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hi henry
Hey lea are you alive donna lol
have a nice day
good appetite to everyone
Good friday is a day for diets?
you re not hungry at all today?
isnt this true?
everybody should have enough food whenever he s hungry
that s not funny at all
Christy stole Romy s hamburger at lunch?
what are you talking about this lovely friday?
hello again
Sup, Harbschy?
Bye silvie
have a nice evening
hope they will never leave you alone
hope your friends are good friends
that s really nice
you re sitting around the table and have fun?
you re discussing with friends at home?
not fond of writing?
nobody in this room today?
what are you talking about this evening?
have a good day! bye
I did not know we were close to Europe
hello, have a chocolate one, lol.
have a nice day
you left?`
back again
mom tel
what i dont like at all, is the turn off of the chat every time i watch a video
 Oui dame
the video is that interesting?
but you always need time to watch them
tu aimes bien les vidéos, rex?
Ana bonjour
 time has come roll it again
how are you this evening?
vraiment dommage
personne n est là?
6000km est bien loin, cher rex
just 6000 km  :)  
Canada is important route for aircrafts
Canada is nearby of europe
good afternoon.
good morning
Hello in the room
what a pity
nobody in this room this morning?
a famous English teacher?
a singer?
an actor?
who the hell is Roy Wood?