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Timeline Of The James Bond Series

19.11.2015, 21:05
This week marks the release of the 24th film in the James Bond franchise, Spectre, featuring Daniel Craig in his fourth appearance as the British secret agent. Here are some notable moments from the film series’s 53-year history:

1940: Author Ian Fleming kills a guy and realizes how cool it is

1962-2015: An installment of the James Bond film series debuts to middling reviews

1965: Cocktail stirrer industry posts devastating Q1 losses

1972: The least successful Bond film, No Train After Midnight, features our hero winding his way through Surrey and Kent getting his head together between assignments

1978: Daniel Craig begins rigorous four-hour sessions with a personal trainer

1987: Producers rush to release The Living Daylights before the inevitable collapse of the Soviet Union

1991: A series of demonstrations are organized to protest the franchise’s controversial portrayal of henchmen

1995: GoldenEye briefly brings you and your father together for an afternoon

2071: Series revitalized for 86th consecutive time


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