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Astronomers Discover Previously Unknown Cluster Of Nothingness In Deep Space

20.11.2015, 09:30
WASHINGTON—Saying the finding would further scientists’ understanding of the most remote parts of the universe, NASA astronomers announced at a press conference Thursday that they had discovered a previously unknown cluster of nothingness in deep space. “Through the use of high-resolution infrared imaging, we have identified a large grouping of total emptiness roughly 8.5 billion light-years away that had heretofore gone undetected,” said NASA lead researcher Edward Hefter, adding that the newly discovered blank expanse, which is located between two immense regions of nothing, was far larger and more insignificant in scope than first thought. “We are continuing to investigate the age and origin of the emptiness, but it will be a slow process given that there is absolutely nothing in the cluster to study. However, initial data indicate that the space likely formed when a smaller void merged with a larger vacuum.” Hefter added that the distant cluster of nothingness strongly resembles 481 million similar such regions discovered in recent decades.
06.12.2015, 07:52
Shy Gal
26.10.2016, 23:27
delet this
31.10.2016, 18:37
Much ado about nothing?
01.11.2016, 05:37
Based on  observations from the Hubble Telescope in 1998  Astronomers claim that the universe is expanding. Thus  would you not expect there to be more "empty spaces".   That would be consistent with Einsteins cosmological constant although it has not had much traction among scientist.  Einstein also claimed that "space" is "not nothing" .   ( auf Deutsch does a double negative cancel  out ? i.e. "not nothing" = "something"  in English) .  Could that something be "dark matter" and that is why the universe is expanding ?  My nephew works for SpaceX.  I should ask him.


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