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(Don't make me do what I don't want, I sucked some of her blood, some delicious blood)
casius you keep talking to yourself all the time ... I feel sorry for you.
I see you're tryna fool me son, oh my poor human being !
(I got rid of those iscsi issues !)
I even saw blood on her lips !
Poor dogs !
It's up to the human one to change his path !
I once ran into a dog in this English romm ... I applied my father's advice ... dogs would never let you walk peacefully !
(Poor three-inch fool)
(Idiots exposing their true colors even in front of people)
There was a time when ccna was very popular  
Hey Casius .. hope you are working on your English grammar.
(Had some iSCSI issues !)
That’s nice  
yes of course, no fast foods!!!
so do you cook them yourself?
Good one
for breakfast, cereals, milk or yogurt, a fruit and my coffee
what do you usually have for break fast?
Ohhhh, excellent
I practice a type of meditation 🧘‍♂️ for which I keep my dinner very light  
classical but light and good, yes
that sounds like a great lunch  
ah OK
Still bout an hr or so to go for my dinner  
grilled chicken, tomatoes, cheeses, fruits and coffee
who cooked?
and you, time for dinner?
Very good  
yes, full belly .. haha
Had your lunch ?
thanks Porus
welcome back  
Hi Anais  
Hi, I am back
porus is active
good luck
Course is a good idea  
Or Just use Google translate to know some words
u should first start a course
I think the only option left is to find a native speaker of the language that I wanna learn and learn .. but that seems like an uphill task  
u can hv maybe ppl to practice with
No courses here Just a chatroom
Not yet .. there are no courses here in this site  
hv u already started courses?
I don’t know .. I am new here just a couple of days old .. still exploring this place .. I am sure I’ll find a way out  
how Will u learn it?
I have mentioned etc at the end ... if you are so keen about the details there Lol  
I love learning languages  
but it's not in ur list
Yeah , why not ?
French really
I wanna learn French , German .. 2 foreign languages at the least  
Which language do u learn
Yeah .. Greek and Indian names are difficult that’s Indians shorten it  
some are really hard even to pronouncz
Venkateshwara becomes Venkat or Venky  
Srinivasan becomes Srini or Vasu  
yeah for example Amardeep Saini becomes Amar  
What do you do Sandrine?
Ok so everyone has a shortname to make it easy to Say :)
Indian names are long lol .. mine is pretty avg actually  
m'y day is very peaceful
u hv a long name porus
Nice to meet you Sandrine .. how has your day been so far  
she is a fast wolan
where are you from Sandrine ?
Silvie is always on a run  
what a pity
the conversation has finished?
you had a nice breakfast with your family?
what did you do this morning?
always depends on the conversation
so so
hey silvie how are you  
hello sandrine
Sandrine it’s an Indian name .. short term for Porushotam  
yours either, i think
hi silvie
my name isnt indian
how are you this cloudy sunday?
U hv a name That is not very indian
india Sandrine  
I m ok
where are u from porus?
How are you Sandrine ?
hi porus
GOod also
Hi porus
Fine and u?
how are you miss
ou très sélectif  
Casius tu es devenu très silencieux  
Hello, now wake up, have a nice day!
what a pity
everybody left?
what are you talking about tonight?
hello again
But I'm kind of tired !  
Oh there is an episode which is waiting for me ... Yeah I know I also have an exam I must pass !
Lol I guess nobody !  
who ever experienced a kind of syncope ? Not especially the well-known vasovagal !
It's like indexicality but many don't really know what it is !
And I think there is someone with bpd among us !
Borderline personality disorder, I like this one.
They like to hurt themselves.
People with bpd are super interesting too.
Smell the feelings of others despite the distance.
Clairvoyance, what a capability !
By beast, I mean a human a so-called human of course.
A beast who tries to humanize itself.
Parapsychology, what a rattling field of study.
id accept ANY woman
Have you accepted yourself as a woman?
self- woman - love? I am guessing from latin here
We all want to wear pretty dresses.
im too lazy to look that up
There is even something more interesting, autogynephilia. I like my job.
(tries to imagine Frank's hairy Hobbit feet)
yes, my new hobby
what kind of aniumal ARE you?
(They are interesting creatures sometimes)
what kind of feet do you have?
you massge your feet with golfballs?
(Ah humans)
i have to make a golfball massage for my feet- ouch
(Dealing with patients who have relation with androphilia and gynephilia, helped me to understand more philogyny)
so I am a free untitled creature
Not any more anyway.
did i have a title?
I'm just saying that you are losing your title.
that sort of thing makes me angry too
sailing across the atlantic is a stupid publicity stunt
I'm sure she angry at many things.
im angry at their natural human hypocrisy
yes- she is modern Jeann D#arc
You're Buddha compared to her.
she is angry at their environmental attitude
in a different eay
She's more angry than you are at the world, Fred.
makes sense I guess
ah ok
she saysist herself
I never thought about it
you think she is autistic?
so Greta Thunfish is a nice robot ?
