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Believe in love at first sight?

21.11.2016, 20:35
"do you people believe in love at first sight..?"
if we really do believe then why don't we just tell that person at first place "can i share my life with you ..instead of doing this why do we choose to remain speechless..."..then is there really any true meaning of love at first sight!
stay alive
21.11.2016, 20:50
It seems."Unthinkable". well, i don't..i do believe in anger at first sight :roll:
22.11.2016, 15:19
It seems none like to talk about it, even all ppl r seeking for love in their lives. :chin:
22.11.2016, 16:39 (Updated 22.11.2016, 16:41)
In my opinion, this is not a question of belief or non-belief. There are people who tell you that they fell in love at first sight, in the same time, you will hear the complete opposite from others. It's a matter of experience...either you do experience it, therefore it is a truth for you; or you'll never experience it.
Now, IF someone experienced love at first sight before, it can have many reasons why (s)he doesn't "just go" to a person, telling that (s)he wants to spend his/her life with said person. Maybe they're just not that outgoing but rather introverted. Maybe it's just the lack of courage, which doesn't mean that they are cowards - or how would you spontaneously react, if a stranger is coming over to you, saying such words?
I think it's just rational to not overreact.
22.11.2016, 17:29
I don't think there is such a thing as love at first sight, only people who afterwards remeber it that way.
23.11.2016, 20:32
Love at First sight It is a very common thing if you are single, the difficult thing is reciprocous love at First sight
24.11.2016, 13:28
Are you trying to tell me something? ;)
10.05.2019, 17:03 (Updated 10.05.2019, 17:03)
I even believe love from the first smile!
11.05.2019, 06:51
When a woman is talking to you, listen to what she says with her eyes.
Victor Hugo
23.08.2020, 10:00
I don't believe in love at the first sight, i think people often make the mistake of calling love to what is actually an atraction. To that feeling i call passion, very intense but fades out eventually. You might love what you see; but real love comes later, when you really start knowing the person and start admiring her as a whole. Real love never really goes away completly, even if you never see such person again.


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