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hello Dara
Catherine  salut
Mazalefalean wenta
muy bein
Salama  alekum
hello rex
Merri :ahhh:
Martín mcfly
rex what are you trying to do ?
Never talk past relation of love  . It  kill love
Catherine how are you ?
  Stadistic no lie lol  and research
How do europeans flirt
Under sum
 Yael are you  roaster
Lol ... adioooos 💥
 Catherine salut
He is  kelly
👉😝👈 lalalalal
dasani is which raper  
He is  not karris
he is over 18  
lol 😝
Yael he is teen still
dasani your little 🍌 wouldn’t last 6 secondes  
fr this time
i gotta go see yal  
omg ... ok this went too far now
if i only i was in europe  
🍆 up ! ... oh wait lol  
 you aint gone be able to walk for awhile  . lol
make you hit a side walk  
i am so interested  
you can find out  
you mean  mister big 🍆
Lot of shoes = little 🍆 Oops 🤭
See y’a mister little 🥕
pace your self and knowing to give a good hit lol
 i know im not dumb lol
dasani: having big muscles is not enough for a fight you also need to know how to use your brain :P  
 see you  
lol ill be back later :hug:
🌭🍔🍟🍕🥓🌯🌮 : Rex breakfast number 1  
i have no competition
big belly xd
Big  ego
 i doubt that
Biggest what
Dasani Rex has the biggest one
lol dASSani  
its redwood :wink:
Babchat after all my shitstorms : 🤤🤕⚰️🚬
same with me  
pfffff’dasani you will need more than cissor 😜 they are big xd 🤭
 Xari hi
🤕🥥💥 Rex your time  
say good bye to your friends (o)(o) ✂
🤜🤕💥 🤕🤛💥 🤕🪓 💥🤕🔨 💥💥💥 the punisher LoL 👍
Strange chat
🤜🤯🤛 tu culo Rex  
Why are you talking
✂️🍌 say goodbye to your friend Dasani lol  
execute order 66
apply order 66  
cyborg Rex took the control  
🔐 banchat is under lockdown  
turn out the lights
lo jk
oh it happening sweet heart  
is this really happening ?
what? lol
is this real ?
🍆 for your mouth
🏈 next level  
⚾ for yours
  Good health
🍍 for yours  
🍆 for yours yael
Sorry babchat  
i think its the other way around yael  
Oops 😬  
🥒 for your asshole, Dasani  
Lol youuuu xd  
pfff you would be saying wowwwww
pffff Dasani 😑🤫
🥄 Matrix the spoon doesn’t exist lol  
i already have a lolipop lol
🍼 Rex for you
have fun 🍭
anyway is a getaway
lol bastard xd  
had to get away you dirty pig
taking the bus ? Loser ! 😝😝
🚍 see you later
fuck you  
sit on this Dasani 🦔💥
you gone have to take me dead
your opinion adults who order happy meals xd  
lol watergun  
i just wanted to slide  
you are under arrest, motherfucker  
you played in the children zone whereas you are 18  
🔫 put your hands ups yeaahhhh  
McDonald’s called us
wtf hell nah  
Flush the toilets 🚽 lol  
so why am i under arrest
You ... you ... didn’t
for what what did i do 🙌
I double dare you, I will pull the trigger mode Wenzel Washington lol  
Wolfgang  have more  beeer
hands up or I shoot (I will shoot anyway)  
Dasani, you are under arrest  
non Yael
Henry , wow, nice sentence  
im back
louis tu prononces le S à la fin d’ananas ?
Are You neigboar from.  Yael ??
Yael, what did you drink tonight ?
Catherine, are You from France??
le traitement à l’ananas  
🍍 Louis c plutôt ça qui finira dans ton derrière xd  
what`s going on in France right now ?
buenas rex
🍌🍌🍌 La banana republica de Panama 🇵🇦 xd
Care you   are from  south'west  east nort  of france
Henry , hola, como esta ?
check ta température papy zazin  
Hi  catherine
j`en ai pas besoin Yael
Louis pour ton cul 🌡
non 🥃🥃🥃 Oops 🥴
tu n`as pas de flitre Yael
Yael, est ce que tu as bu ?
Are u new ?
louis 🪒 shave your head  
How are u Catherine .