They go without.
too old for a bikini
You're just an older model, Fred.
Lots of mistakes in this world of faults, errors and mistakes.
some people would say that autists and robots are the same thing
To do a captcha VS to make a captcha VS to bypass a captcha VS etc etc
hadn't thought of that
It's there to prevent autistic people AND robots fron entering.  
it proves i am NOT  robot...
That's the whole point.
i sit there arguing - THAT's not a light - but THAT IS...
i hate the captchas that make you click on parts of a picture "which have shops / traffic lights" etc etc
I guess the bots were overwhelming again.
It used to be once in a long while.
But it made me do the captcha after each chat.
or a/s/l...
Yes, if they write M or F in the first message, I disconnect.
leanred any new techniques?
no comment...
Still more useful.
I don't.
how do you avoid all the random masturbators there?
Omegle is more useful.
This place is a swamp.
that is so unlike you, Vova...
oh im shocked
Well, I got into fights and arguements.
waiting for Vova to explain his progress...
because the others are soooo bad
I agree Franl
Yaël is really the nicest of them all .. :)
yes we love you too Yael
Byeeeeeeee idiots :) :P
So I was doing it.
Fred, you still can immigrate to Australia... the prison colony of britannia and get skin cancer xd
do you think Yael likes me?
I couldn't make it.
only YOU could do progress Vova - the rest of us MAKE it...
Fred, tomorrow will be a better day... Brexit and Haggis in the menu
bye Yaeeeeel
I've been doing progress here in your absence, Fred.
morning Vova
Good night los 2 drunk oldies  
ok fred, i try to avoid it..
fRANK stop depressing an already depressed man
beLEAVE in Britain !! :D xdd
stick to vodka , yAEL
england tourism - will get difficult after brexit..
A for Arschloch yes
i avoid eating in kebabs now, my stomach can't support it anymore
and better thann A ?
B like Brexit ?
is that better than B?
LoL full of heptatitis C
yes, kebab feeds germany:)
kebab - a well known german dish
fred, send us a ball of haggis
i like kebap more
haggis christmas  
i do like haggis
fred, your opinion about haggis
whiskey bottles and haggis... :P
i agree
but you look way older xd
no way am i younger than Frank
or too busy jumping over the Berlin wall ? :D  
im a child of 65
first enterprice maybe
that was 77
well BEFORE then
lol Franky... weren't you born when the first star wars was released ? haha
They already raped the licence too much :s
i dont know the diffrence -im happy
Star wars 9.... but fred is only interested in Star wars X
will* oops
lol - Star wars :thumb:
YES but now I want to LEAVE this island of idiots
Fred, put that stupid santa hat :smile: you feel look less desperate  
Fred -are you a remainer?
yes - like Star Wars - let the hate flow through you...
From the Island of Oléron, the best in the world ayaaa :P
its a good hate Fred..
I will buy a box of oyster for christmas :D
I really hate this time of year
Lol Traumada o que Franky ?
nice to see you - but not that fucking santa hat
Oyster Yaël :tongue:
hi Franky
Papy Franky :P  
Wred Filliams :wave:
i hate whisky
only cheap lager
that has never stopped you before
no wishky bottles tonoight or already dead drunk ?
Working on Sunday :/ you prick :P  
no night club tonight or still getting ready?
Sorry, but you deserve it, you were a very bad boy lasy year
Oops :x
your reflection in the mirror :P  
so who is the OTHER dickhead?
oh wait I am not :P
omg.. sorry :P
Oops, wrong window
Hello dickhead ^^
and hello Yael
I am avoiding all world news tonight
I am already depressed enough
Please don't mention politics just after the most depressing election result in the UK
lol back from the deaths
For God's sake, just leave the EU !!! XD
I didn't plan to return yet.
When the hell will that crazy Brexit finally happend ??  
RESURRECTION !!! Fred Williams is back from the next level xd
it's for the good cause :) Greta Thunberg will post a tweet in your honor ^^'  
eat as much fat as possible during 3 days, then kill yourselves :)  
ah rectification, rex's resurrection doesn't require blood...but fat lol  
Scarify yourselves in the name of padre rex  
The blood of you 3 can resurrect rexpacito
Strangie, Chrin, Henry, The Holy trinity of wankers :P  
Good night Porus :P  
Lol !  
Yael good night  
casius keep working on your English Grammar .: it’s poor at the moment .. I’ll see you tomorrow and let me know if you need help  
who won the cup^!
owned recently by rex !
Even that legendeous belly dance !
They mastered all kinds of dances !
And robots too.
In even the whole history of the worldS of djins and humans .
India is the best country in the world !
So as a punishement, they do speak their language !
