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bonsoir zusammen
Its alright,its ok
it's alright  
Latifa might know
No idea about Domi
have you seen you lately ?  
Is he OK ?
have you seen Domi lately ?  
But it was a complete lie don't worry  
it is a compliment out of flatter ..or so  :roll:  
and that's why I am so damn sleepy  
A dont think thats a compliment
There is a bird I wish I can take his life! he comes every morning and make some horrible noise  
they also say I look like Mathew mcconaughey before drugs  
Freedom is a good feeling
I know, I got that a lot
Oh, Bad
or less  
then I will be FREE
I'm gonna be doing couple of hours more  
How long does your shift last?
so damn :yawn:  
Lol, i see
That's what they keep saying as well :P
Just for decoration :P
#toomanyfilters :P
If I would you, I would hide that Hookan lol  
nice pic tho :thumb:
That's what they keep saying :rol:  
Lol you believe that you are working?
Bad, u are hiding all day :P
did I miss anything :popcorn: ?
I just came back  
I am away...  
guys :facepalm:  
I saw him too, he is planning something :chin:
see you later, bye Raul
Gonna start my day here, see u later :wave:
Ahh ok, must be afternoon there, so have a nice lunch, enjoy your meal :thumb:
thanks dear, here it is time for a break and lunch  
Good morning Ana, thank you, the same for you, a nice and productive day  
Good morning Raul, have a nice breakfast, a nice day
Mache siempre lo intenta.  
jaaj mache nice try jijiji
tu si, yo no
yes english
ni yo ingles
hablas español?
ciao panos
ok, bueno, a lo mejor italiano, jajaja
No Mache, thanks ! lol
los sonidos del silencio
ana te interesa aprender español?
I am fine thanks  
bien y tu hermosa niña?
Hello how are you?
ciao a todos
direclty flight to coruscant mh lol
cinco bien :tongue:
tres bien  
itzy que edada tienes
2 à 1 pour la France
la France égalise contre l'Allemagne 1 partout  
Le manque de soleil nous fait dormir  
buonasera lucaca  
Bonne et douce nuit  
de rien
fares, you pick is nice
Good night people
Parles tu Français ?
mari vou parlez english
Est que tu parle anglais?
Marie, do you speak English?
Alphina avoir une douce nuit
kati hello
for all
ciao aphina  

,Alphina ,douce nuit :wave::kiss:
Anyway, good night. Thanks!
Anyway, good night
I think "bedtime" is an adjective  
I need my beauty sleep
Lol ?
"it's bed time"
You should say "bed time"
marie where is martine
A nice conversation ... see you tomorrow
Déjà alphina
early alphina
I think it's bedtime form me
ladies from portuges too
Tu aimes as la langue portugaise;
now we are sad
raul :wave:
Marie ,raconte nous une histoire  
 i was silent mh guardian that mh world
;wave: Alphina
What do you want to tell us? Marie
How do you do?
marie lived in portuges room in babbel xd
:wave: Lucaca
Hi Marie
then we should drink :party:
Sinon je vais rien vous dire
Hi Marie
marie o,o
Je vous parle ,si vous avez envie de mt parler?
libby loves green peas beans xd
i don't fancy that type of food
i dont like mh pop corn too much it provoke me cough
We have only :popcorn:
mcdonald is mh bread chesse and ham mh it
Please fetch me french fries
libby mh tell me mh nando mh or KFC
MacDonald :P
You know, Libby is a Scottish nickname for Donald
Not that one Donald...
Rex, do you still want to see a picture of Donald
it's not Arthur. It's Donald
you're so right about being hairy
Please, tell him
He will finally find out you are actually a hairy man named Arthur
lol Luca
I think I startet to learn with Babbel 2010 or 2011 since than
He's in love with you
rex, yes, sometimes
libby mh did you use real picture in abbel
There were really many, many people there
How long have this one worked?
 babbel closed people were mh crying lol
ah ok
oui itizy
It closed 2014
vai bene  grazie jjaja
luca, i think it closed in 2013?
ciao rex
come stais donna
ciao itzy
Did the website close suddently?
