciao Leo bambino
quite difficult. how years left to finish it?
Good to hear sandrine :)
No, Rex.
fine milou
Or not
Rex write in English plz
Stuart are yoi citizen of united kingdon
How re u sandrine ?
  Sandrine i will watch it us true light spped now.
why u always come in the middle of the night
I am doing masters in electrical engineering
yeah, thats true. I learned a lot everyday German while talking to people more often and listening to them. so yeah you are right
hello milou
what do you study
kind of helps
well its even easier when you are in contact with it . i mean even though you may not speak it  you listen to it all the time so
Of course u Will never do That :guitar:
I will do it right after I am not done with my studies
I am still learning it :P .. It's a difficult language no doubt. but actually I really never focused on learning it properly
Hello everybody  
oh long time. and how long did it take you to learn the language
I am not taking anybody's queen.
lol sandrine.
Rex ur queen is going to be taken by a stranger
Yes, my liege!
 Ol stuart australia is not colony of Uk . As respect you call queen elizabeth
oh.. around 9 years  
how long have you been living in germany
 Ari it is interogative question og liberty
rex what are you saying for God’s sake
you are welcome. :)  
yes its a good idea ..and thank you
 Same level
  For exampme i.am king of minas tirith and australia is my territory then australia is free i am not your king any more you are free now we are best friends
and help each other
we can practice German together :)
no never
hahah i know i made a wise choice xp
Stuart it is past now australia is free
und dir :)
have you ever visited Germany ?
 For example. Ari is queen it means future aris generation children.we will call them.magesty king
you chose a good language :P  
thats nice.  
so i chose german
but according to the system i had to choose another foreign language
Yes, Australia was a penal colony of England!
i study english literature
and learn at least the basic things.  
 Future years people will continue in queen.and kings
ok. thats good. what are you studying by the way ?  
i am thinking on attending a course in the near future. when i will be not so busy so i can really put my effort on it  
 Stuart no good
Stuart it is difficult to me Uk colonies
Yes, Rex, we are. But we recognise the Queen at the same time.
Du wirst A2 schaffen Arii
you sound very smart and wise
at least you know what the problem is. thats good
i have just underestimated it
i havent fully focused on it to be honest. cause i know that if i really work hard i can learn it
Who is the king of Australia? Queen lisabeth  commonwealth stuart ?
 You said we are free but not
thats good. dont worry, It takes time when It comes to learning German
rex quien sabee hahaha
frank thanks for the motivation though
Stuart panama is freee 100%
A2 and i feel like a loser
Te gusta un aleman por eso estudia esa lengua
Ari ummmm
 You said we are but no
You will make it Arii :thumb:
 Stuart ok australia is indepent or not
cool. what level of german are you at ?
german this time
and i have another in on friday
yess cant believe i am so capable lol
... but to answer your question let me say that I live in a thriving democracy which is also a monarchy - the two are certainly not mutually exclusive!
Ari stop copiarte
wow, you did a lot today
  Exams about
who Is the joker
i had two exams and i overstudied i guess
rex i am the queen of myself
Queen of ur heart also :p
what did you do today ?
I am tired too
Ari queen of albania
Tired but good , and you
hello Arii, how are you ?
hey stranger
Que es eso mina
  Leon behave as dog and tiger thinks he is cat lol
hello people
  Minas tirith
Panama is a small kingdom - but the shiptaxes make Rex rich :)
 Tiger and leon my body guards all moment i just aaaaattack 👎
It is not yet time for ur kingdomto come hmm
Dand my kingdkm idont permit it
Rex, I'm using my phone so can't write so well ...
(= german choclate cookies)
Rex u are a king but u don't hv any kingdom so why not a prince without money :p
Monarquia stuff create mauch money people have curiosity . Royal family
He eats prinzenrolle every day :popcorn:;  :)
Stuart your opinion about monsrquia in 2020 it is useful or not
 People don care monarquia in london . Just turist agencies
 Proncipe of what england is not storytale
  He is normal man
 Stuart i hope you dong be angry my opinion lol
he doesn't need to work Rex, it's a prince
Babysister grandnother angry lol
she is used to it
not bad
  Ari megan will work in hollywood and harry care child :p
  Ari it is true
he is not as stupid
rex dont be so sure
a prince without a crown
 Yes harry no 0 money lol
i agree frank
princes do not exist
Ari primcipe can pay nothing lol
even a prince is not a prince nowdays
Better take a normal guy arii
A prince is waiting for u somewhere
 It is strange democracy is imperior and monarquia is the voice and hope of people here earth planet different lo contrario lol
haha you never know Ari  
yes Princess Meghan
if only i would have a prince lol
good evening Frank
Princess meghan ?