Why do several Indians speak English ? Ah because they won against England !
you won't have a second chance
Did India win the third world war ? yes of course, in 2031 !
Henry, one last word for rex ? it's time to express your feelings
Djins lost to India  ? Yeah it was even a fast loss  
Chrin ? lol
Who will share bible quotes on babchat now ? xd
El Apostolo Rex is gone :(
Ave Santa Maria Joseph Madre de dios !!
Van Damme lost to India ?  Of course yes !
Did Boyka lost to India ?  Yes !
Henry, rex's funerals need to continue, in honor of our king
he got fooled by thinking there were free cakes there  
According to Porus, everyone lost to India !
Strangie, rex is trapped in the ghost prison  
the only true God of babchat
Yael well when France lost Pondicherry to India .. during that phase ppl of Pondicherry had the privilege of having dual citizenship ... and many migrated to France  
stop worshiping my nose, and raise your hands for rex
Oh holes !
What this odour ?
is he dead ?  
strangie, shut up and pray with us for the return of rex
Even holes do speak !
ok, RIP my feelings
Henry, when will rex come back as a phoenix ?
Henry, Do you know Trump ?
Strangie, RIP your feelings, weak teddy bear :P  
Henry, if you ain't respoding, people will stop believing that you are the best worker in the world
ayaaa !!  
lol Porus, there is a theory, that if the Monarchy comes back in France, the first person that claim the throne, is an indian. It's no joke xd
Henry, I'm waiting for your precious answer!
Yael I am not aware of that  
strange, if your emo feelings can't handle a shitstorm you better leave :P  
Henry, What material do I need to have ?
I think, he doesnt know me  
Henry, I want to construct or to build whatever you want a house !
Human ? stranger ? never
Wow !
A human being seen as a hole !  
Strangie, you're doomed forever...babchat is your tomb
Porus, i have heard once on tv that the King of France is Indian XD
We even have holes here !
shit, I came here to be cursed ?
oh nice Porus sounds interesting
strangie, yeah i love free insults :) bastard :)
do you even know what asshole is ?  
now asshole ?  
rip   rex
strangie, stop fighting your feelings, asshole
Henry, Is cancun from Brazil ?
yael it’s a nice place .. one half of the city is inhabited by the French ppl and the other half by others ... it’s interesting there
Henry, or even from Brazil !
why would I ?
stranger, you prefer being called a fapper ? fine :P  
Henry, from Cancun ?
i dont know when rexwill back  
Henry, Is there any woman you'd love me to have sexual intercourse with ?
Henry, cuando rexpacito va a venir ?  
lol, why do you call me a wanker ?  
Henry, I'm fine, I died last night  
Strangie,... PASSION is overflowing :heart:
I am in the Spanish room
hello  yael  , casious how are yourss
Henry el condor de las Andes
Hi Henry
he came in
yael, do you love me ?  
Hola Henry, el rumbacitor  
Olala henry
I just heard of in french Tv
Porus, nope never ^^
Herny, the best worker among humans !
Stranger walker ranger, stop fapprocrastinating ;D
Yael have you been to Pondicherry?
I think this is not the right place to practise!
Markus the most intelligent human being in babchat. He says Hi or Hello or even Salut once a month.
do you want us to go?
hehe ok Porus ^^
You are not even in the Spanish room!
you know  
Omg Chrin, vieille branche ! :P
yael it was a French colony once ... French is only spoken by the French ppl there others speak Tamil  
To teach you?
Strangie, you're close from the God level
Poor people
waiting for you  
yeah, king is fine :P
chiseler lol
Oops :x
Caramel, did you learn a third Spanish word?
The king of wankers
I am a wanker ?
Oh chiseler I did miss you
Hey stranger wanker :P
Hello casius, caramel, yael
ow really, it's a french speaking town ! hehe
hello people
Jack, are you polyglot ? Yes, I do speak French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian etc
Casius, are you polyglot ?  Yes, I shine at languages ! Wow, what are they ? You know, 5 Indian dialects !
Yael yes , a few times  
Hey cheesler :P
Porus, have you been to Pondichéry ?  
where were you eh?
Yael , yeah it’s next to Kashmir  
aw chiseler !!
Thank you chiseler, to you too
Good evening
is mein my?  
Oh chiseler !
Caramel tvadda = your / yours  
Elephant to be more specific !
thank you google map hehe
Tony Jaa also does worship animals !
next to the Cashmire  
what is ‘your’ in punjabi porus?
oh ok, thanks
Yeah that's life
People do learn german, spanish, french ...and others do speak Indian dialects
Yael Punjab is a state in northern India  
mein bhai  
He even does speak not useful languages  
Caramel yes I do  
punjabi mdr
ok i will check on a map
lol state of Punjab isn't helping me more xd
you speak punjabi
Chandigarh Yael  
Excuse my ignorance :D  
Yael it’s a city in the state of Punjab  
oh damn, where is that ?
