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Language games

19.01.2016, 21:03
(weren't you in the room when she was there???)
19.01.2016, 23:30
I can't tell you exactly, but you should have seen how the swan SWAM after it consumed too much! (Hi Graham haha)
Graham Eva
20.01.2016, 20:07
Cris, you are not allowed to come here in disguise!!

I have a strong desire to SWAT people who do not declare who they really are!!
20.01.2016, 21:37
haha I saw no entry message to prevent me about the rules of this house. Let us take a comfortable SEAT and forget about my insolence
Graham Eva
20.01.2016, 21:51
Well if it was up to me I think you should SCAT !!
Graham Eva
20.01.2016, 23:09
By the way, can anyone else smell a faint whiff of leeks here?
21.01.2016, 18:08
ahaha we stray from the subject and the only way to go back to it would be mentioning a SCOT (such a sweet and pleasant scent, isn't it?)
Graham Eva
21.01.2016, 21:51
There is no SPOT here where such a strange breed of people could be accommodated.  (I am not so convinced praz is the perfect perfume!)
24.01.2016, 02:23
Care not to cause a SPAT with the Scots!
Graham Eva
24.01.2016, 11:29
Check the STAT about how many times the Scots have won such spats!!
Graham Eva
27.01.2016, 23:33
Only a STAR can think of a new word here!
28.01.2016, 19:02
Here I am :) Graham would you like to SPAR with me?
Graham Eva
28.01.2016, 19:52
You should not SPUR me on to commit violent acts.!
Graham Eva
30.01.2016, 22:47
Time to dig up a SPUD or two for dinner tonight!
31.01.2016, 10:49
You are such a STUD ;you have women throwing themselves at you :))
31.01.2016, 11:40
I wonder how he manages to STUN them
Graham Eva
31.01.2016, 12:53
All those tales of derring do SPUN over months that turn girls heads!!
31.01.2016, 13:22
Girls' heads start to SPIN like an ice skater, I have witnessed that
Graham Eva
31.01.2016, 18:16
Yes, you are right, and their SKIN starts to tingle all over!!
03.02.2016, 18:42
If I SKIM quickly this game I don't learn any new words.
Graham Eva
03.02.2016, 20:33
There is a very SLIM chance of your learning a lot here!
16.02.2016, 19:34
I don't know what a SHIM is!
Graham Eva
16.02.2016, 19:36
Graham Eva
16.02.2016, 19:37
It is a SHAM when you write words and hope someone can find a meaning to fit them!
19.02.2016, 13:51
You think you know what are you getting into, then WHAM...


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