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not fond of answering?
you re not interested in religion?
you re reading the Bible regularly, revewo?
what are you talking about?
how are you this morning?
later *
ah ... bye, see you kater, revewo
see you
bye all
i am also going  
In the Bible, the first humans were living centuries
Tansawt, see you later
gosh ... that's a record breaker ... 130 !
See you Susan and Revewo
There was an American guy who lived almost 130 years
it was reported on the news journal last night ... because it was her birthday  
the world's oldest person, is 117 years, a woman in china  
today 4 generations can coexist.
Very nice  
now there are 2 more .. hhh
she got to see her first great grand child ... a lovely boy
ah, thankyou Tansawt
May God have mercy on ur mother  
Susan hi i am sorry to hear this  
It’s a good age  
thankyou, revewo
she was 92 years of age
Oh sorry to hear that  
you *
my news ... my mother has passed away (ylu will recall that i was looking after her)
Do you have children susan ?
A girl  
boy or girl ?
oh wow, cool ... congratulations ...  
2020 is a crazy year
I became father lol and you ?
what news , Horatio ?
but you, revewo ... what news ?
i am trying to remember the ending phrase, of a poem ... En sortant de l'école
thankyou revewo ... au pied,  
so, some information drifts ... ...
I remember your great tour of Australia in motorbike  
on a need to know basis
so sorry ... but you know, the mind prioritizes
not for the first time ... but i failed to remember
Finally, after 9 years lol  
i have located luxembourg on the map
using my babbel nickname  
haha susan  
helloe Howev..
oui et toi ?
oh, oups
tout va bien ?
markus isn’t here  
I am not Zèbre lol  
hello zèbre
Hi Tansawt
have a nice evening
nobody in this room either
how are you this evening?
no idea
where is Yael ?
hi rex  
Good luck!
Hi i‘m new. I want to improve my english for my A Levels in school  
not fond of answering?
how are you today?
it empty here almost every day
Its always so empty here?