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I see Rex, cool
Oh dunno, need to find something
Panama viejo
 Old city celebrated 500 years first city in contient
Many things
what will you watch now BB?
Rex whats new?
Anais are you here
U look 17
indeed , i am older
Just kidding BetoLoco :hug:
Well its for young people
I ve never heard about it
my life has just ended....  
the last episode ever, ya dig it? There will not be any mooore
I also finished today orange is the new black my fav serie actually the only that got me so
I like psyco stuff
what is boring to me is.. fantasy
Interesting u mean :P
it seems boring no?
Some psychological and anthropological stuff
Bb i.want to.share the readong of today
what do you read?
BL :roll:
Cooking and resting oh and reading  
BB we do
 Hi bb
what have you been doing BB?
We dont need it here
Jesus word too powerful
Rex get off
fine thanks
Reading of the Holy Gospel according to Luke (12,49-53):

At that time, Jesus said to his disciples:
«I have come to set the earth on fire, and how much I wish it was already burning! With a baptism I have to be baptized, and what anguish I suffer until it is fulfilled!
Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, but division. From now on, five will be divided into one house: three against two and two against three; the father will be divided against the son and the son against the father, the mother against the daughter and the daughter against the mother, the mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and the daughter-in-law against the mother-in-law ».

Lord's word
Im good and u?
how are you?
alles vodka? :)
I hope your week-end was good
Bern is sleeping
hello everyone
When I dive in the deepness of my mind !!
Talk the talk, never act
Through the pain we could achieve the greatness ...lol
What if I shut down lights by myself?
Cause there ain't no victory without pain
Helloo Friends  
Sorry Berni, I am a bit late and you left
thx, beto
à = 2 a
a article + a prep= à
oh ...  you are a great professor, man  
a com crase=à
às crianças
as ctianzas = to the children ?
that structure doens´t exist in port
a mi me gusta= eu gosto
oh oh  
I am watching a serie bbl
spanish: a mi me gusta, ok ?  if " as crianzas" means "THE children", gostam portuguese could have a differnt structure than gustar in Spanish. ??  
see you later
guys have to go
ok i was trying to remember the passive in german
They were given some presents _ -- Ihnen wurden einige Geschenke gegeben  
if you try to write in a very high level language you will make mistakes and probably ppl won´t understand you
wurdem = past tense  
+ Geschenke gegeben werden *  yes  
It is more comfortable on the sofa)
try to simplify things
Hi yes i just changed for my mobile
bern take my advice
hi sarka
hi.  everything fine, Sarka ?
Hi Beto and Bern
die kinder mögen wenn ihnen geschenken gegeben wurden?
just to get a fugitive idea about your language ...
lhes= dativ
as crianças quase sempre gostam quando presentes lhes são dados
ihes ...  dativ ? to them ?
I omited nearly always
in other way yes
ou quando presentes lhes são dados= passivo
you wrote: the children like nearly always to receive presents . ?
as crianças gostam quando lhes dão presentes
maybe like this
mmhh   may be I am the ignorat devil ...
it´s impossible in passive , in port
as = die the les
ah you are a grammar devil ! you made the sentence be in the ACTIVE form ?
as les
ah thank you; I try to understand the strucrure via French ... as = our ?
as crianças gostam quase sempre de receber presentes
no Chinese please !  
what would this sentence be like in Portuguese, Beto ?  
" children nearly always like BEING GIVEN presents. "  
hi sarka
don´t worry bern, grammar is important but we can understant you even if it´s not perferct :D
hello sarka
just having a strong coffee now ...
Shakespeare and the Queen would appreciate it, I think :-)  
just Stuart's English sometimes, beto, hahaha
nt related to fashions of the past  
but English is NOT retro ...  
partly expensive  
my other strange hobby is the "retro"- collection of 9 noble fountain pens ...  
John: The problem has been being explained to him ....  
like a crossword-puzzle, Beto :-)  
really monstrous grammar, rather in theory  
hahahha it´s a fixed idea bern?
in this chatroom
nice to meet you
hi John, milou
hello again ...  Beto, I had to verify this English monster grammar at home ---
fine thanks you?
how are you
Hey john  
whats up bro
hi john
ahahah I prefer individual sports
Yes sometimes i keep away from sports that's why lol  
beh sometimes it happens
 I have some feet pain cuz of the latest match  
That's good  
I was out with my bike
You *
What about uou lucca ?  
I made some arrangements with father today  
what did you do today?
Yes maybe  
people are taking advantage of the hot weather, I guess
Yes i agree it's to be 4 pm here too  
it´s too early no?
As usual the chat is dead  
Good to hear :)  
fine thanks
I'm fine thx how bout you ?  
hi milou how are you?
Hi lucca  
I almost spewed !!
I even tried some merguez.
Nasro, Sorry. You talked to me. Hi, how are you doing ?
Eating ! What an interesting activity !
I just had half a chicken. Some Coca-cola.  