Hello Henry
the update Covid-20 lol  
💉 = corona virus  
Hello Catherine
💉 and that’s for your ass
lol thank you Yael for your imagination
Louis 💣 for your big mouth  
hello , how are you ? you don`t feel like sleeping, lol
⚰️ your next home dasani  
  1.10 minute   bad  word
not if I sell your google datas to the FBI  
i can get more  
🔥🔥🥾👞🥾👞🥾🔥🔥 burning all your shoes !!!
i will not
💣 that’s for your mouth. Open it  
ooh nooooooo !!!!! DASANI !!!!
reminds me of the movie Hot school lol  
its still warm .👮🍆🍑
rex your opinion necrophiliacs  
mother of jeezus
raping my dead body ? Omg 😰😰😰😰😰😥😨😨😨😱😱😨😨
fuck no
necrophil ?
wow she had a nice ass lol time to clean the streets of the rest of theses filthy scumbags
Twitter will avenge my death xd  
lol fuck !
don’t shoot my 🦩
🔫 she has a weapon
i am innocent  
you coward, I am just chilling in my pool with a 🦩 😜
which threat ? (🪓)  
i don’t give a shit !!!  Keep taking 🤏
📢 back up i need back up theres a woman with drugs and a possible threat  
lalalal 👉😝👈 mister the officer  
ice cream 🍦break for Rex  
your not going to be doing that for long  
lol dasani xddd
here my hands are up : 🖕🖕
where did he go  
where did the fat one go  
pistol whips in your face
Hands up don’t shoot !! 😰😧
ohh you gotta smart mouth ill show you
lol fucking racist cop !
or this 💡lol  
You can check with this 🔦 lol  
Officer, Rex ass is full of illegal drugs  
your going down put your hands behind your back
hide your weed in your shoes xd  
🥾👟👞 chose Dasani xd  
This gonna be a routine check turnaround spread your legs huh whats this in your pocket 💊yeah your gonna away for a while  
Welcome to babchat hood  
i am innocent mister officer 😅
lol !!!!
👮 iheard you where talking about cannabis
🔦 open la boca rex ahhhh  
who have  scoooter electric???
nowadays full electric 🛴in streets lol  
🛴 your opinion Rex  
🪕 your opinion Ukulele LoL  
No cheap  sport
no my brother does  
 Skate time lol
its 10-15  us dollars a gram
Do you skate 🛹 dasani ?
thats stupid trash  
Who smoook canavis??
lot of bitumen xd  
bad quality
Smell  ugly
2 3 dollars
  Marihuana   1 dollar little lol
hello mary  
that’s your job Rex  
but what can you say girls like to window shop before they buy  lol
School party  lol
careful Rex LoL  



  Voleybalm ball
and tight around the crotch area lol
 I hitedt a  girl in  tits  . Ops  no good  
the only thing wrong with the uniforms where the shorts were shorts
 20 minutes of break lol
 I played voleiball   girls and men funny  game lol
Rex : 🖕😝🖕
 I played  basketball with   famous  students big  coca     they  can bot presuming with me  .    I am not easy to get surpsised lol
👉😝👈 not listening lalalala
Tall men very small in basketball
 Michelle    very  quickly  in basketball
🤏 talk too much Rex  
i went to a public school we had nike clothing and the latest basketball shoes on varsity when i played
🤜🤯🤛   Booba is gonna do that to you Rex lol  
Full  nikes  clothing  lol
 Rich girls  beautidul  lol
Private vs public
Girls from private school  girls games were nice  
  Boys and girls came to play  lol
 Baskeyball my  highschool  made r torneo basketball    champions  lol stupids  from  my school   ..they  feel powerful  last coca of desert
dasani, you are right, Rex is a mountain of frustrations, total loser  
that like when people  say expensive shoes are ugly  you think there ugly cause they out of your price range
i can do that :  
êtes-vous ici
 Ici  is  here  in french
can you do that dasani ? xd
you hate cause youre not good
Lol 🏀🤛
🙌 🏀
⚾️~~~~⚾️~~~~⚾️⚾️⚾️ catch Rex !!!!!
 I lile baskeball   torneo
   No first  i  got    my  purple  my eye and face  due elbow  hit
stop being a hater  
rex you hate everything  
 Rude   game
 I never like basketball
which is south of Maryland  
🏀🏀🏀 catch dasani !!
 Dasani you need  about pluralism
which is south of virginia
lol  🥁  
Which is south of North Carolina !