nothing similar
lol sandrine  
No good
Good eve baby sandrine
 Royal monarquia just cindirella rampusel cencienta or star wars has monarquia too
meghan looks like Ari
Democracy is good
Nobody doesn't talk today
  We are living world which nonarquia.is past tense
hi frank  
Hi evbody :wave:
 Fine too art
Like lol
Report said queen think 2020 is lile 1948
Rex and the girls :ahhh: :)
Queen thinks monarquia still is like old time monarquia almost end viva la democracy
fine how are you
i dont care
 Ari como estas
 Your opinion.of harry
hey hey
have a nice conversation
but i dont want to disturb you tonight
never wanted to change my gender
Ok silvita
besides that i m glad being a woman
Silver bye
have a nice conversation
sandrine are you a baby?
silvie are u a man?
in the streets of your hometown?
where did you lose it?
you lost money?
i get angry when people treat others with disrespect
Lost money
 Playstation 5 soon lol again buy cd wtf
this question isn't for u silvie
why should i get red of anger?
why shouldn t guys talk to a woman?
if a guy talk a woman u are interested in , don't u get red of anger ? :popcorn:
no reply?
90 days of disdain and disrespect?
dont know what happened in the years 90
real Am I wrong?
Silvie your opinion the years 90 and 2000 nowasay
c est parce que j aime bien les mots
what s the most common?
Si tu semes le vent les mots
de la*
surtout pas la haine et du mépris
je ne sème rien du tout
 Yes stuart do you know the most common
Silvie tu semes à tout le vent :)
you dont agree?
unless you have got enough time and energy
grammar can be learned
i had my badest night when i was sleepless and couldn t find anybody to talk to
Grammar errors, Rex?
being in bed isnt that bad in my opinion
It's just before 8 am, Rex, and I am still in bed!
no, i just dont want to be treated like a dumb person
real u look like someone who can ne jealous
jealousy isnt my character trait
Stuart can you tell me common grammar error by people in.english
u never get jealous?
me ? I am not jealous
why should i be jealous?
Are u jealous
hello people
Hi Rex
whata pity
not fond of answering tonight?
you dont like to discuss an interesting subject tonight?
no os gusta discutir esta noche?
Stuart hi
 Hi sand
hola sandrine
they are chatting in the mornings and go to bed early?
Different times
  Stuart and susan chat very early lol they go to bed lol
too tired?
no quieres decirmelo?
que estas pensando?
you always go to bed that early?
  Silvie aqui pensando
at a quarter to ten?
time to sleep?
 Now sidney is morninh
que has hecho hoy?
  It is 8 am here new zelanda time to sleep evening
que tal estas?
hola rex
on n est pas des voyants
personne ne sait ce que Louis est en train de penser
good evening
good evening everyone
tu pense quoi  Louis ?
bonne journée à tous
ni l un ni l autre?
you préférez parler francais ou anglais?
ou est-il adepte de la yellow press?
Stuart aime bien les philosophes?
de retour
je pense donc je suis :Stuart
I am already lurking there!
in *
stuart, i am now i  the french room with marie ... join us
yes ... certainly it is donc
I think you'll find that it's "donc".
i can't quite say
Well, how else would you translate "I think, therefore I am."?
depending on context
yes ... french has alternatives
Is there another sort?
donc ... yes ... a sort of therefore
"donc" was the word I was after!
I was looking up "therefore" in the French dictionary ... blow me down, the example sentence is ...
I think, therefore I am.
  Je pense, donc je suis.
sum ... i am
ahh, i was not too far off
sum - je suis!
I think, therefore I am.
xxxx, ergo sum!
sum ... it is
ergo ... therefore
But I don't remember what "I think" is!
i need a précision ... what precisely does it mean ?
ahh, latin
... ergo sum?
i am very good with accents
i think
i am sure of it ... now that you have corrected me ... the first was spanish
You knew that "commo estas" wasn't Italian!
haha ... italy, of course
A native of what country?
marie, salut
come stai ... i can pronounce it like a native
yes yes, that sounds correct
Comment vas-tu?
oh, come stai
Italian - come stai?
che lastima!
(is that italian?)
commo estas ?
