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Find the mistake!

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05.01.2016, 17:47
I will write a sentence that has one mistake, be it grammar, spelling, word order or vocabulary. The one who corrects my sentence has to write the next incorrect sentence. Let's get the game rolling!

The cattle is grazing in the field.
Graham Eva
05.01.2016, 18:41
I will be amazed if you manage to write a sentence with only one mistake in it!
05.01.2016, 19:48
easy peasy :p I'll copy the sentences from the NET :d
05.01.2016, 22:36
Does ist need to be "are grazing"?
06.01.2016, 00:08
indeed, the next sentence is yours :P. nice job with the 'translate' thingy!
07.01.2016, 09:01
I'm so exited about this, I'm going to brush ALL my teeth!
09.01.2016, 02:16
I thought it was really obvious? :)
09.01.2016, 02:56
I´m so excited about this, I´m going to brus my teeth!
09.01.2016, 02:56
brush***** lol
09.01.2016, 10:58
The solution and the new sentence at the same time! :)
09.01.2016, 14:24
I knowwwwwww.... I knowwwwwwww, the mistake is obviously 'teeth', it's clear that it should be 'I'm going to brush all my dentures' :D ??? buuuut, just how many dentures do you have?? are you a  dentist??

Your kids are much taller, they really have grown up.
12.01.2016, 19:24
I can't see it.
12.01.2016, 20:08
your kids are much taller THAN WHO????
14.01.2016, 17:46
Your kids are much taller, they really have grown up! (The problem was clearly the use of a period, errr, full stop, instead of the clearly-more-appropriate exclamation mark!

"He watched Claudius praying, wondering whether to kill him".
14.01.2016, 19:37
this killing thing is in the air. I'm wondering the same about you right now!!!!:P

and who on bachat invited you here?? :P get lost, you're ruining my game with your prescriptivist views :P

you're all lame, you don't know what is  CLEARLY WRONG in my sentence :P
14.01.2016, 21:46
let me answer with another sentence. While running in the park, the dog bit him :D
14.01.2016, 22:35
haha This Lady!
14.01.2016, 22:38
who was running??? the dog?? or the man??? while running in the park, he got bitten by a dog.
15.01.2016, 00:17
My instinctive reading of this sentence is that the "ravenous T-rex that had worked up the insatiable appetite which compelled him to invent the time machine into which accidentally stumbled - finding himself instantly transported to the future - was running in the park chasing what looked like the scrumptious meal he had envisioned when he invented the time machine, and, while running in pursuit of said meal-to-be, got bitten by a dog. How did I do??
15.01.2016, 11:52
looooool you silly!!! you did wicked badly :D
15.01.2016, 17:57
Oh :(( I simply don't see how it's possible to read that sentence any other way! :P
Amber Phantom
15.01.2016, 18:17
I could write a sentence that you will barley find a correct word in.
15.01.2016, 19:17
someone here has been reading too many fiction books, as it seems...

siamo in due, Sara
06.02.2016, 12:41
Ami, Can you write a sentence with less than 2 mistakes in it? ;)
Graham Eva
06.02.2016, 13:33
fewer than*
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