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hope you are well
but i dont want to disturb you any longer today
dont you agree?
persons who have never got time are the most poor persons in this world
poor ali!
you have always got such little time?
that s indeed very annoying
your time is over already?
you had a nice morning this morning?
my time is over bye all :wave:  
what did you do today?
what a surprise!
hi silvie  
every cancer is dangerous
sting is used as a noun and verb. as a noun it means a small sharp-pointed organ of  some kind of animals like bees, ants, snakes. These animals give poison by means of their stings. Sting is a verb at the same time and it means insert, put etc. Ex: Scorpion sting is more dangerous than insect sting..
neither me nor you, i think
nobody is fond of getting a bad skin cancer
sunburn is used as a noun and it explainsthe places of the skin burned because of sun light
where did you spend your holidays?
you ve got a bad sunburn, ali?
hello again
7. sting
sunburn is used as a noun, it explain the places of the skin burned because of sun lights. Ex: More sunburns can be caused of skin cancer so it is necessary to stay more under the sun for tanning.  
6. sunburn
soaking is a noun but it comes from soak that is a verb. Soak means to make or allow something to become wet in liquid. Wet, water, submerge etc are the synonyms of it. Ex: İt is necessary to make beans soaking in water for a while to make them soft before cooking them.  
5. soaking
thank you bro, yes  you are right ı came here by running when ı give a break time own self to drink a cup of coffee and to eat some sweet. I went to market and bought some things that are urgent today. When ı returned home raining stopped and after setting foods in the kitchen ı have changed my clothes and began to do my other tasks that ı have to do outside. As you they were the tasks that deal with carpenter or builder. I began to do them. I was a bit tired because using hammer or adze  is not easy. so regulating the water pipe in the wall made me tired and I felt tired when I sit on my chair. That is all bro, ı should begin to study my three words without losing more time because there are more tasks that I have to do before evening. if I am late, sun sets down and ı can not see what I will do. The words that ı will study in this section are those: 5. soaking
6. sunburn
7. sting
Welcome ali, did you come to study on three words in this section? although rain were you able to do your tasks outside? did you buy your urgent needs for your kitchen. after giving some knowledge about these matters you begin to your words...  
hello Stuart
thank you bro and bye all :wave:  
breath is used as a noun, it means wind, exhalation . Ex: My breath smells of garlic when ı eat meals with garlic, although this I should eat it because garlic is a very useful food to make immune system strong.  
4. breath
sweaty is used as an adjective, it comes from sweat. sweat is used as a noun and verb. as a verb it means perspire, be dump, be wet. Ex: After exercising the clothes get sweaty so it is necessary to change them not to be ill.  
3. sweaty
hiking is a noun and comes hike. Hike is used as a noun and verb. As a verb hike means to walk for a long distance, especially across country or in the woods. Ex:Hiking is a good action before making the body warm to exercise for an athlete, by the way ı am not an athlete but ı like hiking among the threes before beginning to make my body parts mouving.    
2. hiking
unsung is used as an adjective and it is used to explain unheard, unknown things so unsung things are not popular, most people do not know them. Ex: There are many unsung heroes that had played very important roles in history.  
1. unsung
Thank you bro, yes, we have many tasks today but I will do them. Although it is raining now by beginning to study on new words. As you know beginning to do somethings is very important to finish them.  
welcome ali, how are you today? ı know you had your late breakfast and you came here two start to study your ten words today. Yes, ı will write them now, They are ready for you. I have prepared your words while you sleep in your bed. Besides, it is raining today so your working will be a bit difficult today but you should do convenient tasks although it is raining. Every work that you will do will decrease your total tasks. For example you can clean the dirties that occur inside of house. There are some nails in old woods so you can  remove and correct them with your hammer under the shadow by listening the voice of raining. Today the weather is a bit cold, regulate your clothes and wear thick working clothes. Besides you should buy bread and apple cider because they have finished in the kitchen. İn fact, you will go to bazaar tomorrow but we don't have bread for dinner so you should solve this problem. Okay, your words are these: 1. unsung
2. hiking
3. sweaty
4. breath
5. soaking
6. sunburn
7. sting
8. aspect
9. mainstream
10. unfold
what a pity
everybody is sleeping already?