Hi Susan.
yes ... hi stuart
Me too - did you just get here?
hello ... just popping by to take a look
nobody replies?
still eating popcorn?
bad luck is back again?
how are you this morning?
hi people
ok now i really have to go :wave:
i like oldies...for example queen
albanian music
oh ok...what do you here..so what kind of music
listening to music nothing productive
well then tell me quickly
Nite nite sleep tight  
i was about to tell you what i am doing but anyway lol
ok everyone i have to go to bed :wave: :yawn: :sleep:
what is a afk?
im afk - have to eat sth
ok people let's talk about what we're doing right now ... i'm watching big bang theory :popcorn:
hello  ann
yes that is right
history is huge
yes of course..... i like to deal with history
No i read now you have 30 years  
yes 1910....4 years befor the WWI begann
hello lazy people
if you think so* leo
if you mean leo
i belive from 1910 or so
How old are you ?
Somewhere in my library I have a book with zodiac signs from the first 19th century
Ah ok  
Steinbock = german leo  
ahh leo is a capricorn = steinbock
born 7 january 😁😁😁
good night sandrine
bye sandrine :hug:
damnd to late
lol Leo
ohh maybe means frank a star sign :chin:
zoodiac= Sternzeichen - les signes
Im the Number 9 frank  
ok i hv to go now. Bye and take care all of u :wave:
i dont know
what is a zoodiac?
No ahah  
wich zoodiac are you Leo ?
u are leo messi?
thanks sandrine
ok we are back in english
Im not a lion  
one year french is not much..
yes i had only one year francais in the school
bye evy  recycling lady de  colombia
hv a good evening
Zeus, the master of horses :)
bye bye evy
good night
nobody déjà ?
bye bye
Leo the Lion King (of Italy) ?
Leo leo le roi lion
Slt frank
bsr zeus et leo loe
mais s il vous plait encore une fois en anglais
bien bien nobody, chef de cuisine
nul comme nourriture diététique
hi leo
oui sandrine
et saucisses aussi
frites à la mayonnaise, mais pommes de terre libérées
oui, je parle, ou c'est vraie* nobody
Hhh ok  
oui je fais
Nobody parle en peu pommes frites, je croit
I ask u if u speak french language
sorry i don't understand....sea?
speak french
Nobody u sea
:thumb: environment is very important
u are a good example to follow :)
Evy, how are you?
Evy u are well doing with That mind if protecting the environment
ohh allons en français maintenant
Hi markus
Now I study nursing and work in the office and what I study in the environmental part of the botany I use in my patients
sandrine ,mon doux bébé :)
:kiss: Marie  
de rien Marie
:kiss: sandrine :)
merci sandrine pour ce matin :smile:
:wave: Marie
:thumb: evy :dance:
:wave: sandrine et frank avec un :kiss:
I work in an office and teach them how to recycle paper cardboard and plastic in this office I was an environmental student
i mean occidental countries
Hi Evy
I don't work in the industry...*
:) evy  
I don't work an industry...
yes frank ..thats him
u should stop with ur industries  
it's obvious the human being is finishing the planet
and thor is the son of the creator odin. he is the godfather of the vikings for example
they say this Much hot temperatures are due to climatic changes
esto literal parece un maldito sauna
thor is a nordic god
evy asada
es terrible
no frank no tenemos aire acondicionado
i was talking abt Our Creator
i will ask Thor in summer when it's 40 degrees  here again.. :whistle:
Nobody i don't know thor
:chin:or we ask thor the god of thunder.....because of the rain
maybe god an magic together.. ?
magic can harm
God actions are always good  
I don't like magic things, i prefer God's actions
what is the plant in magical potion in your country sandrine ?  
Can't confirm that
well i c
i need some magical potion - today :ahhh:
druids made magical potions
druids and their assistants  like rex..
 Can be
The indians of America knew That. Ur ancestors Rex  
:chin: are not only druids allowed to do the rain dance?
rex - is a professional rain-dancer :dance:
u know the dance of making rain Rex
:blink: WTF twentythousend...respect
yes africa my continent
i sold 20 000 Thuringian sausages on the xmas market here, long ago :dance:
we need some rain
yes there is nothing like a Thuringian sausage :thumb:
It is also hot in africa now
Cuca. Lol
i hibernate with good books baby sandrine..