I hope so
thank you and bye all... see you :wave:
okay don't worry, all engineers have good minds  
have a nice day
I don’t understand a lot of it... I’m an engineer  
have a good luck in babachat  
ı have to go out mone... nice to meet you...
because understanding abstract subjects is a bit hard for readers  
it is necessary to read them again and again to be able to understand them well  
ı try to read them again and again..
their books are in my small library  
ı like him and his books too  
because they guide painters and thinkers as dealing with abstract art in world art  
in our time, art lovers like his books  
he has two books that deal with abstract art
kandinsky is the father of abstract picture  
but he had liked germany  
Kandinsky say something to me
he is a russian painter and thinker  
he had lived in berlin for a while in the past  
Berlin ist beautiful, I was there for silvester 2000
do you know about kandinsky ?
ı will come to berlin to see national museum in the future  
Yes, Thats right
ı see, no problem single people are more free in the life  
I‘m a single  
are you married?  
wow... their children make them hapy too..
I think so, they live together in Germany and have two beautiful kids  
marriage is a bit luck for couples aren't they ?  
is your friend happy now?  
was nice
hımm.. ah okay.. ı see  
I was in Istanbul for a Wedding of friends of mine
were you married in istanbul or were you in a wedding ceremony in istanbul ?  
what do you mean of wedding ?  
ı should return to my editing affairs  
my chat time will be over soon  
what do you mean ''on a mariage''  
Yes, very beautiful
okay.. istanbul is a beautiful city  
on a marriage
I was in Istanbul  
did you come to turkey before?  
ah okay ı live in a town that close to izmir  
near Stuttgart
where do you live in germany?
Yes, it is
okay.. but english will be important everytime  
in fact ı couldn't your that sentence and ı guessed that you will want to mean that  
I don’t need Englisch very often in my job
because you wrote ''I have no training... and I fear that it would dissappear''
why do you think?
no, Not jobless  
yes ı am a writer and painter  
ı think you are a jobless.. is that right?  
Do you mean writer and painter?
I have no training... and I fear that it would dissappear
you mean, you don't see my works in my profile  
I want to Open it But it doesnt work
why do you want to improve your english ?  
my works are on my profile  
what is your work mone?  
yes but don't worry we all were new here once upon a time
thank you... yes Im very new here
ı am fine too mone, welcome here  
Im fine, how are you?
hi mone how are you?
Hi Ali
but ı have my bro, if ı want ı can call my bro to help me  
ı came here to chat and rest for a while but it seems that there is not any other user who wants to chat with me  
 Hi Cassius ،what's up bro?
I‘m here for improve my englisch  
What would account for your presence ? Here for shooting the breeze or to better your English ?
Yes, today registred
Mone75, Hi. New here ?
thank you amara and bye all... see you :wave:  
so that was a short break time for me  
ı should return to my editing affairs  
yes bro, you are right but my time will be over soon
ali ı think your friend is a bit busy now because she can not chat now  
when ı walk my bro is becoming happy  
but because of this ı try to walk on the cost by looking around after my dinner  
besides ı have to sit in front of my computer all day long because of editing my draft books  
as you know human can not spend more energy when he or she is a bit old  
that is my matter not to be a fat man  
ı want to stay on my ideal kilos lol..  
thats why I dont understand your worries about eating too much
slim or skinny deals waist  
but not skinny, that is too less weight
ı see, you explained that well  
what you mean is lean, slender for not much fat
yes slim, thin are better for you  
not much energy, like when you dont feel well
weak is like faint, feeble, low
ah okay.. how nice  
but I still look the same I think
what is the synonym of weak ?  
its more slim, slender
not really
weak means not fat  
weak means no muscles
fine thank you  
I am fine thanks How about you?
your picture should be one of your old pictures so you seem quite weak  
thank you amara how are you?
Hi Ali
and with the third you can mute someone to not read the messages of this person
second is translationn of the last message
the first one on the left is for a private chat window
if you click on the nickname, there are 3 signs
I‘m fine too... do you know if it is possible to talk to somebody privately?
Are you living in germany?
I am fine, thanks. How are you?
Hi Amara, how are you?
Hi Mone
Is anyone here to talk to?
Hello sorry everyone is sleeping...lol
Hello, is everyone here?  
Hi Bocha :popcorn:  
Hi I am new here  
I'm right now eating.
Are we gonna talk ?
he hey
Hi and good night fred  
Be fearless.
ok and hello milou
ı should go on doing my editing affairs, thank you and bye all... see you :wave:  
or else he or she can not stand strongly while supporting own artworks  
yes.. a good painter or artist should like art history  
yes you like drawing
some people don't like this kind of books but ı like them  
by the way my books deal with art history  
he he.. yes that book should be enjoyable  
hi ali
hi casy  
depends on the book
Hey hey
reading book is one of the best ways of staying in present time  
for example when we chat we can not think other things so that means we are in present time  
the best way is to do something  
oh philosophy
how can we stay in present time?  
so if we close these doors by living in present time, we can solve that problem  
unhappy thoughts generally come from the past and future  
yes.. a good mind should produce happy thoughts  
happy thoughts
don't worry my friend.. everybody will die one day  
wow.. my mind brings different questions that are the same lol..
is there any problem?  
who made you sorry?  
what happened to you?  
why fred ?  
ı am eating a piece of pancake  
hope you are well fred
hello again ali
welcome new silent people
never enough beer
just check the ref if we still have some extra beer :popcorn:
lol you won't like it anyways  
let ME check your mail
wait let me check my mail :popcorn:
Hey Fred! as well as you guys :popcorn:  
hello BL
So ?