Cahndigarhhh what ?
Yael I am from Chandigarh  
Porus, a man who's repeating what another man says
Porus, oh wow you're repeating what I said
FOr the first time, rex won  
Porus VS Rex = Loss !
Congratulations casius is pregnant  
Love that country !
Caramel, i have been visiting Morocco many times
He even dared to give grammatical lessons  
I almost puke
casius's LOL
Porus, where are you in India ?  
it’s interesting to see casius’s reactions ha ha I am loving it  
:smile: thank you yae
Such intelligence ! Wow !
They are the first men and women who did worship an animal !
caramel, ow great mix :)  
They are super intelligent people.
In India, they do worship statuettes and animals.
Here, everybody bows in front of WolfGod !!  
yep yae yae  
LoL Porus
Casius just like how you bow in front of me ;+))
Caramel, is one of your parent french and the other moroccan ?  
Mythicizing him, what a great idea from Morocco !
wu la la xd
una noche loca haha  
Porus, que viva la vida locaaa !! :party:
I heard that people in Morocco are very submissive to their king ! They do even bow in front of him.  
Yael howz life  
haha I can see that  
yeah i know, long story lol
Caramel, i am the fucking official translator of rexish :D  
do you like rexish? yael
Porus, rex is the king of this chat. One day you will understand that joke
Ah thank you Casius
lolll xd
Where are you from Casius ? 1/2 Cat 1/2 Bird
yael ah ok .. good joke :)  
What an answer !
loool Porus, it was a joke, rexish isn't a dialect
1/2 Moroccan 1/2 French  
The king is absent, busy for Star wars 9  
thanks Yael  
Yael where is that dialect spoken?
Welcome in the chat then, Porus  
I saw him here  
caramel where are you from?
do you know rex caramel ?  
haha nice one  
It's kinda weird, but funny xd
Yael hi , yeah new here .. just a couple of days old on this site  
i speak a spanish dialect, called rexish lol  
do you speak Spanish yael?
Hey Porus, new on the chat ?  
lol cas  
hi porus hola yael
Bref, I was saying that Markus, according the lastest news, would be pregnant  
Haha I don t worry.. anyway recently it seems less people coming in general
Hola Caramel
Hey Caramel  
Le Maroc, un pays en voie d'extinction  
(Oh encore elle)
sarka, don't worry, rex will come back :D
Continue Porus
Casius see I told you.. you have such low self esteem .. you think anyone talking to you is waste of their time ha ha  
Porus, what ? you're almost 40 years old, standing in front of your computer ? Lol.
What a lovely attention !
Wasting time just for me !
casius I am a peace loving person ..I see that you are crying a lot already and I can’t see anyone in pain .. guess what .. you have learnt your lessons from today’s session.. I am sure. 😂
And as a suggestible human being, he would accept his advice
That someone advises him to stop talking to me
lol Sarka, Rex is missing in action
el propheto Henry has spoken
And now, he's speaking privately with someone we all know about  
He will come back with wings, as a phoenix  
Rex disappeared what happened?
I will mourn the king every day until his return xd
Even if I ignored Porus, he continued to follow me by chattering with me !
RIP rex :cry:
Today I set the standard, the standard of the beast ...would you like to be a sheep or a lion ! The one that follows or the leader ?
The devil missed his prey, I'm still the most wanted  
Oh three P
Like Phallus
Oh two P !
(Poor Porus)
Porus, Did the devil miss his prey ?
ayeee !! People live longer, we have to work longer xd
Porus, So as your parents can be proud of you
For young
Here 65 and they may still increase it young people
Porus, Show me how strong you are
until 6 ... lol  
Porus, Continue, You'll never catch me up
enjoy life and fuck it all !! :party:
64* oops
Everybody will have to work until 6
Porus, Ow, are you in love with the plural of phallus ?
Casius did I get under your skin ? Ha ha ..
Yael :D
Porus, go on
Porus, So ?
At least i have a perfect excuse to come late at work xd  
Yes that should
Porus, Others won't be satisfied  
I hope that stupid strike will end up soon lol  
Porus, Show me what you got
(The devil missed his prey)
hehe yeah Sarka, business is business xd  
Porus, Wow, continue
Yes i know about strike
casius the “LoL” champ 🥳
Is it because christmas is approaching Yael?
+ stupid strike in Paris xd
Porus, Show me your strength
Porus, Continue  
Porus, Lol
I am working on sunday wooohuuu !!! :party:
Casius I can see you are improving in something atleast .. that must have burnt your skin like hell lmao  
dead as fuck ! xd
Porus, Show what you got
Good you?
Hey Sarka, what's up ?  
