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About the USA

28.06.2017, 12:04
Donald Trump is the president of america. What is your opinion about him ? Is he a good president or a not decent person ? I hope everyone can say his or her opinion freely. ;)
24.07.2017, 21:16
I'm from India.

Donald Trump is a good president for america......He helps american people  to get a job or other problem.......he can developed economic rate of america My Opinion is he is a good person to america. he just love the country . he can only defind his peoples......
Chris Guitar
27.07.2017, 13:13
It is difficult to say, if Donald Trump is a good president. It needs more time to get a real impression, if the things he is doing are good or bad for america. But for me he is very unsympathetic and not very diplomatic. It is his advantage, that america is a very "strong" country. And he try to show "his muscles". Thats his way of governing. Maybe, as a president of such a big and powerful county, it will work. But if he were the president of a little country, his way to governing will bring really big problems for that country.


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