Fred, you're funny.
i wont prattle with a pair of eyes
Just like that. To prattle !
why should i tell you anything?
you still only have eyes
i have a long profile
Fred, Anything to tell me ?
so what?
so ?
6 a.m. Goodnight.
that is the most common space on the internet
... especially between the ears ...
A space in the wrong place can be quite significant
i had a stroke and lost my hyphen
oh i see
What's considered short these days?
why 5 6?
An old bugger under 5'6" who can see?
find a short sighted old man
try to win at least one game
May do.
wash your hands after
I've got to go.
the communist one
What party?
seems i missed the party
i know - know-ow-w
That is when you listen to your own echo.
does it got below zero?
I can easily adjust the volume.
you may need the extra padding on the earphones tonight Vova
Someone told Fred, that they don't vote again.
may even start my beers a bit early
im just trying to calm down again now Wolf
was it an important topic?
no  - they trip over his body after kicking him to the ground
i dont know why i keep going really
women trip over themselves to talk to rex
another little shock
by another argument
i got distracted
So much for the talking.
Ari hola
Hi Vladimir
Hello, Frd.
 No dicho nada
You are telling me, that i should learn from you?
We can practice it
What would it change about my life, rex?
Mimo i knew turkish before you got interesting it
Bye Ali.
Who, Wolf?
Nalsisin mimo
Thx, rex
Iyi geceler, ali bey
Nice photo
Hi rex
thank you and bye all ... see you :wave:
Mimo hello
my chat time is over for now... ı should return to my editing affairs...  
no he just pasted that along with the link
I ain't Vlad.
You definitely did, Vlad
Oh, someone made "YouTube" links appear with a caption here.
Mimo i knew that photi
🎥 Diego Torres - Sueños (Videoclip) - YouTube
I knew it.
ı don't like robots  lol.. they are cold  
Mimo is a robot
Yes, Vladimir
fine mimo thank you when will you sing for us on her balcony?  
Hi Fred
Hi mimo are you very good singiing  ? :tongue:
I am good, ali. How are you?  
how are you mimo?  
Is Mimo a robot?
my :whistle: was for henry  
lol mimo.. did you like my compliment  hello  
:tongue: :thumb:
hi Mimo
Lol ali
I Will try learn more.
ı think you have forgotten english  
As a bird rongeltaube
you  didn't used to make more mistakes in the past henry  
try not make mistakes to improve your english  henry  
True. Mimo?
yes ı am able to hear their nice voices that comes from the balcony  
Mimo know song?
she is a beautiful lady who knows she can be a famous singer in the future  
only good singers can sing from a balcony
does she sing well fred?  
hımm  what did you do as preparation_  
she is waiting to sing?
mimo is getting angry like me when someone writes here about her while she waits on the balcony  
I Will go for october
With much cold.
I'm very well..
are you ready to your trip henry?  
Fred i asked what is new in your country
Hello mimo. How are u today..... Did u celebrated much u birthdayy??
fine henry thank you and you?  
ah right
Ali hello. How are u  
Fred., yes sure . But they are Friends..
yes henry feels strong with his large family  
hi henry  
hello Henry and your enormous  family
but our boss tell us that we are lucky then  
Green peace
ı don't know why lol...  
I think, we can all let some femininity inside ourselves.
(tell us more)
oh that was a bit snappy, Wolfi
Ali why
lucky you
ı couldn't see anais91 in these days  
Fred what is new in your country
and if we cannot get any ladies, at least we can get Anais91...
we do need more ladies just for gender balance
You all can learn from Rex to pay attention to the environment.
Be careful, Fred!
ı see fred... ı mixed mina with mila..
Is Mina a minor, then?
some us talk about doing it...
Mina is a scholar.
ı feel a bit tired after my dinner  
There's them what talks about it and them what does it in my experience.
People jump.stan up lile crazy
Mina is a man - a veryu annyoning one - who invades and "entertains" the Skype groups
Tomorrow lands
should ı meet her ?
i think a lack of banging is part of his problem...
who is mina fred?  
an unfortunate choice of verb there, Stu
nobody can
The guy may be a true feminist among us.
I can't fix your problem.
compared to Mina?
It's just that you've been banging on about the lack of females for as long as I can remember.  
I like him.
:thumb: for stuart  
I vote against banning Rex.
 The linguistics comments
Not at all, Rex.
perhaps it's time to ban him permanently, this annoys me to
at least he can conjugate better than you, stu...
Are you angry stuart?
I've tried criticizing Rex, Stuart, it doesn't work either.
the ideas of others are in their minds so they are not important  
Hey, Rex, if you want sex, why don't you go on a dating site. You'll never score here, and your constant references to gender tends to scare the girls off anyway.
but being alone is better  fred..  
10 people ignoring me
all people watch us from the balcony lol...
are you alone here fred?  
hello ali
its worse than vodka
Also American Whiskey, Fred - Bourbon Whiskey
This chat without girls is like kitchen with clean in three days
well it is easier than ironing
I' ve put my foot in it! *diarrhoea", sorry!
What an irony.
whiskey is irish
You mean whiskey?
yes why cant they spell it "shits" like us?
would there be*
Geez I hate the American spelling of " diarrhea" !!
So if you call them mayor, would miyors?
Yo Rex
Ho fred
Vodka is secure diarrea next day
stiffen up in the ranks!
What about city majors?