Im FrOm SoUtH cArOliNa
Rex your opinion F-35 jet fighter  
Where are you fromDaSaNi
Trump will bomb el canal of Panama lol  
i already saw two minutes of the english version and got bored rex
Hi very long name lol
lol dasani  
T-rex 🦖 60 tons < Rex 7000 tons of bullshit  
i don follow polotics not my thing
Rex + Rex + Rex = Three-Rex  
 His  big ego  lol
   Dasani your opinion of trump in     london
duhh rex evryone knows that except you lol
Catherine are you fron paris
 Catherone   ca  va
No  same    an airbus  an an boeing
 Dasani  i dont   made  sane mistake  i did  inn  past     i thought  xari     was a  man  but in this case  dont be confuse  xari is cari  and  arri is arri  no same
Salut   belle  cath
dasani is arii? lol
Jajaja donuts 🍩  
And rex is Homero  
Dasanii is Ari  
PanamaWC xd  
Rex is the kind that Golden white color. Hahhaa
trafico de papel de toileta, rex controls el buisness xd
Xari one  warning  oops   becareful   dasani   can  think  you are ari  lol
Me not  
Ese es rex  
oro blanco = 🧻🧻🧻
el chacalitos de Los diablos rojos x
The rey del oro blanco hahhaaha
el chupacabra del volcano baru xd
el pepito de las corridas xd  
el jefe de Los muencos  
El padrino de Los ospinas  
el rey del oro xd  
pfffff pon tu foto y callate el patron  
 She  isclear eniugh
 Yael she no
Hahahah Xari well said  
Rex you dont do anything else than stalking :P
Lol 😝  
 Xari  do  i  stalker you  now  
Rex stop harassing people  
Cari  for  yarl  all  is  stalker
stalker alarm 🚨  
pffff red indiscreet question  
 Xari  are you single   or not
 No care
Rex, your opinion Micheal Jackson lol  
 Cari answered me
rex, la generala is coming for y’a  
hey yael
si henrico i like all musicas
Hey dasani  
You putted  other draw vbefore
  You were a persom who  draw a  draw     a girl in  square  notebook last time
me :D
Who  drawed it
<- thats one : )
 We  dont know you
Xari  show us  real photo you
For u too. Yael listen...
Yael do u like the music ?
For u xari..  ideal music for hear summmer  
Do u like the music ?
I was missiimg u much  
how about you henry?  
nope rex  
sehr gut danke
Xari   you will have 18 this year  not
wie gihts
hallo  Xari,
Ho xari
Rex , what music prefere u?
RIP babchat ... el camino de la muerte xd  
Lol hahhahaha
Lol henrico you did  
Yael ,i wannna hear u voice  
Elvis Crespo  
Algo de tu cara me vacila , será tu sonrisa , será. Tu sonrisa  
funny voices lol  
Henry  musica   elvis siempre comienza  bailadera las fiesta
Es un secreto
De tu mirada y la mía
Un presentimiento
Como un ángel que me decía

Es un secreto
De tu mirada y la mía
Un presentimiento
Como un ángel que me decía
No abour one music  
  I am talking merengue music
Pffff inappropriate song for children xd  
Elvis crespo  nice  music     very  danceable in party   merengue
Jajaja xd  
 Elvis is not  famous  for  this simple music
Tomar control de la situacion xd  
people lol  
tatuaje song, comments on YouTube lol  
jajajaj ´
He had big scandal
tatuaje Elvis crespo lol 😝  
Kaaris big scandal this song  
Lol rex ... bad message no good  
Good video
Rihana was threatened in one of his song lol  
Booba he wants to kill all rapers  
rap music dangerous ... gives very bad mood xd  
every new song, new accusation lol  
Sing in moment
 Real phatom is good rapero
Lafouine said Booba was gay lol  
Booba said Lafouine was pedo lol  
insults each other’s in songs
Booba and Lafouine too lol  
Booba and Kaaris destroyed each other’s in songs for years xd  
Clash of singers lol  
  phatom destroyed  ny this nusic
Rolo ate the dog of Farruko xd  
loll Rex  
 Phatom  destroyed the  Ny  singer from    republica dominicana.   Ny  offened  regue  singes from panama. Real  phatom   in attack  por  ny
rex show Marita your foto del camino de la muerte  
lol We are joking guys 😘😜
Rex + Markus = IQ of a 🦪
Rex + Markus = 0 girlfriend  
Rex + Markus = 387 kg lol  
lol Marita, even pregnant at 9 months I would never be as fat as Rex  
dont lose yrs lol :whistle: you need it !
btw Markus and Rex I wonder which one is the fastest lol  
40 kg that’s only for your belly  
rex, you need to lose 40 kg to find a wife lol  
Rex, ahhuuuum you seems single yes o no  
what you did with your horse doesn’t count  
 School time lol
rex, are you virgin ?
rex you have girlfriend ?
Rex show me your menboobs now !
Is  fight and  reto
rex una vueltita por favor  
 I put el pique dance
let’s stalk Rex like he stalks girls  
lol Marita  
and show me  
check yr tumboring rex lol
El pique     lol
 Old baile from panama el  pique  regue  lol
rex on dancefloor = big shame lol  
Choque level expert  use   the  head  lol
Rex so you think you can dance ?
Rex, you can only dance the dookie dance  
loll nah .. my lap dances are only for Gods :D
   chowue choque    dance  eay to do
lol no fuego :D
with ignazio better i guess :P
Marita you are on fuego lately  
Lol Marita  
have a nice conversation
but i dont want to bore you tonight
dont know this expression
lap dance :heart:
yael lool :tongue:
what s that`?
a lap dance?
Sorry is said nothing 🤐
dobria otra :roll:
todo el mundo esta enfermo?
Dobrou :)
no hay temas interesantes esta noche?
I want to give Wolfgang a lap dance :blush: Ooops 🤭😝
   choque dance  from  panama to the  world
Dobrou noc Sarka :)
siempre eres mi mejor interlocutor
Ciao BB :wave:
que lasitma
ya te vas, bb?
rex your opinion lap dance  
see ya suckers :wave:
nobody i think
Ya me voy
who is intereste din pole dances?
Regue from panama  mr saiko
rex only cares about the pole dance xd  
dirty dancing isnt my favorite hobby
Choque  dance
no os gusta hablar espanol esta noche?
rex you are too gordo por el flamenco  
lol dance dirty dance ?
no es verdad?
sometimes it s better not to marry at all
 You want  to dance  el choque
choque you :D
la siesta before el mariago  
mskin !
Marita  choque choque siente el choque
neither do I
he is poor
rex is so dumb, he will arrive late at his wedding :D  
that s right
nobody would like to go on a dirty toilet
he didin't silvie
Silvie hi
i hope he flushed the toilet
:party: rex?
Silvie your pills 💊  
 Hi girlls
also drink mujito coka :P
lol Marita, the hangover after his wedding .. is when the real party starts xd  
Silvie dont play innocent
not me silvie :D
you re always drunk in weddings?
rex did you flush the toilet ? 🚽🧻
Too much that will come out like heavily loaded cement hahaha
you dont liek wedding cakes, yael?
lool yael we will be drunk in his wedding :D
you re in the army, henry?
da hell
the French cake wedding is a nightmare to cut lol  
Lol Frank  
gagahahhahahhahahha   to style  rambo
what are you talking about this evening?
all the army very  cargado  municiones
lol 🍷🍷🍷
maybe  will have many babys
Rex, invite me for your weddding..
give  me you wine  hahaha
Poor future wife of Panama king  
Give me your Pizza please BB, with the Love ghost :wink:
Rex really needs to find a gf xd
aaaaaaah :P
oh amoremio
oh mama miaaa
ciao ignazio :hug:
Looool no waaayyy
ahahahahahahhahaha i remember too he told me show me yr ass and his famous word tumboriring :P
asked ? No he gave me an order lol  
Marita, in 2017 when I came to the chat, Rex asked me in private “show me your tits now” .... lol  
Did not *finish* yet  
where is rex. !
yael getting more crazy and hottt
Whats new Franky?
rex is number 1 for many centuries  
the biggest stalker of babchat history
stalkers :ahhh:
Do we greet like nazis do?  
are u in love loll
I will do a ranking of babchat stalkers xd  
Hai Pizza BB :wave:
Hai Frank
Henry, are you doing a ranking of babchat girls ? Lolll  
lol Marita, God will punish us :D  
Hahaha a marisco
Yael ,bb,sarka Marita  
Babchat is not a woman
:heart: so hot i guess there !
John Smith is hidding LoL  
How many womens are  babchat?
Marita, how is love channel doing ?
hasta sesso lol :P
Well u came with a striptease here
Neeed more concetration  
Hasta la última. Gota  
loool cant stop ***hhihihihihiihhiii*
daga  :D
lol Marita .. Rex has diarrhea one more time  
what means masturbation
it’s useful when you have no hotel to pay xd  
He said he is going to take a 10mins nap
:chin: :chin: :chin:
they stay in Spain all the summer  
rexsex  r u horny :P or in toilet lol
soun very goood
oh nicee
in summer the city is full of French tourists  
many French ppl have a vacation place in Spain lol
Muy bien, beach 🏖 sun ☀️ and Rock N roll :D  
my family live in madrid,valencia, andalucia
y como es  torrevieja??
I was in Torrevieja
henry, Torrevieja  
salam baby :heart: :kiss:
Is this a striptease on your pic? Lol
Maritaaaa Salam ! :kiss:
Brb    nap  10 minutes  :sleep:
yael  what part spain ?
daga pizzaaaaa
Where in Spain Yael?
Hi Marita
hellooooo babies :heart: :tongue:
you pay
Hi Yael
Sarka i invite u pizza
had an appartement*
hello Sarka  
my parents an appartement in Spain 🇪🇸 i miss it so much !!
Lol Rex it is the biggest of your dreams i know
oh thnks to you  
Czesc BB and all
 Bb  called  me  lol
Henry i think that u are super loco
much worker worker  
i have house  in the north italy  can go whatever part  disco, restaurant eat    pizza hahaha and bere il megliore wine   della casa
i can send u a jacket  
rex, don’t be jealous of my trips xd  
Lol Henry i wont pray but i wish u a good luck xd
lol Henry prayers of padrino Rex ?
yeah sure...
Yes and i didnt fall with Rome
First I beg you all to pray for me to be able to spend this strong winter of my country hhhahahhaa to be able to make my trip in the summer of 2021
first time in Italy I went to Toscana y San Marino 🇸🇲 y Bologna  
Ahoj Sarka :wave:
  Bb   was in rome
oh really Henry ?
Rex your memory sucks  
i have house in serdergna
  I thought you were in roma
I invite you to Italy to discover the north
my bf paid everything lol :D  
  Yael  visited  Usa    
i went last year to isla Sardegna  
lol Rex  
 Yael years
Henry i already visited Italy, twice  
I dont care about her Rex
house my counsin
  Bb  yael  can not  eat peperoni
yael  , do would like much visty italy??
my counsin prepare a very goood  pizza
its disgusting to me  
Well i also dont accept a chicken on my pizza
Chicken no  good taste in pizza
when i visity italy can eat a very goood pizza  and drink   a very goood wine
 I dont  lle top much  chicken    on pizza
   I see
Maybe Rex, Henry?
Terrible experience  
i dont feeel very well, to feeel much cold   , i neeed soomeone for  abrigarme  hahhaa
Warsaw, old town
I had a really bad pizza only once in my life
dominos pizza in peru is bad
Dominos pizza  i liked
some restaurants do a real good job BB  
 I thought you live  togeter with her
i like the italian style
She lives her  house
its not a pizza
I dont like pizza hut
it is like Pizza Pizza here BB  
Rex you are very difficult with food. You hate everything lol  
pizza hut, is american BB, it is not the best
maybe better
im going to visit my sis with my man. She doesnt cook  
Yael, they are waiting for tourists
D .pizza  hut no   too  salty and  expensice
On Saturday i will have pizza again
tomato sauce , cheese,a cupple of leaves. that`s it  
louis, I guess ppl have too much expectations on pizzas when they travel to Italy 🇮🇹  
Dminos pizza :heart:
yes BB
lol BB  
lol Rex show it  
yes BB
 I had  evidences
Pizza with nothing lol
nice lie Rex  
Louis it tasted good but i am also used to having more on a pizza
 I had blond hai in my body  i  was child
pizza with nothing on, in Italy
If mo was there he would destroy you xd  
lol Louis  
I was just kidding Rexo
 Me too
I was not impressed in Italy with pizza
I was full blonde when I was child lol  
Yes Italians are not so generous :D
Bb what do you mean
BB it is a super pizza more stuff than in the South of Italy
Rex your opinion ppl paint hair blue red green ?
