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vraiment dommage
personne n est là?
comment allez-vous cet apres-midi?
bonjour à tous
bonjour Roxi
Ok bye bye  
same here  thanks  
It was a pleasure To talk with you
the next time you  ll tell me which ones
ok...have a good walk  
Several Emmanuel  
It's time for walking for me
what language  are you learning? Michelle  
Ses you later dina  
See you  
bye i have to Go  
Where are you from dina
and ist peeps of there are a lot ppl with covid  

I am free whitout that appli
we use ist here
i havent  that app even i heard about i t
No dina
so you have the Corona app
Of Not green  
Very important
Trafic light =feu rouge  no?
ah ok Dina
i see a strange situation but health is very important  
if is a area with many COVID People in Turms to red  
For corona
trafic light for what ? cars or  people with covid ?
I ware a mask and ia walking on the beach
in Austria they have Traffic Lichts  
i read in Madrid area ...there is  a kind of lockdown  
Ah ok  
i see...even spain  has again a difficult situation  
I am in vacation in the south of France and  it's red too
yes...i mean a area with ...high ...covid risk....
Red area?
hi Dina  
i lived in red area too during lock down...
cc michelle
wish you a nice day
Coucou dina
I am in a red area  
we have number   low than  other countries  
about covid the situation is improved  
Near Lille
no fortunately  
and you..are yo ufrom  Strasbourg ?
Ok you are Not stick?
no... more at north ..Lombardy Region    not far Milano  
i am from north Italy  
i ask you it,  because somentimes....the country next the name its not right...
From the north of France and you
are you from France ?
good...just we never met  
ah ok  
I waw here there's à long  time
no are not new or we already had chat ?
are you new here ?
its the first time we chat each other...
not bad thanks ,
Fine and you
Hi Michelle , how are you?
Hello Emmanuel  
have a nice day
nobody in this room today?
personne n est là ce matin?
nobody in this room either?
you re drinking lemon juice tonight?
hello again
Lemon juice  
Guten appetit
Hi Loppa
ich muss jetzt mal was essen, heute alles spät, bius dann
Hi Juba
hatte gerade ein Schläfchen, homeoffice is anstrengend
bin heute müde
Wie geht's?
hi nabend
Hi Sybille
nobody replies?
how are you today?
Au revoir
next time
ah, Cage ... no worries ... au revoir
See you next time
I must leave now
portugal is so beautiful ... your tourisme industry is strong
the owners of tourist enterprises will not cooperate
ah but, portugal has a strong tourist industry
But now we understand better the virus
We too
the population accepted the restrictions
we have quarantine in our culture ... we have done better with the virus
Is quite diferent from the rest of the world
beginning *
so, from the veginning, the australian government made a barrier ... a quarantine
 do not exist here
the predator diseases don
Ah, interesting
rabies does not exist here
not a pandemic, no ... but diseases.of cattle do not exist here  
There was some kind of pandemic in 1800's?
and i think we,understand quarantine better than anyone  
yes yes, our austrslian govern,ent established quarantine stations ... from the beginning
Is quite an unique country
Yes it is
fauna *
because our flora and fau a is unique in the world
What happened in that time?
to protect,our animals and plants
we established strong quarantine here in the early 1800's
I did not know it
do you know that Australia has always been in favour of quarantine
Here lifr is pretty much back to normal dispite the masks
Very good
in NSW, yes, almost normal ... 2 days of no Covid cases
I am fine thanks
How are things going in NSW, all back to normal
and you ?
i'm ok
How are you Susan?
hi cage