Many people were just chatting ... had no subscription
yes, the layout is pretty much alike but it was much more lively...i often wonder what happened to all those people
creo entiendo un poco más del italiano  
It looked like this almost
you should takemore assessment test to measure mh your english level
Now there are few
There were many free language exchange chatrooms
rex, my english  today is stil  bad  :/
Luca ... a pity, you would have liked it
lol osrry , i was talking about rex
alphina, he was..he had a weird user name .. Hellboy or something...
No, never
chats seems high ways lol mh i was in 40 kph xd
Luca you were never with Babbel?
rex, you never managed to follow the conversations nor to participate on
crazy high ways of chats lol
i remembe open mh babbel chat lol omg mh it was hard to me follow mh the conversation lol my english was mh
ive never seen him.. but i;m not very often here  
Libby he is sometimes here
more or less lol
remember me rex?
he was one of my best friends there
itzy xddd
i was member in babbel  2009
Libby yes ... Bob is here also
alphina, do you remember Bob from Babbel?
Thanks Itzy I can't remember
No :popcorn:
kati are you here
in babbel   are  itzy  
i'd rather not say it
Itzy and your name?
libby mh was vampire lol xd
Libby and your name in Babbel?
libby reporter lol mh
fun for the people
Luca it is only for fun, not more
Do not you find the exit?
Really, what is it?
lol luca
libby your best friend musha jajaajxd
What is "mh"?
arabic boys mh scare ladies mh in babbel xd
wow many people  miss  babbel    
hu mh la la
Hi Katikati
ah ok
English, German, Italian
rex, not you
were you in the english room?
Libby .... Alpha & Omega
jaajj xd
i have a fan club mh xdddddd
I miss Babbel Chat too
sorry mh i don remember of you libby
of course lucaca   jajajajaa
I miss it :(
hahaha Alphina, it was a very lively room
or internet picture
did you use mh real picture
It was so funny
In the chat of Babbel, I often laughed tears
lol Luca, no
mostly english room
Were you aware of the infamous Hall of Fame?
which room mh did you use to chat?
rex, yeah
 babbel muchos mexicanos xd
libby did you use babbel
ciao lucaca
did you use the same username?
Hola Itzy
alphina, i don't remember you
libby lol mh
Yes, I was in Babbel
rex, no you weren' were infamous
libby i was famous there lol
sharedtalk? don't know
I visited the Hall of Fame today
I used to chat on sharedtalk
No, I haven't
So many useless lines... so many long nonsense phrases  
has any of you been in Babbel before?
because of the Hall of fame
sparkling wine
Now I can understand many many many things
I have found it
alphina wine or vodka
I don't have to joke about the Hall of Fame
Well, almost the same room
She is in the Hall of fame
You are not at a loss for an answer, Luca
hahaha in the restroom
Hahaha you will not get a prize, Luca
She'll be back soon
Libby is in the restroom
libby where is realpicture
Yes we are still alive
I DONT LIKE HALL of fame lol
But I never did it ...
What is the prize?
Yes it seems
Does this place also have a ranking?
You don't like smileys
alphone i dont like it :(
:hug: :kiss: :party:
Total number of lines
Number of lines last month
Total of characters per line
Characters per line last month
Smileys in total
Smileys last month
australin accent english
dina mh bye close the door maersk line lo
such as?
There are more other things
libby mh wait me infront charityshop
bye rex balloon alphi luca
who is going?
just write? the content doesn't matteR?
good night
I don't like sushi
 how do you get on the Babbel hall of fame? .... You have to write a lot
i ate a lot of sushi
i got one
rex, don't you have a job?