Yes Rex she is more polish than me
German Rex  
 Your  sister is  blond natural
rex dye your hair in blonde lol it would be awesome xdd
Evening papy louis :P  
BB it is true
No, light brown
Yael good evening
But in summer my hair are brighter because of the sun
Your natural is  black
Bb you never try   to be  blond
I like dark hair more
 :blond nice hair
you will never know
lol Rex it is TOP SECRET
for me it does matter what i eat tho
Blond   girl   who  is
lol okay
Food is food  
Yeah i believe so.. but it is not my favourite one not even close
I was there for 3 weeks. I had very good food, I don`t complain
 Food is food
BB it depends some people cook very well
 I liked
?? Bb
Food in uk is not too great :roll:
you must have peperoni on a pizza
BB where ?
i bet their meat tastes like plastic tho lol
Why not with meat?
 I was uk   i ate pizza full  vegetales  
hello everyone
since when?
 Give me  5 pieces
Pizza is  polish  style  
but do not say ,,give me” say ,,please” lol manners! Boy
  Who is  blond girl. Yoir  sisyer
for u :)
 Pizza    :clap: give  me
She has  bf
We will not be a family </3
 Taken movie  :huhu:
taken :cry:
Very  prertty
What about her?
Did you join the club of 3 numbers weights xd  
Rex, did you reach the 100 kg ? Lol  
 Your sister  :huhu:
i dont even know
we are 165 soemthing like that
It wasnt me, it was my sis
Nn are you  1.80
    Long fingera
U eat them :roll:
Pets dont like u either
 I dont  like    that pet
Same like i called u a pig, are u?
It is not a mouse
More  sense
is this my sister’s hamster? Lmao!
Lol Amara
Hola :icecream:
You gave him a name ? ^^  
Nice Hamster Amara :D  
Itceats grains, herbs, vegetables
Sorry i was away
ciao ciao  
what do you give to eat. to breed
I just got it two days ago
Very small
Its a dwarf hamster
Hi Antonio
Charly you have been in some race?
hey, is it like Guinea pig?
she keeps it in her house, I think
it lloks cute on your photo eating
First she ran around, checking her home
it's a little animal
nice Amara what is the hamster doing?
my son told me so, he follows every race
I am not sure if there will be the race
you mean your hamster?)
hamster tv?
Im just watching hamster tv
there should be...
do you have the Grand Price this year in Catalogna
no siempre pero algunos anos pense a eso
ok  yo siempre quise ir a ver F1 en Barcelona circuito Catalunya
sii al principio de su carrera lo veía mucho
tu viste F1 cuando el participo?
ya no ganaba
Le va a costar retomarlo de nuevo
por Renault de nuevo desde el proximo aňo
No tenía ni idea
Charly I heard on news Alonso will be returning to Formula 1
I was swimming in a nice lake, then had a picnic
y has podido ir a nadar?
Hi Sarka, Charly and Markus
Here it was sunny and warm today but also windy
 Hi Amara
ah nada de fresco entonces
hey Amara
hi Markus
ah y calor?
pues aquí hay un fuerte viento
it is raining here... again
to je fajn
velmi dobre
Ahoj :) jak se máš?
 i  never  been  in hospital  sick  since 2012
jessica  ummmm  
i see
il y a de gens fakes sur l internet
who is  fake marie
The hospital was in a small town in northern blackforest..So I think corona wasn't spreaded that much there  
Flro aussi un fakes ? je pense
nice jessica
a toi de savoir ?
what  do you mean marie
lol,rex,fakes avec qui tu parles :)
No.. I asked a nurse, if they have any patient with corona, but they haven't
 no care  corona
But the hospital was really well
super les fakes ?
Not so much.. Maybe a little
 you  feel better now
i see
I've got copperish hair Rex
  ohhh   so bad hear
mustache hair
Well.. Not so good.. I was in hospital for a few days. I just left there this afternoon
I'm read headed.. And this is clearly shown on my picture Rex  
  :heart:   from 90 tipicfrom panama
   tipic music from panama.   90 times.
This is lyrics what time of those  tipic music  from  panama
how are you
  look your   photo
I'm not blond
prehistory or  modern   usage
dasani your opinion   about the use of  gasoline  energy  
blond   girl
how  are   you
Hi Rex
hi jessica
 hi floro
Is anyone free?
