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Babchat is a free foreign language chat, language exchange and messaging board where you can talk to native speakers and other learners in different languages.

Once upon a time, the foreign language learning platform Babbel had an integrated chat. A small community of like-minded chatters formed there over time, and met regulary to practice their language skills, or to just chat. However, in October 2014 this chat was closed by Babbel.

The resulting gap is filled by Babchat.

Many of the chatters at Babbel migrated to Babchat, and in the meantime new users are joining as well. However, Babchat has no official connection to Babbel and you do not need a Babbel account to participate here.

If you are learning a new language and you would like to practice, or just want to chat, you've come to the right place.

You can create your free Babchat account here and start right away.

Have fun!