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thank you and bye all :wave:  
Adjacently is an adverb and comes adjacent that is an adjective. Adjacent means adjoining, attached, neighboring, next to, close to, beside are some synonyms of it. Ex: As being friends, we go to the holiday and we adjacently stayed in the rooms of a hotel.  
7. adjacently
purer is the second case of pure that is an adjective. Pure, purer, purest are all adjective cases of pure. Clean, fresh, clear, pristine are its synonyms. Ex: the life of a person becomes purer in time because she or he goes on learning the values of simple things.  
6. purer
revival is a noun and means renaissance, refreshment, awakening. Ex: The government waits for a good revival after applying some economical precautions .
5. revival
thank you bro ı will study them one by one Besides ı should be fast so my other tasks that ı had begun to do after coming from bazaar.  
welcome ali, your three words are ready for you : 5. revival
6. purer
7. adjacently
thank you and bye all :wave:  
My four words have finished for now and it is time to go to bazaar to get some food ..  
substantive is used as an adjective and a noun. As an adjective it means important, solid, strong, firm. As a noun it means name. Ex: Substantive rights are very important for all people and they frighted for getting them in history.    
4. substantive
transcend is a verb and means to be or go beyond the range or limits of something abstract field or subject.  Pass over, overrun, overlap, exceed are its synonyms. Ex: A good person can transcend his or her position by learning more in life because improving begins in a mind.  
3. transcend
integral is an adjective and noun. As an adjective it means supplementary, component, solid, one piece. As a noun it means a function as dealing with the whole thing. Ex: Learning words like that ı did is one of the integral of learning a language as being whole .    
2. integral
admirer is a noun, comes from admire that is a verb. Admirer is a person who is a fan of somebody or something. Addict, supporter, follower, adherent, fanatic are its synonyms. Ex: Admirers give the energy to a person whom they follow by liking him or her and that means they are agree with his or her ideas.  
1. admirer
okay bro thank you for those words and important reminds as dealing with getting food from bazaar. ı will study four of them one by one, during this period if one of my friends comes here he or she can join me. It can be a kid of chat so we can speak about new words and this way is very useful for people who want to improve their languages. Because words are base for the structure of a language. İf a mind learns more words, it will be successful during this learning voyage...  
welcome ali, as far as ı follow you you had your last breakfast and came here to study your words as alone or with one of your friends but you are alone here. After your words you will go to open bazaar to get food that ended in the kitchen. Your shopping list that you prepared on the table in the kitchen. When you go don't forget getting that list with money that you spent while buying your needs.  I should write your ten words for today so time is very important and you will begin to study four of them without loosing time in vain. 1. admirer
2. integral
3. transcend
4. substantive
5. revival
6. purer
7. adjacently
8. episode
9. invoke
10. demonic
thank you and bye all :wave:  
bro my ten words for today are over now. ı know that you have been preparing new words  now on sofa for tomorrow . Thank you for your help and support.  
relevant is an adjective that means suitable, appropriate, convenient, fitting, connected, related, linked. Ex: One of the most important things is to read the relevant books of the subject for a writer before beginning to write about that subject.  
10. relevant
disfavor is used as a noun and verb. as a verb it means not to be liked. It is the opposite of favor.  Ex: one of my friends looked my difficult words that ı studied yesterday with disfavor.  
9. disfavor
privation is a noun and means absence, poverty, shortage, lack. Ex: People who live in privation agonize, suffer or torture because of the lack of main materials like bread, water or food. They do not have enough opportunities like money, property, food and they are generally poor people.  
8. privation
okay bro ı will study them one by one to deserv sleeping well  
welcome ali, your last three words are here: 8. privation
9. disfavor
10. relevant
thank you and bye all :wave:  
my last example for agonize: Some weak students agonize in front of the hard problems..
agonize means suffer, torture  
okay susan thank you have a good night see you :wave:  
nice :smile:
their noises were like a song.
the kind of train is very important too.. there was old trains, they used to go slower and  
see you next time
ali, i must rush off
trees, plants, houses outside stay back one by one..  
.. but watching at nature during train trips can be enjoyable too..
and nother time, i took a big folio book of Kandinsky
yes, i took a big folio of Van Gough on my train trip
hımm.. you meant that you read art books during your train trips?  
it is easy to dream on a train trip
my favourite place to look at art books, is on a train trip
that is a very useful artworks because they make audiences thinking..
i agree
yes.. picasso, kandinsky are the fathers of that abstract art style  
there are three dimensions in sculpture and some abstract painting  
yes ... sculpture is amazing ... 3 dimensions
that art style is different from the art style that deals two dimensions..  
the stone here is sandstone
hhh, it was 10 years ago
yes.. her art style is close to mine so ı like that kind of artworks  
he made a video of me
we have a video artist
but using the hammer and the chisel ... now she is older ... her hands are a mess
yes.. sculptures and painters joined in that kind of abstract artworks in fact  
another artist in my house is a sculpture of stone
you are a musician, there is a sculpture and...
his sculpture is made of steel wires, and paper maché
how many artists live there?  
he he... that became a symbol of your apartment ı think  
they take photos
haha, even, they talk to the sculpture
even, the neighbours in the street stop to look
oh yes, everyone likes it
how nice susan.. did you like it?  
it is the sculpture of a man carrying two heavy bags
agonize means suffer, torture  
my neighbour who is an artist, has put a big sculpture in our garden
yes.. that is a good metaphor  
like the water wears away the stone
moderate is better maybe  
hhh, ok, i catch on
knowledge rasps the the powers of instincts  to make them soft or useful  
yes grasp is correct but ı meant rasp because..
typing error  
that is interesting expression
grasp *
by this way human begins to rasp his or main instincts  
expression : i'll scratch your back, you scratch mine
yes... knowledge that enters into the mind make humans thinking others  
some children share ... and some others refuse to share  
you can see it in children ... in school
can be made good*  
so these main instincts can be made by only a good education  
the internet is a great invention ... it is about sharing
to avoid all of this, we must share
yes.. human has two main instincts : survive in the life and make generation continuing  
to keep the robbers out
and suddenly, cities built walls
an historian said this
the impulse which destroys civilisations ... it is the impulse to rob
so democracy can not live without clever and educated people  
yes..it is necessary to make people educated to make democracy living..
thank you susan..'' to strengthen itsef'' *  
only, it doesn't suit everybody ... democracy ... some countries are more tribal
Yes many countries collapsed during Arab Spring.. so that became The Arab winter for them..
but, in the end, democracy is the best political model we have
is to strengthen itself *
yes.. the aim of Us is to improve itself there in time  
the Arab Spring ... which began in Tunisie
yes later its operation named spring Arab  
ah, so the americans keep military bases there
yes but some critical forces are there or around that place  
many people died many cities collapsed during that period  
have left
the Us forces have departed from Iraq *
yes.. US parted Iraq  
they bombed our world heritage ... the most ancient cities
yes.. it is like a bridge from west to east  
the americans bombed Bagdhad
yes Iraq, Iran, Syria are the neighbors of turkey    
Anatolia was a power in the mediterranean
there were camels to ride in front of them..  
Iraq is an ancient country
ı saw them many years ago..  
they are very big pyramids..  
ah yes
 yes their historical monuments are very famous  
the several egyptien pharoahs founded several dynasties
7. agonize
my example for dynasty: there are many famous dynasties that are known by other people in the world  
See youuuuuu ciao
Front de mer
Non susan on a les travaux d'amenagrment
Hhhh ali ok
come often azzed my new words are ready for you...
I am in the see
Thanks ali see you later
ah yes ... le boulot
bye azzed see you :wave:
Je reprends le travail
family, lineage, strips are the synonyms of dynasty  
Merci bcp chere susan
you leave ? azzedine, see you next time
Happy to see you again
Have a nice day
we have photos from space
we have seen our planet ... the blue dot
Les champs de ble , les olives ....
no, surely, we are more civilised now
Ils ont brule les maisons  
yes.. but that is a rule of life.. powerful and weak people are always against each other  
oh, azzedine, i cry for your grandfather
Father of my mother killed by france
it is a wound for us both ... but mostly for them
we cry ... both sides ... the indigenous and the whites
it must be known ... and we must cry over it
Susan in 1954 untill 1962 algetia lose 1500000 persons
yes.. susan ı am sorry for all local people  who were killed in history  
it is horrible ... it is shameful ... but it must be known
Hhhh ok ali
azzedine, us australians know that our aborigines were killed here
as a word ''dynasty'' lol..
Yes susan
Wich dynasty ali
it is closed azzed and ı don't use it  
history has many tragedies
Ali have you a messenger
ahh, i am sorry to hear that
what is dynasty azzed? ı am trying to make here enjoyable for you...
