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But some of your brothers are playing, Xari?
Hi Louis nice to see you here
I think they are playing against a German club
Not really, I saw the news
Today the Lask plays ... but do not ask me against whom?
are you football fan?
I was not really good... but it was funny  
Wasiem are you tired?
you played wow
Or mean American football?
Soccer? Once I played but know I have not enough time because of school
Hi Alp
Hi Wasiem
Do you like sports, especially football?
I will still watch TV
Relaxing, nothing special  
What's the plan for this evening?
Ich will den Russen ärgern ... deshalb Deutsch hahah
Ah, gut, es ist schön wenn man das gelernte auch mal anwenden kann
Die Seite hier
Wie meinst du?
Gefällt dir der Chat?
Hi Xari
Hi Alphina
Nice picture, Casius
Bye Amara
you too*
you to
Have a nice day or evening
Ok bye
I will have a glass of wine and tapas
so you are pretty much out too then
soon I will go to meet a friend
yes, many people but all are silent
It's so dead here
Hi, Amara*
salut, Amara
Hi Chrin and Xari
why yes, yes it is :)
It's one of the pleasures in life, n'est-ce pas?
so I can still eat garlic?
Yes. I'll stop saying such ridiculous things!
do you know any solutions?
Well, that is probably killing your keyboard.
I do eat it, yes
It's Lake Constance, Amara.
Do you eat garlic, Bob? Some keyboards are intollerant of this wonder of nature.
I am not sure about the english name
yes Stuart
Lake Constance auf Englisch
that's the one
Bodensee - is that the one?
and hey Stuart
my keyboard is dying...
Hey Bob
Amara :)
lol yeah
Yes, Bob, that may well be true
now 18 and looks like autumn
on sunday I was swimming in the lake of Constance, 31 degrees
God, you sure must have some time on your hands!
it depends who posts them
here its cool today and rainy
So you still investigate them?
sorry to hear that
Nothing personal, Bob!
I'm through with following links
knock yourselves out :D
I'm glad you put "tute" at the end of that word!
lol stuart
... but still red-dy to prcede with caution ...
Stuart you astute man ^^
but only when they're green
I'm green with envy.
I like traffic lights
i like almonds
it's too hot for tea. I like coffee in the morning to help me wake up, then for the rest of the day, it's water or coconut water, or juice
and a cup of tea
roasted almonds with herbs
I just had a snack
and.... the room fell asleep.  
I am fine too
am good amara how about you ??
 thanks julie
yes am new hhh
hI AMara
hello lounis. Are you new here?
how are you?
Hi Lounis
ah ok. To each their own.
and this year, instead of buying the wood chips as you see in the picture, i discovered 'rubber chips'. More expensive, but i won't have to buy some every year like i do for wood chips.
I like it wild and chaotic in garden
I always have clean flower beds
I am opposite.
I even try to cultivate more weeds
oh my garden looks much wilder lol
don't look at the weeds i haven't pulled out, haha
yes, its a nice poppy species
the other one was saved 'small'
I should have sent you this instead.
just flowers
i don't have any veggies
red and yellow ones and also some beans climbing the walls
I have tomatoes on my balcony
ok, it's a picture from june
it was on my phone so i don't know when i took picture by heart
and as you can see, it has already started losing its petals
ah ok
different species but very nice in a garden
Ah thats a bigger plant than the wild ones here
I give lessons about edible wild plants
my poppies
apparently dandelions are edible too but i don't eat them
haha ok
I like to eat everything lol
i rather just look at them than eat them. haha!
but they dont taste special, just nice colour
you can eat the flower petals in a salad
ah ok
then its the same we have here
there is a californian species, yellow and orange
yes, with black middle!
its a red one?
really nice Julie
now every year, i have more and more poppies that grow in front of my house. Love it!
i thought it was just europe
didn't know we had that could grow here
I had never seen one live before.  
in front of my house, a few years ago, i had a poppy growing.  
well, maybe at a flower shop?  
needs a lot of water
the plants grows in subtropical climate
Thanks casius
i wonder if we have a plant like that here....
