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! <<< Babchat old folks Reunion >>> !

✫ Ĵ∀Ұ ✫
03.10.2023, 11:10
Hi Babchat.

How are you my all dear friends ?

Lets recall our all old friends, I have long list that's why not mentioning names here
✫ Ĵ∀Ұ ✫
05.10.2023, 13:32
Where are they ?
Nobody is here ?
✫ Ĵ∀Ұ ✫
10.10.2023, 10:54
Nobody is here :(
01.11.2023, 13:29
Hey Jay
The server looks rather empty..I wasn`t here since a long time.
✫ Ĵ∀Ұ ✫
03.11.2023, 12:22
Hi Amaraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
Its nice to see your message!!
How are you
04.11.2023, 13:22
People :))) Yes the site is pretty much dead. Text chat is a thing of the past, just like human intelligence! ;)
✫ Ĵ∀Ұ ✫
06.11.2023, 10:36
Hi Wolfyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!
How are you
Yeah, you are right.
you should make some modification
20.11.2023, 11:07
I am now modifying Babchat to have more users.
✫ Ĵ∀Ұ ✫
25.12.2023, 10:44
Great wolfgang :smile:
22.05.2024, 16:32
Am I an old friend, too? :D
05.06.2024, 10:47
Who remember me?


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