The army is very strict about this sort of behaviour, Vlad!
too busy farting?
Especially, if the minors are of a minority?
in GENERAL, yes Vova...
And we' re not all full - I'm not even drinking!
 Stuart your ppinion ice melted
Is it legal for a major to be majorly into minors?
Indiscreet kiss.
what happened to the other 90 of her?
Anais01 might argue with that!
Anais :kiss:
No girls
 Full men here we seem rejos
a sick bird of prey ...
That's right, aint it, Fred?
No, no ... as I intimated, that's illegal!
yes that is the colonel of the problem
In minors?
With a major in what?
Well, a minor with a major would be in the minority - you' re more likely to find a miner with a major!
And I aint Vlad.
Or a musical one.
university major, you mean, Vlad?
danke mine hair
*lol* well played
ich bin nichte amused...
always :)
er yes thanks for ex;laining the joke Wolfi
Is a minor with a major no longer a minor?
niece is nichte in german
Very perceptive, Fred
you have a twisted mind, Stu
or even have a stroke...
Fred, nicked is what happens to you if your niece is a minor!
It's a Tochter to have kids.
if we keep discussing apostrophes, I may fall into a comma
isnt the "nicht" just my misspelled niece?
Tell Mr No-apostrophes!
Yes, Wolfgang, that makes sense.
Bon appetite.
I am too hungry now, my friends ...   see you later ...  
isn't my aint the sister of my father
It aint here nor there.
none of this is getting me a beer
You can have your little victory.
Neither is your aint.
you aint winning this one :tongue:
2. it can be varied to drop the apostrophe
1. "ain't" is a salng form
yes a lot of uneducated natives use "of" instead of "have"...
but seriously, Fred: the problem has been explained to me*  could be sufficient . no ?
shut up Stu you aint helping!!!
Kidding - don't answer!
im still confused about that
or possibly queen
Yes, Fred, you should say "If I had of been", right?
Vova is King of Confusion
hi Vladi ....   you confuse us all the more :-)
"If I had (have) gone to the bar, I'd be drunk"
in general, they consider the texas accent very ugly
I wish I had had had.
this addition of a superflouus "had"
I don't understand this Texas accent, Beto ....    
that really pisses me off
Attila the Hun*
a lot of natives say "if he had have...."
oh I have one pet hate in this context
Atilla the Hunn.
in Texas, some say: I wish I would be, Fred :tongue:
but I would just be kidding myself
i wish i WERE atill a kid
No problem Fred
I think I have scared Sarka
Bern  take it easy)
You tell me, you're the kid playing it, Fred.
Sarka, English grammar problems as a good excuse to depart this life on earth ...   what a wonderful thing !  
is this the first round of tonight's hide-and-seek?
hello vladimir k
kind of important, that
oh and where to put the "nicht"...
it is the bloody word order that kills me
thankyou for that interesting and totally unnecessary German lesson, Stu...
:-)   passes a good glass of Trierer tap water to Fred  
you are most welcome, sir
German doesn't have the continuous (progressive) tenses but otherwise it's basically the same, except that they use different auxilliaries (sein and haben instead or have" and werden for the future, but also werden for the passive
oh zhx a lot, Fred ...   in this dark hour of feeling a heavy defeat of its owm, I really need that sort of consolation  
if it helps, Bern, I will go into the German room and feel far worse and more ignorant than you do here
all that filthy whisky
He is far too busy drinking to whinge
Have you been being argued with, mate?
Bernie's whingeing about nothing.
Yo Cobber
Hi Fred.
it is syntactically sound, Bern
so now I've learnt my lesson  
Fred: " It is indeed correct grammar"  
but it is a train...
and then I see a light at the end...
a bit like my mood
well it is low and dark...
About the tunnel)
Hi Bern
haha what Sarka?
hi Sarka ...  
Haha Fred. Hi to all
it still is not as confusing as German
uuhhh *sighing *
thanks a lot , my " native friends" .. I am now ready to commit  suicide, because this world will never eb able to explain it better to me  
Bern cannot do any high level stuff while his train is in a tunnel
or would you like to know only slang?
bern you have to learn high level english
if a little tortured ;)
it IS indeed correct grammar
sure I read Stuart earlier...I had to think a bit
yesterday have i me in berlin a car gebought
you charmeur tonight  
unless it was "want a beer?"
would you ever say: " The problem has been being explained to me " ?
Bernhard sure and let me answer it before you ask
Fred, hello,   very good that you arrive, allow me one question please, ok ?
hello BL
hi fred
an aussie calling ANYone lazy is a bit rich,,,
Beto, so do the Germans. Bernie's just being lazy this evening.
finally a test, Stuart ?
I don´t have prob with verbs together stuart , we also use a lot of them  
He will cop a belting if he continues to knock me down by means of confusing grammar, Beto  
Don't worry about it, Beto - nobody will ever say that to you, probably!
I understand it, since you are a german speaker
ah so many verbs together
" have been being explained to me ", Beto ....  this grammar knocke me down like Casous Clay the boxer  
that´s math
They will have been being explained to you for twenty minutes!
he will finish at a psyco-hospital?
Then in 10 minutes' time ...
If we spend another 10 minutes on them ...
lol !
We've spent 10 minutes on them already.
(I know)
Bernie,I'm sorry if those grammatical points that have been being explained to you have confused you.
just joking  
ahahah why don´t you trust him?
bern it´s impossible to learn a language without knowing its grammar
I really don't trust him anymore, beto  " the problem has been being explained to me " *gg*
I am a wreck of grammar now, beto ...  Stuart is giving his very best to confuse me, nearly like a top-model on the Paris-stage ( live and female)  
how are you ?
hi beto  
casius, the grammatical case has been being explained to me by you  
My friend Casiu stopped?
Let s talk in the portugues room é melhor tà ?
Eu estive em Grenoble e La Salette em agosto do ano passado.
Parece que França e Brasil tem um vínculo forte e simpatia recíproca.
Have a good day !
É vdd , sim eu falo um poquinho  
Vc fala português Naima?
Legal, parece que os franceses gostam muito de espanhol e um pouco de português.
You've been warned before about your damned Esperanto, Bernie!
José França  

@ xasius
"Mais iberny savait à qui il avait affaire ici , et cette phrase ne pouvait être considérée que comme une provocation , face au maître "  
Naima de onde vc é?
Or water dead
not: I was given the book, casius !  
We don contonue this way this planet will be similar tattoine
Other destroy trees just do toilet paper and project for help this area ethicaticos they destroyed different kindbof trees
And project is eutanitos trees for start grow
In brazil it is ridicilous europe german company bought wood of virgin for floor
100 times I write it in the wrong section *gg*
oh sorry, I thight you were going to  ...    
Fine, Bern. In here we have cold.
have we seen Y O U R   eyes, casius ? :-)  
Am even the weakest, here.
 Bern your opinion destroy of forest for create toilet paper
José, believe it or not, but we have light rain here in Koblenz  
another topic ! *iihh*  
are you vulnerable, casius ?  
Gold just decoration
 Stupid companies destroy forest for gold gold id not useful
Henry mucho oro en tu pais no vidy9 un documental lo voy a ver luego sobrevquiere dañar las area berdes sacarvel otro
You need pluralism advanced
José, I'll cop a belting for sure if I continue to write like this  
I will ride on a kangaroo.
U.S. grammar  
I understand it now, casius, Stuart explained it to me: Baby baby, we just bought US a wonderful Texas car :-)
You're welcome
thank you teacher
*a drinker of beer  .... or more commonly *a beer-drinker
A drinker beer detected in the room
Bern, are you the real Bernhard !!!
let's be friends, casius ---  I 've learnt a lot from you  
Vc é de onde Naima?
stuart, the lumberjack?
With his friend, Staurt.
Or drinking beer as usual
or ice cream
Bern would be eating some chocolatta.
Where is Bern?
Xari, by many girls, you mean ?
Casius have you ever been kissed by a girl?
Nunca ouvi falar desse grupo.
shaari is misogynistic
Xari, Ah ok.
Não me lembro mais acho que o grupo onze  
Xari? Never.
Xari, Have you ever been kissed by a girl ?
Que música é essa que tem no seu perfil, Naima?
(Et voilà)
Palhaços estão sempre brincando.
Por que, Naima?
Tà bricando José ?
José, Married then ?
I'm a clown, I work at the circus.
Bern, I'm not trustworthy. I shouldn't If I were you.
I should trust you, casius .  
José, would it be inopportune if I asked about your job ?
You just said Lol ! You love fun.
You're funny José.
Haha good one.
So I'm just a friend, not a good friend.
My good friend
Hello Bern
Nevertheless, I want to go out ... :wave:
hello José
José, Any news ?
I'm great, my friend.
Bern, Testing ?!  
whar are you always testing out here, casius ?  
I'm good,what about you, José ?
Peachy? No understand.
Almost peachy, you ?
How are you my friend?
Yes Casius
José the server.
I also wondered if it's the eyes of a man or a woman's
not obsessed by my humble eprson, Alphina ... I 'd guess
My half of heart pours a lot of love.
and by the way, Alphina: Nobody here know if these are HIS / HER eyes .. nobody but himself / herself  
The eyes are obsessed, but from what?
I need to love.
Hahaha ... you can sit naked in front of the PC, we do not care :ahhh:
If you want me to wear something ..maybe I will.
Alphina, not sure about it, but maybe a good portion of ideologic obsession  
Au fait, ça ne vous dérange pas que je sois torse nu ?
too bad if it's his right eye that's gone!
What does the photo say?
A one-eyed man is king in the land of the blind!
isn't it frightening, Alphina ? hahaha  
You have to look in the right eye, not in a photo
Bernhard Quixote!
Bern, Try to learn from the nature.
Bernie, you told me that you'd given up tilting at windmills!
Bern, The lion and the tiger play in the circuses, Wolf doesn't.
It has been told that eyes may say much.
I never try on phanoms, casius, sorry  
Look at me and say my eventual name.
Try on me, Bern.
well ...
Bern, You should have a penetrating gaze.
we are babchatters  
casius, I don't even know who I am ...  nor do I know who you really are .  
p r o d u c t i o n . (...)
You can not challenge my existence
Bern, I depend not on the world philosophy. Never let small minds convince you are like them.
and we R E A L L Y  don't need Production of art ( I don't write art ...)  in this case .. or maybe yes .. but ot's really a matter to think about  
the vey last thing one could recognize philosophically, casius : that the world is politically what it is, because the human being doesn't fundamentally change !