Run mothersucker run  
Hi Yael)
Thank thee for this compliment  
casius anyone with whom you start a conversation leave within seconds ..Don’t feel embarrassed you’ll have your moments someday keep trying ;+))
Fire blazing on the highway.
Have faith, folks xd  
Kingpacito will come back !! :D  
Tarek left !
Porus, Yeah !
Hello ^^
casius I can see you are butt hurt for no reason lol.. typical sign of a person with low self esteem 😂
Tarek, by means of your own words, without using any translator !
Tarek, Tell me what you recently learnt !
Tarek, Let's begin with your CCNA course.
Tarek, Speak even with mistakes.
Tarek, No don't, it wouldn't be a great idea.
casius of course you need help and I like helping ppl like you  
Porus, good chat.
Porus, to end this conversation betwixt us, I really shine at hermeneutic analysis. I can even play with your feelings without noticing anything.
I try to to translate to understand
Tarek, that's ok, we all here to learn !
My english is poor
Porus, Lol, what you are actually doing is giving to me much importance.  
Casius like I said you are suffering from low self esteem and inferiority complex .. you need counselling ... I can help you mate ..  
Anyway !
Stuart could correct me but not you
Porus, You've been corrected by Stuart, earlier for a basic mistake you made several times, namely : everyone have ..everyone are ...  
Tarek, Hum, as for me, I'd say EIGRP.
Lol, you really don't know who you are prattling and twaddling with ! Porus.  
It’s either “more fast “or “Faster “..: “more faster “is wrong grammar casius  
Alluding to routing protocols, which one do you prefer, among EIGRP and OSPF ?
Miss understand u
Ah Which one do you prefer, Eigrp ou Ospf ?
C++language and ccna
This would amend and better thy English, more faster.
Let's shoot the breeze in English, then !
What could you teach me in computer science ?
I want to improve my english
Studing it and computer science
I am 20 years
Good 😎
الحمد لله
Tarek, هل تريد أن تقدم نفسك ؟
ezayyak Mostafa?
How old ar eyou, Tarek ?
I'm from a country you wouldn't love to hear of !
this house is located in Cuenca :-) a beautiful enchanted city.. Frank
You're welcome, Tarek : )
I like Egypt
I   from egypt
Tarek, From now on, you're my ally !
Bravo Bravo
30 😃
Tarek, 5*6 = ?  
How r u
Hi Mostafa
Salam Mostafa tarek
off course charly, love it  - where is this cliff house?
i guess you'll love this round up of adventurous cliff homes, perched atop precipice
charly laughs late, but he laughs :wink:  
Frank :D
i thought your house on the cliffs is in Himachal Pradesh, charly? :)
Even 1+1=2
Himachal Pradesh is known for its scenic beauty
same sounds in the TVshow than here- same routine
Yes it is a good time to visit India.. not in monsoon season
I saw it too but about 2-3 years ago
i saw - slumdog millionaire film - 3 days ago -- good film
the places near the Himalayas for example Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh can go down to 0 c in late dec and jan otherwise the temp during peak winters in India is between 18 and 25 C  
Sarka you are right .. at 20-25c we feel cold here lol  
हिन्दी, हिंदी = charly ?
What is the coldest temperature there Porus? My indian friend from Kerala says it is cold when it is like 25C😀
Charly are you Indian?
aaj bahut thand tha
I’d love such cold weather  
Could be less.. below zero
hey Frank  
Sarka that must be very cold  
4c  could be a level of speaking german too :)
Now 4C porus
Yes, I guess there is someone I can play with.
Or maybe !
So, there is nothing that would prevent me to quit, too.
Sarka howz the weather there ?
Now, we only have Markus but he barely speaks !
One of the most brilliant babchat members just left !
Bernhard lol  
:heart:  love, love .....  my last words  
you must be from Vancouver or Toronto, Porus. :-))  
Bern, si tu n'arrives pas à t'endormir, tu peux cependant penser brièvement à moi
Good night Bernhard  
Au revoir Bern. Ne pense surtout pas à moi!
Porus, casius , my master-degrees English *gg*
Good night Bern
oris, my train just "might be being arriving" :-) so a good night for everyone here  
Bernhard even most of the English and Americans mess up with English Grammar ... it’s supposed to be their native tongue 👅 lol
Poor me!
I live an odd childhood !
Bern, He even wanted me to learn music !
Charly how are you?
Bern, My father initiated me to several fields when I was a kid.
charly !  what about the latest bottles of Tempranillo that you "killed" by drinking them ?  
Bern, I'd love to even if I already know a few !
it's just downright funny sometimes
I agree .. German is an interesting language  
He could might have
German is a very interesting language.. at least for me
now I really corrupt the English grammar  
er sollte könnte hätte klar
Mone So you went there for a vacation?
yes, he "might should", Amara :-)
German is a world-language, hahahaha  
Should he?
you should learn German with Amara and me, casius. :tongue:
It's like the bird that's flying !