OK Ali. I have some work to do, so I'll go too.
my break time is over :yawn: thank you stuart,  have a good day, see you bye :wave:  
so learning deals with a mind and mind should be comfortable to be able to learn well  
Suppose that a child or a student who was whipped by his or her teacher can not focus on learning something  
"get the cane" means to suffer a beating administered with a cane.
''The bank were eager to whip the company into shape for eventual sale’' ... An example from your dictionary...  
We used to "get the strap", or in some schools "get the cane"!
I remember that well!
in the past there was whip penalty that was applied by teachers to shape students.  
ı believe that they do like that because they always want me to improve my english. One of them is on my desk, the other is in my mind..  
I thought you might like it!
("whip someone into shape" is a figure of speech)
They may be coordinating their efforts to "whip you into shape"!
but both of them support me in this learning way of english  
maybe stuart, my computer and my bro can work with a coordination against me  
whip as a noun is used to beat animals to make them fast. it is made from leader and it is like a thick string  
Perhaps it was your brother who wrote the second line!
my computer wrote it twice, ı think it tries to teach me more lol  
1ö. whipped
1ö. whipped
fudge is used as a verb too. it means slight over, pass off... Ex: The student fudged his lectures, took weak notes  and did not pass his class in the school.
yes.. you are right, honey is more expensive than sugar but healthy is important too..  
I also prefer honey, but it's fairly expensive.
I do not know it either*  
I do not know either * thank you stuart  
I don't buy much sugar either.
ı do not buy any sugar and ı try to use honey instead of sugar when necessary  
No, sweets do not nourish our bodies at all!
(If the verb is in the negative you must use "either" rather than "too")
in fact sweets are not useful for body  
there are many different sweets in pastry shops in fact..  
*I don't know it either
ı don't know it too stuart , who knows  maybe ı can taste by knowing it with other name  
I don't think I have ever eaten fudge. That type of food doesn't attract me!
Yes stuart fudge a soft candy made from sugar, butter, and milk or cream thank you..  
9. Fudge  
 heaven means a place regarded in various religions. It is accepted that there are the angels and good things for religious people after passing away. Ex: heaven is the opposite of hell.  
Fudge made from whipped cream and chocolate is heaven for a sweet tooth.
8. heaven
9. fudge
1ö. whipped
no news at all?
any news from Great Britain?
hello strange man
how are you ?  
hi ksek
I hope to meet you another time
adios, buona cena
I started to learn english depuis 10 years
buona giornata
ok. devo andare pranzare ora.  
non credo, vedo che scrivi abbastanza veloce
credo que il tuo inglese è megliore che il mio italiano.
but only credit card with no rich account in bank is not helpfull
*do wonders
credit cards to wonder nowadays
my vocabulary is very poor, so sometimes I can't write so I think
ah. i see where this is coming from.
only rich people can travel in canada
that's not a nice thing to say or to assume.
ahhahah, no, just I said you're a riche woman
no teacher can teach me
you are saying you are looking for a rich girl???
I'm a bad english student, impossible
pas riche
well,  une fille avec ebaucoup d'argent, mais je ne suis riche
but I'm an impossible mission
just a passport to visit most countries
well, then I can speak english and italian with you
but at least we don't need visa to travel
OK, canada is not cheap, I meant in europe
it means that when there is an occasion, i like to practise languages: italian, spanish, and i forgot what else i wrote in there.
To go to Europe, it costs me about 2000$ that's just the flight! But more expensive if i travel inside canada than going out.
in your motto, you wrote  when the occasion arise
ok. I never flew with them.
no, pas cher, ryanair is very             cheap, not expensive
arise, what means this mot
c'est encore cher de voyager!
il y a 20 ans il etait tres chere voyager
ehhehe, nous somme les voyageurs de3 ryanair et easyjet
ah ok
ca fait environ 10 ans que je voyage
je connaissais chris deja dans babbel
ah ok
alors  plus o moins depuis 10/15 ans j'ai voyagé poue l'europe
alors pourquoi tu penses négativement de lui?
il m'a conseillé  ou voyager
ah ok
oui, tres gentil, grade a il j'ai commencé a voyager pour l'europe
ah ok
la tastiera, el teclado,  le clavier is different
désolée d'apprendre que tu n'as pas la même expérience
ah chris, oui, je le connais. Il est gentil.