Bern, You have to feel my means of everyone's heart. You have to think by means of everyone's brain. Know your enemy and know your friend.  
Bern, You should know everyone's logic is contestable unless the latter is incontestable. Use their own words, their own thoughts to even destroy the shadow of their existence.  
FB Facebook not FBI
On FB you waste a lot of time, Bernhard
FBI profile, Alphina ?  hehe  
Let's see your FB profile, Casius
Hi everyone
hallo Alphina  
what is facebook being a good symbol for, casius ?  
He does not need to complain that he is tired
I sent Casius to sleep, he does not follow
casius is overtired and delirious
No, I did not get it all ... men talk (Männergespräche)
but the great mass (correct ?) is horribly manipulative  
that's it ...  
Everyone can be more intelligent that others.
You flick on the beast mode.
We should challenge pain. Love it.
One should set the standard of the beast.
forestalling is what?
I'm happy for you if you understand it, Alphina!
Interesting conversation
One should ..forestalling ...
The trick, Bern, is : Don't say too much they're gonna see what's next.
Bern, : )
casius, when 90% of the folks walking through the city, cling desperately to their smartphones, not willing to take note of the people around them and to communicate just a single word,  the last keyword that I am waiting for, is: facebook !  
Should I tell everybody I love, "I love you"? I even got tired of hearing my own voice.
I've been told to be the best.
Should I be the best, or should I be the one?
I find that wearing a corset helps a lot.
("manipulability of the great mass")
Are you talking about your stomach, Bernie?
maybe it's this fact that lets me write in such a provocative way  
Is that the same thing?
I really don't like the manipulability of the great mass ...  I hate it  
Treat 'em mean 'n keep 'em keen!
(Loool, What i'mm sayin')
A kiss on her neck wouldn't be like a kiss on her nose!!!
Women require attention and love.
Women are... to be won.
not that susceptible  
I am not very  how to say .. xxxx  regarding this matter .. somehow we are all human monkeys I think  
Hey hey
Is the 99th monkey an acquaintance of yours, Bernie?
I didn't write that, casius
sometimes I like to exagerate a bit .. as a stylistic element  
Don't know who told you that, but I'm not a monkey.
no no ...  just keep cool, casius ...    
100 just being a symbolic number  
Bern Alluding to me ?
I don t feel the desire to become the 100th manipulated human monkey as a victim of such a risky website  
What am I that abhorred !
Why are people giving me cold shoulder ?
I do like birds ! Doesn't this show some niceness about me ?
I avoid facebook anyway  
loooooooooooool . casius, sincerely: I am not enough American to do such things ! haha  
Who would love to add me as a friend on Facebook ?
please tell me, where the best party will be going on tonight !
hi rex  
I think he's gone troppo!
Can you take care of Casius
I will kiss myself then.  
Thank god you're here, Rex!
We need girls here.
(Female lips)
Try Bernie or Markus!
I'll pass on that ...
(Just one or two)
(I want some kisses)
I don't
How do you pronounce Mohammad ?
*Cassius Clay - sorry Mohammad!
(I'm ..world-weary)
When you're sparring with Casius Clay you have to use every trick in the book!
Who would like to add me as a friend on Facebook ?
Sorry to bring you into this exchange, Bernie
Bern, Don't think too much.
... and he won't love me any more!
I think you ARE American, casius ...  
That's why I said I kind of knew them.
I am drawling with two bold natives here ...  and I start to suffer  
Bernie might be a raving queer!
Stuart, Lol.
No way!
Stuart, Tell me the truth about your thoughts.
Pardon the boxing metaphor!
Lol Stuart
to cop a belting ..  ???
Well, a quick jab demands a swift response.
the best would be to always shuffle off everything on (?) you, , casius ... :-)
Stuart, Let me know then.
Answered fast.
No you don't!
I was trying to prevent Bernie from assimilating "beauteous" into his vocabulary!
Stuart, I kind of know your thoughts about homosexuality.
Stuart, Me or Bern ?
upps: "cop a belting *  
If I'm not responding, I'm then dead (maybe).
If you use that word in general conversation you'll probably cop a belting from a homophobe!
well, that's English !  
I pronounced it like. boosches :-)  
(I'm about to get super tired)
not the slightest idea
I just had to check the pronunciation of "beauteeous", casius .. not a single clue  
Men are too.
... and sometimes fat and ugly ...
(Women are really super beauteous and sometimes splendiferous)
that sort of thing
I write in English here every day/whenever I can
The simple present tense is usually used for habitual or repeated actions
test test  I write in English here
I shall try OR I am trying
I try to find the translation-symbol, Wolfman  
any topic?
( résoudre ) .....
solved =  
:-))  I mean: the problem has been  resolved  
it's over  
Schadebfreude, I'd say
I see :)  
now it
He's trying to confuse me, Wolf!
can Stuart read german language?
Bernhard why do you write in german with Stuart?
mein Englisch hier wird automatisch übersetzt, sorry  
casius muss es manipuliert haben ... wer sonst ?  
Sorry,my Esperanto isn't all that good!
wie bekomme ich den auto-Übersetzer abgeschaltet, Stuart ?
Yes = bore the Scheiß out of someone!
*stark langweilen *  
let him clean his damn carpets, man ...    