Yes I do and you Porus?
That's funny
Sarka that’s nice .. so do they work and live in your city ?
Is someone here ?
Hey Hey
Bernhard both are correct lol .. yes it’s funny  
No I have not but I have indian friends there Porus
strange grammar  
i was in heaven and back :)
not: I WAS in India  
And i was on a small Christmas market
i like cooking thais too :)
I love Thai food  
Porus, one says for example: in 1988 I WORKED in Canada. past tense. - but : in 1988 I have been to India. right ?
Nice food
I had a great day with a Thai cooking lesson
I‘m from Germany Porus
Oh nice
Amara how was your day today?
Hallo Amara :hug:
I‘m a bit jetleged... I came back from New York yesterday
Mone where are you from ?
Hey Charly!
Sarka been to India before ?
Ok I see
Sarka it’s in the state of Punjab ..: a state in the northern part of India  
oh, not good to hear you were ill :-(
Or part?
Ah ok that is in which region?
I am fine again aftwr a bad illness. How are you, Mone?
hi Porus
Hi Bernhard  
sarka I am from Chandigarh  
Hi Porus
hey Mone
Porus where in India do you live?
hey Amara  
hi Mone  
how are you?
Hi Berni
Hi Samara, nice to meet you too
Bernhard you are right .. things have changed a lot here ... But I’d say you’ll see the difference in the southern states and cities ... northern regions have not changed much they are still backward  
hallo Amara  
the tea at a Calcutta street corner (rather for the locals) might cost 20 cents instead of 5 cents now, hehe  
Hi Sarka
Hi Mone, nice to see you again
Hi Amara
India must have changed a lot during the last 30 years  
Good to hear
mine has been good ... can’t complain  
Porus I think that if I travelled to India nowadays, I probably wouldn't recognize it because of the immense modernisation ...  at least in the big cities
Hi Porus good and yours?
hey Sarka .. how has your day been so far?
Hi Bern hi to all
hello Sarka  
Oh yeah ..: the internal problem in Pakistan still exists .. bombs go off anywhere anytime there  
Kashmir ! yes ...
within Pakistan I mean .... religious vonflicts  
maybe now I confuse tthis  situation a long time ago with the inner-Pakistani trouble when bombs sometimes explode there  
Btw the problem with Pakistan still exists but in the state of Kashmir .... and no one knows if that problem will ever get resolved  
Bernhard yeah there was the Khalistan problem in Punjab way back then ... from 1984-1989 .. you are right ...  

and crossed the orger from Lahore (Pak.) to Amritsar  
Once I'ev also been to Lahore there  
Bernhard  so it’s been quiet a while since your last visit here
border regions ...
there was some trouble with Pakistan, right ?  
FROM Germany, yes
Bernhard Punjab is quiet .. yes.... but there is some unrest in some rural areas...otherwise the overall situation is calm  
Oh, Bernhard, are you Germany?
yes I have been to India twice, Porus in about 1988 and 1991 , in each case for 3 month  
I am from Trier . *gg*
Azzedine that’s a beautiful DP .. what place is that ? Very beautiful  
welcome, Milena  
Porus, politically quiet at the moment ? Punjab ....
I’m from Moscow 👌
hello azzedine ....  
Bernhard have you Been to India before?
Hi azzedine
Hi Bernhard
up north, ok  
In India we do believe. :blink:
Bernhard I live in Chandigarh ... a city in the state of Punjab  
re Porus  
und Alphina
How are you?

hello Milena  
do you know Julie on this site ? a female chatter  
region like Karnataka  
in which Indian "Bundeland" do you live ? India is huge  
a few minutes ago for some seconds ..   that I've seen her  
I don’t see any Anna here  
were not .. but there are a lot ... !
isn't it funny, Porus ?  as if they weren't a lot of Indian people who do write and speak English excellently  
Bernhard I’ve never been to Europe and the Americas :).. usually Indians are not very bad with the English language :) thanks again I’d take that as a compliment .. :))
you are a lover  
ok, casius ...   let it go and flow  
"and oneness" ..  
See you Bern!
good evening Ana  
I have something to watch whilst I'm eating !
oh my God !     .. :-))  
because his English sounds that professional to me  
Bern, Don't you agree ?
Bern, I always think that the expensiveness of women's love does contain a considerable indistinguishability and oneness !
(tunnel - train)  which woman?? casius, the sad thing is that I must have (?) prejudice against Indians, concerning their English ... because each and every minute I am haunted by the idea that Porus might have worked in Canada, the U.s: the U.K  quite for a while  
Bern left
Casius has been dropping his jaw at every woman he has been meeting on this site so far lol I wish him all the best lol
Bern, what would thy words as for the dearness and the preciousness of women ?
