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Language games

Amber Phantom
01.01.2016, 13:42
You both were SEEN with a gun in your hands trying to kill a phantom.
01.01.2016, 13:56
How could we do that???You have not sewn your sheet it's already full of bullets holes
Graham Eva
01.01.2016, 14:06
May have SOWN some wild oats but I do not remember spraying them with bullets!
Amber Phantom
01.01.2016, 14:36
You are supposed to tell me as SOON as possible what "sown" means.
01.01.2016, 15:13
Amber where is your mind? On the MOON?
Graham Eva
01.01.2016, 15:22
seminare    Let her MOAN a little, Cleo!
01.01.2016, 16:49
why moan? can't se pay back her LOAN???
Graham Eva
01.01.2016, 16:57
I think the bank is going to LEAN on her to pay back all her debts!
01.01.2016, 17:29
that is so MEAN of them!
Graham Eva
01.01.2016, 17:35
They argue that if you want to put a MEAL on the table sooner or later you have to use your own money!
01.01.2016, 17:47
She doesn't eat MEAT she's vegan how could she eat her animals?
01.01.2016, 17:57
I don't want to eat my animals, I just want to BEAT a dead horse :D
Graham Eva
01.01.2016, 18:02
A more impressive FEAT would be to ride that dead horse!
01.01.2016, 20:08
That dead horse just  needs a kick in the SEAT from Ami
Graham Eva
01.01.2016, 21:01
I think a kick from Ami would SEAL its fate and send it racing to the underworld.
02.01.2016, 11:10
The male missed her horse in the ocean she was so furious then her face got TEAL
02.01.2016, 11:13
Ops The mare missed her horse. ........TEAL
Graham Eva
02.01.2016, 17:29
I needed a whole psychiatric TEAM to try and work out what Cleo meant!
02.01.2016, 18:29
My pants are bursting at the SEAM while following you all!
Graham Eva
02.01.2016, 18:34
That would SEEM to be the result of overindulgence over the Christmas period.
02.01.2016, 19:01
lolll Graham you should SEEK a very good psychiatric team!
Graham Eva
02.01.2016, 19:23
My team recommend a diet of LEEK and warm peppery water for three weeks.
02.01.2016, 19:33
with that kind of diet will you become MEEK?
Graham Eva
02.01.2016, 20:37
I think I would die within a WEEK eating that strange combination
03.01.2016, 01:44
Can I PEEK your diet?


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