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Off My Chest

stay alive
13.10.2016, 07:12 (Updated 13.10.2016, 07:23)
Sometimes I've so many things left to say but I just can't because of situation or people. sometimes a thought come into my mind what would be the point of showing myself when no one is gonna feel what exactly I'm feeling.I've lost count a while ago how many times I shut myself from everyone or everything and how many times I break the chains and start doing the same critical thinking. I believe no one is gonna understand me till he/she walks on my shoes and I believe word doesn't help in case of depression, frustration or anxiety. So I have decided to write this topic "off my chest" where people who has lots of things left to say can write here randomly.Sometimes we people need to get some words out of our chest and I believe I'm not alone in this race.


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