Bern, I'm in love with a woman that doesn't exist
Bernhard yeah...  everything is destined ..: we were destined to meet snd
Lol Bern
thx casius ...   worthtrusty exists  
that's wonderful, Porus ....  without your randomly crossing we wouldn't meet here  
trustworthy == worthtrusty
so not sure what’s the history of babble  
?? anagrams  
I don’t know Bernhard ... I was googling for some books online and randomly crossed across a link to this site  
You do like anagrams ?
I always say nice sentences, don't you agree ?
let's say that I am "worthtrusty" ....  
I remember, one of my professors was from America
a nice sentence  
lol casius  
Babbel, as its beginning, was marvelous  
does babbel still exists, with courses ?
You're somehow almost believable, Bern
Yes Bernhard no courses on this site .. if the courses are included it’d be great  
I believe you I believe you Bern
biut not that often  
casius, sometimes I was here .. believe it or not  
Porus , that means: no courses at all on this site, right ?  
Where have you been ?
What's up Bern ?
hey casius, old swagman, welcome  
Hey Hey
just a minute: I am going to DIGEST your monstruous sentence  
Bernhard so far I have been liking this place ... good place to practice new languages I guess ... where one already has at least a basic proficiency..: but I thought it’d have been a bonus if there were options like courses for different languages with various levels  
so that you are the great winner of the evening here, concerning languages :-)  
bonsoir saber
I am also in to French ...   that's why I asked see above (other languages) .. but your native is Hindi anyway  
thanks Bernhard ..yeah I understood what you meant ..:)
"sounds"   I mean I read it without hearing it  
sounds nearly UK or U.S. :-)  
As I read it, your English sounds professional to me, VERY good ....
I have joined this site just a couple of days back  
Well I’d like to learn a few languages but still exploring the opportunities here  
are you also pratising another language beside English here ?
ah ok ... train ... yeah the network gets interrupted  
No problem ... it happens everywhere lol  
sorry ...  wifi interrupted  
nope not married anymore. ..I am widowed  
I am doing good Bernhard ..  
are you married ? :smile:
what about you ?
Today I felt very tired because of the rainy weather I think, but I feel better now ...  
He Bernhard , how are you ?
hello Porus  
Casius you seem to be having low self esteem and inferiority complex .. you need help for sure .... I can help you with counselling..
I've to go .... have a good night. See you next time
i think room chat Is not so effective  
Are you married ?
I've something to do .. I talked too much
Why? He is sleeping here
alphina Henry is there talk to him  
Oh, she is gone
Xari what are you doing tonight?
There is no way
Alphina hmm so what Is the way to know that ?
I don't learn Hindi
You should not ask a woman that :)
Alphina aap kitni saal ki hain?
mei India mei Chandigarh mei rehta hoon  
I only know a few sentences
Aap india mai kahan rehte ho?
Alphina I am Pleasantly surprised with your Hindi knowledge ..: quite impressed I have to learn German :)  
Ah, okay I see
Austria mein rahti ho
Alphina mere  profile mei meri umar hai :)
that's okay .. better for us
Aap kinte saal ke ho?
Alphina that’s why it’s shortly known as Porus lol
Omg, what a name ... it is too long
see you Casius
Alphina Mera naam Porushotam Hai  
"On earth or even below the earth." that's strange  
See you.
I got another exam to take soon.
Oh I wrote too much this time.
aur  tumhara name?
But when I notice someone being after me without any incontestable reason, I have to make things clearer to him. To know his place. On earth or even below the earth.
Alphina that’s cool.. so how do you know Hindi ?
Mai theek hu
That is true, casius.
Alphina, yes. Because I respect you. I also respect José and Xari.
Alphina : mei bahot acha hoon .. aap kaisi hain ? :)
Who wants a kiss from me ?
yYou did not hurt me
If of course we tend to amend things with original ways!
And without using any translator.
Look, in this short life, one should learn useful things.
aap kaise hai? Porus
But did I hurt you Alphina ? No ! because you always were right and behaving well.
I can read it in his profil
I think I shine at hurting people by means of my tongue !
Alphina, seriously, who does care about 5 indian languages ?
It's called, mentally retarded or retarded !
Casius, he speak 5 Indian languages ... He did not say French or German
Alphina, you won't believe such mistake
Alphina it’s a normal term ... nothing technical or chemical about it lol  
Lol, I like life.
And since that time, he's against me !
And then he left without saying anythin  
Oh again, I meant his lack*
it is a technical or chemical term, Poros?
A question that supposed her lack of ...let's say of everything
Oh I mean I asked him
And then I asked her a question
And I exposed some of my linguistic capabilities
So, He wanted to get in touch with me
So yesterday, I was in the French room speaking with I don't know who anymore
If you did notice, in his profile, he spoke about the different languages he's actually speaking or he has mastered
Hahaha then it will be funny
Let me tell you why*
Retard = mental case  
What is a retard?