Hi catherine
yes of course
is that real you...?
:wave: cath...
Wunsche  allen une bonne soirée  
 from  panama  to  the world
donc tout le monde dort encore?
cela est vraiment désagréable
vous n avez pas bien dormi cette nuit?
de quoi parlez-vous en ce moment?
Avec un archif
Ton élève ?
Avec qui ?
Je suis Au Téléphone
Ah good
Tu as bien dormi ?
Hi mark
Hi Betty
what a pity
still nobody online today?
back again
Hi Dominik
have a nice day
dasanin always goes to bed late?
Dasanin goes to bed   late.
nobody likes to reply?
hello what are you talking about this morning?
no lol
why you join engineering college?
not much after today
you have lot of time dasani
Sometimes  lol
are u pilot lol my poor
Hi dasani  how are  you  marita
es la culpa de quien?
no veo muy bien esta noche
hasta la vista?
Hasta la vista baby :D  
Hola el señor de los piñatas  
No turismo for moment
Puro monte
Hebry machu puchu  full    hierba alta
Until we meet again
See yaaa Cage ^^  
Bye beautiful Yael
The pope divided the world in 2, one side for Spanish one side for Portugal lol  
I have to go now
A era dos descobrimentos
si los conquistadores del oceano Atlantico ! Ayaa 🌍  
Now is a piece of crap
Was an europe super power
They discovered some countries and discovered also many sea routes to already known countries
Portugal had many colonies, they were a big colonial empire in th 1500s
at least the coastal regions  
You know more than me 😅
Angola was a very old colony of Portugal, almost 400 years I think  
Hahahah thanks :P  
Yael, do you know inteligence can be sexy?
oh really  
Yes, the story of my parents too
to leave
i know some Portuguese people whose parents were born in Angola but then had to left the country when Angola became independent in 1975.
So everyone emigrates a lot
This country is quite crappy in gathering money
In fact, there ate many portuguese all over the world
hahah thanks ! Well Angola was à Portuguese colony so I guessed like this  
But i never been there
I guess so
many Portuguese still live in angola ?
Such a clever girl!!!!🤩
Ah very nice 👍  
How you guessed it?  
When i speak they find out that i'm not
🇦🇴 ?
Everyone who sees me says i am brazilian
Haha, i guessed it
 🇧🇷 ?
Try to guess where are they from 😋
waw great ! Amazing  
Both from same country, and i was born in Portugal already
No, my parents are both mixed
half white half black ?
So, what is my descendence from?
i guess you are mixed  
In my opinion you don’t  
What you think of me? I look arabic to you?
Oops 😬😜🤭
Do you ever speak seriously Yael?
it’s a joke lol ... I am half Arabic ^^’  
Strange, i don't know such country 😰😅
Dobrou sarka, ahoj ahoj
Cage, New Caledonia 🇳🇨 Pacific Ocean lol  
Anyway good  night :wave:
Yes Yael  i heard something about this incident
Cage if you want to learn any language in less than 10 minutes Rex has the solution :D
Or south american?
 Yael, once you said you are dark too. You are african descendant or arabic?
lol Cage, the world needs strong characters to move on and be shaken
Dobrou noc i did not see that before)
lol Sarka, the polish army thought that one church ⛪️ in Czechia was part of a polish village during the containment... but it was a mistake xd
Adeus charly
ate logo Cage!
Lol, yael you are a very strong critic 😂
merci Betty
adios charly  
tesbah ala khair
See you Charly feliz noche
Amel, poor Rex, he doesn’t know that the containment is over... he still lives hidden in his pig farm  
see you guys! :wave:
Ok Cage  
rex is like mister bean, he was sent on Earth from the sky  
Pa pa charly
I read that Yael
Yes Sarka, is a chemical substitute of sugar
dobrou noc všem :-)
looool Cage  
Sarka, did you know that Poland invaded Czechia 2 months ago ? Lolll  
Lol, he has his own language, maybe he's some alien. Yael
Rex is lost  
estoy bien tambien, gracias  
Is it some artificial ingredient?
Cage, what are your first impressions of rex ? xd  
Todo bien Amiga y tu?  
