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Learning englisch

13.07.2017, 15:38
Hello my name's lisa

I'm from Germany.
I would like Next year Holiday in Amerika with a good friend of me but my englisch is very terrible, his English is so much can anywhere help me please?

Sry for my bad English
20.07.2017, 07:49
Chris Guitar
28.07.2017, 15:03
Hi Lisa!
What is your exact question? How to get a better english? Try to learn every day a few vocabularies, read english books (it's not necessary that you understand every word, it`s more important, that you can follow the story), watch english television or hear english radio/podcasts..., visit a VHS course, try to talk a little bit english with your good friend. That will help you to get a better feeling for the language. Take a look to the netherlands. Most of their TV program use the english language and only dutch subtitle. Thats one reason why they speak much better english like the germans.
22.12.2017, 00:43
Hallo Du kannst es leicht machen
06.06.2018, 19:49
Hi lisa .
I have been in USA  


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