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Chat: Français

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have a nice evening
but i dont want to disturb you any longer tonight
better than me  
hope you feel better
i ve got difficulties to read tonight
not really
silvie feeling better?
pas envie de répondre?
voudrais -tu cueillir les etoiles du ciel?
quel reve aimerais-tu réaliser?
quoi de neuf en France?
allumez les lumières, les étoiles ne suffisent plus pour éclairer nos rêves  
gone already?
maybe i ll be back later
i m in a bad mood too
i don t feel good
but i dont want to disturb you any longer today
never been to Sicily
you like Sicily?
my family is from sicily
i hope so
and the people also
you don t agree?
all countries close to the mediterrean sea are beautiful
do you want to leave germany?
italy is a nice country too
italy maybe
that s great
i will visit spain
in another country?
in Spain?
in France?
you would prefer living in America?
yes i did
you don t like Germany?
in America?
in germany
in San Francisco?
where will you be one day?
yes silvie  
yes i will be there again someday
you get a lot of pension?
you like your retirement?
do you know grob geraux?
but you still come here?
must be a nice town
i am retired
that s great
what did you do there?
i am near san francisco
i asked many questions, but you didn t answer
i have been to frankfurt
what about you?
in Germany
what is the question?
you want me to answer to yours
where do  you live?
why don t you answer to my questions?
if you do i will
is it funny?
how long has your life been?
would you like to describe your life?
it doesnt take place
where is it?
and yours is yours
my life is my life
what about your life?
nobody knows about my life?
you adore me?
i adore cynical persons
no one knows about your life
that s really gentle
about my life?
sometimes lol
about me?
they laugh about what?
because people laugh here
you re not fond of answering?
some times yes
you d like to be elsewhere?
you don t like being here?
i m here
you are here
what about me?
on parle anglais cet apres-midi?
what are you talking about?
what are you doing today?
are you here marie?
j'ai faim, qu'est ce qu'on mange ?
hello mehroo
ciao roxi