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Learning English

03.02.2018, 02:14 (Updated 03.02.2018, 02:42)
Hello i'am from germany ant i wont to learn english really good. my english is not so good i think. thats all i can. please help someone me.
i can also help by german maybe if you want.
23.10.2018, 17:25
Hello Ann, How are you doing? I would love to help you on your English, unfortunately that is the only language I speak but just looking for someone to chat with.  Holler back at me if you'd like to chat sometime.
28.10.2018, 18:10
Hello!  I´m from Vienna Austria and I´m looking for guys for conversation in english.
29.10.2018, 21:15
Hey there,
I'm from Germany too and I would like to chat with someone to improve my English skills to be better prepared for my studying.


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