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Language games

12.01.2016, 21:56
You SLIP out under cover of darkness!
13.01.2016, 20:21
Cleo, I guess he took to his heels because your SLAP on the wrist was efficient
Graham Eva
13.01.2016, 22:30
And I bet you could hear the SLAM of the door even where you are!
13.01.2016, 22:55
Ami I think he's planning a SCAM here! Be more careful!
Graham Eva
13.01.2016, 23:38
I think that last message was SPAM. It should be deleted!
14.01.2016, 15:35
no need to , this site is spick and SPAN.
Graham Eva
14.01.2016, 18:07
That is just SPIN on the part of the person who started this chain!
14.01.2016, 20:47
How dare you SPIT out such insults????
Graham Eva
14.01.2016, 21:13
I guess this is going to end in another silly SPAT.
15.01.2016, 18:37
Ami: Didn't you notice your cows escaped? Go to work! Run to SLAT the fence!
15.01.2016, 19:02
Cleo, Cleo, why do you have to SLAG me off all the time??? :(
15.01.2016, 19:17
What a touchy woman! Come on Amina! Never did to you something so violent brought and put you on the SLAB   :P
Graham Eva
15.01.2016, 22:59
I would organise a strike here until the language was toned down but Cleo would act as a SCAB, for sure.
16.01.2016, 01:24
I had a quick SCAN of the language here Graham and it does seem a bit over the top.
16.01.2016, 13:12
Loll Graham It's better not be a scab I'm afraid the workers could make me a SCAR on the face!   :(
16.01.2016, 20:36
you're the STAR of the lab, I'm sure you have some bodyguards.
Graham Eva
16.01.2016, 22:13
Ami just wants to STIR up some jealousy as she knows all the other key lab staff have their own minders!
17.01.2016, 08:35
But who is the STIG?
Graham Eva
17.01.2016, 20:17
He is a STAG among spineless doe!
17.01.2016, 20:55
:O STAY here and don't move dear! !!!
17.01.2016, 21:18
Okay, I'll remain here and SWAY to the music
Graham Eva
18.01.2016, 19:51
While you sway I will steal the SWAG.
18.01.2016, 20:56
is that a SWAN song??????   (Graham, Hubris= Praz girl lol , you missed her last night)
19.01.2016, 14:50
What is the average SPAN of a swan's wings?
Graham Eva
19.01.2016, 20:27
How much SPAM can an average swan consume?  (Why didn't you tell me earlier, Ami?)


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