je connais chirs here in chat, he's a french man now in retraite
what do you mean?
but the italian motherboard is different
quelque fois je prefere parler franCais
is christopher not nice?
yes, I've studfied french eight years when I was young
betetr youi don't know him
so you could easily learn french
we have that in french too
si, past  verbs
do you know christopher?
anche, avete i verbi imperfeto, ecc. come il francese
but christopher thinks italian is a not usefull language
yes, verbs are similar,  
è un motivo che trovo l'italiano facile jper me
for me is terrible do not knoe engtlish language
Ah, french native, very good
preferisco lo spagnolo all'inglese
actually being french native, i don't find the verbs that hard
si, forse, perhaps
italiano è piu facile che il spagnolo
just the verbs are not simple
italian is very easy
i still struggle with the expressions, but it's ok
sometimes?? always hard
liberato, before slave now free
englis language is very hard
ah ok
maliber is a puzzle between my name and my surname
I think Julie is italian Giulia, true?
I've heard of Mario before, but i thought your real name was maliber, lol
My name's Mario, do you know that name?
fine, yourselfÉ
Hi Lulie, how are you today?
but we can still see your picture when we click on B
if it's uploading a profile picture, anyone can do that
ok thank  u
im going to sue wolfgang  
such a stupid website  
but it wont work  
i tried to upload my foto here
do u see a pictur or a b  
henry can i ask u something?
next year
i would like much visity canada for somedays
too litlle
yes. sad.
corona virus is killig many people
yes   sure for the moment
you mean <at home>  
at house for the moment  for the pandemyc
or training
or drink some beers with friends
good! outside is healthy
I PREFER  go outside   play soocer or  other thngs
thank god!
you can't.  
how do i upload a picture in here?
like me  
catch yourslef a hobby  
ure lame henry  
good on you, henry
I never liked drugs, I don't need no drugs or others
 things sinteticsto have a good fun
i love mj  
doesnt seem so  julie
that's why i never did it.  
drugs burn brain cellls.... LOL
mixed with other trash hahahhaa
those are bad marijuana effects hahahaha
then hit the girls
we will smoke some weed and get drunk  
"in" my driveway
your car is welcomed on my driveway  
Do so*
i was asking m3
404 was a famous french car
what is dosco?
I try to doso
so you didn't like the "404" name^
Hello m3
hey chris, hope ure doing well mate
i couldnt be a teacher im too lazy
Ahhh! Here you are
im truly an engineer but im fooling around  
ah ok
im highly smart  
im an engineer  
what do you do, if i may ask?
hardworking woman :)  
it says 'france'??? noooooooooooo
it's report cards time now but i worked until 1 am last night so today is my day off. I refuse to do any more work.
hmm so u massage?
yes it does plus u speak it  
french, health and phys.ed.
canada. does it say 'france, beside my name?
what do u teach?
do you live in canada or france?
i know
just kiddin  
maybe m smarter than u  
i'm a teacher, lol
i already finished school  
i hate working from home
yes, just very busy with school
so 404 was you, correct?
i hope ure doing well julie
i like to spice things up  
yes, i know. that's why i said 'haha'
actually the name i saw, is <404 name
im fooling around :)  
so i switched things up  
lol. your name was never julie, haha
but i had very uncomfotable questions to be answered
my name was julie before  
but usually when people change their name and you click on the old version, it will show the new pic. But when i click on your old one (or one with the identical picture yo uhave here, it shows nothing.
so then you have changed your name.
i have only this account  
hi strange man. how are you?
or do you have two accounts? (m3)
hi m3, how are you ?  
who changed the name ? me ?  
you changed your name
how are you ?  
hi Julie
hello strangeman
thank you bro and bye all :wave:  
okay ali, you have finished your three word for this section. other three words stayed for an other section. Brave you.. Go on doing your tasks outside of your home.. good luck with you... see you later.. ı will cook our dinner in the kitchen ..  
Aches and pains consist of ache and pain so ache means to suffer from a continuous pain. Pain is used as physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. so they are synonym of each other. Ex: the patient could not sleep in the hospital last night because of his aches and pains..  
