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Excuses for being late: free your imagination or just tell your story or that of your students, friends, relatives,children, etc...

15.01.2016, 19:04
uhm... sorry Director I was walking when a heel broke and I had to go home to change my shoes.
15.01.2016, 19:29
dearest principal, I'm sorry I was late for work, but I stayed up late on Babchat and I was so tired when I went to sleep that I forgot  my cell (the alarm) in another room :(
15.01.2016, 20:22
I didn't want to come sooner.
15.01.2016, 22:49
We both know that whatever I told you would be an excuse, so why bother?
Graham Eva
15.01.2016, 23:02
Dear Director Ele, I assumed Matt had given you a percentage of his lottery winnings and as a consequence you would declare today a school holiday!
07.02.2016, 13:31
Sorry It wasn't my fault.....A silly man has parked his car in front of mine stopping me! I had to wait for he come back for more a hour!!!!!!


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