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Is he chatter-chattering with you ?
Are you sure it's a guy?
Lucaca, who's that guy ?
watch out though if u stare into the abyss, it will look stare back into you
Alphina, we need a woman.  
I don't know, maybe ask a woman
at the abyss
Where do I stand ?
From 1 to 10
We should define a measure for romance
Maybe too much romantic
Wasn't I romantic ?
You scared the girl
11 left.
Drink a coffee
Qui veut dormir ?
Olala, j'ai envie de dormir.
His head is younger than his feet
Just say my name and my heart will fly to you, 11.
Do you want me younger or older ?
My age will depend on yours.
and how old are you?  
Let's say June 10th, does this suit you ?
With you ? Not yet.
are you married ?  
Agree ?
Every woman is beautiful and therefore to be won and to be wooed.  
Ow !
;D no  
Ain't you married ?
my children?  
11, How are your children ?
yes you can , casius  
11, I'm the best candidate then
 I would like to learn English  
11, can I call you 11 ?
Are you 11 years old, or are you the 11th Nicole?
how are you ?  
I'm fine, thanks  
11, how are you ?
Oh 11
Lucaca, you should buy a newer one
I want to unleash myself  
Or I'll buy a newer one
I will probably do
more knowledge
I need more power
Will you survive without it ?
Oh so sad
And it can't keep up whit all the requirements of today's internet
It is just old
My computer is in a bad shape
je suis fatigué
Ok ok
I heard there were some earth-shatteringly beautiful and beauteous women where you are, is that true ?
I see
Lucaca, just like that : )
Lucaca, lo chiamavano casius, y tu ?
Why do you like talking like that?
Oh, thank you;
Don't be impressed, I like to speak Shakespearean english.  
No, I am not
Nice tractor, by the way
thou art trustworthy ?
Oh thank thee.
So you can also be stupid
If you really want to, you can be all you want
(calm down)
Tell me
Am I stupid ?
I need to know the truth
tell me the truth
Does this mean I'm stuupid ?
Haha that's stupid.
It's like saying "my job is wood"
Ow ?
Since when ?
Death is not a job
What about you ?
I hope my next job will be death.
Yes, I should.
I got bored of hacking.
So you'd better look for another job
I got bored yes.
Until one gets bored about it
Every job can be interesting
I check workshop operations
That's interesting.
I write down bills of materials
I look for spare parts
I read manuals and drawings
I want to learn.
Tell me everything, please.
What does your job consist of ?
Oh that's good.
I work for a maintenance company
I see
What about you ?
I'm working for a MNC.
Let's talk about Italy.
What do you do for a living?
You're funny.
You are an eyebrow
As you can see, I'm a monster.
I like the current photo
Ok let me put a pseudo-photo of me.
You have been forgiven
It is difficult for a bird to pretend to be human
Also pardon my (eventual) bad manners. I'm somehow humanizing myself.
I want to better and meliorate my knowledge.
Lucaca, teach me something : )
You're super intelligent.
Good answer.
I suppose
You look like a perroquet
Lucaca, do I really look like an american ?
Lucaca, you can judge from my english.
Lucaca, the country is displayed next to my surname.
The label says you are from US
Ibrahim, you can talk.  
Are you French?
I see
I'm not proud to be french.
MDR (french stupid version)
Lucaca, MDR is like LOL.
Talking bird?
yea! I wish if there is anything we can do to save it  
We have Ibrahim.
What does that mean exactly?
It's archaic language from Neptune.
MDR = Murder Dat Rat
Oh so cute.
It works fine, but it's too empty
yea, how do you like it so far Luca  
I was here when Babbel was at its childhood.
I'm an ancestor.
I've been subscribed for about an year
you lucaca  
Me or the talking bird?
How long have you been a member of babchat ?  
(I want some rest)
I am fine
Hi Lucaca, I'm doing just great! how  about you ?
How are you?
yea.. I am still here :popcorn:
Is anyone here?
I think you should discuss that professionally with Wolfy  
2015 2016 2017 .2018 2019 it started 2014
maybe you had too much vodka last night rexi  
well, I am using a PC and navigating the mouse over those balloons will show 4 years :popcorn:  
The yeara
 It does not show
check the balloons on the right corner :popcorn:  
but it says 4 :popcorn:  
really :chin: ?
Happy 4th anniversary Babchat :party:  
This does mean 1+1+1+1=4
Then 2+2=4
Speak later
it is late and i am working on something!
A toutes
à la prochaine
je vous souhaite une bonne journée
d'accord, au revoir
qui me rend*
je reviendrai plus tard peut-etre
mais discuter de tels sujets terribles  ce matin, est une chose qui me fait bien triste
la punition qu'on a dictée aux criminels est très minime par rapport à la grandeur de leur crime
sont elles satisfaites de ce qu'on aura fait à leurs violeurs ?
bien souvent elles sont traumatisée leur vie entière
je connais des femmes violée
a t-on déjà tué une personne qui t'est chère ?
je ne suis pas d accord avec plein de trucs concernant notre société, c est bien vrai
a t-on déjà violé une femme qui t'est précieuse ?
tu ne penses pas?
