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Language games

Graham Eva
19.02.2016, 17:05
That is because you act on a WHIM rather than using strategy!
23.02.2016, 18:44
Who does things entirely on a whim should be whipped with a leather WHIP! !!!!!!!
Graham Eva
23.02.2016, 19:12
I do not care a WHIT about such threats!
24.02.2016, 19:46
Gee WHIZ, I don't care me too!
Graham Eva
25.02.2016, 18:25
The original spelling was "gee whizz" so I think you are cheating and will send you a WRIT ordering you to refrain from such practices!
26.02.2016, 17:32
Hey nobody can order me to do something especially a BRIT !!!!
Graham Eva
26.02.2016, 20:27
Cleo, please stop acting like a spoilt BRAT !!
27.02.2016, 22:38
Hey stop to be a BRAG !! :P
Graham Eva
28.02.2016, 00:10
The verb is to brag and the technical name for the person is a braggart. You deserve to be locked in the BRIG on Nic's boat for such mistakes!
01.03.2016, 20:33
Look at the last sentence.............
01.03.2016, 20:34
what a such PRIG !
Graham Eva
01.03.2016, 22:48
Oh Cleo you are so PRIM and proper, to quote Ami's favourite expression!


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