Markus, does it come from your heart ?
this morning I could watch them open slowly when it got lighter
and the leaves open again after some minutes
hi casius
also nice flowers
Amara, you do look blissful.
omg. so cool that plant.
a mini turtle today
Hi casius
and casius, Markus
ah ok amara. thanks. I'll check it out
hi Julie und Amara
Hi Markus
thats about the plant Julie
guten tag markus
Guten Tag zusammen
one of the flowers in the bouquet I have, I forgot the name but it looks like a rose, but it is not a rose, it is supposed to look like a wilted flower.
I often show the plant on guided tours
kids love it
yes, a very fast reaction
also in the night
they close the leaves when you touch them  
she had stress when I took her home in my bag
no clue what that is...
I bought a mimosa plant yesterday
thanks. Flowers I bought myself yesterday.
thanks, you also have nice flowers in your pic
Hi Julie
Long time no see
Nice picture!
hello amara.
hey Kaori
yeah :)  
very cute:-))
day one is always nice: many 'dress up' for day one....  
oh yeah! painfully or traumatic
for some of them though, summer can be painfully long if they don't have a good summer. Lots of broken families....
so true
Before you expect it, your kids can be out of school and back to school in a blink of an eye. Since summer flies by so quickly lool
what picture is that of? (your profile)
enjoying the life to fullest
I am starting to get hyper for school, so now it's two days in a row i don't sleep well. ugh!
any news?
the same here
some days hotter than others.
nope. nothing. Just enjoying summer.
any news?
pretty good thnx
zizou n'existe pas
Qlq1 as vu zizou
how are you?
how are you doing??
I have to work
Thank you for your understanding
I think it is not important
May I ask you old you are?
Yes thats true
Are still holidays .. so it's okay
Went to bed to late
Auch gut, bisschen müde
Danke gut und selbst?
Wie gehts?
Hi Xari
Hello everybody
martine revouir
good night :wave:
sex is the best theme  
You only speaking about sex ?
hu la la
rex, of course  
martine you continue sexy
If you say so.
I have no reason to mute you  
Mute me.
 let it out, casius  
ABach :kiss:
whats up  
ya, rex
She said plastic dont hide it
Anita singer you.know her i like her very sincere
samba rumba e bumba
Anais dances zamba
 Cariocas girls
rio is not the capital :D
Girls from capital from brazil
as cariocas
 Cariocas too
Garotas you have to invit them
Del lugar
esto depende
Es caro tu pais para los turistas
 Son como extrenistas
I think vegans are less than 1% of the population
Sheeps full in hair
Cow site kitchen pig in.sofa hen eggs bathroom
I have never thought about it
Vegan.dont eat animals yoi can figured it over animal population this planet lol
we will die one day, sooner or later
 We have died a day lol
I don´t agree with diets that cut foods, but I think one has the right of choose  
In supermarmet
Ñeople buy sandwish in cold
Europe prop
Me too
rex i like to eat all kind of food,  
 Who is more healthy nl vegan or vegan
 Herbicides and lesticides used in agriculture
 Vegan is not 100 %natural
  I see
los hombres de los pampas que hacen la parrillada
Que es gaucho
lol, Rexi ...
 Anais replies me
Have good time, people of the room.
la parrillada is a tradition there, gauchos won´t let anybody destroy it
Et toi Lucca ?
Vegan strange
that´s it rex
( : ( )
(Pauvre moi)
 Yes you are
no, I am not here
 Anais are you here
Look it
Nobody ?
in argentina they eat a lot of beefs
Who would love to add me on Facebook ?
Is the meat of a vegan person a vegan meal?
 I cant find the video
In argentina vegan vs people eat normal lol.vegan want to be martires a event of cows
the world is strange rex
 Vegans wants to care animals
Better vetarian more easy
 Milk from tree xd
 I can.not drink and eat nothing
I am not vegan
 Vegan is hard to me
why not but it is not my favorite way of life
What is your opinion vegan?