The war is hard my grand father tell me too
oh yes ... Babchat can be empty
azzedine, for us in Australia, we like our colonial origins
6. dynasty
Some time i feel bored here
Thanks dear sousou
azzed why don't you come here often?  
azzedine, i notice your english spelling is very good
there is a device that is used to cut papers in press companies, when ı see it ı remember guillotine  
France a coupe beaucoup tetes algeriens
Thanks susan you explain it with english
yes ... definitely horrible
Cut a head
axe is a devise that is used for cutting woods  
It is horrible action
sometimes, the axe-man would miss
Ah ok ok ali i understand you now
you are free azzed you can use all dictionary lol  
it was better than the axe
yes, many heads were cut by guillotine in history  
I search it ali do not worry
the * guillotine
in english, it is the same word
Ssusan my french is o' holiday
off with their heads !
no problem azzed..  
la Révolution française  
I do not know it ali with english
thank you susan.. can ı say ''big and sharp knife'' for it ?
ah, ok Azz ... then english
rasoir, en fer
my bro gave me that word to study it  
a big blade ... of iron ... suspended on a trolley
I lose my french susan hhhh
yes azzed..  
Guillotine ? Ali
please write in french
can you explain it by using your own words?  
oh, i do not understand
Kifah ahwalkom
azzed what is guillotine?
azzedine, salam alikom
Ya ahbab zamane
hi azzed  
Salam alikom
1980's tv series ... yes
yes there was a rich man named JR  
ı watched that after 1980  
if it is dallas ı know it  
wealthy *
the show was about a wealth family in Texas ... oil barons
or maybe, it was named Dallas ... ?
yes, ı have studied four words of ten words in my before break time  
Dynasty was the name of an american tv series
5. guillotine
6. dynasty
7. agonize
i will wait to see
3 words
my bro will write my three words now
she can be a new user ı think  
yes everybody tries to improve own foreign languages..
i am not aware of a change of name
yes, nick names often change
she wants to perfect her english
Jenny ... is a new member of Babchat
are your chatting with your sister susan?  
hi ali
bene venutte
i just guessed
oh, i am not sure how to say welcome, in italian
bene vutte
buon giorno, cipriano
Jenny, is this a work-day for you ?
Au revoir, à demain peut-être!
Stuart, tschüss
his hair still looks the same
Entschuldigen Sie, bitte, muß ins Bett gehen. Morgen werde ich um 4 Uhr aufstanden. Tschau alle!
sometimes, it surprises me
i am not the master of the keyboard
different *
i was looking for a differenct icon
No I didn´t..
wow, how did i find that ?
he is back
did you see the speech today of Donald Trump ?
but, she is faster than me in english too
ok, i understand, she is faster than me in french
Yes :blush:
her speed ! truly amazing
She wanted to talk with me the day before yesterday. I was busy and couldn´t write back immediately. She wrote so many messages in a few minutes. It was really annoying. :roll:
it is a secret ... lol
i don't think it is an advertised site
this site has been reducing in members
More or less.
haha, she never changes
Jenny, you know silvie already ?
oh ... hhh
yes and very annoying
Hello Jenny
lol ... yes ... i will not disturb you now
,,, Silvie's contributions ,,, very predictable!
hi Jenny
Hello Susan, Hello Stuart
it is lunch-time in Europe
Reading Ali's stuff ...
ahh, flitting
flirting ?
I was flitting here and there!
Thank you, Susan.
new member ...  
Stuart, i was preparing to introduce you to Jenny
what a pity
nobody is fond of learning or teaching?
nobody will explain some vocabulary today?
not even our appreciated English teacher?
nobody in this room either?
how are you today?
hello mr painter writer
thank you and bye all :wave:  
bizarre is an adjective and it means strange, weird, odd, peculiar, awkward, funny. Ex: Bizarre people are easily seen by other people in a community because they are different from other normal people.  
4. bizarre
ripple is used as a noun and verb. As a verb it means fluctuate, surge, float. As a noun it means a small wave or series of waves on the surface of water, especially as caused by an object dropping into it or a slight breeze. Ex: the stone that is thrown by that child make ripples on the water of the pool.  
3. ripple
console is used as a noun and verb. As a verb it means cheer up, comfort are its synonyms. Ex: when a person needs to console he or she is sorry and console tells him or her that next days will be better.  
2. console
inflict is a verb that means to cause something unpleasant or painful to be suffered by someone or something. Give to, cause to, serve, deliver, impose are its synonyms. Ex: Some people in a community inflict their responsibilities on other people, they are weak and harmful people for a communal life.  
1. inflict
welcome ali, you came here to study your new words, hope you slept well because you seem well so you are eager to learn four words of ten words that ı will write here. 1. inflict
2. console
3. ripple
4. bizarre
5. guillotine
6. dynasty
7. agonize
8. privation
9. disfavor
10. relevant