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How does the chat work?

Click on "Chat" in the navigation above. The Chat consists of a number of rooms. Click on one of the rooms (e.g. English) to enter it. You can write into the text field right away. The language-based rooms are public.

How do I chat privately to someone?

Move the mouse over the name of the person you want to chat with privately. A number of grey symbols appear:

Click on the persons symbol. A new room will be opened where you can chat privately. As soon as you type something the same room opens for your chat partner.

You can open and close the room just like the others. If you want to close the room completely move the mouse over the name of you chat partner on top of the room and click the power symbol.

What do the other grey symbols mean?

The arrows symbol opens Google Translate with the text from this line, to help you understand foreign language text if necessary. The speaker symbol can be used to mute a user that is bothering you. (You will not read this person until you reload the page.) The local time of the user and the country (via IP) is shown next to the speaker symbol.

If the symbol is gray the notifications are disabled. If it's black the chat plays a sound each time someone writes something in that room, but only if the room is not the current one or the browser window is in the background. If the symbol is in the third filled state the sound is played even when the room is active and in the foreground.

What do the numbers mean?

The numbers in brackets behind each room display how many users are currently in this room. If there are two numbers the first one is the number of users that have been writing something in this room within the last fifteen minutes.

Below the list of rooms there is a list of users that are currently present in the selected room. The number in brackets displays the number of users.

Anything else?

Go to the German/Deutsch room and ask for me (Wolfgang). I'm there often and speak English, German and a bit of Spanish. You can ask me anything about Babchat there.