Apparemment, tu n'es pas d'accord avec plein de trucs concernant notre société
auquel meme les criminels ont droit à mon avis
la santé physique est un droit de l homme
trouves-tu cela juste ?
l'honneur, la santé physique et morale, l'avenir etc de la femme disparus ... à cause d'un homme de merde à qui on n'aura rien fait.
la violence est un acte injustifiable
en réalité, ce n'en est pas une, car il aura droit à tout
sa punition doit être autre que la prison pour quelques années
terrible et monstrueux
le viol est un acte terrible
Je suis tout à fait d'accord
Qu'en est-il de cette femme qui aurait été meurtrie ?
les gens les plus malveillants ont souvent le plus de succès sur terre
Penses-tu réellement qu'un viol doit être puni par emprisonnement dans une cellule dans laquelle on donne à manger etc ?
je n y crois pas vraiment
c est une imagination que me plait beaucoup plus
Moi je pense, que la vie commence à la naissance, puis durant notre vie, on est confronté à faire une nombre incommensurable de choix, entre le bien et le mal, et dépendamment de nos choix, sera notre vie après la mort.
get a room, u two hahahahaha
en harmonie avec l univers entier
imaginons une vie où l humanité vivrait en paix
T'aimerais ça ?
Imaginons aussi qu'il y ait une vie où les gens biens vivront entre eux.
et puis?
je suis entièrement d accord
Oui J'y crois
Imaginons qu'il y ait une vie où ils seront punis pour leurs viols etc
c est bien vrai
et toi, tu crois à la vie aprés la mort?
Il y a beaucoup de criminels qui meurent sans payer pour leurs crimes, c'est juste ?
qu importe!
si elle sera meilleure que la vie sur terre, pourquoi pas?
la vie commence par la naissance et se termine avec la mort
T'aimerais qu'il y en ait une ?
je n y étais jamai
je ne sais pas
ou est-ce que tout sera terminé après la mort?
Je crois qu'il y en a une. Et toi ?
y a t il une vie après la mort?
A la vie après la mort ?
trop de choses, cher ami
tout ce qui me passe par la tête
Tu réfléchis à quoi ?
quoique ce soit
C'est bien. T'as une vie intéressante.
en réfléchissant
Tu bricoles quoi ?
en lisant
en peignant
en bricolant
Oui une grande
ca fait une différence?
Comment passes-tu ton temps ?
Sur youtube.
Pas à la télé
elle se dégradent vraiment oui
Oui ça c'est vrai
pas beaucoup, je crois
y a t il des vidéos instructifs à la télé?
les émissions à la télé commencent á se dégrader comme tout
Tu n'aimes pas les vidéos dites instructives ?
n importe quoi
Tu regardes quoi ?
les vidéos ne remplacent pas les vraies converations
c est ce que j ai fait trop la derniere année
Pourquoi ?
j aime pas trop regarder des vidéos
Trop de petites gens ici.
Je vais regarder une vidéo sur Youtube.
are colors always true?
growing old i a natural process
And That's how we incite people to show their true colors, Taher, Alphina.
that s life
we re all growing old by the time
no idea, mr internet
their brainpower?
i think alphina is very old  
im that person  
it s just their age?
yall women knoiw when u feel attracted to some certain guy for some reason u cant ratiolaize
what the difference of old and young women?
hes afriad of me because im alpha to him  
everybody is afraid of chemists
at least she acts that way
you re the worlds best chemist?
he needed help from taher his friend and alphina, some old women  
why is he afraid of you?
hes afraid of me  
not really
do u know casius?
i dont eat much cakes
u cant have that cake alone ;)
people are very interested in me silvia
privat talks are always amusing
that s great
who knows?
im having some privat talks
who knows
you left?
isnt this true?
it  just a fake
internet however isnt real at all
men are always real
who is afraid of real men?
c est bien vrai
les beta-bloquants sont des fois bien utiles
that is afriad of real men
a soft man
salut mr internet
did u know casius is beta?
blablater est mon loisir préféré
hi silvie
Taher, laissons le blablater tout seul.
beta as fuck lmao
what a vclown
he used the word phlegmatic
boahhh smawwwwt
Taher, to win you have to be super phlegmatic. let's see what he's about to say..
being the hideous weakling u are
u won it today
thats ur new name
beta bird  
Taher,a babchat scurvy companion.
Now, he's giving me importance, Taher.
ok mr beta
(Je suis fatigué)
beta by every pore ugghh
Whatever he can be.
You can destroy everyone.
woahh that sounds beta smart
Think by means of others' brains. And feel by means of others' hearts.
Taher, one should be using hermeneutic analysis.
language of conquered
beta language  
L'être humain ... Quel objet peut il être.
Markus, how's life there ?
ok mr beta
Oh Casius, I was ultra abrupt.
Petite Internet.
I could beat her, but I would infect my hands, Taher.