  I want ask you a thing
I am fine thanks
Anais how are you
Hello Rexi ! jaja
I should be leaving if you want her to speak
 Ana are you here
Rex : )
  Ok :thumb:
I'm teasing you. Rex.
  Anais hi
It's me who am going to say, not you
  Nothing yo say
About me ?
Rex, want me to tell you something sincere ?
Haha you're funny
Something like indigènes.
 There some groups
Indigenas reminds me something.
What's it called?*
What's is called?
 Yes there are a population some reservations lands
Is there*
Rex, what techniques one should rely on to have a good fermentation ?
Are you high ?
Has there any indigenous population left in Panama?
Rex, tell me about water fermentation.
 Hi, Rex, nice video about plagues.
Rex, she even left.
Rex, what about me ? henry ?
Hola amel
Algeria is connected.
Alphina, Russia is saying that you don't deserve its respect.
Respect has to be earned.
People may be very harsh
She came back, she didn't find any apologies.  
Henry, don't you think ?
Poor Alphina. She didn't deserve that.
Alphina, people aren't all that respectful.
See you Alphina.
:wave: see you next time
Vladimir you can do it better
that's right
K is disrespectful towards Alphina.
You can talk now with Casius
Hahaha Vladimir
Anyway I've to go  
The video Rex shared is a ton more curious than this conversation here.
Have a good chat with more interesting people, here.
I'm kidding, Alphina. I don't remember.
whad did you tell me? about the nickname
I can't remember
In order to be fair, I'm showing up my eyes.
You asked me about my nickname. I answered you.
you didn't
I told you so many things about me.
You ain't trusting me.
Haha perché no?
Alphina, Ok Ok. I won't be trusting you again.
it's a secret
I've a very nice job ...
How much ?
I am paid by the state
Ah lol
It shows 20:57 and here 22:57
Alphina, what do you do for a living ?
It is a differenz of two hours
Explain to me please.
I don't understand.  
Non lo so, I have to take care next time
Aren't they be changing ?
Can not you change the time zones?
You do not know me either ...
Do you have bodies in the basement?
You couldn't. Because you don't really know who I may be.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh perchè
Hahahaha I should believe it?
Alphina, Because if i get to be known, I risk some bad things.
You see. I'm maybe the nicest man here.  
For me it is a reason .... what do you want to hide?
No, you did not say bad things
I thought you put your trust in me.
That's not a reason.
that's the reason
Because you constantly change your nationality
I'm not trustworthy ? Have I ever been bad with you ?
Why ?
I'll not tell anything
Olala. You are getting too serious !!
Does it make a difference if I am blond, brown, white or black?
What are you going to tell me about yourself?
why not?
I didn't know you were a blonde.
I don't think so
It's just a coincidence
So, I'm showing the upper part of my face, and you're doing same with the lower one.
As you can see, some people are here
Is someone here ?
Xari left.
Medientechnik is a mix of computing science and media design and I am interested at both so..
I also would like to know what do you upbraid the initial computing science ?
This does mean if you excel in what you like ?
If that mean I like it yes
Do you shine at it ?
That does look interesting, indeed.
I read about it.
Medientechnik, its like informatics but a Bit more creative, consists fotographie and things like that
mean schoolstudies?
Xari,  what do your studies consist of ?
Xari, You then do have some basics ?
depends on what you use it for
Xari, Do you like hacking ?
Xari, into hacking then ?
There's then no one ?
:smile: :wave: :smile:
War weg
Hi Markus
Hello Wolfgang
Wolfman46, Tell me about Linux.
Good one. Markus.
Is someone here ?
hallo Amara
Bye Xari
I was working  
Will have dinner now, bye  
Yes, havnt done something excitig, just chilled, watched Tv,..
Did you have a good day?
Hi Xari
Hi Amara
Xari, leaving ?
Time to go :wave:
brb   the phone
that's nice I think
Hi Markus
Not really but I am back, because of an interview.
Hi Markus
The universities have already started?
Holidays are over I am back to Uni.  