7. aches and pains
Hate crime is a kind of crime. İt is deal with prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or other grounds. Ex: Some people like hate crimes to part the structure of community and they says bad ideas that deals with hate crimes..
6.  hate crime
merchandise is used for goods to be bought and sold. it is used as a verb and noun. as a verb it means to trade, do business, shop, Ex: People should merchandise in order to gain money and survive in life..  
5. merchandise
5. merchandise
6.  hate crime
7. aches and pains
bye silvie  
have a nice day
maybe i ll be back later
but i dont want to disturb you any longer this lovely Sunday
yes ı know many of them  
you went to a school of arts?
abstract art style, natural art style, realizm, romantism  are examples of art styles  
you know a lot of techniques?
there are streams or styles or techniques in art  
every century had a lot of artists, thinkers and writers
yes.. they were the thinkers, artists or writers at the same century  
what s that?
abstract art steam?
yes.. 1910.... he explained abstract art steam  
there were many theories of color before him
he wrote his books for artists  
Kandinsky lived in the 19th century
kandinsky applied colors in abstract art  
Goethe explained it generally but kandinsky
hope you are well today
you left?
quite a long time ago
already Goethe wrote a theory of color  
the relations between soul and art  
the theory of color in art
abstract art theory  
which theory?
yes picasso got used to paint abstract arts but kandinsky is inportant because he explained his theory in his book
am i wrong?
always thought Picasso would be the father of abstract art
kandinsky lived in germany for a while  
he is the father of abstract art..  
what do you paint in general?
yes.. ı am an artist like him  
they are very colorful
as ı said it before ı will go on cleaning my painting dirties  
me too
you like his paintings?
do you know him?  
what will you do this lovely Sunday?
ı am expert about colors like kandinsky  
that s true
i m no expert in colors
yes.. blue is good but it make me cold  
might be true
there are red, blue, yellow, black  and white in it
the color of the sky and the ocean
i prefer blue
yes it can be open brown  
brown is your favorite color?
the ground is brown
it is not purple  but close to it  
ı like the color of ground  
which color do you like most?
it is a bit cold bot  it makes us relaxing  
i like this color
but we shouldn t adhere to the sofa and doing nothing at all
the color of our sofa is blue  
yes.. my bro likes sitting and relaxing there  
but he always follows me  
the sofa is a perfect place in winter
everybody should love his brothers and sisters
my bro is resting on the sofa  now  
each other*
no we love eachothe
and when ı study them ı am happy and he writes ten words again and again
so you never did any harm to your brother?
he writes ten words for me here everyday  
ı live with my bro in the same mind because my bro is my soul  
by teaching him ten words every day?
you do?
taking care is very important
and we try to make each other happy  
that s perfect
nobody is able to live in the mind of another person
ı take care of him  
he takes care of me  
we live together in the same mind  
he is a good man  
you ve got several brothers?
my brother is my soul  
what was your question?  
who s your brother?
i try to improve my languages by writing and studying
my bro always help me to improve my english  
me too, ali
Inglish students should be able to answer too to this question
they try to improve their languages  
here there are students  
Inglish persons could easily answer to this question
you still didnt tell me whether daub is correct in this context
are there many Inglishmen in the Inglish room?
how are you today amach ?  
your name however doesnt seem to be very british
yes, as you know we are inglish room  
we all try to improve, amachou
in english , i try  
ama hello but try to write in english please  
this expression is correct?
it s not possible to paint without causing daubs
they are my ideas in my mind  ı like alternatives  
bonsoir le monde
the emty places of my house can be an art house  
you are right
you try to change your house into an art house?
dirties are because of painting  
that s indeed annoying
you ve got so many dirty places in your house?
who knows maybe ı can make it art house or sell it  
you just try to renovate it?
yes, ı have finished painting today and ı will clean dirty places after now  
you ve got the intention to sell it?
so ı went on doing that task  
you painted the walls of your house?
what did you have for breakfast today?
ı have been painting on the walls of my house for days  
a perfect breakfast too?
my bro will write new words here soon..  
you had a nice morning?
what did you do this morning?
studying can be done inside in my opinion
i havent got any tasks outside, ali
my bro wanted me to study three words now..  
hi silvie
welcome ali, you seem happy, that is good o you will study your three words for this section, as far as ı follow you after finishing your tasks outside you will feel good now  
hello again
Bye, Ali.
