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Ask me anything...

stay alive
24.11.2016, 17:48
i'm just bored so wanna talk...just write whatever comes to your mind first..:roll:
24.11.2016, 18:02
What are you afraid of? :popcorn:
Do you believe in magic?
stay alive
24.11.2016, 18:14
i'm afraid of many things...the list is i'm afraid of running out of money..afraid of my of ghost..blah blah...
i don't believe in stop having popcorn here...
24.11.2016, 18:42
How can u be bored while you r talking with me? :cry:
stay alive
24.11.2016, 18:56
:roll: ah..the thing is,i like to talk with many people at the same you are talking with me so my one side is getting excited but another side is getting bored for not talking randomly..
24.11.2016, 19:13 (Updated 24.11.2016, 20:31)
*kicks you*

Do you know why ppl like to talk about themselves?
stay alive
28.11.2016, 08:16
cause we people are destined to talk about ourselves..:)
28.11.2016, 08:48
What makes you happy?
28.11.2016, 19:07
That escalated quickly :) As Bill Burr famously said:

You know what makes a woman happy? Nothing!
28.11.2016, 21:11
stay alive
29.11.2016, 07:47
nothing :roll:
29.11.2016, 13:34
The question stands :)
29.11.2016, 13:39
Continue please  :popcorn:
29.11.2016, 14:34
What was the sadest day in your life?
stay alive
29.11.2016, 18:45
hahaha...the day, when my aunt was died before my eyes...when my daddy sent me a boarding school...when i didn't got chance in medical...when i fought with my brother and stop talking with him for five years or may be more...when i left the man whom i thought my real love...and the day when i cried for the life i could not control...:) may be that's all
stay alive
29.11.2016, 18:45
to be continued............:)
29.11.2016, 19:10
What makes you angy?
What makes you laugh?
stay alive
29.11.2016, 19:23 (Updated 29.11.2016, 19:27)
sky :roll:one day ,i'm gonna get the hang of answering you...
when people judge me without knowing me...when teachers scold me for nothing or give me a poor grade just to see me unhappy..when they ask me a question even tho i don't put my hands up...urggg
lol..i'm like a laugh bird..i don't need anything to make me laugh.sometimes my own activity makes me laugh..i do even laugh when my daddy scolds me or when my professor ask me "what kinda girl am i"..when people run away just to ignore my hello,that makes me laugh too..:smile:
29.11.2016, 20:06
What is the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to you?
stay alive
30.11.2016, 08:36
when i was at college,i used to live in my college hostel tho i didn't need to stay home was near to my college.there were some rules,if i wanted to stay in any govt hostel,i would have to do anything whatever the political leader of that hostel wanted me to daddy didn't aware of one day they wanted me to participate in their slogans...wanted me to march with them in i did and one of my relative saw me doing was hiding my face but that couldn't help.he came near to me and asked me with wonder"holy shit!!what are you doing here at this age!!"that was a particularly disturbing and embarrassing incident for me.
30.11.2016, 09:48
Where was the most horrible place you have ever had to spend the night?
stay alive
30.11.2016, 12:13
aahhh....there is no such place i can recall. :roll:
30.11.2016, 16:16
How many shoes do you have?
stay alive
01.12.2016, 13:19
hahahaha...only one :cry:


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