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Unjumble the word

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20.12.2015, 00:36
e a r t r g

If you think the word to unjumble is  too difficult, you might throw in a little clue. mine is 'kitchen'
20.12.2015, 00:38
You can tell us how to say that specific word in other languages that you know as long as you mention the language as well, that might come in handy for those who learn other languages besides English.
20.12.2015, 07:20
Garret? But what has this to do with kitchen ...? hmmm...
20.12.2015, 10:53
he probably ate all my food :P

I guess I was suposed to say 'kitchen tool'
The word is 'grater'. The thing you use to grate cheese with.
Wolfffff, could we somehow upload photos here?
20.12.2015, 11:07
it's your turn, Amy!
20.12.2015, 22:22
e s o m l t e i t

Hint: christmas
21.12.2015, 12:27
Mistletoe :)

Ami, you can post a URL to the photo, it will be clickable. I'm hesitant to allow direct upload for... reasons ;)

Now on to the new word:

y e l b i c c (Hint: From A to B)
21.12.2015, 12:27

k o f w e l a s n

Hint: winter
21.12.2015, 12:28
bicycle :))
21.12.2015, 15:15
ah got it, Wolf.
GUYSSSS plizz tell us those words in your language (I want to learn :P)..well, I won't say those words in Romanian as no one's interested, but I might use Italian or Portuguese for those who want to learn and for myself as well, I might have to use a dictionary for some...

snowflake (Italian-fiocco di neve. Portuguese-floco de neve)

i t r n c e i p  o a t i p

hint: weather
21.12.2015, 15:45
precipitation (Italian - precipitazione)

r c o s h e r t a

Hint: music
21.12.2015, 15:59
btw, Ami please do write the Romanian words (don't be lazy :P)
Graham Eva
21.12.2015, 18:18
t a n i n o t a i c r p o r s    Ami's favourite way of filling her time.
Graham Eva
21.12.2015, 18:22
orchestra   Ele
21.12.2015, 19:42
procrastination :D (Italian- la procrastinazione, Portuguese- a procrastinação)

e c d o r k w p e o   (knock knock :D)
26.12.2015, 06:29
Santa? ;)
26.12.2015, 06:39
Woodpecker   (German: Specht)

W P R L E L E S A E K         hint:  :yawn:
26.12.2015, 11:12
Noi siamo angeli con un'ala sola: solo abbracciati possiamo volare. :-)
27.12.2015, 01:18
27.12.2015, 10:46
Traum durch die Dämmerung



Traum durch die Dämmerung

Weite Wiesen im Dämmergrau;
 Die Sonne verglomm, die Sterne ziehn;
 Nun geh' ich zu der schönsten Frau,
 Weit über Wiesen im Dämmergrau,
 Tief in den Busch von Jasmin.

Durch Dämmergrau in der Liebe Land;
 Ich gehe nicht schnell, ich eile nicht;
 Mich zieht ein weiches, sammtenes Band
 Durch Dämmergrau in der Liebe Land,
 In ein blaues, mildes Licht.

Otto Julius  Bierbaum
Condorito Navideño
27.12.2015, 12:53
Jasmin und Wiese,
verglom´ne Sonne,
schöne Frau . . .

Die Sterne ziehn von ganz allein -
doch mich, mich zieht ein Band
ein Band aus weichem Samt gar fein
ins blaue Liebesland

Johann Wolfgang von Gießen  (ganz ohne Bier)*  :-)
Graham Eva
27.12.2015, 20:28
V O L A M O N D          The most envied nationality in the world.
28.12.2015, 12:49

my word is : LVLITNGERA
28.12.2015, 12:49
hint: World
Graham Eva
28.12.2015, 17:32
Ami, you got the previous word wrong, in fact you were way off!!
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