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hope you are well
that s really sad
nobody talked to you?
you loved your stay in Syracuse?
what are you talking about this lovely sunday?
hello ann
were dressed up as animals !  
I see
 where you charge money and pay less like that
car branches, Peugeot, Mercedes, Fiat etc in the center of Koblenz , and some of the demonstrators were disguised  
here it is possible to pay with bank card or we have regional transport card
it's amusing .. we had a liitle demonstration against the exhibition of automobiles ,  
Sarka, I showed the busdriver from Koblenz to Vallendar my banccard today, haha  
 I am fine too
because they want the people to change from cars to public transport  
I am fine. How are you both?
oh oh ..    here, tmany bus-drivers meanwhile don't control anymore the tickets, they just pretend to,  
so see you next time,  
here in germany, because of all the efforts to my1 hour wifi might end in 2 minutes  
like in Talinn / estonia already  
from 1.3.2020, public transport will only be free of charge in Luxemburg ! but for everybody  
how are you Amara?
you said it will be free from march?
what do you mean, Sarka ?  
hey Amara ...  
from Koblenz to Luxembourg will take about 2 and a half hour by train  
yes but I mean from march?
hi Amara
with my student's card, I can take the train to Koblent, like today, and it's valid to the Luxemburg-border  
Hey Sarka and Berni
it will be free for everybody or you?
or. will come into force  
how far is Luxemburg from Koblenz?
oh great
until it will finally come from 1.3.2020  
next week we have the "Europäische Mobilitätswoche" ( 16. - 22.9)  I will go for free to Luxemburg city ; Luxemburg is going to TEST the free local traffic for one week  
I am trying to resolve one thing on internet
and where are you there? coffee shop?
( details ) :hug:
I've taken the bus Nr.8 from Koblenz to Vallendar .. where I am celebrating my average existence right now .  
lIfe is wonderful, isn't it ?  
virtual reality :-)
It is such a wonderful reality -show here sometimes ....  
who knows...
one could think that people are not interested in learning and practising foreign languages ...  
people only come and leave..
oh ...   what the heck is happenimg here ?  
please stay with us, and have a good cup of "climate-change BIO-tea" . merci  
hello Naima  
except for Naima  
no, I am really surprised ... also no French chatters  
I am tea - drunk  
sorry .. I drank to much black tea  
but a world-revolution with Wolfgango would be something worth to try  
it depends on everyone if they come and chat or not
Evidently I don't really believe in what I am writing  
how .  lol
*gg*  with rex playing the leading role .. oh he is there, in the Spanish room
to make babchat be a world-revolution site  
we have to attract the chatters ....  
ahaha good
but there can be found many cheap flights anyway
Prague - Beijing 75 % .. :-))  
 it is only inside czech republic this discount
 I do not think flights that would be flights abroad
on public transport like buses and trains trams  
wow. 75% ....  also on flights ?
I do not know
In the last time not so many chatters here on the site, how come ?  
students here have reduction in travel fare now 75 percent
yes early morning
from where he probably started  
yes I am near ostrava
sorry. YOU are in Ostrava .. and HE is in Prague
he went from home in the morning by train
what do you mean? arrive from?
where did your son arrive from ?  
( telecommuniaction )  
my father died in Vallendar ; before, he had been working in the police station in Koblenz  
yes nearby the airport
photos of airplanes ? haha   where? in the airport ?
it looks nice
to make photos of airplanes as usual
my son is in Prague today
an own little city not belonging to Koblenz  
Vallendar is not far from Koblenz  
yes that is good
I am fine particularly as it is not TOO hot, just warm  
 where is Vallendar?
hahah booth
how ? or where ? *iihh*   in Vallendar !  
re bern how are you?
re Sarka
but hopefully it will survive
Hola everybody
stirbt die Seite hier so vor sich hin ?  
ciao Amara
Ciao Sapo
Its really quiet here
Lol Berni
at least ...  
but why ?  Both of us, Sarka and berny, are like fountains with fresh spring water  
see you later
hi bern it is dead yes
hello. Stirbt die Seite (babchat) jetzt bald den Heldentod ?  
what a pity
you left again?
that s really good if you are cold
you havent got an electric blanket?
that s really bad
you caught a cold?
you re too busy to reply?
I feeel much coold
not fond of answering anymore?
you left?
your bed is the best place in your house?
too lazy to leave your bed?
too tired to get up?
are you sick?
you re in bed?
Silvia. I'm very welll. Still i AM in th.  Need.
she s your girlfriend?
what did she say?
you saw her?
what did you do today?
Oh i Saw  
Kristen isnt here today
Hello Kristen love.
you dont like conversations?
about nothing?
what are you talking about this lovely saturday?