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yes i hope  
yes  I see he will pass it
 i have to  wait 15 day to know  "he" will pass the critical moment...he is in intesity therapy  
i had other news ..some good other  less...
we have to keep calm
no work yet
good I sent a survey of work for february so I think tomorrow money will arrive
and you ?
i did somenthing  as work...a couple of mail and one estimate  
good you?
 how are you ?
how is the day?
Hi Sarka  
hi Ema
je vais finir mtn, courage et a la prochaine
Même chose que chez nous ,tout paraît anormal  
Mal sehen was kommt nach  
quoi est different la bas? mtn tous parait different ici aussi
Même au travail ,les choses ne vont plus comme avant  
Si ;je travaille mais tous les gens prennent précaution  
mais tu vas plus au travail?
Le confinement nous énerve un peu ,ça devient dégoûtant  
Rien de nouveau pour l'instant .Un seul sujet qui préoccupe le monde entier  
quoi de neuf Fares?
à bientôt  
ciao Fares a plus tard
alla prossima
 bon chris a la prochaine
ah ok
excuses moi je dois partir
Ribera sicilia
Ribera? RIviera?
ho ancora un' amica Siciliana che viva a Ribera
sfortunato no
sei ancora in contatto con lui Chris,
oui Fares pour le moment
avevo un amico e compagnione da scuala italiano di Bergamo
Mais moins de morts que l'Italie  
in 2017
io sono stata nel aeroporto di bergamo quando sono andata a milano
aussi espagne et mtn les etats unis sont assez touches
la prima volta che sono andato in italia era in bergamo
c est tres triste
Je demande pourquoi l'Italie est si bien touché que d'autres pays ?
une si belle ville! pauvre gens
le pauvre Ema Bergamo est touchee de plein fouet
dans tv et journaux online
oui oui on parle ici de la situation des autres pays aussi
ici on est en plein dedans comme l italie, mais avec moins de morts
ils essayent de limiter ca avec ces restricciones
Asser de chaleur c'est la cause 25° aujourd'hui  
ici 3300 cas
je ne sais pas mais pour le moment les mesures sont jusqu au 11 avril mais ils veulent le prolonger encore pour autre 30 jours mais pour ca il faut avoir approve par le parlament
peu de cas chez vous, tant mieux
Chez moi pas de confinement Dieu merci  
Sarka ,jusqu'à quand portant ces masques ? c'est la question qui se pose  
pareil chez tou Fares?
comme en france
¨tous devons porter la masque ou echarpe ici sur la bouche et nez
L'invisible nous confine  
oui chris mais on peut aller dans le supermarche et les gens qui vont au travail aussi, si c est pas ferme bien sur
Merci ,mais la situation mondiale nous laisse penser comment faire  
Sarka toi aussi tu es confinee dans ton pays?
bien merci et toi
ca va merci et toi?
Comment vont les amis ?
bonsoir Fares
bonsoir Fares
ciao ema a presto
Bonsoir à vous  
okay have a nice evening too
it s time to do spinning fo rme...see you Sarka and Chris , have a good evening  
I saw today bikes which provide city here, but I do not have my bike, my son has one
Sarka do you have a city  bike ?
it depends of your training and velocity
wow   a good speed  
with 39x15 when riding down, my maximum speed is 55km/ h
ah i see
of course. with that rapporto cant to do  halp d'huez or mortirolo :)  
anyway i can turn the wheel where i have a 18 on the other side
you can ride wherever you want except steep slope or big mountain
ok    perfect
the one i have here 39x15
this one 44X17
what  rapporto ? 42 x 18  
1 in Picardie, 1 in Brittany
i have 2 fixies
now i use it every time i can
i used to do so during winter when i was a competitor

the same for my mother in law, she is living close to a big hospital
yes i remebere  i used bici con scatto fisso  during the winter training  
all day i hear from my house...the ambulance a nightmare  
mi piace molto scatto fisso
fixy    ...con scatto fisso.... right?
terrible place where you are ema
it s a fixie
yes  as possible  with this emergency around  us  
good to hear are you in France now?
yes nice bike
i am ok Sarka
I built it myself thanks
I see Ema that is a lot
hi Chris how are you?
nice bike  
I  hope you are ok
hi Chris  
4 ristoranti, little big italy,  ristoranti da incubo,  , camionisti in trattoria....
hello Sarka and Ema
nice here not so much only on that food channel which I do not have on satellite
here we have  many programms  about food.....
I just watch it
i see
or it is a secondary reason?
I may watch some bonus only there are some interviews with participants
well I just watch the show  
nice  do you  follow masterchef to know who win and who lose or even for recipes ?
good I will watch masterchef toninght
yes ...yesterday i watched  Chigago pilice  my favourite in this period  
ok do you still watch detective series in the evening?
I read, I learn languages, i watch tv sometimes
and what about your spare time ?
the stranger man,  th last kiss before to die....
nice way to practice cause i found  a  suspense tell
i listened even another  audio to learn throug stories
okay you will see
rumors say  €600 but i still i dont know the modality  
for it
but they must fulfil some conditions
yes yes here too
yes, even  self empolyed will take  money support  from government  not a big sum but useful of course  
it is always nice to get money)
perfect, you are hard working
so i saw i didi a lot of work and now they pay me  
and you do not have a right to some state support because your business can not operate now?
ah I am glad to hear it
i see
so it  made me in good mood  
i will go to another some day
 it was closed
in pharmacy  
i got  the commssin count about first trimestre  
 no in bank only to the machine to put money there and pay st
did you find queue?
i  stayed at home  i did some  things, for my job and for my house
pharmacy in the hypermarket is closed till 2nd of April so I may go to another in the center of the town some day
and what did you do?
 we went to the post office and bank and hypermarket in the afternoon
good and you?
how are you ?
hi Ema