(That creature is about to wake up the monstreous devil that's sleeping inside me)
This guy is a retard
Do you love her ?
Yes, she is alive
Is your mother still alive ?
What about you, alphina
I'd love to give one to my mother but she died in my heart when I was born lol
Okay I understand
Something you probably know not.
No, it's called vermeil or gilded/gilt silver !
A bit yes
Alphina I know you don’t have a dog 🐶  
Xari is it very windy with you too?
Gold silver platinum?
The one I offered was much better of course.
Hmmm ... really?
I gave almost the same to my sister!
Alphina, do you like this jewel ?
Porus what are you talking? I don't have a dog
Lol no
Xari you always giving intelligent answers
The difference between 8 and 10 is not very big
Casius she likes you like she likes her dog ...
It can't be less than 8!
No No, I said 8 to 10 !!
hahaha 5
sometimes it is funny
Pffffffffff which question
Be sincere ?
On a scale of 8 to 10, how much ?
Si, signore  
Alphina, how much do you like me ?
So things may remain as they are  
Not really
we know it ... you change every time country and ?
Alphina, do you want me to change the time ?
Hey xari
I don't need that change
Casius you did not change the time
Hi Xari come in
no hayd nadie aquí
Que lastima
Silvie's sincerity is beyond normality ?
I like that part "so-called"
have a nice conversation with your so called friends
Me too
don t think this conversation will be interesting
Silvie, yeah it would be better off to not be with him
no I dont
Silvie, I guess you know who I'm alluding to
never had great moments with Porus
some great moments with Porus and Silvie
thank you, cassius
you did you meet?
José, good to hear that
And you, Casius?
silvie casius has forgotten his meds ... so  
My mother is very good.
cloudy and dark
Silvie, I met someone I'd love to kill : )
Hahaha and Silvie is here
of course it is
why are you smiling, casius?
Is it still cloudy ?
hey silvie  
how are you this cloudy Saturday?
Alphina : )
Hey Silvie
I think I'm going to have some great moments  
Thanks Casius
He even thinks he can be helpful  
Alphina, I can stop teasing you if you want  
casius of course ... you need help and I like helping ppl  
Alphina, you're someone I kind of appreciate here.
Alphina, I was joking of course.
Wow, he's giving me more importance.
Casius what strange things do you ask, everyone wants to be healthy
casius, i heard they are selling life ... you need to get one .. how you are not broke...
I used to drink my own blood when I was a kid.
I also miss my blood.
Now I don't miss them anymore.
I miss my eyes.
Lol, how suggestible he is.
Alphina, That's ok. Everyone does make grammatical mistakes.
Casius I can give you more photos .. you can make an album of my oics
Porus, I'm almost perfectly phlegmatic. I advise you to not waste thy time discussing with me.
Porus, You have also to know that your photo is now mine.
Hi Louis Nice to see you here
Porus, First of all, everything you might say is nothing for me.
Porus, let me resume something you don't know as a newbie  
I have never been .......... I make always that mistake Grrrrr
Casius you are behaving like a troll ..  
Be sincere, Alphina.
But you'd love to become ill ?
Good then I won't be speaking medecine.
I'm not sick
I meant how*
José, who is your mother ?
Tell me about your illness  
Alphina, I heard you were sick ?
Let's talk about medecine.
Isn't it my right to qualify something I want as funny ?
that's ok
I've never* been
Why Casius?
I'm interested in everything not only Brazil
Still funny ?
I don't speak Portuguese
Ah, so you are interested in Brazil. Because?
I never have been in Brazil. But I follow the news on TV
So you speak Portuguese?
Really? Next time Ill ask my friend
do you know Brazil?
But this is rare
I've a friend in Brazil and he talks very well German
Yes, It is difficult but you can learn it
German is very difficult and we Latin Americans are not as easy as Europeans.
Hmmm you can learn it at the same time
but I need to learn English first
Yes, I really want to learn German.
Will you learn German as well?
How about you?
I learn English and Italian
Comes and goes immediately
How much languages do you speak?
You're funny
No, I don't speak portuguese
But, do you speak portuguese?
I speak German but I'm from Austria
Server you mean a waiter?
você é alemã, certo?
very good. and you?
How are you today?
Hi Alphina
Hi everybody
how do you do  
Hada howa bnadm  
(Etre hypocrite ... quelle honte aussi)
(Talking behind the back of others ...What a shame)
("anyone" being singular)
*There is hardly anyone ...
G’day Stuart  
There are hardly anybody here ..hence we just tend to focus elsewhere I think  
I haven't been here long ... I've been reading what people have been writing!
G'day Porus
anybody there ? Knock knock  
Silvie seems a bit weird to me  
nobody in this room?
how are you this grey and cloudy saturday?