I am also tired, just traveled for more than 4 hours :facepalm:
Did you have holidays?
I am here after a long break :popcorn:
Talk to us
Only a bit tired
Fine too, thanks  
Hi Alphina, I am good, thank you, how are you?
Hi Wasien How are you?
Hi :icecream:
I drove the men out ... they do not talk
So I was right ... I guessed it, but I was not sure
Xari du bist schon ein Mädel, oder?
i am fine thx
Mayby he is a hacker or he travels around the world
Fine thanks how about you?
Xari ... Casius always changes his nationality
How are you?
Hi Xari ..
Good afternoon everyone
my youngest bro is 6
The first
Xari, you're the sixth ?
Casius you asked about siblings: i have 5 brothers  
hello Bernhard
hello angels
Here is holliday
ahh casius
Xari, Any sibling ?
Enzo, We're just chewing the fat, talking just like that.
Sorry for the delay. I'm somehow working.
Casius, there are no special reasons. Thats my personality
what is the theme in this chat?
Enzo, peachy, you ?
Xari, could I know the whys and the wherefores of that state ?
how are you?
Hi Enzo.
Casius thats true, i am not that person who speaks a lot
hi all
Hi casius
You seem calm.  
what would you like to know?
(if you don't mind)
Xari, tell me a bit about yourself  
Xari, what about you ?
I'm working and chaffering with you.
Except chating?
What are you doing at the moment?
Xari, Let's chit-chat a little.
If I'm esteemed as many men, yes.
Many men you mean?
you can't count it
much snow
Much pain.
Many women.
Many is for plural nouns.
Much requires a something which is singular.
It's simple.
I dont know, whats the difference?
Too much or too many ?
Too much
Xari, How many times did you get married ?
I need to eat something.
anizaki, Howdy ?
anizaki Hello
Ah. Je t'ai répondu.
"No one. I'm just here to shoot the breeze, to schmooze. "
languages ...
Laquelle ? Je ne pige pas trop ce à quoi tu fais allusion.
Est-ce que la question est trop privée?
Quelles langues parles-tu Casius?
Avec des yeux extraordinaires … hahahaha
D'abord on parle de Casius
Ne veux-tu pas ?
Parlons de smurfette.
De toi ?
de quoi veux-tu parler?
De quoi parles-tu donc ?
42 ans … pas mal, pas mal
Ah d'accord. C'est vrai que c'est très confidentiel.
Je ne parle pas de mon âge Monsieur Casius
Je dirais 42 ans ?
pas vraiment
Ah une femme. Tu devrais alors être très âgée.
No one. I'm just here to shoot the breeze, to schmooze.
Oui, bien sûr, je voudrais dire une femme hahahaha plutôt hahahaha
In what languages are you interested in?
Ah, tu es une fille.
Yes, I'm a very funny girl
Tu ris beaucoup.
What a pity hahahaha
I never tell such things here.
You own me an answer my friend hahahaha
I wonder, my time’s always running .. will I ever stop it  
I don’t know what is so wrong with me  
Hola Joao K. Como estàs? que tal?
What is your Profession?
Do you work in the zoo?
Do you work with animals?
exactly my friend
Women !! They do love beauty !
This one ?
funny like you
What do you think about this one ?
of course
You do like birds ?
woooww, what a nice bird
Thank you.
What a cute pic
(Cold shoulder again)
Do you believe in angels casius?
I'm an angel … they say always the truth ...
Be sincere and tell me what you really think.
Oh !! To not hut me ?
I wouldn't say so … not ugly
Scary and ugly, they told me.
Your eyes look very scary hahahaha  
Are you American?
I know jajajajajajaja
Haha you're funny.
That's what I wanted to know hahahaha
What's up here !
Hi everybody … what's up?
hey hey
Ups gone  
Reza how re u doing ?
I got you under my skin.
see u soon :wave:
enjoy your time and saty safe susan  
we will meet up when destiny wants us to hehe
au revoir , xng
dècalage des horaires ... time difference
take care and rest a bit:)
i hope we talk again some time soon
i like talking to you  
didnt want to keep you up, sorry
its late susan, true  
je vais me coucher ... bed time
oh, i see the time ... end of the evening ... 23 h 37
hhh, true
i am ahead of the times
to learn new pieces of technology or whatnot
and have to force urself
or are u a rather traditional person
do you like to see and dicover new things
it was fun
even , the electric machine had not been invented yet  
which at times is questionable when it comes to use
but u never gave up on new technology  
hehe different times  
click click , tap tap
i learned typing on the old manual machines
at least u get to rest on your couch:)
hard ty type?
my device ... tablette ...
yoou hear that one succesfulstory and forget the other 99 bad fates
i am not fond of the touch screen
youre right  
but we better know when to step on that brake pedal  
greed is our gas pedal  
obsession ... gamblers ... strike it rich (expression)
he woke up late to his funeral so to say  
at first it was  
its wasnt only greed  
hes got pain in his eyes from what ive seen  
i have seen it
i would say it is insane ... yes
he said it was too late to stop  
he even invested alot  
he knew he couldnt stop  
it was insane  
miners ... gamblers
years of solitude and no revenue  
australian story ... yes this sort of life experience is known here ... gold mines ... opal mines
i felt for him  
being somewhere between 60-70 he still had this hop and desperation in his words  
i cant remember  
he spent 40 years in mines looking for gold(?)  
believe *
they showed him in a german documentary
there was this older australian gentleman  
xng, i velieve the geemans have been amazing in philosophy
so susan  
dicton ... it is french
i got it from schopenhauer  
aphorism ... i bet that has latin origin
learn these 3 and u get the 4th on top for free
english language has 3 sources ... greek, latin, germanique
as far as i can judge  
you speak french well susan  
Susan the Problem is i dont know much about language  
dont forget your life aphorisms susan
no no ... only language and spelling
Xari, about things you know  
language and spelling ... i am happy to help with these
Know about what?
no no ... just simple stuff please
good correction ... perfect
Xari, tell me about what you know
hope to see u in one if my concerts  
im not a musician, do you think i should my carrer give a go?
are these the lyrics of a song ? xng
travelled home for some 10 hours and my band washers were about to form a work union  
Hy susan  
haha, yes
cant blame u its long disctances  
hello xari
Amara, au revoir
Ciao Amara
ah, amara, au recoir
missed an important date waaah
Casius, you know that i dont know them?
only once ... in perth ... i was only 6 years of age  
I have to go
Ah life ... how weird  are people
australian cities seem really beautiful  
have u been to perth?    
I think I know someone here
the beachs ! the surf  
Xari, who would win ? luffy or itachi ?
Hi Amara
the harbour ... la porte de sydney
what do you like most about living in sydney?
could u imagine living in another city?
good growth rate
hey, welcome amara
HI Susan, xari, xng and casius
now sydney is 5 million people
how much is it now?
sydney was 1 million people, when i was young
Xari, Tell me, has luffy reached his new gear ?
yes ... but not a huge population
shouldnt you be used to concrete deserts and many people?  
Casius, nothing
Xari, don't be wary, just let's be piffling  
susan you live in abig city yourself  
but also many forests  still  
Xari, Any news ?
in germany we have 82 million people
yes ... big cities ... light pollution  
it means light pollution  
licht ... light
oh, long word
when theres so many city lights it ruins your night sky
yes ... soithern hemisphere
here we say lichtverschmutzung  
when being in the outback  
australian night sky must be beautiful  
in the north  
meterorites can be seen at this time of year
im viiting the family right now  
never mind ...  change the subject
or lots of work?
but positive stress, i hope
I want to eat.
stressful times?
oh, not so nice
what has life been up to?
being twin is wonderful
yikes !
yes theres 6 mre of me
hehe well answered
vii ... 7th ... yes ?
hi xng the 7th
hey susan how are u
you guys are verrryyyy good freinds, arent u?
isnt that a wonderful moment?
sarka charles is here
ki ki do you love me haha
Beer drinker detected
i also go all-in harbsch