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news report ? ... strange case ? ... a murder ?
How are you
Lol strange case  
tell me please, what is this link ?
hello rex
far above the world
here am i sitting in a tin can
ground control to major Tom ... take your protein pill and put your helmet on ... (Bowie)
Mission Control ... Earth to rex ... hello
rex, maybe you are not really there
have a nice day
hope you and your hamster are well today
that s perfect
all your animals live independant lives in absolute liberty?
no need for a lead?
you ve got a lead for your beloved hamster?
didn t even know you have got a hamster that you are taking for walks around your house
feeding your animals?
what kind of projects do you have for today?
how are you this morning?
what a pity
but everybody left`?
it s never too late, sarka?
the conversation is over?
back again
 thanks to you and have a nice evening

okay Cage I am going too today again two episodes of Coimebak
Bye and thanks for the chat
I have to go now Sarka
¨never is too late)
Yes, he is moravian, he just found out too late 😂
D so he integrated here well)
You described my dad 😂
I was talking in general some men like to go to the pub often to meet friends talk and drink some beer

He was the one to blame for those night trips to the pubs
I do not mean him

So it won't happen  
Dad is disabled
yes but if you drink every day some higer amount like some czech men

Tricky question 😅

Not new ones 😂

Beer here is not expensive anyway
and did you find any other passion here?)
ahaah your wallet can be happy ¨)
By the way, you can be happy, i lost my passion for cz pivo 😅
but can drink also a bit of red but my favourite would be now rose)
so in the beginning I liked white  

 but in the past sometimes yes
yes I rarely drink it now
I thought you didn't drank alcohol 😅
But i usually drink red wine in Portugal

Rosé for barbecues 😅

White for parties
For meals
Usually red
do you like red white or rose?

My dad is more expert in alcohol
yes but anybody has its preferences about taste

Is only my personal taste
I am not an expert too
ok I am nt sure if I ever have Portuguese wine but I had some good French wine, I like it more than those in Italy or SPain but those were not bad either and I am not any expert on wine

Strangelly the most expensive are crap
Those are great

At least the cheaper ones from alentejo and setúbal

I mean why is it not good?

I find portuguese wine tobe better
 and what is wrong with it?

I tasted some

There's a wine house here
I do not take it personally do not worry
but did you taste some good wine? in some sklipek?
Sorry to tell you this, but Moravian wine is not very good, at least compared with Portugal's cheap wine
about 11 000 people

But surelly much less than my hometown of Aveiro
ok I will have alook
maybe they are rcih from selling wine)
I have no idea
how many inhabitants there?
I do not know if a lot but some surely yes
At least in such a small town like Kyjov
So you have a lot of rich people 😅
haha ok
there are some rich people here so... no problem for them
Is even more expensive
and in POrtugal is cheap? petrol?
Petrol is still expensive here
So i am surprised to see those cars here
Maybe 10x the petrol of my car
they must be very epxensive

Drinks a lot of petrol

Very expensive to drive
Basically all American cars full of kony
okay maybe it is Tina who understands cars

And a Challenger SRT8

A Mustang Bullit  
I translated two episodes about cars but I it is not my cup of tea that s right
I went to lídl and i saw a Dodge Charger Hellcat
¨well I can listen what you want to say but I am not an expert)
See what?
Sorry, i forgot you don't care about cars 😅
did you go there to see?

Mostly petrol not diesel
ah okay

Lots of interesting cars
Here is the petrolhead's Paradise
Changing subject
welcome Cage
Thanks Sarka, i appreciate it
I hope all goes well for him tomorrow
Yes, he pretend to be strong but deep down he must have dirty underwear 😂
Sleeping now
but anyway undergo un operation is far from pleasant
He is fine taking opiaty 😅
Will be operated tomorrow
what about your dad? how is he?
I think so

The cause of it was a train passing in the red light
 and third is some passenger
second from a Czech train
two train driver one was from a German train
3 dead
I think no one is dead yet, right?
yes it is all day on news
But today i saw the news about the train crash!
 how are you?
I don't watch much cz tv
hI Cage
Hi Sarka!
Bye Silvie :wave:
have a nice evening
tschüß, heut gibt s Gemüs!
ich bin auch weg. Ciao
haz lo que quieres
tschüß Kannan, machs gut :wave:
fais ce que tu veux
do whatever you want
heißt deine Freundin Klara?
jetzt muss ich gehen.tchuessi Tinaben und silvie
isnt this kind?
trotz meiner Müdigkeit schenke ich dir meine Aufmerksamkeit
obwohl ich gelangweilt bin, komm ich hier her
trotz sagt man, wenn man etwas macht und es nicht soll
two and two is five
was ist unterschied zwischen obwohl und trotz?
im Rechnen war ich auch nie besser als ne vier
German is your favorite language?
rechnen 6
dann bist du 129 Jahre alt?
1954 geboren
Kannan, du musst sagen.
obwohl ich 67 Jahre alt bin.
du bist 67 Jahre älter als ich?
trotz ich 67 alter bin
was arbeitest du?
muy bien
ich arbeite noch
und du?
in Rente
bin Invalide
da kann ich nicht bis Berlin sehen
wohn in Süddeutschland
was machst du beruflich Silvie?
ich auch nicht
wohnst du noch oder lebst du schon?
ich seh von hier nicht, was in Berlin passiert
you don t agree?
warum, wohnst du da?
Sprüche ohne Sinn gibt s zuhauf in Berlin
stimmt und selbst alle 10 sind verschieden
wer ist gefragt?
wer fragt wen?
alle funf finger sind nicht gleiche
sie haut nur immer Sprüche ohne Sinn heraus :ahhh:
danke wen fragst du Silvie?
wen fragst du…
wer fragst du?
what a pity
no time to reply?
not fond of answering?
in Kanaan war ich noch nie
you don t agree?
Afrika ist doch immer ein interessantes Terrain
Kannan, Rommel wsar in Tunesien, Libyen bis Ägypten unterwegs
warst du beim Wüstenfeldzug auch dabei?
Rommel war auch in Tunisien oder Libyian(ww-2)
hello again
In Tunesien als Tourist.
in Ägypten war ich mit 14 und hatte meinen Vater begleitet, der dort 4 Wochen arbeiten musste.
als eine tourist?
ich war nur im Norden, in Ägypten und Tunesien
wo in Afrika hattest du gefahren?
Ja, die haben keine Knochen
Ich glaube, Koreaner essen oft komische Dinge
I think they are boneless
ein biscchen ahnlich mit chewing gum mit Salz
Hat das gut geschmeckt?
einmal ein Korean besucht die Fabrik und er teiltet mit uns trocken Oktopus
nein, er wurde von Freunden eingeladen. Sie gehen ins Restaurant.
und du kochst etwas besonders heute?
er hatte schon ein paar Schuhe bekommen, die er sich kaufen wollte und ich habe ihm noch zum Spaß ein T-Shirt gehot.
gibst du ihn einige Geschenk?
ja, danke ich habe es ihm ausgerichtet. Er bedankt sich sehr bei dir :hug:
achso Bitte gibst du ihn mein besten Wunsche
ja, auch gut - mein Sohn hat heute Geburtstag :smile:
ziemlich gut danke und selber?
na, wie geht es dir heute?
Hallo Tinaben!
Vanakkam Kannanbhai
nobody in this room today?
he has got golden arms, golden eyes, golden ears and a golden nose?
rex belongs to the golden army?
can t think this exists
one city who has got two different kinds of bad weather?
what are you talking about?
how are you this morning?
the story i told you    :whistle:
the golden   army is real   . it is not fancy history     :ahhh: