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Witch movie do you prefer?

Ingrid Thurn
13.08.2016, 06:57
Hello I`m lokking for movies that you prefer.
My favorite are movies with sense, sometimes romantic or somtemes action.
Let`s write about movies.
13.08.2016, 09:15
stay alive
13.08.2016, 13:43
right now I'm preferring some horror movies. Horror movies are the only thing that cheer me up at any situation. :D
15.09.2016, 01:40
My favorite movie in general would be From Dusk Till Dawn, and I find myself liking almost any Tarantino movie I watch.

Recently I've been enjoying a fantastic Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.
26.10.2016, 18:01 (Updated 01.11.2016, 00:05)
Because I am older,   I am really bored with violence and sex in movie.  That is almost all we get from Hollywood.  I prefer movies that shows how people change because of new experiences.  So one of my favorite movies is  "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"  ttp://   It takes place in India.  It has some comedy as well as pathos.
31.10.2016, 16:50
Witch movie do I prefer?  I'd have to say The Witches of Eastwick.

It's "WHICH movie do you prefer?"!
31.10.2016, 19:39
Fairy tale:
Hänsel und Gretel. I don't know the name of the witch.
11.05.2017, 21:41
I love "the perks of beeing a wollflower" with Emma Watson! This movie is so emotional.
Chris Guitar
27.07.2017, 13:33
Adams Äpfel is a very good and funny movie. The film was produced in Denmark. Adams Äpfel is the german title, but i don't know the name they used for the english market. Shooting dogs is also a great movie. It is based on a true story and discripes the first days of the genocide at the tutsi. Very good!!!
The last years there are not man good movies. I have the impression, that most of the money gets used for special effects and not for a good story. But in todays times we have many good series like game of thrones, Mr Robot etc.
20.07.2018, 10:01
I liked Once upon a song, it's a comedy and romantic with many nice songs sang by the actors and also some dances. Really a relaxing movie.

i like also action movies with many shootings :D and running sequences like in " the hitman's bodyguard or the fate an d furious 7".

and in series , for the moment i like Designated survivor, i liked also "Deception" but unfortunately there has been no Season 2


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