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Need a language partner.

22.11.2019, 20:11
Hi everyone,
Looking for someone to talk in English.
05.06.2020, 17:52
Hi Zar...still looking for someone to talk?
15.06.2020, 14:35
Hi Zar...still looking for someone to talk?
Hello TJ, sorry for butting in, but you were kind enough to offer yourself as a chat partner to 3 people at once, so I thought maybe you would chat with me. I've spent half my life trying to learn English, but without someone to ask and have the patience to explain it to me, I'm stuck.
I was born in Berlin and still live here. Actually I thought about a tandem exchange learning, where I could have brought my mother tongue into play, but that didn't work out. But it doesn't matter if we find a topic that interests us both. But that shouldn't be difficult, because I am old and interested in many things. It would be nice to hear something from you.
05.04.2022, 06:59
Hi, singing English songs helps us to learn English, especially English oldies. The music and the lyrics of English old songs are nice for us to learn something. The following youtube videos are created by me recently.
You may copy and paste it to the browser and enter.

Hopefully you will like it.
Best regards,


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