Evy que mas
= a very good east german saussage
U hv to hibernate Frank while waiting for spring
 29 in caliz and my city now
nature needs winter, and we need Thüringer bratwurst :)  
Evy y el aire
no frank nature needs winter
ah ok i see for example one word can have similarity with another word of a language one already know. Then the person have tendancy to use the Word he already knows while meaning the Word of the other language
send 20 degrees to germany please evy  
Wtf 40 we never have it here
  Evy yesterday it was 33 degree i wanted to river lol
in cali
We are free
I'm burning
 It is if france continue talk about panama paper the goverment of my country will create a demand in order respect us
o my God
 Frank let me tell something it is bla bla bla bla it is false
My English is not very good and I have the bad luck of having my keyboard damaged
rex, what about new panama papers.. :smile: ?
ok that is great
Ok we can understand your writting
a man
First language
sorry rex but my english is not that good yet
Foundation can be principal caused
Sandrine there are many factors
Nobody are you girl or boy ?
anyway is it the answer to the common grammar errors made by ppl?
Did you know it
my pc is broken
 frank im sorry
:clap: Bravo rex
Semantics is the study of the knowledge encoded in the vocabulary of the language and in its patterns for building elaborate constructions and meanings. Pragmatics is the interaction of semantic knowledge with our knowledge of the world to produce meaningful communication in contexts of use.
Ok evy
 Yes sandrine tell me about it
G jjr esa cancion diomedes diaa
evys spanish is so good :thumb:
rex te recomiendo esta peli!
y ya esta
pues yo sencillamente le diria oye no te amo
common errors in English grammar?
lol sandrine :thumb:
This song
La mujer no lo quiere al hombre lo espera con babydoll
En cambio si no lo quiere se pone un pantalón
Evy tu opinion
Ur English needs to go to hospital Rex :p
 Can you mention the errors
desperated ok
Sandrine tells me the most common grammar errors done by people
  Dont worry it is not important
 You have been having a bad day
no e podido ver el video
today no is my day
im sorry rex
I don't understand  
 In field of education
Are you linguistic
  Sandrine what do you think that ?
If you dont know input learning you will have error performance
hhh i think ur teacher was desesperated to make u learn English  
  I was joking
  Sandrine i knew the grammatical rules
ppl = people
 And you
   I have been improving it
Rex do u think u need to learn English :popcorn:
   One of them explained a learner is able to create her or him knowlege thriugh yhe repetation.and reinforcememt
so please dont cry baby sandrine :)
babies can make ppl feel lost when they start crying
 Theories of second language
some germans do, baby sandrine
nobody needs to learn english
   I do not feel scared for babies
so proper English
Me no fear baby
Does you like ferrari
i also have to learn english :blink:
 I are good speaking lol
rex has fear of babys :facepalm:
he is pretending not to know
i hv made him go :/
rex speaks bad englisch
Rex has left
yes i am
Nobody is here  
hi everybody
nobody is new here :)
Nobody is perfect :D
and somebody :wave:  
hello anybody
Hello nobody
Hello ladies and gentlemen, I hope you are all well :wave:
Hi How are you today?
bye bb :hug:
Gute Nacht
kisses :kiss: yes, well but a bit exhausting i do have 8-9h trainings
or are you like :ahhh:
is it going well?
ummm wut
Well i have to go chill a bit in bed before sleeping tomorrow another long day eh
 Ummm bb in licra
On spring i will have trainings regularly  
Heeey :P meanie
surprising :)
but.. i did not
I wanted to go jogging yesterday
excercise is also healthy and we don't do it
bio Sauerkraut juice
hey its good, healthy
ich trinke Sauerkrautsaft xd
Austria ummm blond girls
i mystic fluid designed to scare children
Bäh i dont hope so
oh i see... yes it exists, so it is said
Or Austria
 Wao or ohhh tell me
I mean generally in Germany
i do not have, or ever will have, sauerkraut juice
great :)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7a69B53rpXY Minute 1.55 and 2.20 bb cari and sandrine
yes Sauerkraut juice?  
Um ok :) im going with my friend to the concert on Friday la la :blush:
what?? 🤮
Have u got Sauerkraut juice??? :chin:
no idea, that's the beauty of it
   I am wao lol
What do u mean by too late?
Ah rex, i confound them
Rex are u ewww or arghhh?
i think ;) i'll never know until it's too late ;)
meinen neuen*
yes all good :)
für meine neue Arbeit
ja, genau
How is your relationship? All fine?
 Bb are you waoo or ohhhhu
Für den Flughafen?
Was für eine Schulung?
 You said you are c3po golden
Just started die Schulung :D
Gute Nacht*
and with you?
basically nothing
Gute nacht Patze :wave:
Good evening I have to sleep  
Wolfi tell me whats new du super cuttie??
What story u told us Xari?
xari 😂 welcome to our world
What are you talking about? :chin:
it's story, not history
Nah, just dont like it  
 Cari i rememebered thay day you told us a history lol
Bist du vege?