Rex sweet dreams
bad, sure i am
hamburg container dinamarca travelling mh a lot
Actually, "Dinamarca" was quite brilliant
dinna how is the weather in there
why don’t you marry your office bad look
Libby don't tell me you're surrounded by hot mature male models  :P
ommmm rex
like always
But I am an accaption  
 Bad, that;s not technically true
ugly are mh new tendences xd
ugly people only recognize each other :tongue:  
is not  
libby mega bus mh how it pass from scotland to irland xd
lol rex...i know babchat is nothing like babbel
Hahaha Dina
babbel was mh narnia
babbel or babchat
Bad look this is a real ugly foto of xou
I've never been in that town
libby brings me wiski
how do you get on the Babbel hall of fame?
A mh Ae
why can't anyone have some peace in the lobby and sit and read the news paper! I am walking out  
vowel sound
it is normal

What is it?
dina lol xd
Luca conosci saturnia?
You have too many wovels in German :D
ö = oe
ä = ae
 dina dream with with us
lol alphina
sleep well rex
dina mh bye take care+
rex that's not right maybe in Panama
I also don't have the A with the little circle
good night rex
ladies save lol xd
men paid everything lol mh
Haha rex
whats mh?
ü = ue
studied done mh by myself
yes you have
ladies have more money than men lol
I don't have the U with the dots on the keyboard
trufel dansk
Tartufo = Trüffel
Isn't "truffle" a French word?
Trüffel german
What is the english for "tartufo"?
alphina thanks
i like tartufo
lol Luca
13:36 is the right time in Panama
Do you like goatees?
hi all
hi Luca  
hi alphi
Hello Dina
Hi dina
no money lucaca
Luca poet
rex is probably very busy in private ahhaha
Panama stands still while the world turns, so Rex always faces the sun
c'mon this is an easy question
rex, what time is in Panama at the moment?
So, I don't want it
Hahaha the Wallet is empty
thats very nice of you
I don't want to ignore him
i love how Luca takes rex so seriously
Rex, is the wallet full or empty?
Bye Mo....
Of course you can
ok bye
who likes wallt snake skin xd
alphina, i can make my own mind
I am a slow leaver
grazie alphina  
mo, i thought you were leaving
Mo speaks the truth
who likes to eat snake xd
is your name elizibeth?
i'm only messing with you
ask alpohina she knows
I had a goatee sometimes, but I never got hibernated
libby you are killing me
haha Ziegenbart
mo, maybe next time you can tell us where you are from
libby see you later
But "goatee" is more useful than "hibernate"
ok ciao caro luca  
Ciao :wave:  
mo, good
hibernate luca do you know this one
hey that was my word
Have a nice Day Mo
libby you scare me
Thanks for the new word "goatee"
There are snakes laying eggs and there are snakes giving birth alive
bye rex
lol joking
awww don't go
ciao alphina
I am going
Ok ciao
nice to meet you libby
ok luca ciao per stasera  
Did you kill a snake or did you kill two snakes which were mating?
ahhahah alphina
 i killed snake
I don't think so rex
You are are probably right
mo, who?
she scares me
I think rex is in love with Libby

snake are in mating time mh on october
Which one?
Snakes have their gamets on their head
that is a new word for you luca
yes, you're right
rex never does
luca, don't worry..he's not making any sense
they will hibernate soon
I don't understand :O
 we are two together they are in reproduction
The snake is also available in Italy
 yes specialy in this month
Rex, are there snakes in Panama?
rex, behave lol
lucaca, it's a shop
ciao rex
jaja mh libby nice try i will check camara record i will find you lolxd
Today one of the Alpine Club showed me a snake on his mobile phone
A town?
What is Primark?
the place is a shithole
when did Primark become a British landmark? honestly?
Hello Rex
libby primark ajajaa
It would die on the way
Ahaha you cannot send her a snake by mail
that ois from the internet
lol alphina
Show her the snakes in the lake
Mo's time is 11:19
well alphina knows
honey, don't owrry...i don't really care
slomething like what? lol
I live near san francisco
ask me slomething
Is really 20 past 11 in the morning over there?
mo, still not convincing me
But is the time correct?
