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Les carnivore......
Ich hoffe es geht dir jetzt gut
 where did you lear german  :chin:
rasha  alguna vez  has andado en un  barco o bote
rasha ya te vi
OK .Gute Besserung  
Ich habe viel genommen, aber ich gehe jetzt ausruhen
Nimm eine Pille, sie hilft dir gegen die Kopfschmerzen
weil mein Kopf nicht aufhört weh zu tun
Ja, aber ich muss sowieso raus, mein Kopf tut weh, es tut jetzt seit 3 Tagen weh und ich werde mich hinlegen, wie meine Mutter gesagt hat, und sich ausruhen
Warum bis du traurig wenn ich fragen darf ?
Ich weiß, dass der Schnee die Party verschönert
Ja, erzähl mir davon, ich bin wirklich traurig, denn Schnee macht Weihnachten besser
Schade ,und Weinachten ist bald  
Nein noch nicht, wir bekommen wirklich nie Schnee
schneit es bei dir?
bye see you later
ok, me too ... au revoir
and we call his belt, the Saucepan
thanks for the talk  
I must go now  
it is interesting  for me  
for Orion, his head is at the bottom, when seen from here
thats right :)
the night sky
you know, we see the Constellations up-side-down to you
yes ... Australia is referred to as Down Under
I came across a saying Down Under it is used for the country
as you said it is so changeable  
a huge ocean gyre
on the other side of the Pacific Ocean
La Niña is the term used to describe when the Walker Circulation is on steroids. The western Pacific is even warmer than usual, the trade winds are stronger and all this moist energetic air is pushed onto Australia
and also, a dry season for  
this means huge precipitation for eastern Australia
the Southern Hemisphere, Pacific region, is currently in the La Niña season
the threat of super storms is spoken about
there is much to prepare for
the course of Nature is taking wild turns
has Australia taken any measures after huge forest fires?
yeah thats right  
haha, Bill Gates to Mozart
the french natives help me to improve my french
it covers from Bill Gates, the Beatles,  plane crashes to Mozart  
i like babchat to be an exchange of language learning
much as it is nice to exchange knowledge ...
happy to help
thanks susan
I learned so much things  
* it proves that ... or ... * that is the proof
give a try  
no, i have not read it
it proofs that  
I read the book called Outliers by M. Gladwell  
click click click ... human computer
each number is one syllable
lol ... true ... the asian language is especially rapid with math
Asians good at mathematics right ? )))
for forest fires, i choose the water bombing aeroplanes
8948 m, i think
who come *
the young asians who have cime to live here, they all know the height of mount everest
susan , are there any solutions to stop forest fires?
thats obvious )
how nice -  I like those studies too
elevation 1224 m ... this is your tallest mountain ?
i did studies in geography and geology
1224 m
Susan, you're talking like a meteorologist )))))
Anatolia ... beautiful name
the city is located in inner Anatolia region
is there high altitude ?
i live near the coast
but i do not live there
Australia has a huge stoney desert
not much trees
yeah something like that  
is it stoney desert ?
it is expected some snow showers in advance days
how is your landscape described ?
ah, 11 C ... i agree, that's cold
it might be colder there? )
it is partly cloudy  
i mean to ask, what temperature
how cold ?
it is cloudy and cold here  
4 seasons in one day, we say  
very changeable
how is the weather like there?)
apparently, it is possible to post onto multiple sites
I think so  
a bot ... that is what i heard
and susan
how are you? Sybil
I wonder who is this Harbsch? ))
Óyeme, óyeme, esta es mi vida (ah)
Y quítate de mi camino, metida
No tengas celos, no seas jodida (ah)
Tú sabes que es mi estilo, maravilla
Ey, no puedes matar la movida
Ey, porque no estás en mi liga
Ey, pegando, pegando muy duro (ah)
Estoy trabajando todo' lo' día'
We work hard (work), play hard (get it)
Hot chicks on my radar (woo)
Stay lit on our liquid (ah)
'Til we blackout like Darth Vader (woo)  :guitar:
henry estas en europa o no
 the time has come    
 we use  formal English
we  dont use   informal  writing
what is sum
i need sum one to ft
i never think  that  tattos is art in the body and you
 in  human body
girls  what do you  things  about tattos revolution
ya kinda helping
 i see
and im eating
i took another pill
 hi kat  how do you feel
bye take care
Thanks sarka  
good night SIndo
Good night all  
rasha  que    estacion  estas  tu en  marruecos
madmood is   a name  i understood
I dont understand it well  
oh i thought it was a invent of family guy  carater in epsode
or not
it is real name
Yes rex  
madmood or madmood  
We have the name Mahmoid not madmood  
Mahmood lol  
It's ok mi raf and u?  
Cv hmd rabi ykhalik  
Hmdl merci et toi shu?  
Good evening mi raf  
Sindo, how is it hanging, so to say
Hi sindo  cv
Hi shushu  
Nice of you Raf  
Just couldn't resist to say hi :)
hi Shushu
Hello everybody  
Evening Mi Raf
Evening, beautiful people!
No idea who that boy is  
mad is an arabic boy
rasha you  know madmood
Good night masall
good night Vugi
Merhaba Sindo :)
Marhaba masall
need to wake early  
Thanks sarka and masall  
haha ok
need a night walk and sleep
night walk?
I need to go now
belle photo SIndo
Yes masall :thumb:
Hamdulillah thanks brother :smile:
:thumb: your pic :D
how are you?
Aleykum salam Sindo
Salam Masall  
oui SIndo parfois c comme dans un frigo dehors
i am not smaug lol
i have cold breath too lol
i like in topical  country
Le frigo est ouvert  
it will not arrive to you rex do not worry
wind   make  europe cold
ohhh cold from europe comes from polo north
yes here is very fresh now even cold
sara  there is  fresh air in republica checa
fresh air  ummm
Kat did you get enough fresh air?
shake your ass   lol
Wb kat  
what a pity
still no winter holidays?
you went to school today?
they skulk around in the roads of London
 i did school today
kats don t need to work
what did you do today?
without an exception?
kats are always well?
how are you today, kat?
you re back again?
personne ne répond=?
il neige en France?
de quoi parlez-vous?
quoi de neuf ce soir?
Où je suis jamais de la neige  
ici aussi
Le neige est tombée dans les montagnes  
Chez vous plus  
Matt :wave:
oui ici aussi froid
L'hiver commence  
Rien de special seul le temps est froid  
quoi de neut?
Bien merci  
 oui merci et toi?
 salut comment ca va?
Ça va?  
thanks Sindo
Wb sarka  
be right back
enjoy kat
enjoy Kat
and i need to go out side to get air
i gotta go school is finna be over