Wb Rex
Lol you can have mine  
that is something i miss here
I would eat them everyday :blush:
Haha u dont like it?
yes unfortunately  
Patze i can not even swim :ahhh:
Do u have nice bratwurst there either?
The water has 7 degree  in the summer. I am sure you do not want to swim there
Come to Linz :)
Schnuckies :)
Mein Wolfgang :heart:
I left there my towels lol but i will soon have them back
I miss Vienna Xari ;))
u are not a kid or a teenager so dont try to act as if u were one.
i am afraid that if i go there a big fish would eat me
Never been to Norway
Lucky you :)
Nah Patze
it was at 7:30 today but tomorrow 9:30 woo
yes i also need time to get to the airport maybe i will move out soon
Yes do you know the Lofoten?
U have to act as a responsible adult not as a predator
did you because of your course?
Long way to school, i always get up between 4:30 and 5:00
Patze was it in Norway? Your fishing
Why so early
Rex why u always after teenagers. How old are u?
Yes lol
Xari for real? xd
Hahaha :D  
Ich versuche mich an englisch.  Ich kenne keinen joke, wirklich.  Außer den mit der Furzel
< -  
Who got up at 4:30 today?
Ich möchte ein klein joke from you Patze :)bitte
Danke Patze  
Du schreibst aber schon gut deutsch  
and r2 is anoying :P
Nah i don’t remember that he ever lost it  
Ich möchte super super Deutsch sprechen  
V yes you lost your memory always delete data lol
Whatever it is
Ok you can be r2d2  
Ich komme aus Polen, wohne in Warschau
Cari and me like r2d2 and c3po old friends
even if you save money your hole life :P
Too expensive for you rex  
Das kann man sehen wie man will. Ich komme aus dem Sauerland . Und du?
Xari’s voice is expensive  
Rex you dont deserve to hear it
Lol :facepalm:
Und wo wohnst du?
 Yes please rec your voice
Rec :)
Ah, ja das ist cool aber ein bisschen langweilig :P
Underwear babyboll
Nein ich bin technischer Betriebswirt und arbeite im Büro statt auf einem Boot
Haha Xari ich vergebe dir xd i suck at maths
what is babybol?
  Wear babybol
Haha, aber du bist.. fisherman? Bist du?
Hab grade erst angefangen - ups :)
y quien espera con babydoll?
Hast du viel gelernt Xari?
Oh das finde ich cool. Wollte als Kind immer Pilot werden  
You copied chat send it others
No love
  Sand it means woman does not want a man
Was ist das Rexy?
La mujer no quiere al hombre ...
ich werde am Flughafen arbeiten Patze
Ich auch nicht :sad:
Cual cancion
Oh nein Xari, ich mag maths nicht
Bb your opinion of people screen messages of invox
Was machst du denn beruflich?  
no entiendo la significacion de las palabras de esta cancion :chin:
Ja, war gut. Ich habe ein Schulung für meine neue Arbeit
No tengo opinion
Meine Woche war bisher super BB, ich hoffe deine auch?
Und dir? :)
schlecht, ich habe morgen Mathe Schularbeit :sick:
Hi BB  
Evy conoce estaa musica
La mujer no lo quiere al hombre lo espera con babydoll
La mujer no lo quiere al hombre lo espera con babydoll
En cambio si no lo quiere se pone un pantalón
Hallo Xari wie geht es dir?
Hallo Patze wie war deine Woche?
No puedo dar mi opinion yo?
Hi :wave:
Good evening together
Evy tu opinion de esta canciom
Go to sleep Rex
Watch video
And tell me are you wao or ohhhhu
Xari and evy watch it minute 1.55 until 2.20 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7a69B53rpXY
I have to solve the problem to everyone here
no pase directa con la empresa
Ah ok :)
 Centro comercial
Human Resources Assistant
I am an office assistant
i I work in an office
Evy que ansas
 7000 dollars for 4 toys star wars lol https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=C88g4rG881Q&t=107s
  Future much money
 Toy cost o.88 cents now
 Xd lol
If i would have 100000 dollars it would be the first thing i would buy lol
Xari your opinion toys with prices 100000 dollars
Zorli fui fui ummm
I did not know
What do you work?
Same, i have maths exam tomorrow :sick:
i have very lot work
o my God
sara my name is evy
Yeah you didnt know?
Xarixari your name is sara
Rex :wave:
nah my real name is Sarah
I am fine thanks and you?
xari is your name?
How are you
Hi :wave:
what a pity
nobody in this room either?
you re not fond of answering tonight?
what are you talking about tonight?