Have a good night, thank you stuart.. see you later :wave:  
ı have  finished my four words that are written by my bro here so ı should go on doing my outside tasks so time is flying as always..  
bye silvie..
but ı am taking care of my bro  
maybe i ll be back later
but i don t want to disturb you any longer this morning
very interesting
that s quite ambitious
no, my mind likes my soul in other words ali likes his bro  
you re able to copy God?

of your copy?
he is a good man of my copy  
your brain ignores what s in your soul?
yes soul is my bro  
your soul?
only my soul knows that  
and i m fond of words
i like writing letters too
yes letters, words, sentences and pages..  
you believe in God?
creator gave ten finger to humans  
no conversation without words, you are right
yes..humans were created like that  
the number of toes we ve got
1000 words make people speaking  
ten is the number of fingers we ve got on our hands
yes.. 300 words are important for a learner  
if you go on like that you ve learned 300 words within a month
ten is a different  number from others  
ten is your favorite number?
if ı go on like that ı can study thirty words at the end of a month  
yes.. ten is a good number for a day  
you re especially fixed on numbers?
ı am a student of english so ı am trying to make my speed faster  
you slow down, my dear
my six words stayed later  
that s not really much
just four words today?
ı am getting older too like everybody  
so you must be the only exception in this universe?
ı have finished to study my four word and ı will go on to my other tasks outside  
you dont get older day by day?
you don t?
ı am fine thank you  
yes.. ı think you are getting older day by day lol
you re never tired in the mornings?
what about you?
ı saw your hello before your name on the balcony
I m still a little tired this morning
i dont fly at all this morning
ı meant you are flying fast  silvie  
First come, first served?
this is a competition who get s up earlier?
you had a nice morning this Sunday morning?
Well, if you click on his or her profile now you will find that no details are available.
your hello came earler than you silvie  
what did you do this morning?
you re back again?
hi silvie  
what are you talking about this morning?
His registration date was old but had not chatted with him before ı thought that he will be one of the friends here..  
yes, you are right, but that conversation became a good test of my level of english so ı have learned many slang words because of him..  
You were wasting your time, Ali.
ı tried to show correct ways to him but ı am not sure if he understood or not...  
I was being sarcastic, Ali - that person was as friendly as a viper!
he tried to mix here by chatting bad words, by cursing to all people  
by the way hello, hope you are well..  
yes stuart, ı chatted with him or her for a while yesterday.  
Hi Ali.
I have been reading the earlier conversations ...
I see you have a new friend, 404 Name!
Phenomenon is used for a remarkable person, thing, or event. Event, fact, case, episode, sight can be its synonyms  Ex: A man became a phenomenon in the community last week because of social media with his words that are shared by him and all people knew him.  
4. phenomenon
wizard is used as a noun and an adjective. As a noun it is used for a man who has magical powers, As an adjective it is used for charming, wonderful things to explain them. Ex: There was a wizard in the middle of the stage in hall and all people were looking at what he performed..  
3. wizard
gloom is used as a verb and noun like last word. As a noun it is used for partial or total darkness. Trouble, distress, depression are the synonym of it.  As a verb it means to
have a dark; to be or look depressed. Ex: Turkish economy looks gloom this year because the value of turkish money always decreases..  
2. gloom
doom is used as a noun and verb, as a noun it means death, destruction, or some other terrible fate. Ruin, destruction, death, end, termination are the synonym of it. As a verb it means to condemn to certain destruction or death. Ex: Killer who was caught last month was condemned in a court.  
1. doom
Wow, thank you bro, when ı have been sleeping during night you had prepared my ten words. How nice, ı can not forget your favors that you did to improve my english. Health to your hands and your mind. I will start to study from '' doom'' that is first word in that list and later ı will study on gloom, wizard, phenomenon orderly. İf ı reach my this aim in this section, six words stay for my next break times..  
welcome ali, ı will write your ten words for today, Start to study three or four of them without loosing time. Is it okay?  I will follow your studies without seeing to anybody.  1. doom
2. gloom
3. wizard
4. phenomenon
5. merchandise
6.  hate crime
7. aches and pains
8. heaven
9. fudge
1ö. whipped
where is the lady?