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18.08.2017, 12:37
Hey guys,
I'm Luana and from Germany.
I love english and want to study in England!
But my English is still not the best.
I'm searching someone who wants to chat a bit. Maybe someone who wants to learn German? So I could help as well while he/she is helping me with my english. That would be very great!
I have problems with my grammar and sometimes I don't find the vocabulary I need. So I think a chatpartner would help me so much.

Best regards :)
11.09.2017, 02:12
hey i'm interested!
22.09.2017, 16:02 (Updated 22.09.2017, 16:04)
meybe thist webportal is for you It's starting tomorrow.
Enes Taha
29.09.2017, 16:50
I think your English is very well. I want to learn english and i always study but the most important is practice. your English is better than me. Would you like to practise whit me ?
Hope to see you later
Have a good time:)


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