:roll: :tongue: :facepalm: Mr. Internet
Taher, il commence à se resituer;
ok mr beta
It wouldn't be better off for me to proclaim myself better than you.
ok mr beta
ure beta
Mr Internet, There are hyper polyglots, polyglots and you.
now u know ur place casius  
haha casius even adressing women to get protection  
Alphina, be sincere !
Alphina, what do you think of that prick thy face, and lily-liver’d boy lol ?
alphina never adress me again  
Alphina, howdy ?
talk to me or hide
You're english isn't mature, yet. I shouldn't be speaking with you.
u wrote haha a million times  
a nothing put u in your place  
Show me your capabilities.
You should be away, you starvelling, haha, you elf-skin, you dried neat’s tonge, bull’s-pizzle, you stock-fish !
i believe u stink  
Mr Internet are yo namless, ng?
Believe me .. You're nothing.
Mr Internet.
short worded mmm
where is ur friend casius?
L'une des règles Taher : Ne jamais exposer ce que l'on pense.
ill ake both of u
taher comne one join the chat  
Taher, nous commençons à connaitre ce qu'il pense vraiment.
know u speak another mans language
man up  
thats why u guys got conquered
hiding behind french  
Taher, tu pourras ainsi jouer encore plus;
Taher, Il faut leur faire croire qu'ils valent quelque chose.
thats enough
stronger than u in any way
You're the strongest.
Come on.
Taher, Tu vois ! Comment peut-on jouer avec des créatures qui se croient intelligentes.
the little times youre offline as u got no life except babchat
u shut up once offline
as ypoure only tough against weaker people  
Ow !
youre scarred
youre not
I'm laughing.  
im done with you  
(Infantile english)  
and wash yourself
(what a bad-tempered, crabbed, crabby, cross, fussy, grouchy, ill-tempered and grumpy folk from Germany)
take care of ure eggs now
ok birdy boi  
You're the funniest.
birrdy boi  
What orthography.
Your funniness is ultra big.
ure lost of words
bbeing the bitch that u are
ure like hahaha and continue  
no need i already showed u who is no 1  
(Let's play more more ...and more)
how about u come up with some actual words
(An english everybody can speak lol)
Show me your vocabulary.
Are you arguing?
hahahahahaha= i dont know what to say  
bitch boi  
My little doll.
a puppet that fucks u up  
I wanted him to insult me. He did.
do u need help casius?
Mr Internet is my puppet.
Oh Alphina.
taher wants you to shut the fuck  up
:party: Babchat is 5 years old today
Taher, wanna join me ?
seems like we got something in common
(So suggestible lol)
ure the most ridiculuost one
u might be better of changing ur ridiculous bird pic
You're the funniest one.
You're funnily funny.
thats whats nervous people do  
That's astronomically funny.
yeah because youre nervous  
You're so funny.
I'm laughing.
its onlyx you and me talking
Show us your capabilities.
clap those cheeks together
u wish i would  
u wish i would
Show me your strength.
dont try flirting with me again, im not gay
Don't be sowwy.
Oh !
ill leave the clown stage to you  
You're somehow funny.
or brush ur teeth  
u may shut the fuck up  
Mr Internet, May I play by means of you ?
none of your business birdy  
tell her to use some soap by the way
Why are you after 91 ?
yes, asked your mom  
Mr Internet, are you lesbian ?
u got a cool pic anais  
youre always invited
oh happy guy
where are you from Mr Internet ? sunny country????
maybe u need to travel :o)
so i get a nice tan, if we spend time together  
sunshine behind the clouds ... it is dark and rainy today
I live with the sunshine
always on time
u sound oike a career person  
yes it is, not really early ! lol
its only midday
ohh its so early in belgium anais, why are you awake?
Ayy girl you tattoo look good a weh you dweet
Your own dem ever unique
How dem waan do the same style like we
We call dem follow fashin monkey
You have some beautiful tattoo
People yiy open up
And anyweh you walk you thing loud like you sign Stonelove
Colouring this life like it's all in crayons
Searching, now we found love in all these crayons
Searching, colouring this life like it's all in crayons
Searching, now we found love in all these crayons
My girl weh you come from mussa magazine
Front page pon J-14
Looking at you mi feel pleased
Just dweet like dancehall queen
A nuh dress maker needle yaa guh use
You skin doh rough
And anyweh you walk you thing loud like you sign Stonelove
Colouring this life like it's all in crayons
Searching, now we found love in all these crayons
Searching, colouring this life like it's all in crayons
Searching, now we found love in all these crayons
Searching, Searching
Colouring this life like it's all in crayons
Searching, now we found love in all these crayons
Searching, colouring this life like it's all in crayons
Searching, now we found love in all these crayons
Colouring this life like it's all in crayons
Searching, now we found love in all these crayons
Searching, colouring this life like it's all in crayons
Searching, now we found love in all these crayons
Hey hey
nobody in this room either?
have a nice evening
but nobody likes to sing tonight?
that s really nice
a birthday song?
your 49th Birthday song :popcorn:
nobody likes to sing tonight?
how are you this evening?
what song are u singing elder? :chin:
:guitar: I sing and you do the drums moves