We can not see the own time and country
so see it is morning here
AM I suppose
I'll ask Wolfgang why it is possible
what does my time say?
don't know...just a feeling
I don't see mine too
I don't se my time
mo, i find it hard to believe you're from the states
Yes, it is weird
waisting time
She would harvest some almonds
sorry libby
lol mo i don't like wasting time
yeah ...i see the same time on yours
we just met libby lol
If you pass the mouse over your name, you can see your country and your time
I can see the time is 11:16
i would like to visit though
mo, no..
what do you mean?
Luca tell us
Libby, the time shown is wrong ... next your name
Today I learned a new word
have you been here?
california yeah'] but you would tell me where you are ?
mo, are you from the states?
can we just move on now?
Ziegenbart und Stoppelbart in German
Mo has no goatee. He has a stubble beard
alphina, yeah
delusional :P
please, teach me
a beard on your chin only
Libby you're in UK?
it was a word not comanly used luca
what is a "goatee" ?
I look good lol
Hahaha nooooo
Your TV is probably broken :P
mo, don't be offended..yous is more of a goatee
no no... longer
Yesterday I saw a man i TV ... he had a mustaches ... it was ugly
ah wait  
It was like... thereafter (?)
everyone here is so nice now
thats nice
mo seems to have lot of patience for you
No, I forgot it
what was the word I forgot*
Yes, mustaches
How is the name of it .. I forgot
The mustaches, actually
And the beard
I also learned a longer word froman Australian man, but I have forgotten it
We're talking  
luca teaches some italian
lol lucaca
Yes: I learned the word "grove" from Mo
mo, why is that relevant?#
       people actually learn anything here?#
where do you live libby?
you would know if i were
Yes, to teach
lol i'm not mad
don't get mad libby
What? To teach?
Luca you haven't tried :)
lol no libby i don't
so what? do you like everybody?
We can learn from Libby as well
you don't like that man?
mo, what do you mean? i was being nice
alphina yeah
I am not a good teacher
luca you have a new student
Libby I see you learn Portuguese
i think italian is on eof the most beautiful languages
libby be nice
mo, i wish i could
lucaca, who cares, neither do i hahah
I couldn't write anything :D
do you speak italian libby?
Libby, I can't speak such good French or Spanish
ah no luca we had extra rooms because mt daughters don't live here anymore
he told me like 10 times that he can speak spanish and italian
So I suppose you have to throw away the old forniture to make room
who is boring?
You need space to place the new forniture you make
hi mo
lucaca you left me with that boring guy there
Since it is a hobby
hi libby
You have to keep the men busy :) hihi
what type of furniture did you make*
I have a question, Mo
it is a hobby
some dressers
I see
Which furniture did you do?
my wife
Who is Rose?
yeah but rose wants something else now
Did you finish to make the forniture?
You'll correct our English?
I see
we have top water the trees and spray them and fertilize them
I have been making some furniture  
Some work here????????
What do you have to do after the harvest?
How long does the drying process take?
soon I will do some work here
we have harvested  
what's the plan for today, Mo
How about the almond grove?
Nice to see you here
Hi Mo
Hi Luca
Hi Alphina
what will you train?
I like it
I go to the gym
Have you ever tried to climb?
it is too dangerous
No, I don't like
do you climb mountains?
We had two school classes ... to secure
Hello everyone
Today I was in the climbing hall
I'm also okay
they look nice
Why not?
I am good thanks you?
How are you this morning?
wow roses?
hi alphina
Good evening
Hi Mo
wha kind of job mh do you have
parts of it, yes
no, not really
libby do you mh miss france
je l'acquiert}
rex, whats with the franch?
libby oui peu
great libby comment ça se passe
this place is dead again
im good, ta
cool and your
whats up?