Como estas Amelita ? :D  
Ano sarka
Hi Yael
Hi Yael
Hello Yael :hug:
I love it :thumb:
Has acessulfame k, moje zena doesn't allow me 😂
Evening people :D 🍨
What about ice tea😀
Si, principalmente la playa de samil
I love mojito  
Amél, i don't like tea 😂
Vigo es muy bonito

You would drink green tea in Algeria or Sherbet  
Fantastic beaches there
Only in Vigo and Bayona  
Cage have you ever been to Spain?
In Portugal i drinkjuice ansd water 😂
In Portugal we only have crapy beer
I see that you like beer Cage)
I tried those too, they are good too
Well one beer drank a lot in this region is Radegast but i prefer birell without alcohol with fruit flavour
I like also starobrno, kozel, staropramen, plzen
Lol Charly welcome to the club.  
I think I'm the only one here who has never took a beer :D  
no soy cervecero
Mine is Pegas in Brno, i don't mind getting drunk there
What is your favourite beer?
Yes goulash :thumb:
Yes these zones they call it traffic lights
So you are same as me charly
i only know a few words.. Cage
Maybe next month, if Portugal continues in the green zone
goulash is really good
I love joking that's how you live young :D
And when will you come to czech rep Cage?
Tu sabes checo charly?
you are joking amel ciao
No dinner oh
i know the mars
amel :-P
Lol amél
quão faminto e ainda não jantou jjj
It's a country in space traveller  
Solomillo no conoci esa palabra CharlYy
Thanks Sarka  
Ah OK :D  
Gulás, gulasova, pivo, i'll get fatter zase
mars? its a city in algeria?
It is beef sirloin with special sauce and dumplings Amel
I live is Mars at the moment  
svice = solomillo
And did you like it Charly?
Sure, i eat it all the time but i married only once 😂
and do you live in algeria
Fried cheese) - smazeny syr
wow amel
I'm from.Algeria  
I can't wait for smazeni syr taky 😋
Not only marriage haha
Charly did you have svickova?
where are you from amel
Ah how is it made?  
Hello :)  
Yes, the dish of marriage
Yes that is a traditional dish
hi everyone
Is it a traditional dish?  
Bye silvie
I can't wait to eat svicková
hope you are well tonight
what an interesting conversation!
Ano 😂
No, is a small town in the czech republic
i am sorry
i dont
I see  so you speak a bit Czech?
Boskovice is the capital of Bosnia?
Just a cappuccino  
I got married in Boskovice 2 years ago
No poison  
that s really gentle
another poisonned coffee?
My wife is czech 😂
Ah nice any reason for that?
Just stay I'll make coffee for you Silvie  
I usualy go to czechia every year
it s less tiring than working all day long
would be glad if i could stay there the whole day
Everyone does of course :whistle:
of course i do
Silvie do you love your bed?
I've been in more but i don't remember more. Czechia is a very beautiful country
Have you visited these places? I live near Polish border in the northeast
i dont have to justify my remarks
In czech i only been in Praha, Brno, Kyjov, Boskovice, Svatoborice,  
Nicolas Cage is living in a nice cage?
Silvie no comments to your sarcastic remarks
Nice Cage
que bom Cage... adoro Portugal
you need detox and more proteines?
I'm from Aveiro, Portugal
the most sarkastic person of Samarkand
And so on Silvie....
Weight loss supplements / detox / proteine  
Near Ostrava and you?
sarka is from Sarkanistan
Sarka, from what town in czech you are from?
what kind of supplements?
Yes it got him finally
Is what he got for making fun of it
fala serio? Cage
Hi sarka and silvie
what kind of products?
hello mr cage
I had to deliver my products euuuuh  
Hi I heard that cage
Hi charly
what did you do outside?
Today president of brazil finaly got covid
I was out all day I feel so tired :(  
Oi Cage
how are you everyone?
I think so too  
What about Covid?
that s really boring
no topic tonight?
rien ne t intéresse, betty-lou`?
No topic I guess  
charly ca m'interesse pas
Hi everyone, what's the topic today?
Biiik y3aychk  
ahlan Amél!
Tu vas bien silvie?  
salut amel
Hello guys/ Salut les amis :)  
et le tourisme?
on parle francais dans la salle francaise?
c'est vrai Betty
chqrly  l histoiree ne nourrit nos enfants
el tareekh:-)
charly hummm un pays chaleureux charly
eh aktar haga bethebbaha fe masr? Betty
charly el kochary laziz awee
ana 3ayez akol makarona
I prefer kofta, falafel
charly betheb el kochary ?