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 ciao Ema)
ok see you later
see  you later Sarka )  
spanish and greek is good yeah
no.....i ate chinese and japanese...
what about indian? have you tasted?
spanish and greek food yes  
you do not like foreign taste?
yes ...but flavour are differents.....
 fish may not be bad
ah ok
fishes with local sause...boiled meat..
I know only some swedish food from IKEA)
I have no idea what they eat in Finland
like what?
not all of course but  very different from italian habits....  
oh really? it was so bad- the other food?
maybe yes  in Finland  many years ago ...other food was uneatable ,lol
have you ever taste it?
ok here it is new
but when i am at abroad yes  
i dont think pizza hut in italy never seen  
what do you think of Pizza Hut? is it in Italy?
i see  
but what I translated no czech dish so far
 for example in Chicago
yes they are some
are there czeck people in Usa ? never seen czek dishes in usa serie?
here is pizza Hut now in ostrava shopping center
in fact... i know italian dishes are americanizzati.....
 and the last I do not know yet
next part will be more mexican food
yes they do  
but american being from everywhere..they could to cook ...different place....mexican  chinese italian dishes
 and the last turkey burgers
 one some chicken
another eggs benedict
one is making falafel sandwich
well now they should cook their  signature dish
Usa  has  mixed food...
they must choose their ingredients and then cook meals
always from Usa ?
in the supermarket
cooking competition
good. what is the tranlsate topic ?
continue to work and then go to the shop
and what about you ?
what is your plan for today?
fine  thanks  
fine and you?
how  are you today?
hi Sarka  
young haha
 and evans is year 1981
ciao thanks
you too  
bye ..
ok have a nice evening Ema
 from marvel
i have to finish a estimate...see you tomorrow..Sarka  
there will be also new movie with scarlett johanson
yes...every country has beautiful places....
a lot of nice places to visit in europe not mentioning other continents
yes London is a nice place ...
my son is also thinking about london
after egypt...fall down like turistic place  greece and spain incresead their prices  
we shall see
more than earlier
yes especially in recent years
yes july is expensive  
yeah great idea
but in the next year 2021
maybe  in next  my ffriends weekend   ...we could to go in mallorca too ..
but for july I think it would be very expensive
 but it depends on prices of airtickets and hotels too
i see
preferably mallorca
where ..in Mallorca or are you considering other places too?
 or maybe june or july
we are still thinking about some trip in spring
 let see..P
yes but it will not be awful for sure
wait to listen it  ahah
not awful)
soyou can listen my awful  accent in english  
speaking in which language?
a day i could send you my voice with vocaroo or similar  
I do not know your voice haha
 that is interesting
but i can  answer you better if ill read it ...just incipit lol
I se
so to improve our voice is better mainly for have to communicate with other for  job reasons
with the our voice we can  send emotions....abilities.. fears...happiness
 what is that about what?
how to use voice?
nothuing lately yesterday  before to sleep i found a new e book ..about how to use the voice...let see  which mood  tonight P
do you read anything or not?
i prefer positive think and my  religion Catholic ..at my way  
any reason?
but i dont want  
maybe now i could read it in deep way  
and now?
in that era i was ...a free head..lol  
a little intensive scientology thinks.....
why gave up?
neither do I .. I mean know well
even i read a ron hubbard book..but i gave up
i dont know well the topic.....
I heard that
Tom Cruise is a scientology follower , right?
he is*
tom cruise is very good actor..even it is not tall  
but I like tom cruise anyway
but compliments to them PP
face pitt seem more natural  
ah ok yes that is possible
cruise 1962 so similar age
the tom cruise face had botulino help ..lol
pitt born 163
last time I saw tom cruise he looked good he may be a bit older than pitt I will have a look
ah still  daniel craig....
and some woman should be there but as an agent not bond girl only
brad pitt i sin better shape than tom cruis ein my opinion....they are around 60  
 I think his last
still daniel craig
the new james bond..the actor  
who is? what:
okay if you say so, what do you think of brad pitt and tom cruise they look younger
who is ?
i heard about that  
yes yes PP
but there will be new james bond movie this year
haha i do not know
new training new lifting  new imaging tricks...PPP
he was born in 1968
yes..of course  we ar etalking about another epoca....
okay yes but daniel craig looks a bit younger than sean connery at that time
i remeber sean connery was more fascinate around 55 than 25....so some women said PP
ah resonable answer P
ah ok
th eonly thing particular i did is take  my son to doctor for a make a vaccine
chris evans looks very young I ´do not know his age
but of course not like a 20 years old)
in my opinion
he looks good
daniel craig is still in perfect shape or age runs for him  too?
änd what did you do apart from work?
ciao silvie
have a nice conversation
I mean other than usual
but i dont want to bore you this evening
ït was unusual crimi haha
no thanks  
you want to know it?/
 i wrote friends if my son live in prague but mine too
of course I do, em
and who is the murderer?
silvie you even do not read what i write
ahah who is the murdered ? lol
didnt know that
you may like it too
most of your friends live in Prague, sarka?
in a waY i will not reveal
i prefer the classical English literature
with final surprise  
 I mean if he wants to go with his friends so the problem is they live in prague mostly
ah a lot of suspense then...
i never read criminal stories
in Ostrava
it was in style of agatha christie
i see..but i meant where you watched it  if you didnt go in Prague .....in Ostrava cinema ?
you re a fan of Agatha Christie?
I saw it in cinema
a detective story?
interesting till the end
 but it is detective story
 it is in the cinema these days maybe later online
either you watch the movie in cinema or you watch it at home on tv
no I mean you can see what it is about
so where you  watched it ?
you like this city, sarka?
 silvie I wrote it when you were here
you had a nice day today, em?
yes I asked him if he wants to go to the cinema with his friends but most are in Prague
i m interested in what is written now
i never read what is written below, sarka
not fond of conversation today?
with my son
silvie it is written below
do you watched it alone or with your son?
i ll see later
so who were the actors?
an american movie?
youi can see on google
but i know the actors  
which movie did you watch today?
i dont know....the title  
with daniel craig and chris evans
by writing English business letters?
Knives out
how do you earn your money, em?
which movie?
yeah )
yesterday the movie was excellent
save money is like ..earn money :)))
your conditions of life depend on the amount of money you ve got on your account?
yes I did
did you get good conditions?
what else did you do today?
didn t know that
yes that
the prices for electricity in Great Britain are higher than in Germany?
ah yes...here too.. we call it ricontrattazione  
sarka cooked a delicious meal for her family?
yes I mean prices to get better prices for electricity and gas
concerning energies*
you went to the bank to reasure your millions of dollars are still on your account?
anergy saving? risparmio energetico :chin:
you cooked?
ah i see  
to a meeting concerning energies
to cook ..commissions..etc
isnt this true?
work in the morning and then  i went to the bank
duties are duties, they have to be done
you worked all day in your office?
a lot of work or other kind of duties?
what did you do?
you were busy today, em
how are you this evening?
I see
hello again
mine was busy too....  
how is your day? i was a bit busy
me too thanks  
fine and you?
how are you ?  
come stai?
Ciao emanuele