Mit unserem Gespräch ...
aber "bored the shit out of him " ?
Wir haben Wolf langweilt!
sag mir die Grundform, Stuart  
bore [sb]⇒ vtr (make bored) jemanden langweilen Vt
ich wittere eine Konjugation  
No one else is amused - all but Markus have left the room...
bore = bohren ?
I am very amused now  
loooooooooooool   !    unglaublich
Bernie, you're talking in riddles today!
I've bored the shit out of him ....
lol !!
you are marvellously translated, Stuart  
I only know about American language from movies.
wo ist der Auto - translator zu finden ??
I haven't activated anything here !  
I've only heard it in Australia.
what's that ??????  
sorry, I
uart, "bored the shiz out of" sounds like U.S. slang to me ... but is it ?
Actually, I'm just about ready for a snooze!
David Schmuel and his schmoozings ? :-)  
To me, casius, and always masterly grammatically, you rather seem to be the type to breeze to victory !  
Now we've bored the shit out of Wolfman!
*doesn't it
That second meaning corresponds to the Yiddish, doen't it?
Au revoir,Wolfman
schmusen v/i umg

   1. cuddle (mit jemandem sb); Liebespaar: kiss and cuddle, smooch
    2. pej (schöntun) soft-soap
ok seee you soon  
what does that mean, casius ?
Stuart tends to be using "shoot the breeze", I think.
I don't think I'll be using it, though!
just "schmusen", Stuart ...   but that's German :-)
Bernie, neither had I heard it before!
I never heard this word before, Stuart ...
unless ... unless ....  
just try to read what Stuart will be explaining you , Wolfi .. don't listen to your wonderful carpet there  
That New York Jewish stuff, I imagine ...

Late 19th century (as a verb): from Yiddish shmuesn ‘converse, chat’.
Bern would finally be American !! We all thought he was from Germany.
I had to look it up, Bernie - it's got to be American!
Wolfman, why didn't you use neaten instead of clean ?
the best way to learn English, Wolf ...
to schmooze !  
by the way i clean my appartment so ...
what would be yours ??
Bern, Do you want to help Wolfman to schmoose instinctively ?
oh I am too relaxed now to have a topic ...   just let it go and flow  
Bern, What would be our topic, today ?
Hello Bern
a quite general question, casius, hello
Bern, What about me ?
In God we trust !  
That is a greeting, Bernie
hallo wolfman
are you really in trouble here, Stuart ?
Hello Bernhard
Here's trouble!
Here we are .. we happy people  
(Last time I looked!)
From the last news, I'm not.
You're not a woman, are you?
One can only hypothesize ...
is casius a woman?
Bugger, that was for Casius ... and he's gone!
(I hope I got that right...)
Suse Linux is a tart who wears net stockings, Wolfman denies knowing her.
i mean network and Suse Linux sry
Wolfman, Ah ! Could you please tell me why you said them both ?
Stuart : )
Suse is linux  
I think I got it, Cas
"You couldn't (logically) say you don't know him if you you don't know his name, don't you think ?"
Wolfman, What's the difference betwixt Suse and Linux ?  
Wolfman, I was about to ask you the question lol
i like ma job :)
Wolfman, Oh, that's cool.
Stuart, Kindly read again what I've written.  
and Linux
Wolfman, Windows, I guess ?
I don't know the president of BMW; neither do I know his name.
Wolfman, What does your job consist of ?
Stuart, You're wrong.  
And very much neglected.
The conquest of the apostrophe is quite important.
My pleasure
:9 thanks
ahh ok i know next time i will use the '
Are you pulling our legs?
Casius, you don't need to know a man's name in order to know that you are not acquainted with him.
Wolf - a couple of tips for you ...
"I want to learn English",  not "I wan't to learn english".
"No,  I don't", not "no i dont".
That's ok : )
You couldn't (logically) say you don't know him if you you don't know his name, don't you think ?
You do then know his name ?
no i dont
Wolfman, Do you know the owner of this website ?
germany bavaria
Xari, No, I haven't
This name is then common where you do live ?
Casius, have you made all these fotos yourself?
is Wolfgang your real name ?
casius no never I'm new :)
What would account for some details on your profile ?
Have we ever talked to each other, wolfman46 ?
Ah good
Didn't work
test ~#2
Thank you.
hi all
(I need some kisses)
(I even more than tired)
(Super ultra tired)
(I'm very tired)
Ok, next time.
I've to go
Si si
He you`re tired .. go and sleep
Take care of her.
Hum ok.
Do you love her ?
How do you call your mother ?
I only can ask my mother
My father is dead  
I'll ask my mother
Daddy? Papa ?  
How do you call your dad ?
is it okay to be here?
You should be telling them.
Minor then.
It depends on how old are you.
I think I am old enough
Do your parents know you're here ?
Yes, a command ... :wave:
Markus is still waiting for Sandrine
An order?
Okay rest now
Markus, Here ?
Don't worry. I was kidding. You look very feminine.
How should I speak with women?
Learn what ?
Take a rest
You still have to learn ...
Just to know if you were married. I knew you weren't.
(I'm very tired)
Why did you think that I am a man?
You don't seem feminine.
Hehe I'm not a man
You aren't married ?
My wife???????????
You can't sleep so long
How's your wife ? Alphina.
