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Salam li ahli salam
Hello Kitty
hello beautiful people  
the plumber came to your house this morning, harbsch?
what are you talking about this morning?
Half man
Okay, It was nice talking to you, take good care :)
I have to go. I hope I see you later again :)
Yeah till then :D
Oh, so your partytime starts :party:
In june  
and when do you have exams again?
But it lasts for just few days, so it's okay :P
Who does it? :D
Apart from exam, it's fun, learning is fun! but I don't like exams XD
Does studying make fun? or are you relucdant to go to college?
Nothing much, attending lectures and assignments and studying XD
Ah nice to know :), I see there was nothing much happening  
What about you?  
you have not missed much. I am feeling healthier. the new job is great. have fun with it.  
Anyway how's everything on your side ? what's going on these days ? how's your job ?
I will try to be more regular, but cannot promise
I’m fine too. I hope I’ll see you more often.  
I am good, thank you, How are you ?
Yeah, I was away, busy, It's nice to see you,  
hey, I have not seen you for a long time. How are you? :)
Hey Lati :wave:
You left :tongue: