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rumba :party:
:dance: shaking shaking
wero are you here
rex el mocoso
ask not for what, ask what you can do for your country
for what?
Thank you!! :)
rex    no bother  wero  ok
you do

bring me
so drink it
i want water
i don't have this one...
ok, will be grateful for hepl
let me check the Rexish dictionary
what is rex talking about, sb tell me plz
wero brings me water
evy estas aqui
parler etc.
que vous faites
are you ok?
so everthing is fine
yes ofc
are you ok?
i am now
wero are you here
what areyou doing
Thx Fred
wero are you here :whistle:
wb Dominik?
sorry :x
wero are you here
quiero agua caliente xddd toman alla xd}
Marcador final 2  -0
ya se acabo el juego
Estamos en la calle
Sacaron un TV
En la calle
Copa América 2019
hay chupata entonces en tu casa o el bar :P
Estoy tan contenta!
esta bien argetinos e creen losmejores
Amigas amigos
y las mujeres tambien
2 goal colombia 0 argentina
La gente está alboratada
umm interesante
Esto está de locos
donde pa llegar
Y estábamos viendo el partido!
Estoy tomado unas cervezas
que has hacer hoy
que bueno
Argentina vs colombia
Esperanto is not allowed here, Evy.
que ganaron
que celebran
Estamos de fiesta aquí
Hola rexxxxx
evy recresasste
we are playing the America Cup
We not lost -we just a bit confused.
we lost :(
Hi Rex
mocoso rex
wero what
lol rex got crazy due to much sun
yeah Bob
come here
wt rex?
but brat in english means badly behaved kid
come here wero
yeah i llobe these accidental puns
Ahh yeah
brat pitty
yes, what's funny with it? XD
that's quite funny - brat, in polish means brother
bra where
better bob
brat rex
only spanish speakers here ?
 salhi bob
hermano rex
You rang, Sir?
lol you all are wrong!
 She was probably applying her makeup,
were you drunk?
werocome here baby lol
ah don't even ask!! xd
how did you do that Wero?
padre rex
i broke a mirror once too.. .lol although i wasn't driving!
You really showed that car who's boss!
Fred I'll sell you mine
iu want a car
then I said fuck it, and drove it in to a lake
bad luck
Bob, it wasn't the car's fault!
well, I got a parking ticket, then I hit the wing mirror and broke it
what happens?
I hate them
bloody cars
have car troubles though
I'm ok thanks
game of czesh?
load of things
how are you?
anything exciting or interesting happening here?
cześć Wero :)
how bored are you?
my god you scrolled back?
Yes, Bob, of course.
don't make me
hello bob
make us
Is   "yhrn" an expression of boredom, Fred? I think that's Esperanto for "Yawn".
shut up you guys
how am i doing what?
How re u doing ?  
hi milou
only yhrn does this make sense
my god this is why i get drunk
Still trying eh
i try
asena you still havent deleted your account?
hi rex
was working out great for me  
i once had a polish course
great xngvii
that translates into  i accet other countries based on other soil  
what are you do9ig
hello im from germany but i love the world, i lo lo lo love it  
Hi rex
No royal plural?
asena i am here ;P
The jury will ignore those comments.
there is always a catch
Subjective opinions don't count, Fred.
so shut up you bastards
im never grumpy
haven't noticed that
He's a bit grumpy tonight.
Ah a lot, all te time
I hope Fred's not bothering you.
Hello, Weroniker
Methinks you're a bit of a stirrer
morning stuart
Bored? You ain't seen nothin'yet!
would what it were that easy...
(Let's talk about the subjunctive mood - that'll clear the room!)
some australian bloke...
Who is boring you then?
= bored  
G'day Fred! You seem to be in good form tonight.
hey gday stuart
Count yourself lucky that it's only your earring!
You do have an obsession with my earring don't you lol
(the cuter one but id never admit that)
that guy with ther earring
who's fake?
hey welcome back fake guy
World domination
whuch ploans?
is he in his group right now?
don't ruin their plans!
depends on time zone
But tomorrow is not Saturday anymore.
but ill download it tomorrow
im waiting for the notice
ok that was a lie  
fred i just added u  
you dowloading skype?
still waiting  
u seem like a survivor
fred wouldnt u even survive a nuclear war  
I could be dead then
or wait another week
carpe diem
this is saturdays only
havent we
lessons learned
you made yourself the liar  
OH FOR ...
i first have to download skype
want to make me a liar?
i told them we were getting a new visitor
i wont add u  tonight fred
so is my group
im waiting
so xng
she come babbles down her senteces and leaves  
normally she stays and talks for hours...
i knew the outcome  
what a shock
hmm why is that....
silvie left
and u do it for a good reason
silvie u will stay
nobody in this room?
what are you talking about tonight?
i thought you were adding me on skype
but talk to me
just kidding  
im getting angry....
talk to me fred  
then we see what happens
we both get drunk together
fred u know already
give me a chance to sit back and have a beer ;)
no please lead the show
please do sir
im unhappy if u steal my show  
i have seen your skype id  
i might associate with you  
if you dont mind typos...
come chat to me / us in skype or start ba private here
im talking to u  
you know nothing until you actually talk to someone
i mean it in a psotivie way
why i that
and its surprises me  
but i gotta say ure very dominant  
just kidding  
i knw u very well by now  
i did fred and i have to say
that answers that
did you read my profile?
do you like to get know new people?
empty soul u mean  
and you are very chatty for someone with an empty profile...
u very extrovert for having autism dont u
sorry i pressed the wrong buttons
good luck
yes all in my profile
u seem incredibly smart to me  
whats your job?  
have u said that once
do you suffer from autism?
arent we all
and im a loner
im shy fred
come join our skype of you cant sleep
whered would i find u  
u tell me
i have never been to scotland  
now you upset Vladimir
id might have a stroke
Have good time.
I'm leaving this place.
wouldnt have thought ur sharp mind is still awake  
the act of misspelling?
fred how are you doing
got cuaght in the act  
out whwre?
ist there anybody out there
prove it
this is xngvii
Fred whatvare you doing
does Sleepy like it?
I feel sleepy
any that offers free beer  
What party did you vote for?
what a great party
never make a premise you cannot keep
I mean, I can't answer the "why" question, because its premise is wrong.
Thank you.
Ok so wlcom in babchat Vladimir
vova why are u following Fred?
I'm well, thank you.
I'm Vladimir, you can call me Vova.
Or 7 minutes  
romeo 7 days u 7 years  
vladimir Poutine maybe :D
rex what about u 7years? :)
who knows?
who are u then
I'm not Vlad.
Vlad kak dela?
so confusing
He can't say he is following u so he says he is following me :-p
he is right
how are you
Hi Fredy, Wero, Shrexy
<- opinion Wer?
Just stay natural  and smile :)
hi Daga :hug:
Sandy has a stalker
oh and he admits it!
i dont think its me he is following...
I was following you, Sandrine.
hhh i thought u like that
what can I do?
he is following u like a shadow
he just says that
vlad likes u fred :)
rex i like the lyrics.romeo is rejero !:p
hello again sir
Hi again.
U were a baby of 40
no i was quite small
Hhh ur mom suffered  
no i  was born aged 40
u don't remember it maybe but uhv had that age
i was never 21
when u were 21
do u look same like  
especially with years passing
fred all change  
haha he is confident in him un verdad casanova
nothing changes
he is a casanova lol
sandrine for romeo just 7 days
Just sometimes fred not all the time
:p you rex no smthing is missing
it hurts
it's good to think fred
Who is that man rex?
stop thinbking
not lol
Mmmm thinking
 ummmmmmmmmmmm intersting
Lol in ur country
mmmmm sound just lol
 as i said this music is a high
what is mmmm
mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm
hi sand
I'm moving to the lobby.
 from panama to the girls here :dance:
 i like this music :heart: bye you lost the opportunity principal message .
see what i just typed in Lobby
to not chat
People, what is your purpose here?
a successful scheme...
 oh did you know it? fred
I studied that Rex
great i love links
bekheer kteer kteer  
hhh Mery kif halek  
i feel ya ahah
I am the only Scot
i am the only one lolz
and thanks god
me neither
Okey, i never ever met Egyptain before
or he*
Fred hhh she speack arabic and englisch  
be cool
Fredi, I don't know Dutch :sad:
no Merry
here to practice English....
hhhh there are many arabic here
go to the Dutch room, Merry
are ya new here?
اخيرا حد عربى زيى هههه
hi merry  
hey Omr
wero ok
Maybe, some art would distract you, Fred.
New York?
sorry rex, missed it. This week I was in my town only lol
dont all type at once
please slowdown
this is far too confusing
ummm nothing wero
hello newcomers
who are you
 bad english in conversation lol
this week
vero where were you
he said f off for whom
merry you want a phone free or not
fredi, sure i flattering :P
 merry i will gift a iphone last model :P
who?? pff
fck off
disrepectful kids
fred, it's actual?
rex, i can't see his meg i don't know how to remove the block lolz
shu8t up!!
click on his profile xd
Fred, ahaha ya look young
We are babies still
me not
re a liar
Vero 17 and me 17
me wero  
Merry 16
Merry dont make me cry
merry, older than who?
Fred ahaha how old r ya?
How qre yoy
maybe one or two years
16 me
but i am older than ya  
yeah same  
3 lol
aha how many years so?
now I feel like the room grandfather
I'll finish it when I'll be 19
My condolences, Merry.
yeep, i have exam after tom as well
although you're youngger
it's my last year finally
not as low as me
When you finish it, Merry?
ahahah harsh
very fck low, Fred
Same Wero
ahaha why Fredii
on a mountain or a hill?
Are you in high school, Fred?
how high?
okk, I am in high school
oh now I feel hurt
i meant ya wero not fredii
yes, Merry
no weroo
Did you?
Wero, u r in high school too
did we?
hello darling
we talked before
i miss ya  
hello btw
as you can see
alright yesss
Are you?
aren't you?
ahaha idk
are we?
Talking here.
what are r doing
Hi, Merry.
Hello guys  
or your hat is too small
I've got bigger things than words.
what a big word
What a burgeoning discussion.
morning Vladimir K
do you ever say hello, Loppa?
Ok bye
im out#
Asena hello merhaba stop be hidding
Nice cap lol
 Asena nice meet you :p
morning Rosalie
im turkish
 How are you
Hey ho :)
Asena how did you learn turkish ?
 Is fred weird ?
 Oh guzel evet
:party: are you here
Who is girl in your profile ?
Me too
  :chin: ummm ok ok
no she is only careful
She is very demanding
Kind of
Asena weird too or not lol
and then you start a chat in turkish
that you only want to learn english here
you come and complain it is weird and people flirt
fred calm down
this is the english room
and you answerd which is rude
How old are you ?
but he asked turkish
i try
and if you want to improve english - you wont do so if you write Turkish here
 Evet asena
your prof is a bad teacher :)
it IS impossible
iyim sen  
but it seems impossible
my prof said i must to accept english as my own language like german
 Eres turca
yes 3
i read english newspaper and watch english movies but it is still to hard
you have 3 mother languages?
i need to get the word order right in order to flirt successfully! :tongue:
Merhaba nalsisin
Asena the practice
i have BIG problems with my word order in German
german arabic and turkish
oh god me too
Fred did you scotland have colony in panama ?
i have Problems in writing an essay
what´s your mother language Asena?
i am trying to improve my sentence structure  
Rex still there ?
Asena u
no not Greek
por supuesto
yeah I should be in the Spanish room
yes wrong place
wrong place fred
I came her to flirt but you are all learning languages! this is weird!
nobody !
we are terrible people!

all of us
Who is flirting?
flirting here?
Asena do you still want delete account or did you forget idea
stop it please
Thanks Minik
Beto stop flirting!!
ciao Wasiem
 Assesment where
Thanks! See you :wave:
oh clever Wasiem
wow asena  =advanced level english!
  I am fine
Good luck, wasiem
english exam?
fine thanks and you
I have Exam! Cannot afford, and don't even know how you do that :tongue:
i used to
rex again with the edinburgh questions
Do you live in leith
 Fred have you been leith
Asena expects it of us all!
stay and flirt!
no Wasiem
  How are you asena
I will help with your english if you have a beer for me
Hi :wave: Williams, Got to leave sorry :wave: bye
 Stay here so
only improve my english
 Learn languages or delete the account
Asena what do you want ?
It seems
 You opened new account
Wolfgang ist the admin of this site. Ask him if you got problems with deleting your account
Hello Wasiem
 You opened other account
you will often find Wolfgang in the German room
Asena destino :p
(with toilet breaks)
and that is only 7 days a week
I only flirt when I am drunk
not really
not exactly patient are you?
and already you decide this
ha ha  
you re so funny
because you registered just today
now you will have NOBODY
About skills haha
you just did
i only want a Person to talk to
Asena you are wrong
i dont want to judge
please close the door when you leave
thanks for judging us all  
yes we are ALL flirting
registered 15th June 2019
there are only flirting
i am not sure anyone will wish to help you
what do you mean weird people?
but if after one day you decide we are all weird
and here you can
i only wanted to improve my english skills
ah good to see you have such a broad mind
just send him a message telling him how much you hate this place...
here are too many weird people
his software...
his website
only Wofgang can help
ok well...
and logged back in again?
but have you logged out?
send a message to Wolfgang
wtf ?
I deleted my account but it still exists
wb asena
in fact it is
this is such an amazing coincidence!
me too, and two eyes
I have two ears
it´s possible
welcome, Fares
ah we have so much in common
neither do I
sorry i dont speak Japanese
wie geht es dir? ça va come va?
how are we all what?
how are you all?
hey BL
morning Yaz
you can tell me - nobody else is reading this
are you REALLY an African prince?
"" ;)
and my email address ""
and stealing my joke
and revenge for you asking for my bank account details...
i needed a random victim
Why mine, Fred?
Rex will miss you
above "change password"
it is near the bottom of your profile page
you want to leave us after one day???
 How are you asena
better still - go to DOMINIK'S profile and delete HIS profile!
can not find the button
"Profile" and "delete profile"
good question
how can i delete this account ?
or is it a secret question?;)
now I am curious
go ahead Asena
or perhaps 42
the answer is no
hi guys i have a question
with my english yes
Fred can i help you ?
that good eh?
how was your week?
Chat without ladies is sea without fish or desert without sun
We need ladies here
Dominik man
Hey Mark
Hi all
Anais are you here ?
Zzźzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz boring chat 90.6 % now
 This week it has been invasion
Pregant belly and belly
Wtf in facebook
Ah OK, I can understand
We broke up because I was to much of the left wing for her taste
maybe, it is private ! sorry
Angela Merkel ?
Domi, what are the news of your gf Angela?
I know that !
Just teasing
 I mean how are you?
Oops :P
Are you modelling?
Dominik is true german is rich country
haha, I hate this auto correct ...  lol
Auto correct, sorry XD
Dominik niao
Hey Maus :)
Hello Domi
Night dress
Bye Okdemi  
  Nice photo anaos
thanks all for communication, see you later
Turn round is vueltita
Haha, Rexi !!!!!!
he is with fear  
Rex ????
Anais turn around please
Yes like cook but my wife cooking.
your spanish is every day Better  
muchas gracias Jorge
okdemi do you like cook ?
lovely pic Anais
that is so, believe me :)
well i like live and make different thing  
if feeling young than is young :)
Jorge my young student!  lol
No , ich bin alt  
Are you Stundent ?
i like it  
because Job other ?
HH, Berlin, Munchen , Bremen , Kassel and ander  
ok in which City.
i was there long time ago
no, I work.
La wea
are you in school okdemi ?
das ist gut  
my native language is German and Turkish  
meine mutter sprache ist Spanish :-)
that is also my first day :)
today is your first day here okdemy  
i live in Valpaiso city  
ja Bisschen  
find and you can speak German ?
ich komme aus Chile  
I am from Germany and you ?
okedemi where are you from ?
hi Jorge
Hi Anais
Hello everybody, how are you?
I am new here.
hi okdemi
Hi, all
vraiment dommage
tu n aimes pas cette langue?
tu ne parles pas allemand, dominik?
fällt s ins Gewicht?
vielleicht oder vielleicht auch nicht?
Oder vielleicht doch?
Keine Sau
wer will deutsch lernen
what a pity
about nothing?
what are you talking about this lovely saturday?
Have a nice day
when u used to it at least  
other than that weed>alcohol  
tastes like milk and gets u to the 4th dimension  
best drink is white russian
Once i was in Spain. I visited a pub called Locco Locco. They served me this facinating piece of drink called Locco rocko. It was 50% of the purest vodka from russia, with a secret combination of frutes. This is all i remember from a locco locco night in magaluf.  
Mojito, that is actually one of my favorites. Have you tried snow storm? That is a fabouluos experience.  
 Te fuiste anais
 Se fueron
 Favorite drink of girls mojito.con su carrizo
 Mojito your favorite
yes before mojito
   You chosed wine
white wine
Choose one
both as usual
 Anais choose one white wine or mojito
Hello Mark, welcome
"au revoir"
hasta pronto
buenas tardes
bonne nuit a tout  
je doit alle  
Anais vous alle soulemnent travaille la ?
 Aya la vida
estamos en Crisis  
  Oh jorge prestame dinero lol
Ohhh Jorge .....
prefero amigo reale
and you will be the first man she know  
Rex you must save money  
Osea un amigo virtual
Anais alguna vez has conocido alguien en persona
 Mc donald nearby and china restaurant too
 Malakoff paris
No se han cuando viaje a europa aun
voy a Malakoff! jaja
  Ok nice
Rex Anais desea conocerte cara a cara  
si por favor, me gustaría! jaja
   Oye donde aprendiste frances
Rex Quand est que vous Volee a la Europe ?
Anais est que vou voulez connais a Rex visage -visage ?
Alguna vez conocido alguien por intermet
  A no solo en chat
me refiero si la conoces en persona, face to face ?
  Si y tu
Rez tu conoces a Anais ?
Jorge no te conoce ceei
 Jorge comes to visit you here
 Anais what up
yes it is no
No yes yes is no
Ana are you here
Alber estain here
BB ?
salut naima
La wea
 Jorge po
Bien Sarka
BB i can ' t :-(  
 anyway good  night I am still in spanish room if you want to talk Jorge
tu te estaras levantando aqui  son las 18 Hrs  
have a sexy nite!  
 Europe sleep..and america awake
not yet
I should be sleeping either
Bye Sarka , good night  
will you go to sleep ?
yes but I am leaving this room
Poka = bye ?
Sarka bist du hier ?
Poka Vladi
Bye Wlady
I'll go, have good time.
Sounds like romanti movie
or Chocolate  
and when return to house change clothes and take a hot shower  and drink a cafe  
Whose funny?
well here raining very few then is funny will be wet  
Well it is better to go for a walk right after
but is very good go to raining walk  
And if the weather isn't?
if the weather is bad mostly staying at home
my fav- łomża
Warsawian- krolewskie
Dunno tyskie, zywiec
Um Rex?  
Wolfgang what do you like to do on the weekends?
 Bb the names of the beers nice bottle brown color
wine is very healthy
i cant even look at this
I havent wine anymore since that time i had too much  
did someone say beer
ok we maybe get beer u got me  
Oh Jorgi where did i say that hehe
being close to the nature helps
will you go to drink a beer with a frien or wine ?
to switch off  
Nah come on. It is needed sometimes  
but i envy people who can
i could do that for like 15 seconds and then being bored out of my skull
I feel like just laying on the grass and forgetting the world
sounds nice :)
I mean having some a lot of time since we have whole sunday, thats lovely
Um working, reading and having some time with a friend, u?
what will do for weekend ?
Bye Vero
nighty Wer :kiss:
good night Weronika
bye wero
I will go there on Monday hoping it waits for me
Good night
all peoplehave lot of mistake  
Naah xd i will be on time
I thought you missed the date of flight hahah
Yeah my life is full of them
easy mistake to make
 ahah ok
hehe next week
Sorry rex I forgot
it is to Panama not Germany!
Nie dowiesz się, dopóki tam nie pójdziesz
i checked my ticket lately and i was wrong
Aww Sarka funny story!
I were
zostawilam ja w piekarni, myslisz ze tam jest?
A to co innego xdd
Wero i thought you were bust
Ohh i only like a vacation  
BB when  is your trip to Germany?
No serio serio  
Ej serio- jak?!
yes BB
Lamus xd
Same here
here is hot recently, only yesterday evening it was storm and some rain
Wero kupic i zgubic ksiazke tego samego dnia, opinia?
Fine thank you Sarka, yesterday and today we have rain
Czesc BB
how are you Jorge?
Um ok come here, it is secret one
Hola Sarka
If u know
Lol Daga? Tell me xd
Czesc BB
Hi Jorgiiiii
hi Jorge
u better run
The answer may kill you
Hi All
it's just one of his hooks
Tell me rex with wjat i need help then
  Are you sure wero
little cuttie paw
Actually it is paw
 You lost the oportinity
he could't if he tried
Łapka is a little hand
Yes legs łapka
I don't need help
Lapka is leg
No thanks xd
Help her in what? Sleeping? :chin:
 Vero i can help you
Wolfi i like u fighting men for me :wink:
see you Weronika
Good night Vladimir
you're annoying
Bye Sarka
Good night, Weronika.
oh boy :roll:
Nighty cuttie pie, dobranoc
good night to who is leaving
No, you're all irregular compared to me.
Bye Daga :kiss:
Good night ppl
Blame me
we can and we are, compared to you
You all write like irregular people.
I kinda like such cookies
i go in hope
Can't you all?
i dont sleep well :(
He didnt say he is gonna sleep tho
valdimir, you sound like a fortune cookie, can't you write like a regular person?
Good night, Fred, sweet dreams.
too early
i warned you
Fred it is only 22 32 in UK
Everything is everyhere, Rex.
tell us how is it
and I am about to go to bed
well he was born russian what can he do?
How is fuckinf everything lol
i have not had any beer
<- racist
ok prepare for a shock
 Vladimir how is everything
enough said
Ur russian
I haven' betrayed anyone, this is my first affiliation here.
Well come first Rex
 We need sexy modelos in bikini
Vladi the traitor
how can someone have that little foresight about how incomprehensible one writes
I am a judge but I do not know the rules
*puts his underpants back on
I'm team Rex.
time to PM with Sarka..
he's batshit crazy
no only joking
is she?
maybe its me
I support Rex.
Sarka ur getting naughty
rex should we be afraid?
he is silent but when he says something jts like a fucking tsunami
 Every dat
how does look that virtual beer and how taste?
Wtf Rex?!
  Fb pregant invasion vs belly invason
Is that like sex in VR?
Probably better for your liver
I am having "virtual" beer tonight
I'm ensuring no one seduces Fred anymore with beer.
ah yes famous Saturday
Vladimir has publically shamed me :(
the plan only works on Saturdays, Sarka
Fred's sober tonight.
Yeah, sure.
I hope you will feel okay tomorrow after using such plan Fred
I was joking :whistle:
This person's a psychopath.
Vladi* :hug:
ah I likje Sarka's plan
same everywhere in this world
Okay, next, please.
I'm not Vlad.
For a sexy girl, Vlad
xD beer by beer to complete drunkness
You like men killed?
I dont like men fight unless one gets killed
Why would two sexy men fight?
beer by beer
step by step
belly to belly...
Woaah :party:
me in a mirror?
sexy fight
Sexy man vs sexy man  
Fitness is not everything moraleja
 fitness man full muscle vs normal man lol
Makes sense
I see, modern physics Vladimir
Army man ws normal man
oh wow I missed the YT links
 lol.funny fight army man vs normal man lol
I was a cloud of probabilities.
I wasn't there.
what did you do in the other moments? Vlaidmir?
But i dont fight my friends
Silvie never stays long enough for a fight
she's been fighting for years
I have been in brief periods of existence throughout the week, according to the modern scientific model.
Bern maybe watching some good movie
silvie against reason
Lol Rex thats sexy one  
maybe he doesnt have a train to catch tonight
Funny fight is Rex vs Silvie
  Bb and mimo lol
ok can I ask you then how have you been Vladimir?
where IS Bern?
Bern vs fred funny fight lol
but she refuses to give up the beard
i have to make it fair for rex
You see, Sarka, I haven't been all week.
sex change by boxing?))
*lol* well parried :)
a lot
In one week
to become a man at last
What's going to change?
Wolf will have had his sex change op
 Fred vd the german likes mcdonald i forgot name
one never knows
maybe ahaha
things will have changed considerably next week :)
ok never mind Fred I will try it next week
 :blink: bb
Right after Joshua
I see question marks, but no questions, I see periods, but no complete thoughts…
My Wolf my fav boxer  
I can not believe it Fred xD
Aww Rexy it is too obvious who i support  
yeah i still dont see a question
that was the question

 how have you been all week?
  Boxing challenge wolfgang and me hey bb you support and you support who
Men xd
your  reply
I did not see a question
I am, I was waiting for you reply in the lobby
fred is writing closed captions
Sarka is here too now
Someone wants to be dead :whistle:
 Girls are invit
Rexy ur girly too :kiss:
I feel so alone being the only girl in your man's world
 Xd lol
You high indeed, Fred.
  Challenge boxing wolfgang vs me
oh fighting words!
 Beers and some people no good
That's cause your brain is too small, Wolfgang.
not high but not low
but i work tomorrow  
Beer would ne nice for now
im about 1m80
Vladomir russian thought
You want more?
this didn't sound like philosophy, more like bullshit
i guess we are high
Aww serious convo :heart:
I cannot do this tonight - I dont have the beer
oh Philosophy
You can spend your life thinking about your future, and end up in someone else's past.
so i vote NO
yes it is more useful to regret the FUTURE
learn from it and move on
or u can move on and try to make it better in the future
U can spend whole life thinking about your past  
Nah vladimir
Some people said past is not important but is it
To whom?
Why past should be important?
You're talking about the Shariah dress code in the Arabic countries, weren't you?
Married :chin: the past is important or not
she has a natural talent for that
bb you'll stop at nothing to annoy rex ;)
The princes of Saudi Arabia will be the death of us.
only kisses he gets for free
too silly to get anything
if you look closely, you'll see that i even answered it
He did not
Wolfgang did you get the question?
i nearly gave a disgusting answer
what was so hard?
i won the opinion tournament
My opinion is that we need abolish hereditary rule.
Ahhh the key word is jealousy!
those men are idiots
 What is your opinion ablut men dont permit their wives dress sexy and beauty because other men can see them ?
My foundation grammar structure wishe you all the same.
10 out of 10 for grammar there BB
rex, wanna try that again, with coherence?
oh fuck your foundation grammar structure
Men should live.
no two ways about it
men should live their men
Men dont live heir men  
I'm using my real name.
anyone get that from rex? :blink:
silly long hair
i warned her it would kill her
Excuse me, is this AA meeting? :party:
  What is your opinion.about the men dont live their men dont dress sexy a d fashion because other men can see them?
oh yeah
With a silly haircut.
The last one.
Your wife.
which wife?
Let creat foundation grammar structure
What's so hard?
Don't watch your wife.
I dont get it Rex
that Rex doesnt speak English?
isnt it obvious  
Your opinion men..dont like their wices dress sexy for men dont wacth them
Ur confusing me now
hadnt noticed...
your sexiness?
Well it has started Fred.. :guitar:
when will you start?
Sexy for
My main goal is to be sexy whole life  
   Bb mejor que. Sepas
So is this a place for old loners?
69 is the new 25 ;)
at the time you reach 69 it perhaps will be
Lol Rex... whats in german mood actually?
 My ancestors were from germany
Sexy age,nah?
 Bb maybe i have german mood
it is her private position
why exactly 69 bb?
Hey learn polish. Still not convinced?  
I respect that VK
or are be considered hypocrites
I find compromising disrespectful.
we all have to compromise
I find talking in other languages disrespectful..
Dont play with my fire
this is a cultural thing, daga
Reks wth? Why ya rude?
Is that short for Bondage?
I find writing names without capital letter disrespectful  
 We dont care bb
My name is Bond. James Bond
What's your name?
oh you kinky boy
Try it
If you're going to play with my name, I'm going to play with yours.
 Que va con ustedes estan empanga
Vladi good
Vladi sounds cool
I'm not Vlad.
you are stuck in a loop, Vlad
 Anais your opinion
Fine :hug:
Reminding things that she doesn't want to be reminded about, duh.
Ok sorry
oh forget it
my almost marriage
remind me what is is you dont want reminded about, BB
Yes Rex :cry: dont remind me
wolfi is not
Wolfi we are waiting
Wolfgang tell us your opinion
yuo do it better than me
Bb you almost married
You know why, Fred, I'm not a multitasker.
What happened you are not now?
  Ummmm ummmm many things
Wero juz raz prawie byla zona takze dziex :kiss:
and yours?
thats all
 I want to .know your personal opinions
Rex my opinion is if u want something go for it
Anais what is your opinion
Ahh judges judges
why not both?
Lol Rexy hilarious
I can't decide where to talk: here or in the lobby.
Daga you're old enough to think seriously about it!
 What is your opinion ?
I dont think about marriage why?
They wont talk
 Girls what di you think..about married
morning Vladimir K
I dont know any japanese word hehe any
sorry i dont speak japanese
Nada amigo
ah right thanks
There is there is :sick:
:party: so wooah and fiesta!
is there a "vomiting" emoji?
Wolfi i decided if i wont get married till my 69 i will marry you
Maaaaaaa future new ex husband Wolf :hug:
bb, sexy lady :)
Tyt Jo
yes i know some handsome people
Handsome :party:
handsome and witty?
I know a lot ones like u
meet me in real life and I shit myself
..on the internet
I am a brave fool
Oh Fredy thats brave to say :icecream:
sometimes at least lol
well i mean yeah :P
well probably only during the funeral or in school at maths :popcorn:
for me you are seriously annoying Daga :tongue:
all the time
Jo was i ever serious? :kiss:
or comically?
Well hot and sexy what else can i say
how is it???
wooaaaahhh :O
staying at Yael's
Yes Jojo, just moved there
Maly piesek :) (: woof
or the nearest pub
Take me down to the paradise city :whistle:
Reks xddd  Daga
u in france??
hold up
  Bb jak się masz
Now you are more polish
 Anais ok whatever
Czesc Reks
and i meant bad school memories
I never was married ;)
Hola anais.9q
Bb czesv
how many of your ex husbands were Greek?
Yeah bad memories
and the aplhabet is super weird
Greek is kinda weird language to me :blink:
I like the sound of that
wait - is there a fuck rule??
My only rule is fuck rules! :party:
yeah - use Greek like the rest of us
(You better not use Polish in English chatrrom :whistle: xd)
Is it Fredo?
Hello, haha
Co nowego?
if HOT is a synonym for FAT then yeah
Hottiest superlartive
Czesc Werciuu :kiss:
I me myself and I
Hello Daga :kiss:
Aww all the hotties in the club!
I thought they were all bots
there are people here?
damn i still have my cap on
Good evening
Goof .afternoon
morning Rex
Hi fred
you are easily impressed
Well that is my impression
I think i was not suppose to answer :)
hello sandrine, how are you ?
lol silvie
I am nobody
have a nice evening
nobody likes to write tonight?
about nothing?
what are you talking about this evening?
nobody home ? :sad:
ok weronika :hug:
So see you next time
hello rex and galic
I will leave soon :P
Busy now
Yes lol, I'll be later again
ok, see you next time
Hello and see you later  
hello lazy people
No quiero molestar
Hi Betty :)
xngvii :wave:
Hello Galic
Do u know congolese music?
a country neighbor of Bdi
Democratic Republic of Congo
What is it
Do u know DRC?
the president of DRC
but another VIP visited Burundi
i m kidding he didn't come
Do you like his music
except me :)
yes but nobody knows him so nobody to wkcm him
 Oh really
Romeo ;)
Who is santo
In Burundi we had the visit of Santo
But not in head
Whar is new in burundi
Is it tiring?
 No today
u qr repqiring an airplqnr
  Good what is new
Dine i hv already said I m fine
because u take long time to answer
No why
Dine a d you
u are in pv?
Hw r u
How are you
Hi rex
i am from Algeria BB
yes i come from Poland
Im good, you?
I se you are from Polska  
how are you ?
Hi :)
hi BB