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I thought Canada would never ask. We want to say yes.

13.11.2016, 09:09 (Updated 13.11.2016, 09:45)
I live on the West Coast of the USA were the majority of people voted against Trump.  So we were happy the Canadians asked our States to become their Southern Province.  Then we could have Trudeau as President.   He respects a variety of people including women and the French.  

This was published in a Vancouver BC Newspaper.  It is not official.  It is grass roots.

"Canadians are inviting people in the United States Pacific coastal states of California, Oregon and Washington, where United States President-elect Donald Trump lost heavily to his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, to secede from the US and join Canada.
13.11.2016, 19:26
I don't understand why democratics are so reticent to trump governement. He won the election of the president of United States of America even if not all the States supported him, but this happens in each election. He didn't even started to work in his role and some States think to migrate to Canada already, this sounds really funny. I think democratics should focus on the causes of their Lost instead of thinking to is easier to escape than to cope with the odds and this happens even in Europe, where many south europeans escape to North Europe instead to try to improve the conditions of their native countries.
13.11.2016, 21:09 (Updated 12.12.2016, 08:32)
@italiano,   You make several good points.  You are right about it sounding funny,  because we are not serious.  Both Canadians and Americans know that there is no legal way to realign  our countries nor do we want to go to war.  Both countries have deep divides between liberals and democrats.   Canadians and Americans are now joking about trading States and Providences.   The USA would trade our liberal States for their Conservative Providences.  LOL.   In the USA  our cities are liberal and our rural area are conservative.   Is that the same in Europe?  I live North of Seattle, so I listen to Canadian TV and Radio.  I see Canadians almost every day.  So sometimes  my life already feels Canadian  except when I listen to Frankfurt radio.  I love their classical and jazz music and the way they speak German with a nice Lilt.   My friends here in Stanwood like their recordings of American Jazz.

     Your English is excellent.  I am impressed by your sentence structure.   Your ideas are very clear but there are a few places that tell me that you are not a native speaker.:
            -  He didn't even start ,,,,,,,
            - States propose annexation to Canada
            - I think Democrats .......
           - their defeat instead of trying to succeed.  It is easier to leave than to reconcile.  This happen.......
            -  South Europeans migrate to Northern Europe instead of staying to improve.


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