Oh 3 years .... I read 3 hours
Do it Casius
I have never seen you write ...
I need to be sleeping for 3 years.
Hi Yazzzzzzzzz
Yes, but it has to be done
I hate routine.  
Eat and rest
:ahhh: was writing so exhausting?
I need some food and resting; Waiting for death.
This makes me want to catch my breath.
yes alphina.. as you know turkish is my native lol :wave:
:wave: have a nice weekend
See you Ali
my time is over for now... thank you and bye all... see you :wave:  
Really Ali?
Always your birds
yaz means summer in turkish  
Casius, you did not care about Sandrine
yes.. if we think positively she comes back soon lol
ı don't think that she is jealous alphina  
emergency affairs
humans can have emergency affairs in a day  
Maybe she is in the kitchen
Sandrine is jealous?
so it can be, that is a life  
ı go out sometimes to do that when ı control my food on the fire  
ı think she went to her kitchen to look her food on the fire  
yes alphina.. she went out by running then  
Sandrine has left
all days are lived and goes day by day
yes alphina... life is always going on
Whenever it gets interesting, we wake up
ı can not see her  
did you see sandy alphina?  
Nice little birds
yes ı know that toy, one of my friend in Moscow had given me last year  
yes alphina.. a box in a box  
Like the Russian dolls
so their colors reminded me my paints in my atelier  
And u showed to alphina a Much more beautiful one
A box in the box you know?
but her dress was very colorful  
Ah ok, Sandrine.
a ring is small lol... her bag was a bit big  
that was ı remembered when ı got up from my warm bed  sandy... it has some details but they lost in my mind  
She had an engagement ring in her bag, right?
haha are u sure u hv dreamed abt That ali
ı think she was carrying a secret thing in her bag  
u are watching beautiful birds
she was walking under the sun with a bag in her right hand  
Sandrine, Why ?
casius am jealous :(
Thank you, Alphina.
sandy.. there was a beautiful women who walked in the street without looking up  
Nice picture Casius
that is good so Ali
but ı don't have any chance to select my dream, they come in my mind themselves  
hhh what hv u dreamed abt Ali?
Dreaming is always good for everyone
Casius is looking for a picture of a vulture
dreaming is good if they are good  
ı am not tired this morning so ı slept well by dreaming to night
are you tired like alphina too?  
thank you sandy, how is going on?  
hımm.. you had gotten up early alphina
hi ali nasilsin?
I got up early .. 3.30
my bro wants me to be tired a bit by chatting  
What casius
You are a bad host Casius
why is that? did you work more?  
Hahahah Casius
Only tired
Alphina, They wouldn't love to.  
thank you alphina how are you today
and all the others
Hi Ali
Casius, you also have to introduce us to the birds :ahhh:
casius don't do test here
how Is ur day alphina?
Hmmm I don't know ... it could be
He is watching birds in trees i think  
because i was wondering if she was an old user of babbel  
Casius is lazy
Why are you asking about Martine? Sandrine
what is That way Rex?
 Nice way to learn
Hv u been at work casius?
Who showed Rex?
 She showedceasu way to learn fremcg
Don't remember Babbel era.  
was she on babbel before?
I do
yes casiud
Then why it has Much value Rex?
 She haa noce methodooft
From Germany ?
Do u know martine?
If you want to ask it again.
 Green peace care thebenvironmment
Read below
Deforestation im amazona just do toiletbpaper in europe no no eay
Sandrine, What is it ?
Casius i asked u a question
You either shoot the breeze normally or you mute me.
Gold just decoration
 Pfffg i hate people destroy in forest for ficking gold
Rex Will u not dig the soil to get gold if u were lliving a place wher ther are Much gold?
I don't believe knowing where one does come from is necessary so as you can talk to him.  
This is for everybody
Do u know martine casius?
Algeria you are from
Sycho seem familiar
They do it for life
It has always been casius or sycho, I think. Rex.
 Sandrine your opinion people destroy nice environmemt just to have gold and other mentals
What did u do to make him mad real?
yes but not too Much sun  
rex, a question ?
sun is always good for health
Casius your nick name in babbel was
He was mad at u?
not bad :)
fine but Much sun
@casius, are you still mad at me ?
How Is it There?
how are you guys ?  
hi sandrine
hello casius and rex
hello people
hi Sandrine
we are a big family here
Wolfman ... we are also curious ...
No one here
What is the job top secret  
may be your job is top secret :)
oh is it better we chat in a privat session?
great - what is your job?  
ok thx
you can ask me, we can chat
I live for more than 1 year, I found a job, a good opportunity for me
oh do i Ask to much questions ??? :) :)  
and why you leave french
since when do u live in Belgium?
Ah OK, Il live in Belgium - Brussels but I am french
bayern :)
Where do you live? Deutschland I know but where?
haha, that's clear now! enjoy learning and improving your English  
changed again
thats right :)
"TOO" and no "to"
it is never too late  
to late
ohhh Wolfman, Alphina was joking ...
hi hmm ok i will remove this :)
Hello Good morning
haha Alphina !!
I wish a nice weekend
Maybe you are the woman, Anais91
You only want to talk to a woman? It's better you talk to several women.
You can talk to anyone here, including men :)
hi Wolfman
As you can see, you were alone here
Hello all :)
Hello, have a nice day